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My dear friends, comrades, acquaintances, sweethearts hi, I am back yes the Indian aunty is back yes I had a creative spell of poetry now I decided to take the bull by it’s horns and write about the important 6 E’s in life.

No I am not talking about the results of my trigonometry exam but these E’s can make your life and shape your life for the better.

We often want what our friends and neighbours have, or we feel the grass is greener on the other side, yes the grass is greener especially in Northern Ireland we have fifty shades of green and India not wanting to be left out has fifty shades of brown every person in India has their own shade of brown from dusky, to wheatish to homely to milky white but we are all Indian thank God for our cosmopolitan, democratic, colourful India .

Now fifty shades of grey the less said about it the better , yes from colourful creation, to a colourful nation to wicked sense of sexual intonation, but as Christians we are not here to judge but pray for those who have had sexual addiction, it is like cannabis, to porn, to alcohol addiction yes I purchased this book out of curiosity but I could not finish it this world is going from bad to worse but there are people who are praying that the right people come in power in politics, Christianity, luminaty and Rome, including those who are powerful business men with good ethics to govern this world, Doctors, Scientists, religious leaders, this world needs you.

While there are people who pray in their homes for change there are those who have power to change the world for better this world does not just need sheep but it needs the GOOD WOLFS who help the sheep to make the world a better place.

Now back to the 6 E’s to a better you

1.Extraordinary, why Extraordinary because the ordinary is mundane and you have the potential to be extra-ordinary you yes you , you have gifts, talents or just hardworking once you move from the sphere of ordinary to extra-ordinary your life will be wonderful you will get noticed and opportunities will knock on your door be extra-ordinary

2.Enthusiastuc be enthusiastic about life don’t be boring spice up your life a bit, listen to good upbeat music, learn the guitar, learn a new subject do not get boring but enjoy life, learn to love life and be positive most of the time negativity and pessimism will get you no where.

3.Excellence, Be excellent be above average what ever your strengths or talents are develop them, make them stand out of the crowd be hardworking and be a man or woman of excellence, when I was younger I never felt beautiful or attractive one day I told my dad” I want to be beautiful “my father looked into my eyes and said “you are unique and you are very talented “it was then I accepted that I may never be a beauty queen or victoria secret model but I can sing, write and cook and be a blessing though my spelling and grammar is not great I am unique and talented and as the song we used to sing as children say “ If I were a butterfly, I thank you Lord for giving me wings, you gave me a heart and you gave me a smile you made me Jesus and you made me your child and I just thank you for making me, me,, I am 5 feet 2 but I am now a happy 5feet 2 inch lady.( who never goes out without heels or make up)

4,Entertaining, be cheerful and be happy there was once a pastor named A, who was preaching for a very long time each Sunday, then one day his wife whispered in his year and held out a big card that said KISS the pastor very quickly finished the service and sat down, his friend an elder of the church said “hey bro why did you finish and look said when your wife held out the card that said KISS “he said “dear elder if you only know what it means it means KEEP IT SHORT STUPID”

so keep your life, your work and your free time entertaining so there is not much time for boredom

5.Energetic, always be on your guard and alert and keep exercising, have a bright happy disposition, so people get attracted to you, if it is your cute smile or your strong arms or even your sense of humour be energetic, lethargy gets you no where be bright and happy like the song “all things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small all things wise and wonderful the lord God made them all.”

6.Engaging be attentive, hear people’s stories, help people be a blessing to people, be there when they need you and always remember people who have helped you and because of that you are able to help others never ever forget those who helped you be engaging above all be gratefulIMG_3006

Remember the 6 E’s

Lots of love and prayers

The Indian Aunty


The Day The Lord Walked Into My Life

The day He walked into my life

There is a Lord

Who watches over all

There is a Lord who catches you when you fall

There is a Lord who tells you

You are amazing even when you feel very hurt and small

There is a Lord who prays for you when Him you call

There is a Lord who took you from fire and ashes and turned you around like a great phoenix who rose into glory from fire

This is not satire

There is a Lord who took your hand from the mire

There is a Lord who blessed you

When others cursed you

There is a Lord who cared for you and protected you

And made you, you

Like a phoenix when all thought you were in the dust and ashes

He the Lord dusted the ashes off

And made you a woman

Like giving you beauty for ashes

Like lighting a cigarette with matches

He loved you

He made you

You are unique

You are you

People like you are few

Lord take away the chains

As the plants take in the rain

Your blessings from me never refrain

You took me from the drain

One day I will travel in the air train

When things get difficult

Smile at the warmth of the sun

Feel him holding you

Telling you

He cares

Let us worship the Lord

Not in a ritualistic shroud

But in faith and trust and simplicity

Hold his hand

He understands

Lord for you I stand


Sam and Joe (Joan)


Joan was a healthy child, she loved playing in the park with the boys and girls from the neighbourhood, she was five years old with dark short hair falling all over her face and could play football better than any of the boys in her neighbourhood. Her best friend was Sam a red haired green eyed boy who loved her from the time she moved to the house next door in their neighbourhood, when she was three years old. Sam was a year older gangly with freckles but Joan loved him, she did not have any brothers or sisters so Sam was her best mate.One day when Joan was eight years old, as she and Sam where in school, her grandfather came to school in a very sober face and spoke to her teacher, her teacher trying to remain calm and hiding her tears asked Joan to go home with her grand father. For the first time in Joan’s life she was scared and frightened, she did not know what was wrong everything was alright when she left home.

She clung to her grand father’s hand and asked him what was wrong and he said Joe we have to talk and there outside the school he told her, her mother was dead. Joan could feel the earth moving under her feet, she burst out crying, life would never be the same again, in those few moments of driving home from school she could see a flash back of her mum beautiful with dark hair singing to her, making supper and her favourite baking together and putting her to bed.Joan’s dad came running to her and gave her a hug and sweetheart everything is going to be alright, she could hear her mind saying alright what do you mean alright ? That evening was the funeral Sam was by her side and held her hand, she had no one now her dad was busy at work her grandparents lived far away all she had was Sam.

It was then at the age of eight she started comfort eating, every time she ate a cake she thought of her mother. Every time she secretly bought that chocolate that she ate in the middle of the night she felt comforted having no lady or mother to guide her eating habits, yet the one constant figure who never left her side was Sam.One day as she was 14 years old and walking home from school a group of boys started teasing her about her weight, Sam ran and fought them off but by now she was fourteen years old and size fourteen. Next year was prom and she had recently been dreaming of kissing Sam on her prom night. She took out her full length mirror and for the first time as a teenager she saw her blossoming body and excess weight and decided she will lose this weight firstly for herself and then to be the most beautiful prom queen for Sam.

Sam who was 15 years old had grown to be a very handsome young man, his freckles had vanished, he was tall and very handsome, Joan had seen the other girls approaching him and felt a tang of jealousy pulling at her heart strings. She hugged the pillow and cried saying Sam over and over again. She had now set her heart at being prom queen and having Sam kiss her for the first time that set tingles on her back, she started exercising and stopped eating Chocolates and even her father said she was looking pretty, she saved her money and bought the most beautiful blue dress, her hair was stubborn she had it in a short bob and one strand kept falling over her eyes then there was a doorbell and there was Sam looking very gorgeous and for the first time in his life Sam was speechless this beautiful dark haired beauty, the girl he loved all his life was looking so gorgeous and was his, he kissed her on the porch she was fifteen and he sixteen and he said if I was a little older we could get married and both knew then and there they had found their soul mate.

The prom was a success and Sam and Joan were the most outstanding couple everyone saw how gorgeous Joan was and Sam had eyes only for Joan as Joan for Sam that night after the prom Joan and Sam spoke for a long time as they kissed some more knowing that once Sam was 18 years old they will marry as they kissed the stubborn strand of hair came over Joan’s forehead over her nose as Sam sweetly pushed her hair back as they kissed each other on the porch of Joan’s home., her father was waiting up for her he took one look at her and there was a lump in throat his baby had grown up and looked so much like the way his wife used to look he could not contain himself and hugged Joe and said I see Prince Charming has swept my daughter of her feet, Joe laughed and said Oh Dad.

My dear readers beauty is skin deep but character is heart deep and if you have both, you are a priceless treasure, look after your body and your heart for in doing that you are becoming a destination in life for someone special who will love you not just for your beauty but your integrity as well.Image

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend


Dear ones all of us know how exquisitely lovely, rare, expensive, sentimental and beautiful diamonds are, but when we see the actual rock we begin to doubt can there be any value in this stone, it looks like any other rock but beloved it is from this rock diamonds are formed, it has to go through a process and be handled by a skilful diamond cutter and then this rock shines, radiates, reflects the various lights and yes can be given to some wonderful, beautiful lucky lady who sees her worth through the stone handed to her by that special someone.There was once a humble carpenter and his wife who were living by modest means neither too rich nor too poor but had enough to feed their three children Hannah aged 8, Edmond aged 6 and little Jack aged 3. Hannah loved helping her mother who was always busy in those days beyond the imagination of man of dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines. Women usually washed, swept and cleaned.

One day Edmond as he was playing in the fields with his friends Joshua and Jason  he suddenly saw the prettiest thing he had ever seen yes he was six but even at that age the God given attraction of beauty of a beautiful blonde girl around five years old was playing on the swing, he ran up to her to play with her but suddenly saw an entourage of big burly men and a gorgeous young woman in her mid thirties who looked very much like the girl on the swing, talking on her mobile phone, he then realised the lady was a popular actress and had come to his humble hometown in Israel to do some filming of a movie.He pulled the shirt of one of the burly men close by asking if he could play with the girl, Joshua and Jason were looking like two gold fish at with mouths open at Edmond’s courage, the pretty girl and young woman. As the body gourd gave consent Joshua went up to the girl his heart beating fast and asked her name she said Rachel, he asked her if she was Jewish she did not understand wrinkled her nose and stared laughing.

Joshua and Rachel started playing together every day for a week and even the body gourds took a liking to Joshua, as Saturday approached both Joshua and the Rachel who had a formed a beautiful platonic bond of child hood innocence knew through there young lives each had touched the other’s heart, before Rachel left Edmond gave her a heart shaped pendant that he bought with his pocket money and said Rachel one day I will come to America to see you.Rachel hugged Edmond and kissed his check even the body gourd had tears and a sense of awe at these young children who were naïve of the sexual beauty and depravity of the world, yet had so much of beauty and innocence, Jo the bodyguard knew  if they were just a few more years older they would make a gorgeous couple, the divine timings put forth by a divine omnipotent Divinity can not be explained or contradicted  due to the higher Divine powers Sovereignty.

Edmond grew up went to acting school in Jerusalem and with his dream of pursuing his heart’s desire of being an actor jetted to LA. The first few years were hard, he worked at all odd hours, from being a waiter, to being a pizza delivery boy to being a bell boy, it was in one of those jobs he was able to meet an agent and due to his dark gorgeous looks he got a leading role in a movie called Faith or Fate  in which he acts like a young Anglican Minister falling in love with an atheist college professor, as he came to the studio he met the girl playing the role of his lover she looked gorgeous, Edmond ‘s heart beat fast, his lips became dry as he took that extra sip of water, he noticed the pendant the actress was wearing he had seen it some where, some where from long ago when he was a little boy, now the actress was staring at Edmond and vice versa, he asked her, her name she said Rachel .

Edmond and Rachel got married that summer be it “ Faith or Fate” in the game of love, true union will be where two become one, some sooner others later, some go through a process while others meet and marry right away but whatever way to choose, for better for worse for richer for poorer as you put the rings in each other’s hands  the diamond is a significance of life of togetherness. Just like the making of a diamond my prayer is let that diamond shine never just be a rock let the hardships of life, love, work, money make you into that glorious diamond.

Diamonds were not born they were created

Living Life With An Attitude Of Gratitude

ImageHi there darlings, sweethearts, munchkins, how are you all today? Today I feel blessed to know “ Because He lives, I can face tomorrow and Because He lives all fear is gone, Because I know He holds the future and life is worth a living Because He lives” ( words taken from the song Because He Lives) When our Lord Jesus died on the cross that was not the end, “He Rose Again” in Glory and Majesty and He governs the world and things of the world, He does not bring pain and disease the evil does that it says in the Bible” The evil one has come to steal, kill and destroy” But it also says in the Bible “ He has come to give us life and life more abundantly” not only that “ our Lord has come to destroy the works of the enemy”


The Bible is the most powerful Book in publication because it contains the very spirit and sayings of our Lord God, Are you afraid then pray? Are you sick read the word and pray, Do you feel lonely then pray, Are people mean to you then pray, Our Lord is just a prayer away, You may ask how do we pray, talk to God as you would talk to your best friend or family, He cares, He listens, He answers, He is alive, He is real.


I am Blessed to call Him “ Christ Jesus” my Saviour and Lord. He chose me even before I was born, He had a plan for my life even before I was conceived and He knows you and has a plan for your life just like he knew me. God has good plans for your life, you may feel you are going no where but during this time our master sculptor is taking the bad chips away with a chisel, taking away our anger, jealousies, gossiping etc and is working on the final product a beautiful sculpture fit for our King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is not easy going through this process, it hurts, maybe the doors you wish for yourself has not opened, maybe you are going through a separation process with a loved one, may be life has not been going the way you envisioned it but remember the master sculpture sees the beautiful finished product while all you see are the chips and cracks but hang on there is hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel, you my friend are a beautiful sculpture that the Lord has been working on.


There are so many people who are lonely, sick, depressed, grieving for a loved one, having addictions be it alcohol, drugs, porn or sex but there is a way out, cry out to the Lord for help, change your dependence mentality and you will see a light at the end of a tunnel, prayer, determination and rehab will set you free.


Dear ones you maybe in a difficult process but there is hope, there is light, there are rainbows, there is a God and He is Alive and He is reaching out to you, working on you and caring for you. Let Him work His amazing plans for your life, do not worry about the broken pieces I know it is hard I have been there and I can empathise with you but one day when you have that warm cup of tea or get into the warm bath, or buy that new dress all you can whisper or shout out loud is Thank You Lord . Let us live this life with an attitude of gratitude.Image

Weight Loss with A Difference Part -2

Hi there darlings, sweethearts, munchkins, today I feel blessed and refreshed after spending time with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the good news is now I am 70 kgs and the better news is that Lord God Almighty is doing a new thing in our lives as a family, remember darlings the family that prays together stays together.

We serve a Lord God of love at the same time God gave us something that makes us so individualistic apart from our DNA, God gave us something called choice , yet God being Omniscient knew already the choices we will make and the road that we will take, yet He loved us so much He wanted us all irrespective of our nationality, gender,  wealth, He wanted us all to be Saved and go to Heaven. Yet there were people who took the wrong path and did bad things yet God loves them and died for them on the cross and loves them just as much as you and me.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life “

Beloved He” God” loves us so much, He knows what is best for us and even if you have made some wrong choices it is never too late to come back to God, He “ The Saviour” is waiting for you. Every one is a sinner yet God through His divine grace and mercy has forgiven us and is waiting for us with open arms.

Remember you are loved, you are worthy, you are beautiful, you are special and yes God has a wonderful plan for your life, He is reaching out his hand to you, a hand of love , forgiveness, and peace take his hand, It is Never too late. God can change time and seasons with one word. He is that great, yet he humbled himself to be born in a manger.

This Season let us live life with a reason, Know God loves you through grace your sins are forgiven and through justification, your introspection has had a transformation, let us preach to the Nations about our Lord God Creator of Creation.Image

A Different View To Weightloss

Hi there dear darlings, fellow dieters, and lovely friends. This Week has had it’s good points and some bad points as well. The good points being I am now 71kgs and bad points I have had a bad flu and sore throat. But darlings look on the brighter side, if you are sick today, but I believe I will be well tomorrow, you may say don’t make such assumptions aunty,


Let me tell you a little secret when I was 4 years old I got severe allergic bronchitis asthma, it was that bad the Doctor’s told my parents I will die but God by His grace and favour saved me and healed me.


 When I was older in my twenty’s I got depression, my life had crumbled the dreams of getting married or even having a job seemed impossible but let me tell you darling my Lord God in his favour and mercy let me get a great job or a few jobs, then when I was ready for marriage God brought my husband in my late twenty’s into my life and even though he knew about my depression This man of God accepted to marry me. Now that is what our Lord God does for His children.


I am now healed and well, cook, clean , do the laundry, dance ( when no ones watching) sing my heart out when my daughter goes to school and write when my daughter goes to bed, this is where my awesome Lord has kept me for this moment in time, Christmas is coming planning outfits for my daughter and planning Christmas presents for the family is exciting.


I thank God for what I have and I also thank my Lord for helping me lose weight, I am just a quiet ( most of the time) ordinary housewife placed in this great cosmic universe on planet earth, in  the country  of United Kingdom in Northern Ireland in County Armagh In city Lurgan, I am just a teeny weeny speck on the map, yes I do like cooking, singing and writing but above all I am thankful To the Lord God Almighty for giving me the privilege of knowing Him and giving me a wonderful family, all I can say is Thank you Lord if you can use nothing to write something, you can use me. “ Here Am I Lord Send Me “( The Bible)Image