Christmas Season

IMG_2931My dearest sweethearts, munchkins, darlings how have you been ? I have been busy this Christmas season by singing and decorating our home, cooking cakes and wiping runny noses but I thank God for the strength He has given me and the joy for doing this. I love being a mum and a wife of a future Pastor. Dear ones always count what you have and what you are thankful for and Christmas would be more exciting if you are lonely go to an old age home and spend time with them or visit an elderly relative make Christmas meaningful. There is so much of evil in this world but let us be lights in our thoughts, attitudes and actions no one is perfect every one has shortcomings that includes me but dear ones let the good in you be greater than the darkness all it takes is one small candle and the room is lit up let the candle or light of God in you light up the darkness if you have fallen into sin get up brush your knees and walk  again knowing that there will be times you fall but you can always walk further the next time before you trip again ask God to help you in this journey of life and when you fall sincerely repent and that addiction or sin will soon go away let the Light of Christmas dwell in your hearts, minds and lives. Dear ones I am hosting a online talk show this  Saturday the 22nd at 2:00pm GMT and in Indian time it is 7:30pm hope you can join and if you are interested here is the link to log in

love the Indian Aunty



The Human Race

Hi there dear sweet munchkins, how are you all doing. Today I would like to talk about a wide spectrum of topics, different colours but same spectrum. Much like our world different races, cultures, heritage but same world that has spinning like a top among other planets, circled by other heavenly bodies some visible others invisible that even a fraction of  gravatical inconsistence can provide a great catastrophe but for thousands of years nothing like that has happened.

Who holds the gravitical spinning powers of our world and other worlds? Guess yes it starts with a G and ends with a D. Yes it is God. All he has to do is just stop gravity or stop the spins and we would be in No mans land yes there would be no man and there would be no land.

How awesome is this can you really believe that there was a Big Bang and womph there was an ape no it turned into man. That is rubbish, we are not monkeys, we are not angels we are the Human Race. We are homo sapiens. We are human beings. Yes the monkey is a mammal and so is the dolphin, and whale and elephant these creatures have high Mammalia IQ but dear ones they are  animals not human beings. One famous argument is that if monkeys turned into man why are they still monkeys now.

They are   animals we are human and there is a  division between the two and there is a psychological, physiological and biological gap between the two. I am not just proud to be Indo- British but I am proud to be a human being if every human is proud to be a human being they make themselves proud in any endeavour they do the world would be a better place. There would be  more creative thinkers and more businesses and better corruptionless governments.

The people of this world have to stand up and be proud for what they have got, healthy bodies, creative minds, medical science bringing out more cures and research for better medications such as cancer and aids and stem cell regeneration. Do something people don’t just sit on you’re A and ends with S and flip channels on your television and then gossip and grumble the world needs more creative thinkers. Yes that is you and me.

We all come from the same ancestors  and we will go where our ancestors went before us. But we are living in the now, now will not remain forever it will soon be past and be in the past let your present shine and be the best that we can be. If you want to change you can change, I can not change you but God can stop alcoholism and drug addiction or any not nice addiction we all have bad traits and that includes me but we can let it go and rise up and as people who can make an impact in this world. I want to be a blessing and be the best I can be and you can too.

You make you proud.

From the proud but not arrogant Indian aunty 

Do you have a game plan

My dearest sweet munchkins, sweetypies do you have a game plan for your life or your spouse’s life. If someone asked me if I have a plan the answer is realistic no. I wish I had a plan, I wish I can whisper my plans to somebody but the answer is no I do not have a plan. There are things that I would like but can’t see it in the near future but I do not have a plan there are always means to an end but the end is somewhere and like an island I do not have the  boat to get me what I want.

People say grow up act your age but I am me and I act the way I was brought up or society has made me. Every one has an inner child and we can push that inner child  or you just be you and that is what I am, I am me and not trying to copy or be someone else.

I am unique  as everyone is unique and I have my faults and yet I am me. No one is perfect, no one can have perfect thoughts or attitude but everyone has a bit of good and bad. I hope the good in me is greater than the bad.

Why the heck do we have to compare ourselves or compete with someone else maybe someone else has a game plan and you do not. Dear ones enjoy life, you are you and you are unique. If no one shows you love remember God loves you and He will never leave nor forsake you.

Maybe like me you have children who need your love and attention. Pour out your love to them and visit elderly relatives who need your love. What the world needs is undiluted, unsexualised pure love.

How can we love this way spend time reading spiritual books and prayer and meditation. Relax from your stress and worries. Do breathing exercises and then once you are energised you can give love to those near and dear to you. Don’t be selfish in love give a smile, or say hello or help someone in need and the God of love will shower his love on you.

Do you have a game plan the answer is No but my Lord has a plan and that is the best plan for my life. Let HIM the creator of life plan, seek his help and advice and any evil plan coming your way HE the Lord of life will destroy.

So do not be afraid or upset God has it all under control Believe and Expect the Best for your life. Life is too short for unnecessary, unrealistic ,competition.

So Smile and laugh and be happy. There is a song that goes have you got the sunshine smile or Colgate smile whatever smile and be happy.

From Happy But Not Gay

Indian Aunty

Let Go Of The Hat

Hi there dear sweet muchkins, sweetypies, darlings how have you been ? Well this week I have been busy with my weightloss countdown. Been cooking healthy options and trying my best not to indulge in chocolate and cookies.

Weightloss is a journey that some individuals have to travel through. There are a lucky few that how they eat does not alter their physique but generous portions for the other half  lead to generous proportions of the latter half.

There was once an old lady whose skirt was flying high up in the wind but she did not let go of the hat that she was holding on to with both hands so a young man wanting to help her said “ mam your skirt is flying high up please pull your skirt down” To which she angrily replied mister  what you see is 80 years old but I only bought this hat yesterday”. 🙂

Dear ones let go of the hat what ever your worldly processions they are important but it is more important to to attend to the more obvious. It is time to let go of the hat and listen to sound advice. This advice can come through reading a self- help book, reading the Bible, or just listening to our spouse’s words, or mentor’s words. Some friends advice is genuine but there are others who can lead you astray or are jealous pray for wisdom to listen to what is sound and good for your journey on earth.

Choose your friends wisely and listen to the advice of your parents or loved ones who care about you. If a friend says sniff this drugs it is great Do not do it, you know it is wrong and it leads to death. Listen to inner  voice God usually speaks to us in this voice and if something seems not right you might just be right it is not right.

There are several factors that help us make choices when we are old enough to make decisions. It can be society, your family, your friends, your bosses, your colleagues but at the end of the day the choice is up to you.

Money is important but your loved ones, your spouse, your children are more important. May be you want to make a secure future for your loved ones it is true but neglecting them is as bad as spending all your earnings instead of saving for the future.

Dear ones it is time to let go of the hat and listen to sound advice or listen to your heart. Your heart will not lie.

Wishing you a happy life from

The Indian Aunty

Be An Encourager

dearest darlings, sweetypies, munchkins my cho cho chweet darlings how have you been ? Well I have been doing well and supporting my husband in his  teaching in our church. When we said our marriage vows it is for better for worse for richer or poorer, in sickness and I  health till death do us part.

We are of different cultures and colours but one thing remains we said our vows in church in front of God and family and friends and  we both took our vows seriously. We have had our ups and downs but our marriage has been like the Ocean sometimes there are heavy winds and storms but the ocean remains steadfast so is our marriage while God is our light house bringing light to our storms and winds.

We both have a steady hand guiding us and that hand is our Almighty God. Today as I sat at the bible study that my husband takes at our church I thought what more can I do that will make me a better wife to my husband and I clearly felt “ Support Him” He has been with me about seven years while he was working in IT as a computer Engineer while we were dating now he is serving God and is studying to be a pastor.

My dad is an Anglican Minister and I admired his preaching and teaching and here am I so many years later admiring my husband’s teaching and supporting him. When I was younger God gave me a verse which said “ me and my house will serve the Lord “ Now that verse is being fulfilled.

Dear friends what God promises he provides and guides. You may be dreaming of a life partner hold on to God and he will provide. You may be asking God to open doors in business or in ministry, dear friends if God has promised you this he will open that door it took 6 years for my husband to go into ministry but at the right time God opened the door.

Wait on God, read the word and just speak to God and watch God fulfil that plan for your life. As for me I am overflowing with gratitude and thankfulness to God for giving me the joy and privilege in hearing my husband conduct that Bible study and all I want to be is a supportive wife sans nagging and a wonderful mother to my gorgeous two year old daughter if I can accomplish this I would have fulfilled my role on earth as a wife and mother at this time for my family.

Today all I can say is I am grateful and content with my role on this earth


My dearest sweet sweet hearts, my munchkins, darlings, how have you all been ? Did you know the Wright brothers invented the aeroplane and now travelling is so much easier and faster due that awesome invention.

Someone once said the world is like a ping pong ball. It is all connected by airwaves, satellites, radars, and telephone waves. So is an individual’s life it is all connected by family, society, peers peers, land, culture and countries.

When I see myself in this vast contour of land in a country I am an little individual  among a mass of individuals. I strive to be honest to my beliefs, my God and my family. Obey the laws of my country, my society and my family.

But is abiding by the laws the only thing that makes us good. Who is good ? Jesus was good. Mother Theresa was good but there is a little evil in every one. You may say No way I am good but look within yourself  are you really truly good.

There is a story in the Bible where a woman caught in adultery was brought to Jesus for judgement and the Lord said whoever has never sinned can throw the stone at her because  in those days the people punished the “women” caught in adultery by stoning them and there was no one who was left standing before our God for they were all convicted of their sin and Jesus forgave that Lady and said “ go and sin no more”

Forgiveness is strength and grace if we do not forgive others how will our Lord forgive us our sins. Learn to forgive and let go so that we can be graceful, loving individuals in our society, community and country.

My grandmother’s name is Grace and she is a wonderful strong individual. I remember one time my brother was asked to say  grace at a family meal and he shouted “Grace” amen. The meaning of God’s grace is His forgiveness instead of judgement for our sins. The abiding of law is good in the bible but that is not what makes us good it is our communion and fellowship with our God that brings us from glory to glory from grace to grace.

Man fell at the very beginning of time and man has that fallen nature in Him but God  Christ died for this fallen man and  now man can by faith through Christ approach our God in peace without rituals, penance or sacrifices of animals.

It is the grace of God you that you and I can live as children of God .

So I believe as Jesus said “ give to Ceaser what belongs to Him and give to God what belongs to Him so we have to abide by the country’s laws but at the same time if we slip and fall into sin remember God has this big gold shower of grace to wash us clean.

So from forgiveness to grace , from glory to glory the Indian aunty

If Someone Slaps You On The Left Cheek Turn the Right Cheek As Well

Dear munchkins, my sweetypies my Cho Cho Chweet friends when I was young I watched a movie with Bud Spencer acting in it  I forgot the name of the movie. In that movie Bud and his friend go as missionaries to another place and one man who knew a bit of the Bible came to Bud and said it says “in the Bible if someone slaps you on one cheek turn the other cheek as well” and slaps Bud hard on the cheek, Bud immediately gets  the guy by the color and beats him up . Bud’s friend immediately comes up to Bud and shouts  at Bud to stop hitting the guy and reminds him of the Bible as Bud lets this guy go and all he said was “HE SLAPED ME  ON THE WRONG CHEEK”

Dear friends I come from India a land of democracy , peace, meditation, yoga and above all sathyagraha or non- violence started by our great freedom fighter Mahatma Ghandhi. How can we love people who have wronged us, forgive people who have done us harm. This issue goes back 2000 years back when Jesus on the cross said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” These people literally put nails through Jesus palms and feet and hung him on the cross.

If He who did wrong to no one forgave them how much more should we forgive.

I was wronged today by some sales people I was upset but I knew I had to forgive them and now this situation is on the bygones list on my mind.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will make the world blind and toothless  No we as people should not take revenge and justice is there any meaning in that word today if a lot of people have wronged us do we seek justice no seek to love them through prayer difficult but doable why love because Love is stronger than hate. I am no saint and there are times the fuse of my heart of love has had lighting problems but I do some breathing exercises, pray and leave my burdens at the feet of the God of light.

Let me tell you after that I am back to normal because He Christ lives in me.Tap into that inner energy and the God of light and peace will give you a Hakuna Matata journey through life no worries, worry does not accomplish any thing it is difficult to be worry free and care free but it is possible.

Let me end with a song because He lives I can face tomorrow because He lives all fear is gone because I know He holds my future and Life is worth a living because my Savior lives