Guardian Angel

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imagesAlone she sat looking out the window in the train wondering where,? Why?, how?, will she ever, ?as she looked out tears streaming down her face, asking herself is there a God?, will he ever help,? she was a religious person she went to church, read the bible and was a good human being, but why where did it all go wrong, did the Almighty punish her for who she was or was it just her fate or karma that lead her to this.

As the tears poured down her face, she felt a warm hand on her shoulder an elderly lady with kind brown eyes sat next to her and asked her what was wrong, Shena mumbled eyerthing, her marriage was broken, she lost her house and now her job was in jeopardy, the old lady hugged her and said sweetheart it will be alright just believe, as Shena thanked the old lady and gave her a hug the old lady gave her a date 15 August which was three days from now and said it will work out by

Shena smiled and mumbled thank you drying her eyes got out of the train just as she walked out she felt comforted and mumbled to her cynical self 15th August, as she went to stay in a rundown flat close to her work place she closed the door and wept crying out to God why was she in such jeopardy doesn’t God care?, is there even a God,? just then she heard a knock on the door and there was the same old lady caring a tray of soup and a sandwich , Shena mumbled a thank you suddenly realising how hungry she was and wolfed it down.

Shena gave the old lady a hug once more and asked where she was staying the old lady said close enough to help as Shena was tired and closed her eyes to sleep she had a dream about how to expand the advertising company she was working in she was excited and frightened she was just a receptionist and wondered if the boss will ever have time to listen to her but Shena took note of the dream and made a presentation with it, she took note of the date it was oneday to the 15th of August and with anticipation asked the boss if she could give out her presentation the boss joked about how everyone wanted attention.

Shena smiled and said believe just then as she said those words she looked out the boss window and there was the sweet old lady moping the floor and waved back on the 15th of August Shena dressed in a sharp red business suit gave her presentation there was silence and then a thunderous applause she had fixed a great problem and at the same time had got a great deal for the company that day she got a promotion and went out to thank the old lady but could not find her just as she got home she was surprised to see her apartment full of red roses her husband’s name was on the card which read “ I am sorry I love you” 550839_2946183953695_1446826119_njust as she ran to the door to ask the land lord about the old lady who lived close by the land lord said there was no one there with that description as she looked at the table there was a pair of crystal wings which said Believe God loves you and below that 15th of August as she wept holding on to the beautiful crystal wings there was a knock on the door and there was her husband looking into his eyes she wept it was the 15th of August as she kissed her husband .images-2

She saw in the distance an old lady walking as Shena said there was someone special she had to thank and ran after her the old lady turned, smiled and disappeared All Shena said was” thank you my wonderful guardian angel”

In her hands were the beautiful crystal wings which read” Believe”.


My Little Prayer To Jesus

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imgresDear Lord God, Good Morning, Thank you for the sound sleep last night and hope that one day you will be proud of me and say “ There goes my girl”


Dear Lord I blunder very badly and also sort of jinx myself “ you know what I mean” please help me today as you have helped me everyday.”


Thank you for you, knowing you, loving you, worshipping you is the reason of my health today.


I love you Lord and will always love you, lots of love, hopefully one day you will call me your girl and smile at me and please do include a handshake

Lots of love and prayers


The Sunshine And Clay Jar

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imgresAs I sat in the sunshine,

Feelings the warmth of it’s rays,

I remembered my jar of clay

With a lid on itimgres-2

I took out the lid and let the warmth, light and sweetness of the sunshine in,

Then Jesus said daughter don’t you see, if you let the sunshine in it is like letting me in, to brighten and lighten your heavy load


This is more precious than gold,

The story here may be told but the ending only God will unfold




The Butterfly And A Buttercup

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A Butterfly And A Buttercup


searchOne day a little yellow butterfly went up to a buttercup and had a funny hicc-cup

The sleeping buttercup woke up and said butterfly, butterfly why do you have a funny hicc-cup 

So the butterfly smiled and said little cute buttercup, I had too much honey today as I played among the flowers night and day


As I to the little Robin said good day, My Lord looked through the beautiful clouds, as the rays of the sun lighted on my wings as the breeze through the flowers and trees said its spring. 

The Lord said butterfly did you know that I love you, its not how hard you try, it’s love that I have for you that I won’t deny that’s how I justify, it’s through my grace even if the future looks like a hazy maze 

The buttercup had tears in her eyes as she saw the sunshine asking God to her petals let his love refine through His grace divine 

Having said this the butterfly flew into the sunshine, the buttercup said all she needed to hear the good news was through a beautiful yellow butterfly with a hicc-up telling her that the Lord loved her no matter what.

The buttercup smiled as the sun shown on her gentle and mild, This butter cup will no longer be wild but be the flower that proclaims the Lord’s love for

My View On Genetics

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imagesMy view on genetics, When God made man he made every individual different according to his pre-destination as spoken by John Calvin and due to the omniscience of God or due to all knowing foreknowledge of God. Even identical twins have different DNA.


The Genes of our great-grandparents in an individual’s family tree affect the babies born in the family line, these genes make an individual from the time he or she is in the womb, when the husband plants the seed and the wife carries this seed in her womb to create the most significant being on planet earth a beautiful baby.


When Kings and Queens want to find a bride or bridegroom for their children they always look for blue blood, even the Pharaohs of Egypt married within the family be it cousins or close family to protect this blue blood.


The genes are so important in making an individual, which includes an individual’s mental capability, and an individual’s looks. Now if one takes an individual of good genes and puts them in a bad society this individual still has great genes but peer pressure, bad influence affects these individuals.


Now imagine a mother hen is sitting on her eggs for incubation and soon the eggs hatch and one of them is an eagle. This eagle waddles like a chicken and lives like a chicken one day this eagle looked up into the sky and saw other eagles flying and wished she could be like those eagles but in this eagle’s mind she is a chicken and she did not even know how to fly, but in her body, spirit and soul she was an eagle. That was her DNA that was her genetics.imgres


My dear friends are you stuck in the rut of a disillusioned society, livening to party every weekend away, I am not telling you not to party but there is hope, binge drinking, drug taking, is not healthy be a rebel take steps for a better life away from being like your friends or family, maybe you can go back to university set your heart and mind that you will rebel against the constraints put by peer pressure and you will be a boon to society instead of being the contrary. If our parents have had drink problems we have to set our minds that we will not end up the same way or if we have friends that are pulling us down we have to let go of those friendships.


You are you, you are a great person have goals in life, have ambitions you can succeed you are a human being, you have a God given mind you are an intelligent human being, break that mould of poverty thinking, break that mould of addictions, you dear friends make you proud. God Almighty predestined you for such a time as this in this 21st century.


If you are living just to party you will end up disillusioned with life, I am by no means telling you not to party but party with limits. Have goals, ambitions and dreams for your life, rise up and say “I am going to be an individual who is going to be useful to society, I am not going to pull my family down but am going to raise them up and in raising up my family I am raising up my society and my country.


If you are a mum be the best mum in the world so that your children and grand children will be leaders in society. Keep away from addictive drugs and alcohol and be a healthy happy person. Be a blessing to society, what do we mean by being a blessing it means helping other people be it family, friends or even doing social service look outside your comfort zone, look outside your bubble of perfectionism where there is no poverty, hunger, or need. Look to the under developed and developing countries and see if there is any way to help our brothers and sisters in need.


The world is becoming worse in many ways and better in medical research, robotics, stem cell regeneration, cloning, test tube babies and so on. Dear ones don’t be a chicken, You yes You are an eagle to soar high in the sky. So get out of the sofa and read, study, learn and be an achiever in life, be a blessing to family and a boon to society.


Darlings you may be young or old, but the Lord God has chosen you, yes genetics is very important but the CHOICES you take in life is up to you, Are you ready to play this game called LIFE,? If you are ready make the right choice, the world is waiting for future leaders, future doctors, future daddies and mommies who raise up intelligent well brought up children.images-1


This generation, needs family integration without God there would be disintegration. Let there be love as the most important formation.





Is Black Beautiful

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imagesOne day she stood among the women sweating as she picked grain from the roots of the paddy fields she was sixteen years old, becoming a young woman was very difficult from Arunadati. She now had to wear a blouse, long skirt which kept getting muddy and wet in the paddy fields and a half saree to cover her back and young womanhood, as she saw the bright sun’s rays falling on her face a wonderful bronze shade that glittered in the sun, her bronze arms carrying the rice on her young strong shoulders.images-1


Suddenly she saw Arun a young man about eighteen, smocking and trying to jump over a puddle of rain water, He was the master of the house and hated getting his sandals dirty just as he managed to jump but slipped along the way and fell into a mucky


Arundati let out a giggle after a giggle she could not stop laughing as the ray of sunlight fell on her bronze face and arms and light brown eyes her hair tied in a long plait Arun could not understand it something from deep within tightened his stomach, He stared into her eyes not out of anger but fascination but this was no imagination he could not get Arundati out of his head as she stood there giggling in the sunlight the sun playing games with her face and image.


He was a high caste Bhramin and she was a low caste Sudra, now I am asking you my dear readers” Can a high caste and a low caste ever mingle”? “Can dark and white ever be united”? “Can rich and poor ever hold hands” Could there be chemistry at this love spell mystery”?images-2


The answer is a shocking yes, love overcomes barriers, Love overcomes bigotry, Love overcomes racism, now coming back to this story, Arun held out his hand not bothering to dust the mud of his shirt and looked into the most gorgeous hazel eyes in the world.


He smiled his cute sheepish smile this time Arundati had tingles all down her spine, she was confused at this strange feeling, she turned her head and tried to run with the paddy on her shoulders but the edge of her saree brushed Arun’s face. He knew then it only takes minutes to fall in


Arun being fair, tall handsome of the highest caste had fallen in love with a dark low caste woman a sudra. Can there ever be a union between the two,? As Arun and Arundati got to know each other through secret meetings in the river, He knew, he and Arundati were meant to be together, her perfect body and her chiselled features this was the young woman of his dreams.


Arun was light skinned with green eyes due to the Arayan race, as he held hands with Arundati for the first time, and as they shared their first kiss they knew this relationship was meant to be.


They decided to run away to the UK as Arun had to study in University in London to become a lawyer, No one knew what happened to Arundati but the bronze daughter of the earth, had won the heart of the land lord and now they decided to live in London as husband and wife even Arun’s parents did not know but the laughing God of earth and sky looked down on them with favour.


It is at times as these the God of earth and sky play with humour, love and soul to make a one humanity whole.


In conclusion Arun and Arundati were legally married, Arundati learned English, Arun was a proud husband to one of the most attractive bronze coloured woman.

Where high caste walked hand in hand with low caste,


Where Arayan and Dravidian smile in peace, where one day black and white mingle.


Dear readers if love knocks on your dors with something you did not expect grab it with both hands, its better to be in love with the polar opposite than be single with no one, if an individual takes away pride and prejudice all you have left is


The end


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imagesSunshine, Oh Sunshine,

You are so divine,

Why did God your rays on me never refrain,

As I see the beauty of the earth,

Because of you shining down on creation,

Thank you for this new generation,

Please on earth through God make a transformation,

Let there be no retribution,

As I see the clouds making a beautiful formation,

I see the rays of sunlight playing hide and seek,

Oh God at times I am timid and weak,

Please through the rays of light,

Let me bring you joy and delight,

As I see the stars in the night,

I think of you and hope,

It is like watching the universe in a telescope,

One day from God’s point of view will be a pretty sight,

Lord thank you for the battles in my mind you helped me fight.

And I will always love you now and forever,

My handsome King and Saviour




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