My Bible


This book that I carry won’t tell me whom I will marry,

Yet this book that I carry brought me through life’s sorrows, joys, laughter, tears

The list too many

This book that I carry, the words never left in a hurry

This book that I carry brought me out of depression,

Depression some sort of satanic oppression or just some sort of psychological phenomenon, whatever…

This book that I carry brought me through that difficult phase in my life when my emotions were all at strife,

I met a wise old man, a protestant monk who told me to kneel and read five Psalms a day aloud, it was in these times of solitude that I knew and felt the presence and peace of God’s grace in altitude.

This book that I carry has travelled through time, space, history and longitude,

Yet it is so appropriate for me and has filled me with hope and a future to foresee

The future that seemed so dim and bleak and when I felt the roof full of water only on me did leak, the power of that word of this book that I carry, which is so magnificently holy, these words never did tarry,

This book that I carry has now given me healing, His omnipotent presence in me indwelling yet day by day as I study this book, it nourishes me be it Psalms or Acts

This book that I carry has power to change, heal, and gives me a purpose to live and a destination to fill. This book that I carry is my life, my purpose, my all.

This book is my call


Why so confusing,The life and future,contemplating
What job would best suit our needs,debating
Does God really exist, questioning
How did God exist before he existed, thought provoking
Is love a fact or a feeling, emotions heightening
Does God speak through thunder and lightening ,frightening
Are there other worlds beside our own? Aliens emerging
Does heaven and earth one day meet? The universes merging
Yet the cross remains standing ,truth arising
The lamb who died on the cross had a marking
The starting of another world in a making
The heavens applauding
Angles descending on earth
Cause this new world is starting ,shocking
The universe in the making
Yet time is left starting and ending
To make time obsolete,
This new world shall emerge without time
Yet created before time for a time
Clock ticking

Who Am I


Who am I

That thought in my heart I ponder

What am I meant to be

Oh God, the future I just can’t foresee

Yet you care for me

You didn’t just let me be

You have a plan and a purpose

Thy word is the key

I came into the world a little seed

Curious about the world so mysterious

Bombarded with emotions hilarious

At times delirious, at other times furious

As I started to grow and mature to the tree I was meant to be

I faced the storms of life

Into temptations I was tossed

Yet through thy divine grace at Calvary

To temptations I was no longer held in slavery

You set me free, enabling me to grow in sanctity

Your word says, you shall bear fruit in season

Seasons have come and seasons have gone

Oh God I feel so alone, why was I ever born

Yet you on me never did frown

The veil to enter the holy of holies was torn

By thy divine blood on the cross which was no loss

At thy feet I place my supplication

Oh Christ, on me make a divine transformation

This season, let me see my life has a reason

Let me bear fruit at a dozen

Change my heart, my attitude

As I grow and mature in thy altitude

As I pray I feel thy presence come as a ray

I feel the power of thy awesome presence like rain on me does spray

Father when will you use me, is it today?

I feel the rain come on me washing all my doubts and fears without a trace

Speaking to me through a gentle breeze

Thy love for me will never cease

I hear thy voice saying my plans for you will be fulfilled come what may

All you have to do, daughter is to pray

The Great Cosmic Redemptive Plan

The Great Cosmic Redemptive Plan

Abraham an ordinary man from Ur was chosen by God. Why? I believe that God predestined him to be the father of Israel. We therefore as individuals as children of God, We got to find our place in this “ great cosmic redemptive plan “.

Ephesians 1:5 “ He predestined us to be adopted as His sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will.” Romans 8:29” For those God foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of His son that He might be the first born among many brothers.”

My views are bordering on Calvinism. I believe that God is omniscient and all knowing. God predestined us to be His children even before we were born. John 3:16”For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” God wants the whole world to be saved but as I state again God is omniscient and He knows those who will accept Him and those who will reject Him even before we were born. God knew Judas would betray Him yet chose Him to be His disciple. Yet Judas had a choice to accept the money or reject it and follow Jesus. Judas chose the former.

God separates the wheat from the chaff. Knowing the ones whose hearts and thoughts are weighed on the scales of God’s righteousness and calling. King David was a simple Shepard boy. Yet God chose him to be king because he was a man after God’s own heart.

God chooses those the world disapproves of. Gideon was the least in his household. Yet God chose him to be a leader. David was looking after sheep God chose him to be King. We as people look on the outward but God looks deep within.Therefore God chooses those whom He chooses. Therefore logically speaking God chooses us, we choose the right way or the wrong way the choice is up to us. Sometimes it takes a lot of bad choices to make one right choice. Yet that one right choice is orchestrated by the divine conductor.

I believe choice is a Godly strategy for the extension of a Godly kingdom and we are all players finding our place in this “ Great Cosmic Redemptive Plan” wondering where our next move will be.

What Happens When We Yawn

You know my little one there are very many types of yawns the next time you yawn before you go to sleep or you stretch to wake up from bed or you are just so tired. Think about the yawn that has become so part of your life. The yawn that baffles where does it come from or where does it go. The yawn, the art of the yawn.

Sometimes people have dignified yawns with their mouths closed. Where does that yawn go into their tummy. Sometimes people have very loud and furious yawns that reminds them of Tarzan in the jungle. Who is Tarzan? Oh sorry little one he was before your time he used to swing on the trees in the jungle but I will tell you about him another time. He was a wild man and made these furious noises that sounded just like the yawns of your uncle Billy. Tarzan was a good jungle man.

Now coming back to a little mousy squeaky yawn that comes out before you know it and sneaks in a little squeak. Then there is a majestic Kingly yawn that make people stop and stare Yaaow, Yes that is a mighty big majestic yawn.

Then there is a sparky passing on yawn. You know little one it only takes a spark to light a fire and this yawn starts in a room full of people it starts with one then the other stares, then the one who stares catches on and before you know it the whole room is full of yawning people.

Then you have the Red Indian yawn you know the red Indians used to make a noise with their hands over their mouths and this particular yawn little one will be an Apache Indian yawn.

Then you have a finger clicking yawn, this yawn little one is the Rock and Roll Elvis Presley yawn. I will tell you about the King of rock and roll, finger clicking, shoe stomping Elvis when you come to the time of enjoying rock and roll. By the way son you can have your hair anyway you like it when you grow up, long, short, or spiky but remember the finger clicking Elvis yawn.

Then you have a very sweet, fragile aristocratic lady yawn. Now remember this lady has been suppressing her yawn for a long, long time so she takes out her dainty little handkerchief pretends to give a little cough and out comes the yawn. Ahh the day I wish to see her majesty yawn in public that would be a day to record in history books. Wonder what happens to her little yawns

Now we have the yawn stretch when you see this man yawn stretch his hands towards heaven and give out this good loud yawn. This man is unintentionally saying a little prayer asking God for rest from his tired, long and bored day. Don’t ask me how I know but I just do.

Then you have the absolutely bored yawn , you have this person usually in the waiting rooms of hospitals or at dentists or people waiting at bus stops .They look around, they look at their fingers, they stare into oblivion, they scratch their heads and out comes this bored yawn which sounds bored itself . It is a God given art which functions in the human body at times like these to give boredom a little nudge. These people are completely oblivious to their bored nudges but son I have watched and experienced these bored nudges in that phase of man’s life called boredom.

Then you have the wake up yawn. Ths yawn with your bad breath comes out as you stretch yourself in bed, scratch your weary little head and open your eyes and then yawn. This is a wake up call to those nearby to tell you to brush your teeth but it is also letting out all your air out of your lungs in the morning as you breathe in the fresh new air of the new day in the morning. So let it be a strong loud yawn as you breath in a new day.

Then you have the operatic yaweeeeeoooo that is a Pavarotti opera yawn, that is loud and strong and resonant and frightens the daylights of those who are close. Now my son come close I always wanted to do that in the library but I hope that one day you will do what your heart leads you to do.

So son you will experience a lot of yawns some loud and majestic and see those soft and dainty yawns from the girls in your class but remember the art of the yawn an art that we have no control over but an art that the artist of the yawn created just to make life more special for you and me. So remember the next time you yawn, you are special and every yawn is significant goodnight my little one. Yawn as you live each day.

A Christian Journey

As I take a journey on life’s road

I look back at the steps I have trod

In my hands I carry a heavy load

As I gaze towards the crossroads

I see a sign called introspection

I look back at my hands with a heavy load

And deep within comes a cry of condemnation

I journey on wondering why was I ever born

Can’t anyone hear me,

Why am I all alone

Till I see another sign called justification

Intrigued with curiosity

Longing for divine sanctity

Seeking to be clothed in chastity

I enter this narrow road of justification

Till I reach that powerful light

Oh, what an awesome sight

I feel the omnipotent presence of sweet delight

I run urged by this omnipotent presence

Leading me on till I reach a cross

And look for me what He has done

I look down eyes and heart full of condemnation

Till I hear the omnipotent presence whisper deep within

Saying daughter today is the day of redemption

I feel the divine presence merge into mine

His presence all the evil from me refine

Into that omnipotent presence I could submerge

Suddenly I look up and find myself alone

Yet not alone

I feel the serenity of that omnipotent divinity

I feel clothed in a canopy of chastity

I walk back to that wide road of introspection

I no longer feel the grip of condemnation

Cause my spirit has attained justification

That precious blood on the cross

A libation for my sinful soul brought me redemption

I take another route now

A road called sanctification

Urged by the divine omnipotent presence

The gospel I make proclamation,

Till I reach the divine ordination

When my soul to heaven takes the journey of ascension