A Tribute To My Uncle Ranjit Sathyaraj

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  • A person who was born in a conformist family with conformist theology
  • Rose up to be a rebel yet with a heart of compassion
  • Rebellion, wildness like a black wild horse courageous
  • He rose above the forces of virtues
  • To be a wild stallion unleashed by the authorities to be who he was born to be, while people were talking about religion and rituals
  • He was spiritual in his own unique way unparalleled by dictation of the holy book, he did not speak it but walked it and lived it.
  • This wild black gorgeous wild horse yes untamed by authorities yet tamed by love by the authority the Lord
  • My dear friends, this wild, intelligent, great, fiery stallion did not bow to man or superficial religion but to the Lord of religion,
  • He loved a lot, was loved even more and his handprint of love and compassion will live forever more, the beloved of His father and grandfather his wild, rebellious yet compassionate spirit will find solace and peace like the quiet ocean, yes there were storms and waves yet his spirit is now at rest and peace that will one day awaken like the dawn the favourite time of the day for my wild uncle who was at peace with nature yet wild at heart but loved by The Lord and man

Dearest Juju Chitha ( as that was what I called Him) his memory will live in our hearts now and forever more I will love you[

So proud to be his niece and as he always told me “don’t do what I wouldn’t do”.Today a great influence in my life had gone to be with the Lord, but the memory of this awesome man, my dad’s younger brother will live in my heart for ever, he brought the joy of reading to me and always encouraged my writing yet he also was a loved people and people loved him.

He did not walk the path society put towards people but walked where his heart led him, he was a wild, compassionate intelligent man that i dare to call my uncle who i loved and will always remember him, He is now in a better place and all I can say is He was loved by all.

Via-Dolorosa which means the way of suffering that Jesus Christ went through for you and me

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I pray this video that I sing in will be a blessing for you and me, This good friday let us take time to remember the unbearable suffering that Christ went through so that you and I can be healed, blessed and receive salvation

God Bless You


the Indian Aunty xx

Salvation and Justification

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Hi there dear friends and munchkins, today I would like to talk about unconditional love. How do we love unconditionally? When my daughter was born I felt deep love for this gorgeous baby and I knew whatever she says or does I will love her no matter what, a mothers love has deep feelings.

If I being human love my daughter so much how much more God loves us.

In John 3 : 16 it says God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son that Whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

God is omniscient and all knowing he does Not want you to go to hell or perish, he loves you and he loves me, and he died on the cross so that everyone who believes in him shall go to heaven

Why did Jesus die on the cross isn’t he God?

The reason Jesus died on the cross was so that every man and woman and child can have salvation through grace and be justified.

What is salvation through grace and justification

When an individual asks the Lord to forgive their sins and to come into their hearts it is called salvation and salvation is for everyone who repents and asks the holy spirit Jesus into their hearts.

What is grace

We are all sinners and no matter what rituals or penance we do or how good we are there are times we fall because we are humans and that is why we have grace if you are a thief or murderer or even a bad person there is grace and forgiveness for you so we live by faith in the lord God and not by works, works of charity is good but faith in the Lord and belief in Christ is the reason we have grace,

What is justification

Justification is we are not guilty because Jesus bore the punishment of our sins on the cross so that we will not be punished but live our lives for Christ, in Christ with Christ.

Today if you have sinned ask the Lord to come into your hearts and live as Children of the Light, Children of Christ God Bless You remember God loves you unconditionally no matter how good or how bad you are God loves you xxphoto-29 10.40.17

Love Those Who Are Different

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My dear friends, comrades, citizens of the world, today I am going to talk about loving those who are different or weird as people say. We as humans love beauty, if there is beauty and charm usually popularity, wealth and power follow, like the movie legally blonde every girl wants to be a Barbie doll, or a wag or a model, why because beauty is worshiped.

What about that transgender person, or that non conforming gothic, or those who have overdone piercings young ones searching for love by bed hopping or the drunks in the ally ways or even those who have mental problems all crying out to God and society why me,? how can I be a success?, why should I bother to work if I can get benefits, dearest ones He loves, He cares, He helps.

Who is He?? He is the Lord call out to him, cry out to him tell him you want to be free of drug addiction or alcoholism or even porn addiction, He will help but we too need to help ourselves that is through prayer and rehabilitation,

You my friend are precious, you my friend are loved you my friend yes you are not a mistake, pray, read the word seek help and you too can be a blessing

Let me tell you something I was a failure I failed in an important exam and I had to go back to school with my juniors and redo the exam it was very humiliating and difficult yet as I went and did my exam the second time I passed and then went on university passed with honors and then moved to Europe.

Yes if God can take a failure like me and make me who I am today he can do the same for you, yes I was in the miry clay and he lifted me up.

You may say “ I am a non conformist and I do as I please” But darling bed hopping is not love or rebellion you are hurting yourself pray for that special person to share your intimacy, you may be gay, lesbian but remember society does not have the right to judge you even Jesus forgave the woman caught in adultery, you are an individual, you are a person you have choice to make your life, darlings make your life count I am not judging you I am speaking to you in love give up binge drinking, give up cocaine you are a beautiful person you are blessed in Europe unlike the third world where people have nothing you are so so blessed get help and once you are helped help those who have fallen yes there was a time I too had fallen but He has given me my life back and I give my all to Him, read the word get help and you too will be blessed. Make the right choice “you yes you are Loved.”

God Bless You

From the Indian Aunty

No Fear In Love

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“A party without cake is just a meeting”

Julia Child

Dear Friends, Theologians, and munchkins lend me some of your time, today I have come to the conclusion that a piece of cake with a cuppa as they call it in the land down there I mean Australia, cake and cuppa go hand in hand, such as goodness and mercy, such as love and friendship, such as black and white.

My dearest friends, munchkins, this year I had one motive that is to conquer the art of baking, in India where I was born baking was not that popular but as you know spices, curries, breads such as nan, chapattis and dosai’s made from rice flour go a long way to many hundreds of years.

But now coming back to baking cakes I had a fear that my cakes may not be great and that fear worked on my baking but as a wonderful Christian friend and sister in Christ in Church had a class on baking cup cakes my fear seemed to have subsided and my daughter and I had great fun baking cup cakes I know they are not the best cup cakes but my daughter and I had fun making icing and sprinkles

What I learnt was we have to face our fears sometimes when we fear the worst the worst usually happens, but when we change fear to love and positive energies God steps in takes away our fear and changes bad circumstance to the best, why because we did not let fear govern our lives

My grandmother told me something the other day she said ”My father feared getting a bad name that he never enjoyed life” How true is that we fear what Mr and Mrs Jones next door will talk about, or fear our parents or even fear God that life can not be enjoyed as long as we are true to ourselves and true to GOD who has given us life, health and strength why have fear, even the bible says God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind.

You do not need to walk on eggshells walk on the carpet put for your life, it may not be a red carpet but a simple rug but man what a rug if you have a wonderful hug from someone who loves you and is there for you, sometimes that someone may be your child, your spouse or even God just reading his word listening to music and talking to HIM can take away your fears, today my friends overcome fear or fear will overcome you.

Tell yourself I will not be afraid, my God is with me and there is no fear in love, perfect love takes away fear,

Let love rule your hearts, takeaway hate and fear and you will have love

Lots of love

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Unknown Forgiveness Why should we forgive those who hurt us, mistreated us, angered us, mocked us, Why should we forgive, shouldn’t we hurt, them ask God to put them in hell, Dear ones No, forgive them, love them, pray for them and let the hurt they brought on you disappear through forgiveness, When Jesus was mocked, hurt, beaten, spat upon, shouldn’t he have asked the Father God for vengeance and hell and blood on those who ill treated him, No he said “ Father forgive them for they know not what they do” People are people and people have choice, today please make the choice to forgive, weather, it is anger, jealousies or hatred forgive them, How many times as many times as they ill-treat you or anger you, do not secretly wish for evil over them or there families we do not know why they are as they are, maybe they did not have love as children, maybe no one hugged them and said I love you, maybe there parents had alcohol problems, love them love them, How many times do we forgive ,when one sees a river and a stone in the river as long as the water flows over the river and over the stone smoothing of the rough edges forgive them, forgiveness takes away the rough pain, the rough anger and sets you free in heart, mind and spirit, there was a time I was a rough rock with unforgiveness but as the word of the Lord washed away the anger, hatred and bitterness I felt a peace inside my heart and soul yes I had to forgive and in forgiveness there was peace and there was liberty in my heart mind and soul and with forgiveness comes love, love for those who hurt us, reviled us and mocked us, the bible says “ faith, hope and love the greatest of these is love Love and forgiveness go hand in hand, come hold the hand of forgiveness yes but only if there is love, and let us walk the road of grace and liberty, God Bless YouUnknown

Theology With A Piece Of Cake

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  • My dearest friends I would like to wish each and everyone of my readers Happy New Year, This year I decided one of my New Year resolutions was to bake more as I love cooking, I decided to learn to bake like an Indo-British lady. This is my first cake for the year, it still needs a more professional look but thank God my family liked it.
  • In Genesis when Lord God created the earth, flora and fauna he took a break on the Sabbath day, I wonder and hypothetically speaking if God went for a walk had a black coffee and some fruit, sitting on a rock sipping his coffee and thinking about not just about creation but eschatologically looking into the future, we all know God is omnipotent and all powerful, omniscient and all knowing and omnipresent and present everywhere,
  • Did the lord God weigh the pros and cons of creating mankind, when we bake cake we weigh the eggs, flour, butter and sugar, was creating the earth like baking a cake, the colours of the earth, trees and also seas, did he imagine the end product with his fingers crossed and eyes shut praying let it all go well yet in the future he saw the most perfect world, but the process of that perfect world was time, as mankind was going through the baking process and still we are in God’s celestial oven, when the perfect Lord God Jesus comes again this imperfect world will disappear the perfect will appear, we are going for a universal celestial ride before we enter the perfect world the Lord God has prepared for imperfect people like you and me, when the time comes this new world will be way past our imagination, when I baked this cake there was shifting of flour, weighing the ingredients and when the cake came out of the oven it was still not finished, it still needed the icing of imagination and tender loving care that only the lord God can give us, there will be no more sorrow or crying in the new world as we await this new life let us just be like a yellow sunflower basking in the sunshine of God’s word and presence with a piece of cake and coffee, or whatever you like to eat not just the word of God to nourish our spirit man but also food to nourish our physical bodies.
  • God Bless
  • From just a housewife

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