Let Go Of The Hat

Hi there dear sweet muchkins, sweetypies, darlings how have you been ? Well this week I have been busy with my weightloss countdown. Been cooking healthy options and trying my best not to indulge in chocolate and cookies.

Weightloss is a journey that some individuals have to travel through. There are a lucky few that how they eat does not alter their physique but generous portions for the other half  lead to generous proportions of the latter half.

There was once an old lady whose skirt was flying high up in the wind but she did not let go of the hat that she was holding on to with both hands so a young man wanting to help her said “ mam your skirt is flying high up please pull your skirt down” To which she angrily replied mister  what you see is 80 years old but I only bought this hat yesterday”. 🙂

Dear ones let go of the hat what ever your worldly processions they are important but it is more important to to attend to the more obvious. It is time to let go of the hat and listen to sound advice. This advice can come through reading a self- help book, reading the Bible, or just listening to our spouse’s words, or mentor’s words. Some friends advice is genuine but there are others who can lead you astray or are jealous pray for wisdom to listen to what is sound and good for your journey on earth.

Choose your friends wisely and listen to the advice of your parents or loved ones who care about you. If a friend says sniff this drugs it is great Do not do it, you know it is wrong and it leads to death. Listen to inner  voice God usually speaks to us in this voice and if something seems not right you might just be right it is not right.

There are several factors that help us make choices when we are old enough to make decisions. It can be society, your family, your friends, your bosses, your colleagues but at the end of the day the choice is up to you.

Money is important but your loved ones, your spouse, your children are more important. May be you want to make a secure future for your loved ones it is true but neglecting them is as bad as spending all your earnings instead of saving for the future.

Dear ones it is time to let go of the hat and listen to sound advice or listen to your heart. Your heart will not lie.

Wishing you a happy life from

The Indian Aunty

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