The story of the ant and bee

There was once a little ant called Robert,Robert really loved honey so he made friends with a bee called Jenie . Jenie and Robert used to talk for long hours everyday. Jenie used to bring honey for Robert the ant, and Robert used to make a drink with dew and honey , they used to sip the drink together, look into the sunset and dream of worlds and places not yet explored.

One day Jenie said to Robert why don’t you sit on my back and we will go for a ride into the sunset, that sounded like fun so Robert the ant got onto Jenie’s back and they flew towards the sunset, Jenie’s wings got tired after flying for so long so they rested on a beautiful rose flower for the night.

The next morning they could not believe their eyes. It was like they were in paradise.There were beautiful flowers everywhere.Next to the bed of roses there was an ant hill, and on one of the trees there was a big bee hive. Jenie wanted to meet the bee queen so he could stay in this beautiful paradise. When he met the queen he nearly fainted , she was beautiful, gorgeous and the most most powerful person in the bee world. She also had soldiers everywhere. All she said was “Speak” Jenie mumbled how much he liked the hive and even volunteered to be her soldier. But the queen took one long look at him which felt like eternity and she said ” I like you , you my bee will my secretary ” Jenie was delighted and as the queen’s secretary he got to have unlimited honey.

Robert on the other hand went to look at the ant hill, to meet the ants, As he was going towards the ant hill, he heard ” psssst, hey psssst, over here, and to his surprise he met the most beautiful ant in the world called Ruby, Ruby said ” Don’t go into the ant hill, they are having a fight to who wants to be the next King of the ants, it is very dangerous but you could stay with me. As Robert looked into Ruby’s eyes he fell in love with her. Ruby showed him where she lived in between two gorgeous roses that looked like an ant castle for Robert. Ruby proudly explained she did the interior design of the Rose castle. Robert and Ruby became best friends, soon Ruby fell in love with Robert.

Robert and Ruby got married, the person who conducted the wedding was conducted by Jenie the bee, as the bee choir buzzed some jazzy love songs and Jenie gave Robert and Ruby a big flower petal filled with honey and they lived in the beautiful ant castle , very happy and content. Jenie became best friends with the Queen Bee.

Next time you see an ant or a bee just think of Robert, Ruby and Jenie who took a journey to reach their destination, Sometimes your destination is where you are or sometimes you might have to travel to your destination, but remember every one has a destination called home

Story by the Indian Aunty


A Poem Of The Lord God Of Salvation

When I look at the sky

I wonder how God could make it so high

How the rains fall on the soil so dry

To yield its fruit in season

Each fruit has its own sensation

Each nationality different in every nation

The emotions of mankind filled with passion

God given jobs for our provision

The word of God our protection

To bring mankind salvation

Through the cross He brought about Justification

Let us our sins make a renunciation

And turn to Jesus

The Lord God of Creation

By The Indian Aunty


Poem On The Lord Of Creation

The Lord God of Creation

Wanted to build a nation

In the garden of Eden

But through Sinful man

He had to forgo that plan

Then God sent His only begotten Son

To bring salvation to everyone

This Almighty God chose us even before we were born

To give us hope,

Like you see the stars through a telescope

So during difficult times we can cope

Jesus is the answer and not dope

Trust Him and He will bless you

And make your life new

This Jesus is TRUE

A Story Of A Little Bird

One day a beautiful little bird was singing on a tree, content as she can be

She had her four little chicks and she and her bird husband really clicked

Their nest of sticks was strong,

And she thought nothing could go wrong

But one day a wind came along and blew her nest away

But luckily she, her husband and chicks did not stray

They huddled close together

They thanked God the father for his protecting power

Little by little they built their nest again

God the Father asked the little chick

Why she did not falter ?

She looked up to God and said

Because you have power

And you are our protector

What I want to tell the readers is God has you in the palms of His hands

Whatever you are going through trust Him

And He is always there to help you and see you through

By the Indian Aunty

Sangeetha Alexander

Jesus Our Creator

I stand amazed at the King of glory

The Lord God with a powerful story

The Lord who walked through history

Died on the cross so gory

So that we might experience His glory

He forgave our sins so that we did not need a jury

He was our lawyer and attorney

To save us from death

The Lord who gave us our worth

By giving us New Birth

Through Baptism by water and spirit

So that we will not falter

But be lead by the comforter

Who lives within us forever

Love And Forgiveness

By Sangeetha

1 John 4:7,8 Beloved let us love one another, For love is of God and everyone that loveth is born of God and knoweth God. He that loveth not, knoweth not God for God is LOVE

Today I would like to talk about love.

L is for leaning on our Saviour’s heart which is full of compassion

O is for offering a sacrifice of praise and happiness to the lord who has blessed us by giving us His son to reign in our hearts.

V is for versatile forgiveness that the Lord gives us when we sin and ask Him to forgive our sins

E is for every spiritual and physical blessings that the Lord has given us and for that we are grateful.

My dear friends we have to love everyone. It is so easy to love those who love us and are good to us, but it does not end there we have to love those who have wronged us, mistreated us, who hate us and those who don’t like us. How can we love them you may ask? Think of Jesus on that cruel cross, where the soldiers spat on Him, whipped him, cursed him, put those nails in his hands and feet, YET our wonderful and great Saviour said “ Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing “ He is God he could have asked for 10,000 angels to come and deliver him YET he went through that cruel cross out of his love for you and for me. 

If Jesus can forgive them, how much more can we forgive those who hurt us, wronged us, ,  and hate us. It is nothing like what Jesus went through on that cruel cross. Forgive them and let it go. Do not talk about it or even think about it.

Let me tell you something interesting after Jesus forgave those who crucified him and he died on that cruel cross, that was not the end. On the 3rd day Jesus arose to glory, power and might. He now reigns in the Heavens as the Lord Of Lords and the King of Kings. Jesus was BLESSED after he forgave.

Dear friends forgive and let the bad things people have done to you go, don’t dwell on it, and you will be blessed. The Bible says Faith, Hope and Love but the greatest is LOVE. You can not love without forgiveness and you can not forgive without Love. Love and forgiveness go hand in hand. 

John 15:12 says This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you . It is our commandment to love.

There was once a missionary doctor in  Africa who lived there with his wife and son. One day 2 men from the village came to see the doctor and showed him their feet, which was covered with leprosy, The missionary doctor asked his son to get some warm water and washed the feet of these people, bandaged it gave them some food and sent them home. The son of the missionary said it was then that he saw God’s love in action.

We have to love our brothers and sisters not just by words but by action. My grandmother who I lovingly call as dadho, always had an open house and whenever we had visitors whatever food we had on the table she offered it to them, it did not have to be the best food which in India is Briyani but even it was just a simple rice and curry she offered it to them, now she is being offered food and love from our wonderful family friends. This is karma  what you give out will one day come back to you.

Let us keep giving love, keep being a blessing, keep being an encouragement , and one day it will come back to you.

God wants us to love and forgive, no matter how people have wronged you and hurt you, love them , forgive them and then let it go. Then you will have peace in your heart and the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will bless you . 

Let us pray and ask our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to love and forgive others who wronged us.

Our Dear Heavenly Father God, The Lord who created the smallest little grass , To the Lord who created the Great Cedar tree, Pine Tree And Oak Tree. The Lord who created the smallest little ant to the majestic Elephant and Lion . The Lord who created the universe, The Sun, The Moon, The stars, The sky and all the planets which keep revolving but do not bump into each other because of their perfect gravitational force. God what a great wonderful, powerful God you are. Yet you care for us and have good plans for our lives. Lord Jesus help us to love and forgive those who have hurt us and help us to let it go by your grace. We love you, honour you and thank you. In Jesus name we pray Amen.