My dearest sweet sweet hearts, my munchkins, darlings, how have you all been ? Did you know the Wright brothers invented the aeroplane and now travelling is so much easier and faster due that awesome invention.

Someone once said the world is like a ping pong ball. It is all connected by airwaves, satellites, radars, and telephone waves. So is an individual’s life it is all connected by family, society, peers peers, land, culture and countries.

When I see myself in this vast contour of land in a country I am an little individual  among a mass of individuals. I strive to be honest to my beliefs, my God and my family. Obey the laws of my country, my society and my family.

But is abiding by the laws the only thing that makes us good. Who is good ? Jesus was good. Mother Theresa was good but there is a little evil in every one. You may say No way I am good but look within yourself  are you really truly good.

There is a story in the Bible where a woman caught in adultery was brought to Jesus for judgement and the Lord said whoever has never sinned can throw the stone at her because  in those days the people punished the “women” caught in adultery by stoning them and there was no one who was left standing before our God for they were all convicted of their sin and Jesus forgave that Lady and said “ go and sin no more”

Forgiveness is strength and grace if we do not forgive others how will our Lord forgive us our sins. Learn to forgive and let go so that we can be graceful, loving individuals in our society, community and country.

My grandmother’s name is Grace and she is a wonderful strong individual. I remember one time my brother was asked to say  grace at a family meal and he shouted “Grace” amen. The meaning of God’s grace is His forgiveness instead of judgement for our sins. The abiding of law is good in the bible but that is not what makes us good it is our communion and fellowship with our God that brings us from glory to glory from grace to grace.

Man fell at the very beginning of time and man has that fallen nature in Him but God  Christ died for this fallen man and  now man can by faith through Christ approach our God in peace without rituals, penance or sacrifices of animals.

It is the grace of God you that you and I can live as children of God .

So I believe as Jesus said “ give to Ceaser what belongs to Him and give to God what belongs to Him so we have to abide by the country’s laws but at the same time if we slip and fall into sin remember God has this big gold shower of grace to wash us clean.

So from forgiveness to grace , from glory to glory the Indian aunty


Hi there dearest sweet munchkins, how are you my sweet, sweet friends hope you are doing well ? Life is like a game of cards you can gamble with life and come out with Aces but whatever card you choose to play remember there are others playing the game as well.


How do we strategize our next move if you are playing poker, solatire, or just fun games as snap remember it is You who govern your destiny. God has a plan but you have the choice so choose your card well.


Your destiny lies in your hands sometimes society tries to govern us and keep us defeated but the Phoenix rose from the fiery ashes people thought they had destroyed the bird but that was when it rose in all it’s glory.


The butterfly was a worm which slept in a cocoon for a long time but one day metamorphous took place and out emerged this beautiful creature. My dear ones you may have fallen, or working too hard on your job or are just looking for your job or are just waiting for that promotion remember your time to shine will arise.


God has a plan do not fight Him. He is unbeatable do not run from Him as you may end up in the waters but let Him guide you and you will be more prosperous, happier and more contented it does not mean sell all you have and go to Timbuktu  as a missionary no listen to your heart , your intuition and God will open that door for you and me.


The days of slogging on the mission field is not as necessary as it used to be we now have media and technology, cell phones and Google the whole world is connected by television and iPhones’ and BlackBerrys.


What we need is to tell the next generation of our God and instill in them values of our Faith in God. Dear ones do not just live in the present think about the future for our children and may be arise to a better, brighter and more lovelier tomorrow.


From the Indian Aunty  saying” There is Hope for a Better Tomorrow”


Impossible Dream

Dearest sweet munchkins , hi how are you all today ? Well darlings this week has been a revelation for me. Yes darlings the light has dawned, the sun has risen on my confused mind, the fuse of the light bulb in my mind has started working and yes I know as I know, as I know, as I know as that the world is connected by media and words and technology  that one thing going around the world is the gospel and Jesus is Lord.

I have suffered from depression for some time.I am small in stature 5 feet 3 inches, am Indian, a wife and a mother we do not have much materially but I am contented though there  are  a few things I would really love for my family, I may get these things in this life or I may not but seeing my daughter’s face every morning makes life worthwhile.

I do not wish this depression on anyone as at times it has been too hard to bear but God has been with me and helped me choose Life over death. So let us live life to the fullest Darwin wrote about survival of the fittest but I believe to be fit you have to be mentally strong so I would say not the physically fit but the mentally fit have a better advantage of this world.

So let us have a strong forehead and soft heart to live in this world.

Lots of love n prayers the Indian Aunty  

Sunrise to Sunset

Hi there dear sweet pies, munchkins, moi chere’s, my so so sweet cutepies how are you all today? Today I the Indian aunty came back from the holidays’ happier and refreshed by the cool sea breeze and crisp mountain air. I saw a beautiful sunrise yesterday and just spoke to the Almighty watching that beautiful glowing ball going up to the sky. If he the creator could create such a magnitude of beauty such as the that revolves around the earth with the earth spinning like a top both going around but not colliding how much more he will care for you and me. This Almighty God who created the sparrows and says not one will fall on to the earth without His knowing who much so you and me. He knows the number of hairs on my head how much so he cares for you and me. Dear friends how did we evolve  was it some cosmic big bang it was God who created us He made it all perfect but man fell and perfection was put behind immm yes we are all imperfect. If we look at models they look perfect and I too am striving for perfection physically but man no one is perfect. There is a time that our Lord Jesus said no one is perfect expect God Almighty. Perfection can strived for but not attained we are going from glory to glory we will be perfect in God’s kingdom where we will be glorified. What I am trying to say is  by reading the word of God praying and just living a simple life we are going from one stage to another the more we read  the word and pray but we will be perfect only when God Almighty takes us to our heaven People ask me what is this heavenly home I say wait and see this imperfect but wonderfully amalgamated, cosmopolitised, computerized, innovative world will one day see this world God is creating for us. It maybe in this lifetime or the next but as you the skies change color of orange, pink, and yellow  as the sun sets remember He is coming to bring this New World of peace in mind, heart, politically, religiously, and   socially the word for peace in Indian is Shanti so let the Shanti of God rule and govern us today Lots of love , joy and peace Indian aunty

Summer Holidays

Hi there dear sweetypies, my cho cho chweet friends it is time for summer holidays. I always remember the holidays I had in India as a child I was born in Bangalore and we went to a neighbouring city called Mysore from there we went to Ooty a hill station we had fun times in those nostalgic carefree happy times as children.

Ooty called little England because of it’s cool climate was wonderful. The Ooty rose garden and the lake where we went rowing was so much fun. Times have changed, the quiet peaceful world where I grew up in Bangalore has changed to a cosmopolitan, busy business centre more like the Hongkong of China, like the London of UK.

Change for the positive as well as the negative. The simple Indian life of Dhoti and Juba ( that is traditional attire for men ) and the traditional Sari and Salwar ( traditional attire for women) has changed to Jeans designer t-shirts and short skirts, boots, short blouses how can an rural India change to such Urban life because the world is changing from cell phones, to television, to fashion, to movies we can not get the past back ,but those memories will always be in our hearts and minds.

Now it is time for me and my brood to go for holidays so you my dear munchkins will hear from me only the week after next but I want you all to know how much I appreciate your comments and likes and hope all of you have a happy week.

If change can make a person wiser, healthier and  nicer then that change must be sought after and that is the change I am seeking in these holidays. It is not wise to relive your childhood in adult stage but being like children in doing things like running on the beach with your loved ones, running in the rain or splashing around on the beach and having fun can do wonders for stress.

So fret not, worry not, stress not take a deep breathes clear your mind and think on happy thoughts and may you have a happier, healthier, fun filled week as well.

Lots of love, hugs, and happiness

The Indian aunty going on holidays

O Captain! My Captain!

O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done;
The ship has weathered every rock,the prize we sought is won;
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring: Walt Whitman,

Hi there dear munchkins, my darlings, my chocho chweet friends, How are you all doing? Today I am going to talk about Life, Karma or Fate who navigates our life ? Is it some supreme force of the universe called God or is it your parents, friends, loved ones ?

Dear friends they all have a role to play in your life but the choice is up to you. Sometimes man makes right choices, wrong choices, hard choices but dear one “You” ultimately make the choice good or bad.

Sometimes the environment we live in makes choices and the freedom of choice is taken from us but do you know there will come a time when we can overcome the environment or society and make our move to a better future for ourselves.

We are like players in a game of chess with Divine intervening with the society as we should strategize our intelligent next move. Let me tell you dear munchkins if we carefully planned and strategized our life we would not be or could be where we are now.

He who fails to plan, plans to fail. I never in this world planed anything in my life. I am quite childish in my approach to life I have no enemies, love my fellow human beings and like to go on skipping in the sunshine collecting daises and flowers and everything is wonderful in this bubble of life I have built but I know life is not about butterflies and daises and roses there are hard times in life and I have been through them but I do not want to think about it.

Life is better if we let God plan our life and seek heavenly guidance before any major decision or choice I have learnt to plan small things in my life now like picnics but what I learnt so far is let God do the planning and we walk in His plans.

Let us pray:-

Dear God you plan my life from now on make my mess of a life into a message for the world so that I walk in God’s plan.

Live life to the fullest with God being your Captain.

Lots of love and from the Indian Aunty

Money, Friends and Bills

Hi there dear sweetypie, munchkins, darlings, how are you today ? Today I would like to talk to you about friendship or frandship as they say in India. We all need friends like people who we rely on in hard times and people who we get along with and form that loving bond of togetherness.

People who we like to have fun with and just get along finding those people is not easy and once we find them we have to cultivate our relationships.  There are people when we meet them there is a spark right away. When I met my husband there was chemistry  right away and we got along great from our first date.

There are people who are lonely in this world. Like people living in an old age home they need love. Single parents, divorced parents they all need love. What is this love they need ? it can just be someone who gives them a hug, someone who would listen to them, someone who cares enough to cook them a meal and bring it over.

Dear friends we live in a cosmopolitan, busy, hectic  life where people live to work but let me ask you is life all about making money and forgetting our loved ones including our children and spouse.What happened to those days when life was easy and carefree. It has now become complicated and busy, busy.

Busy to spend quality time with our partner and children.

Yes you say who will pay the mortgage and car insurance, and electric and food bills have gone up. Gone are those days when we lived simple easy lives. But let me tell you life does not need to be a struggle. Life is to be enjoyed contentment is not easy these days. Oh yes ! we need that house like Mr and Mrs Jones, We need that car why can’t we just take early retirement once we have what we need to live comfortably and enjoy playing golf and looking after our grand kids.

Dearest munchkins let us make a positive change in our lives to spend quality time with our loved ones be it our children or our spouces. Take them out for a meal or bowling or golf just learn to cool down and enjoy this world that God has given us.

Love and be loved in return, lots of love from the Indian aunty

If Someone Slaps You On The Left Cheek Turn the Right Cheek As Well

Dear munchkins, my sweetypies my Cho Cho Chweet friends when I was young I watched a movie with Bud Spencer acting in it  I forgot the name of the movie. In that movie Bud and his friend go as missionaries to another place and one man who knew a bit of the Bible came to Bud and said it says “in the Bible if someone slaps you on one cheek turn the other cheek as well” and slaps Bud hard on the cheek, Bud immediately gets  the guy by the color and beats him up . Bud’s friend immediately comes up to Bud and shouts  at Bud to stop hitting the guy and reminds him of the Bible as Bud lets this guy go and all he said was “HE SLAPED ME  ON THE WRONG CHEEK”

Dear friends I come from India a land of democracy , peace, meditation, yoga and above all sathyagraha or non- violence started by our great freedom fighter Mahatma Ghandhi. How can we love people who have wronged us, forgive people who have done us harm. This issue goes back 2000 years back when Jesus on the cross said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” These people literally put nails through Jesus palms and feet and hung him on the cross.

If He who did wrong to no one forgave them how much more should we forgive.

I was wronged today by some sales people I was upset but I knew I had to forgive them and now this situation is on the bygones list on my mind.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will make the world blind and toothless  No we as people should not take revenge and justice is there any meaning in that word today if a lot of people have wronged us do we seek justice no seek to love them through prayer difficult but doable why love because Love is stronger than hate. I am no saint and there are times the fuse of my heart of love has had lighting problems but I do some breathing exercises, pray and leave my burdens at the feet of the God of light.

Let me tell you after that I am back to normal because He Christ lives in me.Tap into that inner energy and the God of light and peace will give you a Hakuna Matata journey through life no worries, worry does not accomplish any thing it is difficult to be worry free and care free but it is possible.

Let me end with a song because He lives I can face tomorrow because He lives all fear is gone because I know He holds my future and Life is worth a living because my Savior lives