A Christian Journey

As I take a journey on life’s road

I look back at the steps I have trod

In my hands I carry a heavy load

As I gaze towards the crossroads

I see a sign called introspection

I look back at my hands with a heavy load

And deep within comes a cry of condemnation

I journey on wondering why was I ever born

Can’t anyone hear me,

Why am I all alone

Till I see another sign called justification

Intrigued with curiosity

Longing for divine sanctity

Seeking to be clothed in chastity

I enter this narrow road of justification

Till I reach that powerful light

Oh, what an awesome sight

I feel the omnipotent presence of sweet delight

I run urged by this omnipotent presence

Leading me on till I reach a cross

And look for me what He has done

I look down eyes and heart full of condemnation

Till I hear the omnipotent presence whisper deep within

Saying daughter today is the day of redemption

I feel the divine presence merge into mine

His presence all the evil from me refine

Into that omnipotent presence I could submerge

Suddenly I look up and find myself alone

Yet not alone

I feel the serenity of that omnipotent divinity

I feel clothed in a canopy of chastity

I walk back to that wide road of introspection

I no longer feel the grip of condemnation

Cause my spirit has attained justification

That precious blood on the cross

A libation for my sinful soul brought me redemption

I take another route now

A road called sanctification

Urged by the divine omnipotent presence

The gospel I make proclamation,

Till I reach the divine ordination

When my soul to heaven takes the journey of ascension

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