The story of the ant and bee

There was once a little ant called Robert,Robert really loved honey so he made friends with a bee called Jenie . Jenie and Robert used to talk for long hours everyday. Jenie used to bring honey for Robert the ant, and Robert used to make a drink with dew and honey , they used to sip the drink together, look into the sunset and dream of worlds and places not yet explored.

One day Jenie said to Robert why don’t you sit on my back and we will go for a ride into the sunset, that sounded like fun so Robert the ant got onto Jenie’s back and they flew towards the sunset, Jenie’s wings got tired after flying for so long so they rested on a beautiful rose flower for the night.

The next morning they could not believe their eyes. It was like they were in paradise.There were beautiful flowers everywhere.Next to the bed of roses there was an ant hill, and on one of the trees there was a big bee hive. Jenie wanted to meet the bee queen so he could stay in this beautiful paradise. When he met the queen he nearly fainted , she was beautiful, gorgeous and the most most powerful person in the bee world. She also had soldiers everywhere. All she said was “Speak” Jenie mumbled how much he liked the hive and even volunteered to be her soldier. But the queen took one long look at him which felt like eternity and she said ” I like you , you my bee will my secretary ” Jenie was delighted and as the queen’s secretary he got to have unlimited honey.

Robert on the other hand went to look at the ant hill, to meet the ants, As he was going towards the ant hill, he heard ” psssst, hey psssst, over here, and to his surprise he met the most beautiful ant in the world called Ruby, Ruby said ” Don’t go into the ant hill, they are having a fight to who wants to be the next King of the ants, it is very dangerous but you could stay with me. As Robert looked into Ruby’s eyes he fell in love with her. Ruby showed him where she lived in between two gorgeous roses that looked like an ant castle for Robert. Ruby proudly explained she did the interior design of the Rose castle. Robert and Ruby became best friends, soon Ruby fell in love with Robert.

Robert and Ruby got married, the person who conducted the wedding was conducted by Jenie the bee, as the bee choir buzzed some jazzy love songs and Jenie gave Robert and Ruby a big flower petal filled with honey and they lived in the beautiful ant castle , very happy and content. Jenie became best friends with the Queen Bee.

Next time you see an ant or a bee just think of Robert, Ruby and Jenie who took a journey to reach their destination, Sometimes your destination is where you are or sometimes you might have to travel to your destination, but remember every one has a destination called home

Story by the Indian Aunty



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