Our Weightloss Story

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Weightloss Of East Meets West

Photo on 30-08-2015 at 16.11 (1)I was born in Indian sub-continent everything in India revolves around spices, rice, festivals and brightly coloured Indian clothes, I conformed to the traditions of my very religious and strict family, I did not rebel my dad was an Anglican Minister and my beautiful mother a school teacher but I loved books not my study books but story books I was hooked to Mills and Boon, Jeffery Archer, Daniele Steel, cowboy stories of Luis L’amour, JT Edison, Robin Cook, Wilbur Smith and many many more stories yes I was a hopeless, helpless romantic but my Dad did not want me to date or party so I abided by his rules but at the same time apart from books I loved music, I loved Whitney especially, Celine Dion and Spice girls life was easy and good.IMG_2819

Then after my university where I hid behind my books and music I got a job in ICICI stocks and shares then my curiosity about other lands and places to see the Western world took the better of me and I travelled a bit but still held captive by my religious upbringing.IMG_1209

Surprisingly the door to come and study in UK in Belfast Bible College to do a Diploma in Biblical Studies and Missions opened up, and on top of that my parents too had an opportunity to work as missionaries in Hillsborough Parish church, it was then my dad and mum spoke to me on the prospect of marriage, and my mum was praying for me and a few potential prospects from India emerged but I wanted to fall in love and not want an arranged marriage that was the only time I rebelled against my parents as I told them I wanted to be a protestant nun but I knew I will make a terrible nun, I loved make-up, pretty clothes and a glass of wine now and then, then I met my prince charming Mark Alexander we went for our first date to Belfast Olio, I asked him to order the food as I did not know about western food, so after he ordered we waited for the food all I saw was a small aubergine with goat cheese, I started fuming I thought he could have taken me to Mc Donald’s and I could have got a hamburger just then the waiter came with the main course of Pink Salmon and veg, it was then I knew the British Menu has a starter, a main course and dessert, we even held hands on the way back to Bible College and then we got married in nine months, it was not a bed of roses as we were not just working on our relationship but on our cultural differences as well,IMG_0164 it was then my husband and I started comfort eating especially in front of the television and from 9stone I went on to 12stone and my husband went up to 23 stone, we were not just an inter-racial couple but a huge couple, then I got pregnant and my weight went up to 16 stone it was then through prayer, gyming and dieting our weight is now 14 stone for Mark and 8stone 5 for me, we both feel different and happy and above all we want to stay healthy IMG_2904for our gorgeous bundle of joy our 5 year old daughter Esther. Yes we have had a transformation in our lives and I want to give the Lord God all the glory.

The Key Word Is Justification

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When HE came to earth,

The virgin Mary gave birth

There was no party, laughter or mirth

But the King lay down His life,

To be born in a manger

Being called a stranger

In his family and hometown he was not accepted,

The Pharisees they respected,

He stood out and was called ordinary

But this great awesome Christ was extraordinary in the eyes of God

Because He was and is the Son Of God

He worked in His Father’s business in carpentry

But His calling was to save the world

From racism, jealousy and bigotry

Some called Him a clown

And the Pharisees wanted Him to drown

To keep His head down

I am sure He wondered why He was even born

But at His death which was more fascinating than His birth

The curtain in the holy of holies was torn

That was why through Justification our lives now have a transformation

This is the story of the exodus of redemption

This is no imagination

There will come a time of migration

To the New City

Sans racism, sans jealousies, sans bigotry, sans comparisons, sans competition

But filled with love from up above

Is that a dove

Yes it is time for peace all over the world

From the European Union to the United Nation Organisation

One Lord, One World United By Love

There are people debating cynicism

Worried about Gnosticism,

But simple child like faith will change the nations

For the city of the Lord

It is real,

It is written in eschatology

This is not some funny philosophy

When one sees it it is like walking in a life so magnificently surreal

It is like going through a wall

Made for both great and small of every race, language and creed

With no worry for money or greed,

He meets every need,

The golden gates are awaiting

Lord this eschatology is finished

Past, present and future are one

Lord Christ Is The Son

Little children playing, singing, laughing ,

ruling ,

This is the New World ruled and governed by children

With wise men as judges yet no punishment for evil in the past

Because this world is made for Love, by Love, with LOVE

AmenPhoto on 30-08-2015 at 16.11 (1)

The Meeting Of The Sparrow Clan,

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The Meeting Of The Sparrow Clan

There was a flutter and another flutter, there was a queek and a keek and more queeks and keeks, there was a sparrow clan meeting much like the house of Lords and the house of Commons.images

The Sparrows were unfortunately just the commons.

While the parrots and Geese and Partridges were the House Of Lords.

Now the Chair man in the house of commons said order and immediately the Keeks and qeeks ceased. While the speaker arose and said today we are going to talk about the very naughty cat called the Improbable Matrix which is causing an uproar in the bird world, wounding and frightening sparrows, robins, and pigeons and scaring them away from the seed baskets put out by the friendly humans and this improbable Matrix actually eats the seeds before the birds get to it.Unknown-3

There were a aye queek and aye keek by the birds.

Then there was silence while the Mayor Of Willow Land said Mr Chairman may I speak, yes you may qeeked Mr Chair man. I suggest said Mr mayor of Willow land that we get Scotland Yard after the improbable Matrix, Aye Aye Qeek and Keek said the Birds.


Then the Prime Minister who was a gorgeous white Cockatoo was invited to the gathering that evening and the ruling party and opposition party of the birds formed a Joint party to get rid of the improbable Matrix, with no squabbles of qeeks and keeks, Then the Chair man said order order let the Prime minister speak, Mr Cockatoo who looked every inch a bird prim minister said “ We must trap the improbable matrix or the birds will be in trouble

So the sparrows thought of a plan, So Mr cockatoo of 10 downing street had a friend who was a lawyer called Mr Mickey Mouse who also was a mafia ring leader who very few knew about so Mr Micky Mouse was called on Skype during the meeting in the parliament on a large screen in the house of commons, So Mr Chair Man said you may speak Mr Mouse , Mr Mouse said “ yes the Improbable Matrix is also causing horrendous crimes on the mice as well”images-3

So the mouse mafia, the bird clan and Scotland yard which was a mixture of Dalmatian and Husky police men decided to capture the improbable Matrx and put him in prison. But they had to have a clever plan,

So the birds decided to put a stick with the feathers given by the parrots and partridges from the house of lords stick them to a stick so that it looks like a bird under the bird they put a large net given by Mr Micky Mouse so when Mr matrix jumps on the bird he gets caught in the net.

So the plan was laid they got a red stick with an orange beak and lots of feathers and laid in wait on Mr Matrx favourite hunting ground willow park, suddenly there was a shuffle, and a buffle and luffle and then the improbable Matrix jumped on the bird and was caught in a large net.images-4

Mr Matrix was taken to court with a jury of mice, birds and dogs and was convicted of crime the judge who was a badger said he should spend 5 years in prison there was an uproar and the improbable matrix was caught the animal and bird community were no longer in danger.

Do you think Life is always just and fair the answer my friend is life is not always the way you want it , It was ordained by the Higher power we call as God, but remember He is watching, He is in control and you will one day say “ WHY” but He will smile and say forgive, so you and I can live, not just for jealousy, justice and bigotry but on the contrary love , forgiveness and acceptance.images-1

The end

The duck who loved ice-cream

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  • imagesThere was a little duck who was out of luck,
  • She went for a walk
  • But little duck who was out of luck saw an ice-cream truck,
  • So little duck said “If I have some money I would love some ice-cream Mr Tony”
  • Mr Tony said “dear duck your feet are covered in muck and oh…poor you , you are out of luck”
  • But little duck adamantly said “ I will work for a month and then my luck will change my bad luck will get exchanged for some money change and then I can have lots of ice-cream”
  • That night sweet little duck had a dream she was holding a big cone of strawberry ice-cream,images-2
  • The next day little ducky went to town to find work,
  • She met Mr Peter Rabbit who was talking to Mr Hobbit saying “he would love someone who lives in a town to work in a store which was in a barn,
  • Little cute ducky felt so very lucky she went and said to Mr Peter Rabbit
  • “ Can I please work in your store which is in a barn”
  • Mr Rabbit who was talking to Mr Hobbit was surprised but said “ It would be wonderful if you can work in the store which is in a barn especially that you live close to town”,
  • Soooo now little ducky was now no longer unlucky but now had money
  • And bought that big strawberry ice-cream in a cone and said
  • “Mr Tony Robbins the best ice-cream is Bhaskin Robbins”images-1
  • The End

The Funny Bear Who Loved Honey

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UnknownFunny Bear Who Loved Honey

There once was a funny bear who had no money all he wished for was a bucket of honey

One bright day when the weather was fine and sunny

He had a grumbling in his tummy

He wanted that bucket of honey from the store but funny bear was broke and had no moneyimages

So he sat on a log of wood and as he drifted to sleep

He heard a screech and there a beautiful parrot, stood with a carrot

So funny bear said “parrot oh parrot you have carrot but I am broke and sore and want that bucket of honey from the store”

Haughty parrot replied oh my wings are tired I travelled a lot, but I am sorry I have no money for your honey pot,

Funny bear went for a walk looking for someone to talk

What he saw gave him a shock

There was a carnival in the forest and there was a stage for anyone who wanted to talk or sing or dance

Funny bear looked like he was in a trance gave his name this was his time for fame and the winner got money if he was entertaining and funny

The weather was bright and sunny

Funny bear took a deep breath and people were looking at him with curiosity

Funny bear thought to himself this is not a time to worry, he had to have that bucket with honey

His friends always said he was funny, the curtain arose funny bear took the mike and started telling funny tales and the laughter came in bales there were more tales and more laughter

This funny bear was now a comedian master

When the time finished and the curtain close they put a bill in his hand and his reaction froze he was no more funny broke and sore he won the score he went to the store and had his pot of honey he now had money for many pots of honey

The next day he sat on the green grass eating his honey and counting his money he said to his friend the haughty parrot you have a carrot but I am funny and that I will never regretimages-1

The end


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little bit of life coaching for the weekIMG_2850

My dear friends, comrades, acquaintances, sweethearts hi, I am back yes the Indian aunty is back yes I had a creative spell of poetry now I decided to take the bull by it’s horns and write about the important 6 E’s in life.

No I am not talking about the results of my trigonometry exam but these E’s can make your life and shape your life for the better.

We often want what our friends and neighbours have, or we feel the grass is greener on the other side, yes the grass is greener especially in Northern Ireland we have fifty shades of green and India not wanting to be left out has fifty shades of brown every person in India has their own shade of brown from dusky, to wheatish to homely to milky white but we are all Indian thank God for our cosmopolitan, democratic, colourful India .

Now fifty shades of grey the less said about it the better , yes from colourful creation, to a colourful nation to wicked sense of sexual intonation, but as Christians we are not here to judge but pray for those who have had sexual addiction, it is like cannabis, to porn, to alcohol addiction yes I purchased this book out of curiosity but I could not finish it this world is going from bad to worse but there are people who are praying that the right people come in power in politics, Christianity, luminaty and Rome, including those who are powerful business men with good ethics to govern this world, Doctors, Scientists, religious leaders, this world needs you.

While there are people who pray in their homes for change there are those who have power to change the world for better this world does not just need sheep but it needs the GOOD WOLFS who help the sheep to make the world a better place.

Now back to the 6 E’s to a better you

1.Extraordinary, why Extraordinary because the ordinary is mundane and you have the potential to be extra-ordinary you yes you , you have gifts, talents or just hardworking once you move from the sphere of ordinary to extra-ordinary your life will be wonderful you will get noticed and opportunities will knock on your door be extra-ordinary

2.Enthusiastuc be enthusiastic about life don’t be boring spice up your life a bit, listen to good upbeat music, learn the guitar, learn a new subject do not get boring but enjoy life, learn to love life and be positive most of the time negativity and pessimism will get you no where.

3.Excellence, Be excellent be above average what ever your strengths or talents are develop them, make them stand out of the crowd be hardworking and be a man or woman of excellence, when I was younger I never felt beautiful or attractive one day I told my dad” I want to be beautiful “my father looked into my eyes and said “you are unique and you are very talented “it was then I accepted that I may never be a beauty queen or victoria secret model but I can sing, write and cook and be a blessing though my spelling and grammar is not great I am unique and talented and as the song we used to sing as children say “ If I were a butterfly, I thank you Lord for giving me wings, you gave me a heart and you gave me a smile you made me Jesus and you made me your child and I just thank you for making me, me,, I am 5 feet 2 but I am now a happy 5feet 2 inch lady.( who never goes out without heels or make up)

4,Entertaining, be cheerful and be happy there was once a pastor named A, who was preaching for a very long time each Sunday, then one day his wife whispered in his year and held out a big card that said KISS the pastor very quickly finished the service and sat down, his friend an elder of the church said “hey bro why did you finish and look said when your wife held out the card that said KISS “he said “dear elder if you only know what it means it means KEEP IT SHORT STUPID”

so keep your life, your work and your free time entertaining so there is not much time for boredom

5.Energetic, always be on your guard and alert and keep exercising, have a bright happy disposition, so people get attracted to you, if it is your cute smile or your strong arms or even your sense of humour be energetic, lethargy gets you no where be bright and happy like the song “all things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small all things wise and wonderful the lord God made them all.”

6.Engaging be attentive, hear people’s stories, help people be a blessing to people, be there when they need you and always remember people who have helped you and because of that you are able to help others never ever forget those who helped you be engaging above all be gratefulIMG_3006

Remember the 6 E’s

Lots of love and prayers

The Indian Aunty

The Day The Lord Walked Into My Life

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The day He walked into my life

There is a Lord

Who watches over all

There is a Lord who catches you when you fall

There is a Lord who tells you

You are amazing even when you feel very hurt and small

There is a Lord who prays for you when Him you call

There is a Lord who took you from fire and ashes and turned you around like a great phoenix who rose into glory from fire

This is not satire

There is a Lord who took your hand from the mire

There is a Lord who blessed you

When others cursed you

There is a Lord who cared for you and protected you

And made you, you

Like a phoenix when all thought you were in the dust and ashes

He the Lord dusted the ashes off

And made you a woman

Like giving you beauty for ashes

Like lighting a cigarette with matches

He loved you

He made you

You are unique

You are you

People like you are few

Lord take away the chains

As the plants take in the rain

Your blessings from me never refrain

You took me from the drain

One day I will travel in the air train

When things get difficult

Smile at the warmth of the sun

Feel him holding you

Telling you

He cares

Let us worship the Lord

Not in a ritualistic shroud

But in faith and trust and simplicity

Hold his hand

He understands

Lord for you I stand



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