All I want For Christmas Is A Handsome Man

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  • imagesRachel was a beautiful sweet girl, she was always the brides maid never the bride, she was in the church choir, she taught Sunday school and could even play the piano but somehow she never could get a boyfriend, she was brunet, cute little upturned pixie nose that she hated,she laughed at the drop of a hat and the boys she liked called her friend or sister but never their girl friend she was not fashion conscious or sphosticated but loved her comfortable hoodies , jeans and trainers, if a cute boy so much as smiled at her, her cheeks turned apple pink, this gorgeous jinx was now 25 years old and single
  • Every time a friend showed her their engagement ring she smiled outside but wept in her room, one day Rachel went to church for a prayer meeting there was no one there on the pew next to her seat she saw the wedding format for her best friend’s wedding jenny that was going to happen the next day, her heart was so sad that she just shouted out to the lord not giving a damn to her loud penitent prayer shouting to the lord” Lord when will I get married, my friend jenny is just 20 and she is getting married tomorrow, lord do you want me to be a nun, I have not even kissed a boy yet, lord when oh when, suddenly in the microphone up in church she heard a voice say “ darling I will send the boy today, if you only stop pleading and shouting like that, Rachel turned pink and got out her tissue blew her nose loudly and trying to find out who was talking was it a dream or a vision was it God, Rachel shouted who, who is it, the voice said your knight in shining armour Rachel turned red, she wanted the earth to open up under her, she got her things ready to run out but this gorgeous apparition jumped from the stage ran up to her as she was running out and said don’t you want to say hi before you leave and there in the church she saw the most gorgeous guy she had seen in her life he was blonde nearly six feet and had the cutest smileUnknown she blushed and then took her tissue and blew her nose loudly, this gorgeous apparition was actually smiling at her or was he laughing one of the two, she managed to smile and say please, about my prayer don’t tell a word please as she got redder every time she said please he asked her , her name she looked at the floor worried that if she looked up this dream of a man may disappear she said my name is Rachel, he said my name is Jacob, she said really, yes I swear babe, she mumbled great meeting you and as she looked up into those gorgeous blue eyes Jacob had butterflies in his tummy she was cute, had the most innocent brown eyes and the cutest nose, she held out her hands to shake hands and then as he shook hands he felt eletctricity this little blushing pixie girl had stolen his heart with one angry funny prayer, suddenly he smiled and whispered in her year there are never coincidence with God only miracles as they looked into each other’s eyes Rachel felt almost giddy and ran out of church wondering if she was dreaming or if it was reality,

The next day Rachel got ready to wear the light pink bride’s maid dress and as she went to church she saw much to her shock her best man was Jacob, Rachel’s heart was beating fast as they walked arm in arm together somehow it felt right, and Jacob whispered to Rachel you look gorgeous and Rachel’s heart was beating fast throughout the whole service Jacob kept looking at Rachel and her cheeks got pinker and pinker, it was then time for the reception as Jacob gave the toast he looked at Rachel said the very words that were etched in her heart that there are no coincidence with God only miracles,

It was then time to dance Jacob came and asked her to dance she could see the jealous looks from a few ladies as Jacob danced with her, after they danced he took her for a walk and there among the stars of the beautiful Hilton Hotel he kissed her and asked her to be his girlfriend as Rachel and Jacob got to know each other they fell more in love Jacob was studying to be a Baptist pastor and she wanted nothing more than to be the best pastor’s wife,Unknown-1

Within a few months they were engaged and as they talked about their wedding plans, they prayed asking the Lord to be the centre of their lives, their wedding and their future, Jacob never forgot the prayer he heard that little pixie faced girl pray, as they wrote their own wedding vowsimages-2

They never forgot to add that there are no coincidences with the Lord only miraclesimages-4

My dear single friends this Christmas season as you search for love on dating websites, in churches or in the pubs remember God has someone for everyone no matter who you are or where you are from your spouce may be just round the corner of where you live or in another country believe that God has the best in store for you love is looking for you receive it with gratitude, God Bless You

Our Lord The Boaz Our Redeemer

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When life goes on and the adversity too hard to handle

Think of the Lord our Boaz the kinsman redeemer who bought us our troubled mind heart and soul with a sandal, how can I this great gift o f God ever handle, like the drummer boy in Bethlehem who had nothing but himself as a gift, I too dear lord accept my heart, mind , body and soul, from your awesome love let me never drift.,

I am nothing but you chose me for a purpose, this Christmas as the drum beats as the bells ring as I sing, let your love through me ring, and light people’s lives with love, and sweetness like hot chocolate and a warm blanket in front of a fire reading your word, thinking is life like a game on the board but you let the warmth of your light and the sweetness of music make us delight,

Oh come all ye faithful we belt out with might, how do we our adversities fight, all you say is love them and forgive them which we can’t do with our might but he our Boaz, our redeemer, our great benefactor, here am I take me as I am, I have nothing but my heart to give through your love and graciousness let me live, my dearest lord all I have to you I give, my Boaz my friend my redeemer you are my savior, my deliverer without you my life will be in shambles if you can take nothing and make it into something here am I your nothing let your will your plan, your way please pave the way,

I from you will never stray my life my love my redeemer, my handsome lord and savior here am I my lord take me as to you all I give for your purpose alone let me live and when all is done one day as I sit by your feet please give me a smile and say well done as to you alone I live the greatest gift for me is knowing you, loving you and serving you,

Please make me new like the dew on a yellow rose, that outshines any prose, the gift from God from death you arose to you I make a toast, long life , good health and blessings, so now this Christmas all I can say is Cheers my king,

As o holy night I sing, let your love and peace to northern Ireland bring, yes the tears sting but love is greater and the force of the creator that can make nothing into matter, let peace prevail as a woman in labor travail but when the baby is born the joy is even greater,

Lord when you were born they laid you in heather in the stables, let us learn to conform to your word and rebel against cynicism, bigotry and misunderstanding, but the key is your word to all knowledge and understanding thank you now and forever our wondrous handsome king and savior, our creator our great leader who rules forever amenimages-2

Shanthi And Bob (a romantic play I wrote)

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Shanthi: A light-skinned Indian lady in her early thirties; pretty, with long hair and a massive cleavage. Vivacious, loves curry and spices, and is eagerly looking for a British husband. A very religious Hindu lady and ,conservative at heart – her only guilty pleasure is her love for white wine. Shanthi is a receptionist at Translink Transport.

Smitha: An Indian lady, skinny with short hair, pretty and brown-skinned. In her late twenties. A great friend of Shanthi – the two enjoy a happy hour of wine and gossip every Friday evening. Smitha is a team leader in a computer software company.

Bob: A handsome man with blond closely cropped hair, in his early thirties. Bob is a car salesman, and a cynical atheist, . Unmarried, he loves going out for drinks with his mates, loves his Guinness, but above all he loves coloured women, especially Indian women.

Act 1


Bob’s apartment: the kitchen. Bob loves his Guinness and cars, he loves cooking and has a lot of spices in his kitchen, his bachelor pad is a bit messy, he loves football and his favourite food is rice and curry. He has a few Indian movie dvd’s and wants to learn to talk Indian as he calls it and is hoping he will learn the language someday so that he can go on holiday with his girlfriend one day especially to the Taj Mahel in Agra India he always found this place very romantic


[Enter Bob. He has just come back from work. He goes to the kitchen, takes out a can of Guinness and browses the Fusion101 website. Shanthi and Bob have both recently put their descriptions on Fusion101, a free dating website. Both, being thrifty, have decided this is a logical thing to do.]

Bob: All right, Fusion101 . . . Women in Northern Ireland . . . Hmm! Shanthi. You’re a pretty girl. [He looks at SHANTHI’s profile as he drains his can of beer. The smile on his face may be the alcohol, or his growing infatuation with her.] Looks Asian . . . that long dark hair. Just my type. [Begins to type an email, composing the message out loud.] Hey Shanthi. The more I look at your profile the more keen I am to meet you.

Act 2


Morning: Shanthi’s apartment. Shanthi has a very traditional Indian style and prides her self as an Interior Designer, she has a small red sofa set and two red armchairs with Indian designed cushion covers and a large bronze elephant at the side, she also has posters of Indian Film stars has a prayer room for her Gods and keeps her apartment very tidy, she also has Indian and Western clothes in her wardrobe, loves her make-up and high heel shoes, Her bedroom is large with a king sized bed which has a traditional Indian print duvet and pillows cover with black and red wall paper .

[Shanthi sees BOB’s email and is very excited.]

SHANTHI: Bob! Such a handsome white man . . . Hare Krishna Hare Rama! [Lights her incense stick to the Gods, and then types an email to Bob.]

Bob checks his email at work and is very excited to see Shanthi’s email and invites her to a date at Nandos on Friday.

Act 3


Evening: Shanthi’s apartment.

[Shanthi looks excited and very nervous, as she applies a face pack and puts rollers in her hair. She is wearing a dressing gown, having just taken a shower. She is singing to a Hindi song playing on her CD player. The doorbell rings.]

SHANTHI: [Happy to see her best friend] Oh hi, Smitha!

[Enter Smitha. She holds a good job at a computer company.] Smitha is wearing a smart office grey dress with a black coat, black tights and red high heel shoes with red lipstick and short hair.

Smitha: [Shocked] What are you doing yar? Babra bab! Oh my God!

Shanthi: Not Bab yaar, Bob! I think I have found the handsome white love of my life. Sorry I did not text you earlier. I am going on a date with Bob!

Smitha: Is he white? Oh baby, your Mum and Dad are going to be shocked!

Shanthi: It is good karma. I must have been good in my past life.

Smitha: Now now, no Ramayana and Mahabaratha talk, Bob may be a very good Christian. Ok yaar I will help you choose a dress to wear. And please do not take your hot chilli pickle to the date!

Shanthi: Nooo! I jolly well will, yes missus.

Smitha: What are you going to wear?

SHANTHI: My favourite pink salwar, of course.

Smitha: He is Bob not Babu, Bob yaar, a white Christian man. Can I see a picture?

[Shanthi shows SMITHA a picture of Bob on the Fusion101 profile.]

Smitha: Ohhh he is very handsome man, go you lucky girl! Now now, wear that sexy black low-cut maxi dress which shows your cleavage, white men like to see a little bit of flesh.

[Shanthi puts on her black dress, and Smitha lets out a whistle.]

SMITHA: You look super, baby! Now let me help you with your eyeliner and some lip gloss. And please Shanthi, no big red dot or bhindhi, he is a white Christian man.

[Smitha asks Shanthi to do a twirl, and completes the look with a gold shawl. Shanthi looks quite pretty; she puts on her high heels, sprays on some Revlon perfume.]

,Smitha: Ok miss, I hope you stun the dude! And please do not use your chilli pickle unless it is really necessary – and no more than two glasses of wine.

Act 4


The date: Nandos in Victoria Square, Belfast.Nandos is a very open friendly restaurant very family friendly for working class people and has nice music but at the same time also has a bar for Shanthi’s guilty pleasure white wine and Guinness for Bob


[Bob sits looking handsome and lonesome in a black jacket and crisp white shirt, his cropped blonde hair spiked.]

[Enter Shanthi. Bob is quite taken aback, as she looks very attractive, especially her cleavage, and he likes what he sees. He has actually fallen for this pretty Asian lady.]

Bob [rising from the chair and shaking Shanthi’s hand]: Good day.

Shanthi [smiling and shaking her head in the Indian way]: Hello, hello.

Bob: What would you like to drink?

SHANTHI: Yes please, white wine. [She looks at Bob, thinking he is quite handsome.]

[Enter waitress. She brings a Guinness for Bob and white wine for SHANTHI.]

Shanthi: I am a receptionist at the Translink office. What do you do?

Bob: I’m a chief car sales man.

[The waitress presents them with the menu card.]

Shanthi: I’ll have fish and chips.

Bob: And the steak dinner for me.

[WAITRESS exits, and re-enters with the food.]


Shanthi [politely taking a bite]: Ooh too bland! [She takes her chilli pickle out of her purse and eats her dinner with her chill pickle.]

Bob [intrigued]: Let me try some. [Takes a big bite with his salad, coughs, and grows red at the ears. He drinks his whole glass of Guinness and tries to shout to the waitress for some more, but lets out only a squeak, unable to talk. Shanthi gives him her glass of water and Bob drains it in one gulp. Shanthi gets the waitress to get more water for Bob, as Bob wipes the perspiration from his forehead.]

Shanthi [now looking like a Victoria’s Secret model with three cans of Guinness and one glass of water]: It is really sweet of you Bob, to try my famous chilli pickle.

Act 5


Outside Nandos, a few hours later.

[Shanthi has now had four glasses of white wine and one vodka cocktail, as they exit Nandos.]

Shanthi [hugging Bob]: Bobbie, my dear Bobbie, you are so dishy and so dandy. [Laughs out loud.]

BOB [holding on to her]: Baby we should get you home.

Shanthi: Not without you baby. [Bob now nearly carries Shanthi to his car.]

Shanthi [singing, taking hold of Bob’s hand]: All by myself, don’t want to be all by myself any more.

[Bob, smiling sweetly, puts Shanthi in the back seat.]

Shanthi [keeps blubbering]: Bobbie you make me feel like a natural woman.

[Bob somehow gets her address. It is nearly 1 am when they arrive at Shanthi’s council home.]

Act 6


Late night. Shanthi’s apartment.

[Bob takes SHANTHI to her room, removes her shoes, and puts her to bed. He looks at this pretty light skinned Asian lady and whistles and whispers to himself that Shanthi is beautiful.]

Shanthi [keeps blubbering]: Bob oh Bobbie.

[Bob tucks her into bed and kisses her cheek.]

Act 7


Late night. Outside Shanthi’s council home.

[Bob gets into his car. The car does not start. Bob gets worried and tries a few times. The car still refuses to start. He comes to the conclusion and says to himself “Man looks like I have to spend the night in this gorgeous misses home this damn car is not starting must be a sign from the Gods”



Late night. Shanthi’s apartment.

[Bob tries sleeping on the the sofa but it is too tiny. The only place available is Shanthi’s king sized bed. BOB removes his shoes and socks, and gets into bed beside Shanthi, who is now fast asleep. He snuggles into bed beside her.

He smiles a naughty smile and says “ Man I could get used to this,I would love to wake up with this gorgeous exotic lady by my side and snuggles beside her.

Shanthi [snuggles close beside him, whispering]: Bob oh Bobbie. [She sleeps beside him, her lips slightly open.]

Act 9

The next morning. Shanthi’s apartment.

[Shanthi wakes up and sees Bob in bed beside her.]

Shanthi [shocked]: Hare Krishna! What have I done?

Bob [getting up]: Hi, gorgeous, good morning. It’s more like hare bob, baby.

Shanthi [shouts out]: Oh God! Did we – you – you know, that thing – did we do it?

Bob [smiling]: What thing, baby? Oh you mean you and me, all night long, baby? While you were shouting, Bobbie you are so dandy?

Shanthi: Oh hare Krishna! The Gods are going to be angry!

[Bob looks very amused, enjoying this escapade.]

Act 8


The same.

[The doorbell rings.]

Smitha [outside the apartment, shouting]: Shanthi, are you up?

Shanthi [shouting]: Oh my dear lord, what to do now, babra bab!

Bob: More like Bob, sweetheart.

[Shanthi pushes Bob into the kitchen and opens the door.]

Smitha: So tell me about the date night, over coffee. [She heads to the kitchen, and Shanthi tries to push her away from the kitchen door.]

Shanthi: Go to the prayer room, the Lord Krishna is waiting to hear you. Here is the incense stick.

Smitha: No yaar, I have bought halwa sweet. [She opens the kitchen door and sees a handsome blonde man in boxer shorts having a cup of coffee. She drops the halwa, shouting] Hare Krishna hare ram!

Bob [smiling sweetly]: Good morning.

Smitha: Oh my God Shanthi, did you both, you know, did you both – ?

Shanthi: Bob, did we, you know, do that – ?

Bob: Do what, baby?

Shanthi [taking her incense sticks, goes to do her chanting]: Hare Krishna [Smitha joins her] Hare Rama.

After which Smitha goes home saying she has a headache giving Shanthi a hug

[Bob sits by the table, drinking coffee, reading the newspaper, and smiling to himself.]

Shanthi [goes to have a shower, muttering]: What have I done!

[SHANTHI emerges from the bathroom, dries herself and wears her favourite pink salwar. Bob whistles when he sees her, and Shanthi blushes.]

Bob: Shanthi, I really like you, from your spicy chilli pickle to your sweet smile. Would you be my girlfriend?

Shanthi: I must have been good in my past karma!

[Bob leans over to kiss Shanthi, and she puckers up. Just as they are kissing, the kitchen door opens. There stand Shanthi’s Mum and Dad, looking shocked at Shanthi kissing a blond white man in boxer shorts.]

[Bob, going red, stands up and shakes hands with Shanthi’s dad, who is too shocked to speak.]

[Shanthi’s mum rushes to the prayer room chanting and praying. Oh Hare Rama I told this Idiot husband of mine do not go the UK they kiss before marriage and our daughters marry white people if they marry and Oh Hare Rama and wails saying they eat the Holy Cow,

[Shanthi rushes to her room.]OH Hare Krishna what a timing you are a naughty God and you have given me a white man who comes into my life my whole family turn up and now I must break coconuts at the temple I will break an extra coconut just for Bob, I am like a coconut brown outside and white inside Indian outside, British inside ,

[Bob gets changed.]

BOB [kissing Shanthi’s cheek]: See you soon, sweetheart. I’ll call you tonight.

Shanthi [blushing and kissing him back]: I’ll be waiting for your call. [She looks worried about the explanation to her MUM AND DAD, who are now staring at her with mouths wide open like goldfish.]

Shanthi: This is my boyfriend, Bob.

The Lord’s Covenant With Man

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When Christ came to give man a covenant

It was a journey through the Old and New testament

The greatest covenant is Jesus giving man the holy sacrament

He the Lord God was proving to man a divine statement

This was not to bring fire , destruction and judgement

But through his love and grace brought about love and justification

This is the reason for this season of love

Christmas and sensation

Of the babe in Bethlehem brought about grace and peace to the nation

With him in our heart the wondrous God makes a transformation

Dearest Lord of Covenant let your name be known

Help those forlorn

To bring love and cheer to those you hold dear

Wipe away every sad tear

Thank you for those who need you you are near

Now and forever our mighty King and Saviour


Living Life With An Attitude Of Gratitude

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ImageHi there darlings, sweethearts, munchkins, how are you all today? Today I feel blessed to know “ Because He lives, I can face tomorrow and Because He lives all fear is gone, Because I know He holds the future and life is worth a living Because He lives” ( words taken from the song Because He Lives) When our Lord Jesus died on the cross that was not the end, “He Rose Again” in Glory and Majesty and He governs the world and things of the world, He does not bring pain and disease the evil does that it says in the Bible” The evil one has come to steal, kill and destroy” But it also says in the Bible “ He has come to give us life and life more abundantly” not only that “ our Lord has come to destroy the works of the enemy”


The Bible…

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Land of Enchantment

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images-1In a far far away land of magic and enchantment, where folklore was a part of life where wizardry and sorcery of the good white witches and the good great wizards protected the most secretive secret of this land, the secret my dear readers I will reveal when the time is right, till then let us get to know, the beautiful white witches, the witch who ruled the forest was a cunning, yet compassionate and eager to help, cunning you may ask why ? cunning because it was the gift the great wizard gave her when she passed the school of witchery to help her help the enchanted land, The name of this witch was Iola,images-3 she was tall about 5 feet 8, she had long blonde hair, great blue eyes that looked through to your soul but above all she had a beautiful white Stallion with wingsimages that took her places that only few knew about, she had a beautiful little castle where she lived and within that castle in a secret room she had a wall, the prophetic wall of the witches that when she pressed a button it showed her the past, another button showed her the present and the third that is why it is called prophetic showed her the future, not just of the enchanted land but all over even to the great kingdoms of darkness. This secret room was only known by her trusted subject and helper Oisa a little creature like a fairy that flies around the castle helping Iola, and goes invisible if Iola wants to find out what goes around the enchanted kingdom.

images-2In the same kingdom there was a wizard, the great white wizard who runs the school of wizardry and witchery, who was tall, lean, with white spiky hair, and who wore white trousers and white shirt named Oriel and always carried with him a little device but a very powerful device, it looked like a little mobile, that changes to a baton and gets invisible but that’s not all with one button reveals to him where there is danger, another button to bid the other wizards who worked for him of upcoming wizardry meetings but above all keeping the secret of the enchantment forest a secret and keeping it protected. And another button to make himself invisible, today there was a meeting of the wizards of the land of enchantment, they gathered around a huge table, some flew to the meeting in their airmobileimgres-4 which looked like a car, a plane and flew onto the meetings these wizards were cool some dressed in jeans and magic t-shirts that enabled them to fly in mid air, others liked their gadgets of air mobiles which they created them selves, others flew on their magic stallions with wings and others who liked their motor bikes flew in their Harley Davidsons with wings every wizard wanted to out smart the other images-5but they had fun all the same, each wondering what magic portion of a drink they would get today some wanted blue dragoon the drink that teaches and enables one to learn kungfoo, or red stallion that enables one to get super human strength, or purple matrix that enables one to hear the thoughts of those near and far, or black magic a cocktail that enables one to see into the future, but there was a problem that the wizards had to solve they had to find someone who would travel to another kingdom get a magic rose that was imperative for the secret of the enchantment forest or magic of evil will destroy this kingdom, but only the chosen one could be allowed to go on this venture, the wizards came together to see who would get chosen, to see who will be the chosen one, then the great white wizard gave a speech “ My dear wizards of lands far and near throughout this land of enchantment we hold a secret that is dear, to protect this land and protect our secret we need a heroic volunteer that only magic can reveal let my baton go throughout this land and find this hero, as he said this the baton came to life to become a wise tree with leaves in the centre of the tree was a screen and there in the screen was a young boy of 18 the son of a king of the neighbouring land and he was chosen to go and find this magic rose and if this young lad was successful he will be ruler of the lands of near and far of enchantment, magic and love…… the wizards clapped, stomped their feet some shouted long live the King and Aye, Aye, long live the king

The Scribe was called a little bold man with little black glasses to write out what the wizard said in a scroll which was actually like a little Ipad that recorded every thing the wizard said and changed into a scroll once the wizard stopped his speech, The scribe cleared his voice ahem, ahem but he could not be heard being a little man with a little voice which was overpowered by the wizards having fun catching up on the latest magic and technology put together but this little scribe had a loud whistle and blew it hard that even the neighbouring kingdoms heard it and the scribe nodded to the great tree and immediately a microphone appeared from the ground, with out any warning there were bright lights the scribe transformed in their very eyes into a rock star with a base guitar that he sang the words written on the scroll

“ The Music went to play rock style, the scribe clothes changed into a black leather jacket with a red base guitar and leather trousers

“ the lyrics,

A land a far away land, has a secret a mystery,

Cool wizards this is not just chemistry mingled with wizardry,

A lad is chosen from a far away land,

A son of a king to do the lord’s bidding

If he fails the worlds around derails

Floods and smoke

From rivers and the earth invokes

This lad if he passes will make the earth glad

The creators of the worlds will applaud

The father of the boy the king will be proud

This cool dude is chosen the magic arisen

The dude my fellas is a special person

The drum beat tadin, tadin deesh

The microphone disappeared the scribe took the scroll gave a peace sign and disappeared into thin smoke.

The wizard immediately sent word to the king the father of the chosen one and at the same time contacted the great witch Iola to find 3 tests for the lad to see how he will manage on this rare, brave and dangerous adventure. The lad was a cool nonconformist who was gorgeous dark hair, tall, dark eyebrows gorgeous smile and any girl who saw him fell in love with him, his father who saw him looking through his mail in the post box and on the wall by girls who wanted to date him, the lad enjoying his good looks and fan mail did not have a care in the world he was the son of the greatest king the most handsome man in the worlds, the coolest prince said in the fortune magazine, the coolest, intelligent, and bravest said in the scroll, and every where he went the women wanted his picture, girls wanted his autograph and princesses wanted to marry him.

His highness name was Lord David.imgres

The wizard of the enchanted land got onto his flying disk and went to speak to the father of the prince in secret. The father himself being a great King agreed to the proposal put forth by the great wizard.

The Lord David on the other hand enjoyed his admiration and the favourite way to sought through his fan mail was to look into his favourite TV screen which was actually a rounded pond in his bedroom, it was a magic pond that no one except his trusted subject called Ian a young lad like the great Prince but only through him and his highness could do the things he had to do, not that the Prince received all his advice with a conforming attitude, but the Prince as any gorgeous young lad would, not that any lad could compare to the great Prince, his highness lord David did exactly as he pleased, many times his comrade and best friend Sir Ian was left fuming because the King did not listen to his advice, but Sir Ian was the right hand man to the Princeimgres-1 and loved the prince and was willing to give his life up for the king, one day the Lord David went to the magic pond in his bedroom looked into it as the pond turned into a TV screen he asked the pond Sari show me my future wife as the Lord had enough of the whining snobbish money grabbing women who flocked before him, Sari said a riddle “ there is a rose from an enchanted land arose, if you miss her there will be hatred in the land, The land is hidden, not a word about this rose will be arisen, till you capture this golden flower, the princess lives in a lonely tower, the key is the golden flower, when it touches her lips she will awaken, she is sleeping living in another world in her dreams, wake her up and the enchanted lands and worlds there will be a celebration between you and the princess a jubilation for the far away lands.

The young prince said Sari talk to me let me see her after all you say I have to marry her and what is this gibberish of a golden flower and high tower.

Sari said look into the pond and there the young prince for the first time in his life felt his heart beat fast and his body reacted to the most beautiful young princess he had seen she was sleeping in a bed with red and gold canopies she had the most beautiful red lips , her red gold hair wavy and coming to her waist her little gorgeous body tucked in blue and gold bed spread, she looked so beautiful the young prince for the first time had tears in his eyes, the worlds enchanted and worlds to the physical, metaphysical, and dreams pulled the cosmos of the universe to create love between the most important Lord and the most beautiful princess chosen to rule the worlds together, the universes positive vibes creatingimages-3. The young prince had so much love for this princess that he had tears in his eyes, just then as he walked into the terrace of his castle there came a bear from thin air trying to kill him the prince in one hand pulled the fire put on a rod from the edge of the terrace and fought the bear just as the bear disappeared into thin air Ian came running and asked your highness are you alright, Lord David just gave his cool smile.

The next day the Lord David was fast asleep suddenly he felt someone trying to smother him in his sleep with one hand he pushed the masked man away and with the other he pulled the sword behind him and fought off the masked man with his sword, till the man disappeared into thin air.

Lord David was disturbed with these two mysteries that happened, he called Ian and they went to speak to Sari in the pond, Lord David asked Sari what is going on all Sari said was one word tests, That night Lord David slept well, the next morning as Lord David drove on his favourite Harley Davidson on his palace grounds with young girls looking through the gates shouting his name, while some of them climbed the walls trying to take pictures of him on their mobile phones suddenly there where 6 motor bikes surrounding him with masked men trying to push him from his bike, the ladies were screaming but as Lord David on his motorbike kicked out two masked men who went running to the gates and disappeared the other four lord held onto his accelerator and on one wheel pushed two more out of their bikes and they disappeared, then the last two tried to push Lord David out of his bike, but the Lord went between both of them on his bike and with both his legs pushed the other two bikers out.

Lord David was pleased with this triumph as the Ladies now were even more excited watching this great escapade and shouting, blowing kisses and taking pictures, Lord David smiled his gorgeous bashful smile got on his Harley and headed back to the castle, just as Ian came running in time to see Iola the great witch, Oriel, and the King talk to the Lord.

They said the Lord has ben chosen to save the worlds and cosmos from destruction by the evil powers of darkness from the land of Sheol ,Oriel and Iola sat on the King’s round table in his office along with the King, Lord David and Sir Ian, Oriel first spoke Oh great prince David, first and foremost you have proved to be the chosen one, the anointed one to protect the earth and the vast cosmos of the enchanted lands of magic and folklore, you my dear prince Daniel have passed the tests we put forth to prove you have the great wisdom and courage to embark on this journey to save our most treasured secret the princess Aria, said oriel,

Aria yes the princess Sari showed you in the pond said Oriel, how do you know about my pond said Lord David I am a witch that knows things that few should dare to know, said Iola,

Now you my Prince will go to far of Land that exists in the mind of princess Aria, it is a happy land of books, ice cram, maids who are her friends but what she does not know is this land is obsolete Oriel and I created this land so that the princess will know no sorrow, or pressure or difficulty but as we created this world for princess Aria the dark evil prince of darkness has taken the key to wake her up that is the golden flower and if we do not wake her in two weeks the lands of magic, the physical world and meta physical heavenlies will disappear and evil will reign by the evil prince of darkness Ishkar,

Lord David said I will do the bidding that has been prophesied about, Ian immediately said I am going with you Sire , Both Oriel and Iola gave the prince a magic portion to enter into the mind of Aria the princess and follow the signs to find the magic golden flower that rests in the metaphysical just below the heavenlies and above Sheol, then Oriel clapped his hands immediately there arose the most gorgeous black stallion with wings, the eyes of this black horse glowed with fire it was both beautiful, fierce, dangerous yet safe for the prince to ride on very much like the prince himself dark and gorgeous.images-4

Sir Ian not wanting to be left out said Ahem and immediately Oriel clapped his hands there arose a chestnut coloured stallion with wings.

Oriel and Iola held hands to form a force of energy and immediately there was a beautiful white mare with wings that Iola sat on and Ian let out a whistle, saying something like I did not know witches’ could be this gorgeous, and Oriel got onto his flying disk, imgres-3while Ian was eyeing Iola , Lord David said enough of your flirting Ian we have work to do.

Immediately the horses spread out their wings and flew as fast as lightening into the dark sky suddenly was black smoke every where and in front of the horses and flying disk there formed an evil apparition it was an evil witch that served prince ishkar “saying you will never win, never” and started a storm of fire, and wind and smoke, while the horses neighed Ian lost his balance and went flying in thin air, Iola stretched out her hands and immediately the fiery storm cleared while Lord David’s horse flew into the air and caught Ian, Ian was shaking and pale All Lord David said was “ at least you can say thank you” but Ian mumbled something of thanks yous’ and his chestnut stallion came by their side and Ian jumped onto it. Oriel and Iola landed in Iola’s castle to prepare Lord David’s venture into Aria’s mind,

Iola then set before Lord David a magic portion that was blue, she took Lord David and Sir Ian to a magic prophetic room and said this was the truth of the enchanted forest there was a king and queen in the heavenlies who ruled the universes but one day the evil king Ishkar who wanted the power to rule the universes called his evil subjects to destroy the planet the great Citron that was the greatest planet with the greatest King, Queen and their noble leaders and worthy subjects, this king and Queen when the planet was under attack put their only child in a little flying disk and as their great planet fell to ashes this flying disk whose destination was the earth, accidentally landed in the enchanted land, when oisa who was out doing her rounds found the disk came and told me, I opened the disk and in that disk was a beautiful red and gold haired baby girl and that baby had a key in her hand and it was that key that drove me to be a witch to save and protect that beautiful baby girl, but as she was growing up in secret the evil king Ishkar knew she was alive and wanted to kill her, but just as I ran home to protect her the evil witch put a curse on her that she will never wake and she will never rule, but as I studied all the books of sorcery there was a book that said the golden flower above sheol and below the meta physical heveanlies with a kiss by the greatest prince will not only save her life but save the earth, the enchanted lands and the cosmos, but the clue to where this golden flower is in her mind, now young prince David when you drink the blue magic portion you will enter the mind of Ariaimgres-6 but you only have 1 hour to find the clue, Are you ready great young prince Yes I am ready and took the magic portion suddenly the young prince saw himself sitting in front of a huge screen and in that screen he saw the most gorgeous red gold haired girl about 16 years old, he then saw himself as the girl was playing on the beach with some other girls but this beauty came running up to him wearing a beautiful white summer dress and said hello what is your name, lord David could hardly speak she was that beautiful and said his name was David, she smiled and said ok I will race you to the beach David took of his t-shirt and ran with her to the waters she swam fast and laughed and they played in the water and David knew for the first time in his life he was in love, she kept looking at the sky and said the stars will be here soon but not the moon, David had 10 minutes left, while David who was watching said that is the key as he said it, he kissed Aria who was shocked but kissed him back just then David woke up in Iola’s castle and he said he is ready to get the golden flower, he rode on his black stallion, Ian got on his chestnut Stallion and and Oriel gave prince David his baton and said you will need this, Off to the moon and as the lord and sir Ian started towards the moon on their stallions there was a tornado coming towards them but lord David held out the baton and the tornado disappeared nearly there said David but just as they landed on the moon they had no idea where to go suddenly there was a little creature saying this way as they went according to the instructions of the little creature which was oisa she came to a cave and asked the lord David to go into the cave with his baton immediately there was a torch and a ally which lead to a secret door and in that door in the middle of the room was the golden flower as the baton was raised the golden flower reacted to the baton as a magnet to metal , just as the flower was within reach oisa shouted run as the doors were beginning to close and they could see water coming towards them Lord David held onto the magic flower sir Ian called for the horses as they jumped on the stallions with the golden flower the water was rushing towards them greater forces were enabling them to fly fast just as they thought the worst was over suddenly in the heavenlies they encountered The evil Ishkar  came to fight Lord David held out the baton that became a magic lighted sword as Sir Ian held onto the golden flower, the fight between good and light bad and darkness continued suddenly with one swing the evil  Ishkar was banished into a far far away as the evil disappeared all David was thinking of was Aria he placed the golden flower on her lips and gently kissed her she opened her eyes smiled and said David what took you so long,

That week wedding preparations took place and the King, said he will voluntarily give up the throne so that his son would be king after his marriage and the handsome king David and beautiful princess Aria ruled the worlds, there was much much joy and celebration and light and goodness prevailed. The wizards and witches had fun creating magic portions, and Iola stood there watching this wonderful young couple, she felt warm hands on her shoulders the hands that helped her pass her witchery the Wizard Oriel, this must be love she said as she looked at Aria and David, all Oriel did was kiss Iola and said love has no age barrier, suddenly they heard music and as the young couple danced Oriel and Iola were planning their wedding, where magic reality, beauty ,and sorcery are used for good the evil derails and good prevails.

Anne’s Holiday In Ibza

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Can you believe it mum I will be 16 in a few days, can we please please have champagne, No darling said her mum not till you are 18 then we can have non alcoholic champagne, alright darling said her mum, just then the phone rang I will get it said Anne, it was her good friend Josh who everyone knew had a crush on Anne, but Anne just loved him as a friend,

Anne tossed her blonde hair as she crossed her legs and twirled her hair talking and laughing loudly, Anne’s mum looked in admiration at her gorgeous daughter who was great at lessons, a cheer leader and a gymnast, As Anne’s mum smiled thinking how time passed since she was a little gorgeous blonde baby and sighed now she is going to be 16.

Anne did not have boy friends, she wanted to feel something special if she had a boyfriend and did not feel that way about Josh, just then the doorbell rang and there was Caren her best friend a brunette and who had a great sense of humour and was pretty in her own way in other words was plump but had a great personality and Anne and Caren were bff’simgres

Caren said Anne you won’t believe it but my aunt Iona has given me two tickets to Ibza for a weekend at her holiday home her caretaker Maggie will pick us up and we will have the weekend to our selves,

imgres-3Just then Anne’s mum Lily came into the living room asking what the screaming was all about Ann said “ please, please can I go to Ibza with Caren for the weekend , the caretaker of Caren’s aunt will be there mum you know I worked so hard at my SAT’s please can I go, Lily a gorgeous blonde herself said we have to discuss this with your dad Paul, ok mum just then the car came up the drive way Lily who was wearing an apron her short blonde hair creating a gorgeous unruly mess that made Lily who was 42 actually look like 22 walked up to open the door it was Paul her husband a tall dark haired man with a gorgeous lean and clean body who loved his cigarettes that made him look like a Hollywood film star and an occasional whisky on the rocks but as the door opened by his beautiful wife Lily he was pleasantly surprised by how much his body reacted to her beauty even after all these years of marriage as he kissed Lily as he walked into the door his gorgeous cheerleader daughter came running up to him the same way she did as a little baby for a hug and a kiss, he thought to himself she will always be his baby, his little girl

Anne, said “daddy Caren and I want to go to Ibza for a weekend please say yes, we will be good and Maggie the caretaker will be there as well”,images-4

Paul said what did your mum say Dad cried Anne rolling her eyes that only a gorgeous 16 year old cauld do,

Lily said what do you say Paul took out a cigarette lit it and as he blew out the smoke with his eyes half closed he thought he could have a break with Lily and take her out to their favourite restaurant and maybe a bit more…. He said only if you promise to be good yes said Anne and did a cheerleader routine YES and Caren gave Ann a big hug and said lets go pack the bags, Ann was not too over fashion conscious she just used minimum make up as she had great skin and features her favourite was lots of mascara and lip gloss when she went out but one thing she needed was her hair straighteners for her long blonde hair. Anne took out her favourite blue bikini and flowered sarong, one high heeled sandals, flip flops and two vests, one denim skirt and one gorgeous LBD( little Black Dress) if there ever will be a chance to wear it,

Caren whispered we can slip into a night club when Maggie goes to bed and come back before she awakes, yes screamed Anne and we can check out the boys said Caren, oh stop talking about boys for sometime said Anne, Caren’s only goal in life was to have a boyfriend and that was all she thought about, while Ann wanted something special in a relationship before she committed herself to a boy.

The next few days the girls had manicures, spray tans and talked about the holiday, while Paul and Lily looked forward for time alone.

The day arrived the girls took the plane and Anne barely touched the food while Caren finished her plate as well as Anne’s. The destination arrived and there was Maggie a big, loud voluptuous Spanish lady, ola my beauties said Maggie and hugged both Caren and Anne at the same time, Both girls giggled as they hugged her. Maggie said today I cooked you girls pasta and then we go shopping and then to the beach Ok, the girls loved the pasta and each got a glass of red wine as well which was a treat for Anne but in Caren’s house due to her Spanish and Italian back ground wine was a every day affair. Anne wore her blue vest and jeans dabbed on her mascara, combed her long blonde hair and sprayed her perfume and looked like a Victoria Secret model, while Caren had lots of make up a t-shirt and jeans was joking how a model scout would fall in love with Anne the girls bought some make –up Christine dior, a few summer dresses and then got ready to go the beach, Maggie drove them to the beach and promised to pick them up in a few hours time and to wait for her at the restaurant at the side of the beach,

1097831_fpxThe girls were thirsty and decided to have a cocktail at the other side a few young boys around the age of 19 and 20 sat down just opposite Ann, Anne was reading a magazine, as she looked up she say the most gorgeous grey blue eyes staring at her she felt her stomach do a summersault, she felt electric current, she stared back and smiled just as her cocktail arrived, just then as she took a sip of her cocktail the vision of blue eyes called the waiter wrote something on the serviette and pointed to Anne and put a little money in the waiters pocket, The waiter came and gave the serviette to Anne and pointed to the gorgeous blond guy, Anne bit her lip nervously as she read the serviette which said “ are you old enough to drink that , we can talk about the legal age of drinking over a drink I think you are cute babe and gave her his number xx

Product635158043030140155Caren was now eyeing the dark haired friend of the blonde guy and nearly shouted “say yes say yes” to Anne, Anne took out her serviette and wrote legal age of drinking does not count on holiday the star forecasters say a double date will go well with a glass of champagne, the waiter was called and Anne gave him the serviette and pointed to the blonde guy, the waiter quite enjoying this playing cupid and the extra money he was getting gave the serviette to the blonde guy the blonde guy Champagne and cheese and crackers at the Bar, I thought about caviar but I do not think you will quite enjoy caviar, but champagne and cheese for you and your friend my buddy likes voluptuous girls and I like you babe by the way my name is Peter and my buddies name is Jack. Meet you at 8:00 at the bar,images-1

The girls got the serviette from the grinning waiter and Anne wrote we have a double date Anne and Caren, Jack at the meantime winked at Caren and Caren laughed and stuck out her tongue which had a piercing.

Maggie came in at the allocated time and asked the girls if they wanted to do more shopping or watch a movie the girls said they had not yet decided and will come home before 10.00pm. It was 8;00 pm Anne wore her LBD, while Caren wore a flowered dress,the boys looked cool ,Jack wore a black t-shirt and jeans and smelled of after shave, and Peter had spiky hair a white shirt and jeans and Anne had her long blonde hair loose and wavy, both Anne and Peter looked great and Peter decided to take Anne for a walk in the mall as they walked he held her hand and as she looked into his grey blue eyes she knew in her heart if it was love, lust, fate or three in one this was the man she wanted to marry,

Peter was British while she was American from Tulsa, while Peter was from Surrey in UK, he played with her hair and there in the moonlight he kissed her slowly beautifully and as they kissed she felt current flow through her body, she wanted more but had to hold back, these feelings were new to her, Peter was 19 years old and was studying Politics, they headed back to Caren and Jack and Peter ordered the best Champagne and as he looked into Anne’s eyes all he said was cheers to our future ,just as Anne and Peter were now inseparable so were Caren and Jack. Tomorrow was Anne’s 16th birthday, the girls and boys decided to go to a nightclub in the night and go to a spa in the morning the boys were going to the beach and then meet the girls at the night club in the evening, after the massage, pedicure and a light siesta the girls decided to look their best for the boys, as Maggie went to sleep the girls tiptoed outside and the boys were waiting for them Anne and Peter kissed and Caren gave Jack a big hug, they went to the night club they decided to have a few shots and they danced and had fun Caren wanted to dance on the table being a bit drunk but decided not to much to Anne relief after the party they went walking to the beach Anne took out her high heels and walked barefoot and held on to Peter’s arms and then started crying thinking this was the last of their friend ship but Peter said that morning he talked to his lecturer from Surrey where they can study in America and get the same credits as in UK and Peter hugged Anne and said from the first time he saw her beautiful blue eyes, biting her lip and reading the magazine he fell in love with her and in a few months will go to study in the same university as Anne , Anne squealed in delight and hugged Peter, this was the best birthday present for Anne, Caren and Jack also came to a similar arrangement. Paul and Lily came to pick up the girls at the airport Caren whispered to Paul, “Anne is in love”. Anne hearing it said “so is Caren”, Paul was relived to hear Peter was studying Politics and also was happy his daughter had a boyfriend.images-2

In a few months Peter and Jack came to study in Tulsa close to Anne and Caren, Josh also had a gorgeous oriental girlfriend, Lily and Paul liked Peter and were happy that their daughter was happy.

Where ever destiny takes us there will be people along our path some who become friends, comrades and if lucky spouses but there are some whom one forgets and then there are some who do not like us dear ones do not be people pleasers, people are entitled to their opinion but you be a person of excellence and love. Then one day soon love will knock on your doorimgres-4


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