As I ramble through life, whatever be my goal, I will unfortunately always keep my eye upon the doughnut and not upon the whole. Wendy Wasserstein

Friends, fellow dieters, random musers and country men lend me some of your time. How are you dear munchkins doing well this week my weight has neither increased nor decreased . I the Indian Aunty have been cooking some Biryani and curry for some guests at our house and I love cooking . Cooking is one of the few things I enjoy doing apart from being wife and mother, a struggling musician and author.

So we had chicken biryani, chicken curry ,raitha and ice cream for dessert. If you my dear friends have not tried Indian food I would urge you to try Biryani and please opt for the mild version if you are from the west. As I the Indian aunty with experience of cooking for the western culture know people in the west prefer to taste the flavor of the food they are eating instead of tasting only the spices or masala.

My Irish husband always says darling less is always more. Be it in cooking or make up but  in clothing it is better to be covered up except when going to the beach. Keeping it simple is always a beautiful trait. When we look at Beyonce she is gorgeous and in the movie dream girls she was wearing very little make up and looked gorgeous. Gwyneth Paltrow uses very little make up and is stunning I loved the movie Shakespeare in Love in which she was really ethereal.

Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections. 
Saint Francis de Sales

In this cosmetic enhanced world most of the women population want perfection but there is no one perfect. We women always feel the grass is greener on the opposite side. Let me tell you something a bit personal I always wanted to be lighter skinned as I was not happy in being dusky complexioned but when I came to the west here girls were getting spray tanning and loved the sun tanned look.

While fairness creams are selling like chocolates in India. I was born with a tan as one of the ladies in the movie the Marigold Hotel said in one of her lines referring to a brown nurse you can wash all you like but that color won’t come of it was a light hearted remark but how true.

I was born to brown parents and they are absolutely fantastic parents and so naturally I am brown. My daughter  being Indo- Irish  has a beautiful olive coloring.

The world is changing by leaps and bounds and the emphasis on colour is changing thanks to television, movies, sports, entertainment and politics. We have Indian and African news presenters and soap actors and actresses. We have Halle Berry, Morgan Freeman  and of course Oprah. Sports The Williams sisters of tennis and Politics  we have President Barack Obama.

United Kingdom ruled the world at one time and being an Indian from India we have a lot to be thankful for to the British who brought about Education, abolished the sati movement or the killing of innocent women on their husbands fire after he died. They brought about telephones, Christianity and Railways. I as an Indo- British citizen have a lot to be thankful for. Especially my British husband.

The British left India peacefully thanks to our great leader and freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi. India has developed since then due to our economic planning such as five – year plans since the time we got freedom and our brain power. Though there has been a brain drain by Indians seeking a better future in UK and USA with Universities such as IIT’s and IIM’s most of the graduates from these universities leave for the States.

Due to the population of 1.7 billion there is still lot of poverty and corruption. There is also a large distance between the rich and the poor and those who are middle- class but I believe that one day India too will be a developed country.

So dear friends, munchkins, sweety pies I hope you enjoyed my history lesson let us make goals for our lives be it in weight loss, Office Work, Overcoming addictions or just spending more time with our families. A goal in life gives us hope and a reason to live.

Victory belongs to the most persevering.

Love from the Indian Aunty x


There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw

Hi there dear friends, it is me the Indian Aunty again. How are all of you sweetypies doing. Well I the Indian aunty am officially a size 12 now and my Irish beau who is my husband took me shopping.

I no longer wobbled but I walked but my dear sweetypies I want to drop 2 more dress sizes. So that graceful brown swan will emerge .

Love in human relationships is conditional but God’s love is unconditional. The natural human tendency is you scratch my back and I scratch yours. This is nice with your beau in a private Jacuzzi but coming back to my point love is almost always conditional but a mother’s love is unconditional .

When I gave birth to my beautiful daughter I felt such a rush of overwhelming  love to this beautiful helpless human being.  In my eyes she could do no wrong  and she was and is perfect. I decided when I got married I will love my husband unconditionally because for me I personally feel conditional love is not true love.

I learnt at a young age about God’s unconditional love for us and we are not Gods but children of an omnipotent or all powerful, omniscient or all knowing  God. This wonderful God who forgives all our sins no matter what we do because of His great love died for us on the cross so that we do not need to die to our sins if we ask Him to forgive our sins and come into our hearts.

I remember a time when I took part in a big singing competition my father Rev Canon Rajkumar Sathyaraj came up to me and said “ if you win or lose remember I love you and am proud of you” I came second in that competition but because of my father’s words I felt like I was on top of the world that day.

Our Lord Jesus Christ loves you if you are good or bad, if you  drink or have addictions he can set you free. He loves you unconditionally and we must learn to love others unconditionally which includes our spouses, children or even friends. No one is perfect and life is not a bed of roses and there are thorns and those thorns can include bad people but just write on a piece of  paper their names and then say it out aloud I forgive you and either tear that paper or burn that paper up and just see your life will be free of worry.

Hakuna Mattata  the Lion King song says no more worries give God your worries and watch Him take control by the way Hakuna Mattata is a good song to sing on holidays but we have to live in a imperfect world after the fall of Adam and Eve but let us make the most of our lives and happy Hakuna Mattata and unconditional love.

Peace , Love , Joy and Happiness to you all

Love  from the Indian Aunty who is officially a size 12 UK


Civilization as it is known today could not have evolved, nor can it survive, without an adequate food supply. Norman Borlaug

Hi friends this is Indian Aunty again I was overwhelmed by the words of Dr Borlaug how could man have survived on planet earth if there was no food.

The sustenance of the very fiber of human life on this planet is the ability to produce food to be consumed by the peoples.

From the dawn of civilization on planet earth .Man had one thought on earth the production and consumption of food for survival. If we look at Biblical history in the book of Genesis. Adam and Eve’s sons Cain and Abel both worked on the production of food for consumption of their families. Cain was a farmer and Abel a Shepard.

Food has evolved over time from the time man found the use of fire to cook food and the use of spices from the exotic places of belly dancers like the Middle East and the land of temples and graceful exotic silks and temples and beautiful dancers such as India. The preparation and consumption of food has evolved.

From the discovery of tea in India and coffee to the scientists who took farming in the developed  world to another level by using their scientific methods to form hybrid varieties of food more maximum amount of taste , texture and variety.

In the sub-continent of India of where I the  Indian aunty is from we have many kinds of soil for agriculture the most productive soil is the alluvial soil for agriculture this soil is very rich in minerals and very productive for plant growth. The alluvial soil is the volcanic debris that the volcano left and these debris are very rich in minerals and vitamins and the best soil for agriculture.

In the 21st century the scientists have found various methods of making the soils more agricultural. In the Middle East now the arid lands are producing food thanks to modern irrigation systems and ways of making the soil fertile.

“I am but one member of a vast team made up of many organizations, officials, thousands of scientists, and millions of farmers – mostly small and humble – who for many years have been fighting a quiet, oftentimes losing war on the food production front.”

Norman Borlaug

Dr Borlaug continues to tell us how the farmers in the developing world have to fight red tapism in order to grow their produce. In India many farmers do not have modern technology such as tractors and they depend on the monsoons for their produce of crops and now due to global warming these monsoons are unpredictable and these farmers do not have modern irrigation systems.

I believe that the governments of developing countries must help these farmers so that food production will increase and making the prices of food accessible for those in the poverty line so that there will be food for those who are earning much less than the average man.

In the 21st century where science and technology have developed so much where developed countries are setting up multi-national companies in developing countries such as India I read recently that IKEA is spending millions of dollars to open it’s shops in India. This will provide employment as well as help the Indian economy.

Now coming back to the small farmers whose livelihood is the growth of food on their soil many of these farmers are in debt and many starve even though they grow food we should help these farmers through paying for their irrigation methods and providing hybrid seeds.

My father’s younger brother Ranjit and his wife Suzy are farmers and one profound point which my uncle said in an interview was the land does not belong to us we belong to the land. If we look at this spiritually or philosophically from the time of Genesis. Creator  God created man and woman from soil and let them live in the garden of Eden. Man and Woman belonged in the garden of Eden and had to abide by the rules of the garden of Eden. The garden of Eden did not belong to them they belonged to the garden of Eden.

Now let us look at this politically every country has boundaries and people of that particular country belong within those boundaries and people within that country abide by the rules and regulations put forth by the government of that particular country. The land does not belong to them they belong to that land.

Now let us look at this sociologically the smallest social unit is the family and this family live in a home and people in that home abide by the rules and regulations of that particular home. The land does not belong to the family members they belong to that land and as generation goes by everyone belonging to that land sets up rules and regulations.

Now when we leave this earth our bodies go back to the very beginning of where we were formed back to the land. I have put up an interview of my dad’s younger brother Ranjit who is extremely intelligent and wise and I would like you to listen to this interview of farming. I believe that one day there will be food for all human beings on this planet earth especially those of the under developed and developing countries in this centaury of science and technology man should never go hungry.

“Food is the moral right of all who are born into this world.”

Norman Borlaug

Love from

The Indian Aunty

“I eat merely to put food out of my mind.” N.F. Simpson (1919–)

Dear friends,

“Namaste” this is an Indian greeting it is me the Indian aunty again. Slowly from wobbly wobble, from flabbity, flab the Indian aunty is emerging into an mummy again. I am still very voluptuous  but slowly and steadily the weightloss is showing. I am now 150 pounds. I can not wait to tackle the 140ish weightloss.

India is a developing country and slowly and steadily India is emerging in the global limelight for its Silicone valley not the Pamela Anderson Silicone but we Indians are better known for the Computer Silicone Valley as most Indian ladies are naturally endowed in the upper regions of our anatomy.

We also have Frida Pinto that gorgeous lady is snapping up the global limelight and of course we have our Cricket but those demi Gods have bodies of demi Gods. So now I have told you about the present India let me tell you a bit about our art and architecture of the India of the past when an Indian visits the temples of India especially of Belur Halebidu the carvings of women on the temples are voluptuous with ample bosoms and rounded thighs.

Let us talk about art in the west the most famous picture of a women in the west is the Mona Lisa and yes she was amply endowed and the most famous star of Holly Wood was Marilyn Monroe  and she was not skinny either and of course the women in Cinema of  India in the late 1950’s and 1960’s were amply endowed and man could they dance the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Smt  Jai lailtha was voluptuous and she still is and so is her bank balance but that is another topic we do not need to look into.

The world loved full figured voluptuous women but times have changed, looks have changed we are moving into a futuristic world and my dear friends we have to move with the times I urge you to watch a Hindi movie called Dhoom 1 and Dhoom 2 it is an awesome movie and celebrates Indian beauty of the 21st century but I am sure by the 22nd century the world would have reached a more cosmetic beauty enhanced world where cosmetic surgery would be like buying bread from a shop.

The world is going towards a more digitally  enhanced world I am sure scientists can even find a way to raise the dead. Medicine is moving towards a more brilliant ground. Stem cells growth, artificial hearts, test tube babies, cloning my dear dear friends we are in a world of where things that seemed impossible in the days of our grandparents and parents are now possible how much more so in the future.

We must not get stuck in the 80’s or 90’s move with technology and science and have a wider spectrum of ideas and philosophy and lets look our best for our children and grand children so that they will look at that picture and say wow Indian grandma was cool.


The Cool Indian Aunty

Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might ( The Bible )

My dear friends hi, how are you all ? Yes it is me the Indian aunty, I am now 154 pounds and from next week I am going gymming. Yes dear friends I have decided to join the gym. Like most aunties I do not like exercise but one has to learn to get that coveted Kim Kardishan or Beyonce Beautilicous Body. Many of you might find this surprising but I was always thin as a child and as a teen ager but once I got married the weight crept on slowly but surely and before I knew it I felt like a hot air balloon.

This happened quite recently we passed this furniture shop one day my husband and myself and I could not recognise myself in the show room mirror was that me, naaa some Indian Aunty but dear ones it was me…… So I decided step by step this weight will come of. It takes determination, will power but above all it needs God’s blessing. So I said God you did not make Adam and Eve obese but made them perfect. I bet if they were still alive they would be models for Vogue modelling with Fig Leaves.

But after the fall perfection was made imperfect and man gave into gluttony and obsessive eating or obsessive undereating. There is a thine line between the two. Food is not bad,Food is to be enjoyed be it Indian, French, Italian, Chinese or European. Food is not a master neither is it a slave very much like women. You can dress food, add those favouring to it sometimes it looks good to the eye just like women. But food can be given an over prominent place above God that is when there is a danger.

Never get carried away by anything, think is that helpful for my body am I going to eat that chocolate cake and then go sick it up then don’t eat it. Bulimia, Obesity,Anorexia are all extreme love or hatred for food. The first sacrifice to God in the Bible was food. God loves food ,good food, well prepared food. Food is to be enjoyed during festivities the first thing we think of is food. Christmas or New Year we love food our food.

With food comes drink I think every one has their opinion on alcohol but I think excessive drinking is not necessary and can be damaging but a glass of wine now and again is actually quite nice. But alcohol can be addictive so drink it sparingly I drink wine a few times a year but that is very sparingly.

Excessive alcohol can damage families, relationships and ruin lives so drink only when one needs to but this is my opinion and every one should be allowed to share their opinions anything. Anything in extreme is not good be it religeon, dieting, exercising , eating or drinking.So dear friends eat moderately, exercise and may we see a healthier tomorrow for ourselves and for the world we live in.


The Indian Aunty x