The Keyword is Love

imagesAs I gaze on the beauty of the King

My heart lets out a song to sing

The Lord brought me out of depression

My emotions in suppression

My song was in condemnation

But his smile brought me out of condemnation

His love was a libation to my oppression

Lord you rule the nations

I in awe of you am in fascination

Will I ever from my cage and in my moments of rage shed a tear,

It was then you were near as word from the book of life

Eliminated all my strife

Lord cut out my worldliness with a knife

As I bleed in my heart

Please your love from me never depart

I have nothing

I am nothing

But because of my great Lord and King

I can sing

Like the church bells ring

Like the lark on a tree

Oh Lord you the future for see

If you can take nothing and make it something

Let me be your clay

Mould me, break me, make me

And when all is done an earthen vessel carrying the presence of the King

Take me as I sing

Oh is that a church bell

Let it play the song of the king

A song I love to sing

All glory, honour and power to the King

Take me as your prodigy,, your instrument

As I weep reading the eschatological verse of the new testament

Thank you for removing the inner torment

The Holy Book has one statement

That is LOVE that came from up above

One day to you I will fly like a dove

Till then let me be Love

Singing with power because in my heart is you my light house tower that shines ever brighter even when the storms shower blood and water

Love yes Love that is the word, the password, the key word

Love, now and forever my wonderful king and saviour let Love reign

Do not hold it back let there be no lack, be it white or black the world is connected by the holy book, take a look, be it gentle, gentile or crook, the word is love, that is that love is the format, it is not a doormat it is Love ,

do I see a dove it is a sign from up above, let it sing as the church bells ring, always honour the king, as all I have to bring is myself sans nothing, but He is everything who took an earthen vessel to carry the presence of the Lord, sans pride, sans ambition, sans ruler of the nation but indwelt with love from up above,

let love reign take away fear and pain, wipe away every tear because the coming of the Lord is near, Lord you are you, make this world brand new,

just like the early morning dew let there be love that is like a refreshing river from the mountains, like a waterfall in a rain forest, let them boast of the love of the lord,

you are the great creator, the world’s originator, our benefactor lead us guide us and open the right doors for us, as the church bells ring, people in the choir sing as I look out the window I see people rushing their emotions gushing every woman wanting to look dashing is this all life is about,

living like a highly technical robot, no take away fear as I shed a tear thy presence I feel near saying I love you dear,

life is not just about money or being funny it is wisdom that rules the Kingdome that will never end, who is that waiting round the bend, my love, my life let there never be strife as all I am is an humble wife with nothing to give but because of love I liveIMG_3018


All I want For Christmas Is A Handsome Man

  • imagesRachel was a beautiful sweet girl, she was always the brides maid never the bride, she was in the church choir, she taught Sunday school and could even play the piano but somehow she never could get a boyfriend, she was brunet, cute little upturned pixie nose that she hated,she laughed at the drop of a hat and the boys she liked called her friend or sister but never their girl friend she was not fashion conscious or sphosticated but loved her comfortable hoodies , jeans and trainers, if a cute boy so much as smiled at her, her cheeks turned apple pink, this gorgeous jinx was now 25 years old and single
  • Every time a friend showed her their engagement ring she smiled outside but wept in her room, one day Rachel went to church for a prayer meeting there was no one there on the pew next to her seat she saw the wedding format for her best friend’s wedding jenny that was going to happen the next day, her heart was so sad that she just shouted out to the lord not giving a damn to her loud penitent prayer shouting to the lord” Lord when will I get married, my friend jenny is just 20 and she is getting married tomorrow, lord do you want me to be a nun, I have not even kissed a boy yet, lord when oh when, suddenly in the microphone up in church she heard a voice say “ darling I will send the boy today, if you only stop pleading and shouting like that, Rachel turned pink and got out her tissue blew her nose loudly and trying to find out who was talking was it a dream or a vision was it God, Rachel shouted who, who is it, the voice said your knight in shining armour Rachel turned red, she wanted the earth to open up under her, she got her things ready to run out but this gorgeous apparition jumped from the stage ran up to her as she was running out and said don’t you want to say hi before you leave and there in the church she saw the most gorgeous guy she had seen in her life he was blonde nearly six feet and had the cutest smileMen-dark-blonde-hair blushed and then took her tissue and blew her nose loudly, this gorgeous apparition was actually smiling at her or was he laughing one of the two, she managed to smile and say please, about my prayer don’t tell a word please as she got redder every time she said please he asked her , her name she looked at the floor worried that if she looked up this dream of a man may disappear she said my name is Rachel, he said my name is Jacob, she said really, yes I swear babe, she mumbled great meeting you and as she looked up into those gorgeous blue eyes Jacob had butterflies in his tummy she was cute, had the most innocent brown eyes and the cutest nose, she held out her hands to shake hands and then as he shook hands he felt eletctricity this little blushing pixie girl had stolen his heart with one angry funny prayer, suddenly he smiled and whispered in her year there are never coincidence with God only miracles as they looked into each other’s eyes Rachel felt almost giddy and ran out of church wondering if she was dreaming or if it was reality,

The next day Rachel got ready to wear the light pink bride’s maid dress and as she went to church she saw much to her shock her best man was Jacob, Rachel’s heart was beating fast as they walked arm in arm together somehow it felt right, and Jacob whispered to Rachel you look gorgeous and Rachel’s heart was beating fast throughout the whole service Jacob kept looking at Rachel and her cheeks got pinker and pinker, it was then time for the reception as Jacob gave the toast he looked at Rachel said the very words that were etched in her heart that there are no coincidence with God only miracles, It was then time to dance Jacob came and asked her to dance she could see the jealous looks from a few ladies as Jacob danced with her, after they danced he took her for a walk and there among the stars of the beautiful Hilton Hotel he kissed her and asked her to be his girlfriend as Rachel and Jacob got to know each other they fell more in love Jacob was studying to be a Baptist pastor and she wanted nothing more than to be the best pastor’s wife,Unknown-1 Within a few months they were engaged and as they talked about their wedding plans, they prayed asking the Lord to be the centre of their lives, their wedding and their future, Jacob never forgot the prayer he heard that little pixie faced girl pray, as they wrote their own wedding vowsimages-2 They never forgot to add that there are no coincidences with the Lord only miraclesimages-4 My dear single friends this Christmas season as you search for love on dating websites, in churches or in the pubs remember God has someone for everyone no matter who you are or where you are from your spouce may be just round the corner of where you live or in another country believe that God has the best in store for you love is looking for you receive it with gratitude, God Bless You

How To Be A Blessing


Hi there darlings, sweethearts, how are you all doing ? Today I want to talk about Blessing. What is a Blessing ? How can we be a Blessing ? Blessing my dear friends goes back in time to the very Beginning to the time of Creation, when  the Lord God created the world he said it was good and in saying it was good he Blessed the world with goodness, then the Lord God created man and woman and Blessed them. Because they were God’s handiwork and beautiful in  His sight.Then get ready for the sad music, yes man and woman brought a curse on themselves by disobeying Lord God Almighty by eating the fruit of knowledge and now man hard to work for his food and man did not walk with God anymore as in the days when he walked in obedience with our Creator Lord.

But there was still a communion between man and God. What I am trying to say is when we are obedient to the Lord there is a Blessing and with disobedience comes a curse.Now come a few rhetorical questions, How do we obey the Lord at all times ? Is it possible to be a perfect Christian? How does God judge disobedience in the 21st centaury ?

Dear ones there was only one ever perfect man and that was our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and He lived a blameless life and suffered and died for us so that through His righteousness Our unrighteousness may be made pure, and we may be justified through His grace and love that he poured out for us on Calvary.You my dear friend are pure, may be you have addictions but through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ when we repent and ask for forgiveness we are like pure white blankets the stain of sin is removed and Satan may remind you of past sin but our Lord has forgiven and forgotten it.

That by itself is the greatest Blessing God has given us the Blessing of justification. Now when the Lord God justifies us we are Blessed with the knowledge of knowing we are going to spend eternity with Our Lord Jesus Christ and “as we try and climb the steps of glory to glory we know that one day we will glorified and pure as Him” ( glory to glory part taken from Sunday morning message at church)

Now we can be a Blessing when we obey the word and the theme that runs all through the Bible like a scarlet thread of the Blood of Christ is LOVE and when we reach out in love not just for those to like us but for those who do not like us then we incur the Blessing of our Lord  and Saviour Jesus Christ. Jesus showed us true love and  He was Blessed by God the father, how much more should you and I be an ambassador of love to the fallen, broken, lonely an d those who hate us without cause, Dear ones let us love this love can only come through the word and prayer and let us reflect Christ and Be a Blessing in doing this we will be Blessed.

Love overcomes, hate, pride, prejudice, partiality and like a light reflects and radiates Blessings in a dark and fallen world.Let our prayer be Lord make me a channel of love . Be Blessed !!photo

My Weight loss Journey

Hi there dear friends, it is me the Indian Aunty again on a Mission, you may ask me what mission aunty, the mission my dear munchkins is to be a size 10 again about 50- 55 kgs by Christmas day.


This is the best gift I can give myself, I have a personal trainer and my husband who has lost a lot of weight is also encouraging me on this weightloss journey.

I am now 73kgs and I love cooking and when you love cooking it is easy to indulge in the labours of your hard work in the kitchen.


But the time has come to become that coveted yummy mummy, as I go to leave my daughter in school I see other mums with more children looking like Victoria Secret Models, I label it to good genes but darlings it is more self discipline.


I ask why God why do I have to be on the rounder side ? He the Almighty answers in a deep base voice “darling how many times did you go around the kitchen and open the fridge door and how many comfort foods of tea and toast with marmalade have you had? why child why ? Now child practise discipline “


To tell you the truth munchkins I do not like exercise but my trainer does not push me above the limit. My husband and I when we work out together at the gym has started me on lifting weights but we women have to suffer for beauty be it braces for my teeth as I had in my teenage years, to high heel shoes and now the gym, I would have loved to get a tummy tuck and liposuction but  as a struggling musician and author that can only be a dream.


I am not proud of my 73kg weight nor my size 14 clothes, but through hard work, determination and dedication this can be achieved. I have my personal trainer for 8 weeks and  I hope to at least drop two dress sizes by then. My Birthday is coming up on November so hopefully I will be a size12 by then.


Why is there so much hype on money, looks, cars and homes, that is the way the world measures success but I believe to be a successful individual you must have peace of mind, self discipline, love and security.


“You have to make you proud “and making you proud of who you are and what you have achieved you hence become a strong individual, no one can walk on this road called life for you, you have made a choices some right, some wrong but you have to live with the choices you have made. It is never too late, there is hope,  pray you make the right choices.


I may not have much materially but I have a wonderful husband and a gorgeous daughter and all the choices I make revolves around them, So make the right choice get on that treadmill “you be proud of you” and being comfortable with who you are, you send positivity to people around you. You are beautiful, You are precious, God has a wonderful plan for your life

 Love From The

 from Gymming Aunty Imageinspia

There Is Hope

Are you sick ? Are you tired ? Do you feel you have no hope ? Do you have an addiction of some kind ? Are you debt ? If you have said yes to some or all the questions above then you are a normal human being living in the 21st century.

Jermiah29 :11 says” For I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future “


In this day and age with master cards, pay pal, online shopping, drink shops open till 12am, porn on the internet, and even on kindle and drugs.You say I have sunk too low but friends there is a way and the only way is up.


When Jesus walked on water Peter the disciple of Jesus said” Lord let me walk on water too” and as Peter saw the waves of addiction, porn, drugs, bullying, he lost sight of the Lord and started to sink and then in desperation Peter cried out to the Lord,” LORD , LORD SAVE ME “and then JESUS REACHED OUT HIS HAND AND SAVED HIM.


There is a way to overcome debt, drugs, alcohol, porn, the only way up is by calling out to the Lord saying Lord have mercy on me, forgive me and save me and Jesus will lift you up through the storms, through the waves, Look into our Beloved Lord’s Eyes and See and Feel the love he has for you and for me.


For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whosoever believed in him shall not perish but have everlasting life John 3:16


It does not say be a hermit, missionary or fanatic but simply, humbly, genuinely like a child jumping into her daddy’s hands, believe and he will hold on to your hand and lift you up.


Yes there is a way for you, yes you can overcome addictions and debts believe in the Lord, talk to Him and He Will Set You Free, Who the Son sets free is free indeed.

 God Bless YouImage

The Robot Who Fell In Love

ImageProfessor Scientist Muller, lived in a world of his own, as he loved making little Robots that cleaned homes, To robots who answered phones, To Transformer Robots, To little gadgets that spies people in their homes or little bugs to hear what people say in secret on their phones or even in their homes, The FBI and KGB and Even Scotland Yard had invested and sought help from Scientist Muller on many of his various gadgets.

But what he was making now was very special and more spectacular than any of his previous inventions he was making a female Robot called Lara but with a human heart, so that she will care like a human, think like a caring Robot and at the same time look completely human, yet this Robot because of it’s human heart and the compassion that professor Muller put into her to make her stand apart from other robots who had no feelings whatsoever.

Professor Muller wanted this Robot to show to his counterparts other professors, scientists, and business men that the impossible is actually possible, it is possible to have human machines and machines, who feel love , empathy, compassion but professor Muller made sure that the robot did not feel negative emotions as this could be detrimental to mankind.

So Professor Muller worked on her heart and feelings and now he had to work on her outward body, with a heart and mind like mother Theresa and a gorgeous body of veins and wires with a live heart, he wanted this beautiful Robot to be gorgeous, He knew he was not God, but the Lord had given him wisdom to create this masterpiece and felt like creation was starting over again to mankind, where half man and half machine are sent into the world but these genius professors and scientists to help the world somehow in some cosmic, scientific  yet realistic way.

It was time to make her body, he wanted her to be beautiful so he chose a light olive yet pale colouring of skin made of human skin that he grew with stem cells from his laboratory and with blood and wires and bone structure with metal for her bones and skull, but the brain was the most intricate part of the body she had a human brain and a human heart with a Robot body, she had eyes that could tell everything about the person just by looking at them to keep her from danger, those eyes were piercing bright green eyes.

It was now time to make her hair grow it was long dark and brunette, with pale olive skin, her nose was perfect and her lips were pink like rose petals ,yet this bionic, robot angel had love and compassion and a heart like mother Theresa. But though she had a body like a beautiful woman, this amazing bionic women could never bear children.

It was time to unveil this gorgeous creature that creation made with the guidance of Creator by the wisdom bestowed on Professor Muller, Professor Muller like all other leading scientists was eccentric, funny, kind and a genius yet every compliment he got he made lightly of. The business men, Fellow Professors and representatives of the FBI, KGB and Scotland Yard were there.

Professor Muller decided to call his masterpiece Lara.

When the time of unveiling was finally there, there were sceptics, Cynics and curious people and the Professor Muller loudly and clearly said Lara come forward and introduce your self

There was silence and then there were gasps as the most gorgeous 6 feet 2 in girl with long dark hair, beautiful green eyes, lovely body covered with jeans, a tank top and a blazer and trainers she did not need fancy shoes as she was exquisite.

Lara came in to the room smiled and introduced herself in a calm, well balanced, clear distinctive way she was one of the most beautiful robots that mankind had seen .Lara loved people and people loved Lara, though many business men had offered Professor Muller  money for Lara, the Professor flatly refused, this was his baby, his masterpiece, His agent of compassion for the world.

Suddenly there was emergency in the Land, the terrorists had hit again and there was unrest in the USA as the twin towers crumbled on to the ground Lara immediately went to help the people as she was a specialized nurse. The people loved her and soon she became head nurse with love and compassion yet an extremely  efficient nurse.

As America went to war with Iraq, she had to look after many wounded soldiers, One day as usual she went to work there she met Alden a US Marine officer he had a bullet wound in his leg. Alden was the father Maria and had lost his wife to cancer, Maria was his world, he was sure he would never love another woman all he cared about was his country and his gorgeous little girl who was three years old, he was angry with God for taking away his wife, he was angry thinking he would never walk again and yes he knew he was a grumpy soldier, that was till he met Lara

Lara went as usual in her light blue nurse uniform in her six feet frame her long hair in a bun with those piercing blue eyes she went to Alden’s bed to have a look at his leg, Alden himself was blonde haired 6feet 4in, beautiful tanned body and hands and was sound asleep when Lara came to his bed , Lara saw him and something in her heart and mind drew a deep sigh from her, this gorgeous male soldier wearing nothing but military shorts lips slightly parted blonde hair drawn back covered by a thin cotton bed sheet he was so strong yet so helpless, she had to wake him up so that he would take the medicine but she just sat there watching him not wanting to wake up this demi God.

Yet through the power of senses be it love, attraction, instinct which even over rides machine Alden slowly opened his eyes and stared in the gorgeous green wide eyes he had seen and something jumped from the pit of his stomach to his heart, he had pushed down every instinct of attraction towards women he was so sure he would never love again till he looked in to those deep green eyes, a stray blond hair had untangled itself and was over his eyes which he could not push away as his had had drips so Lara slowly gently pushed that strand of hair back and something like electric current pulsated through both their bodies they both felt it, this attraction was stronger than anything Lara felt it even overcame the boundaries of man and machine.

Lara tried to sound business like and gave the two tablets to Alden, eyes still fixed on Lara, Alden did as he was told, He asked her name and Lara told him and his name was on the chart by his bed and she said you must be Alden, nice meeting you Alden did not stop looking into gorgeous green eyes Lara he said not knowing what to say, his emotions ran deep he licked his lower lip without even knowing it and blood pulsated in Lara’s heart she was confused, scared and did not understand what these feeling were she had to run, she had to get away but as she was about to get up Alden held onto her hand with his free hand and said don’t go,

Lara looked into his gorgeous blue eyes her heart and mind full of love and compassion for this Marine and they talked till tea time, but it was Alden who was doing most of the talking he spoke about the wife he lost to cancer, he showed her the picture of Maria on his mobile phone and Lara felt a rush of motherly love towards this little girl who had no mother, Lara knew she could not have any children yet she knew she would love this little girl as her own daughter.

Days and Weeks passed by as Alden the US Marine got better and Lara was the his inspiration to walk again and live again, one day after physiotherapy in the hospital as they were waling hand in hand Alden kissed Lara, Lara felt a special love, bonding, desire and compassion in her heart for Alden as Alden felt the love reciprocated he did not waste any time but got onto his knees though they hurt he did not care  that Spring afternoon, where the world was simple and normal Alden asked Lara to marry him not knowing that Lara had a secret in a more computerised, digitally enhanced world kept from the knowledge of the public that she was half machine.

That evening Lara went to talk, to her mentor, her creator the man she called father, her most trusted advocate, who kept silent as she talked about Alden now what was she to do? Professor Muller listened and said Alden should know the truth, Dear daughter you can not get married in a lie, you must tell him though your heart and mind is human you are part machine you know that daughter don’t you tell him to come over for dinner and we will see what can be done.

The next evening Alden came over for dinner with a bottle of white wine over diner prof Muller opened up about his inventions and gadgets and Alden listened spell bound over such wisdom of the mechanical, computerised world, then the time came to tell him about Lara approached, Lara felt her heart beat fast at first Alden did not believe that this gorgeous creature that he loved was part machine but as professor Muller told him about her heart and mind being human and that she could never have babies both Alden and Lara wept. Alden said he would always love her and that love has surpassed the boundaries of machine and now man has created machines compatible to man in the form of human robots that one can only read in a sci-fi book,

The next week as Prof Muller presided over the ceremony man and half man half machine tied the knot as Lara came out of the church in her beautiful white dress. Maria came running jumped in to Lara’s hands and said the magic words “ I love You Mum” Lara knew then she may not be completely human women and bear children but Maria will always be her first born through love

Now I tell you my readers there will be a time when machine will do the work of man and man and machine will walk hand in hand for the good of mankind embrace the good, embrace the change, 2013 is moving into a futuristic world this world where the future embraces the simple and mundane of man, and computer and robot at the same time do not lose faith in the higher power called God who created the mind of man.

The EndImage

Little Rochelle

ImageEarly morning at three am on the 25th of June in a little town of England a gorgeous baby girl was born and her parents named that pretty little baby Rochelle, but as the doctor examined her little leg one leg was shorter than the other leg, but apart from that Rochelle was beautiful and healthy.

It was the next day the 26th of June , the parents of Rochelle and Rochelle went home from the hospital but on the way home due to fate, bad luck or whatever the mortals say to evil befalling good, the car of Rochelle and her parents met with an accident as there car was hit by a drunk driver but Rochelle was saved covered by her mother’s body in the car who died saving her.

Rochelle did not understand what that catastrophic event did to her young life but the heaven’s were smiling down at Rochelle, her grandmother on her mother’s side said she will look after her, Her grandma named Grandma Agnus looked after Rochelle and instilled in her courage, strength and even though Rochelle walked with a limp she excelled in sports especially running.

As the years went by Rochelle grew up to be a bright smart intelligent and beautiful girl and though she had a loving grandmother, she cried for her mother and father who she had never met or even remembered, but her grandmother gave Rochelle a gold chain with a heart shaped locket and in that locket were the pictures of her mom and dad who had been child hood sweethearts.

One day Rochelle’s school put an ad in the school newsletter for any of the girl’s interested in joining the girl’s relay team, Rochelle was excited she Knew in her heart she could do it, she wanted to be part of this team, there were times  when the older girls bullied Rochelle’s walk but that only made Rochelle more determined. So as the time drew near for the relay team to be chosen Rochelle practised and practised and she even made friends with a little boy named Mike who timed her and encouraged her to run and when the time of the  girls for the school team to be picked came Rochelle was picked  and as she ran faster and outshone the other girls there was a thunderous applause and she saw two doves sitting on a tree after she made her team and she knew somehow, somewhere, how we do not know but in her heart of hearts her parents were watching her and she did not want to let them down.

Soon it was time for the inter regional  schools relay to be run and Rochelle practised hard much harder as she had a slight limp, it was time for her to get the baton and run, her grandmother and Mike were watching as she ran fast one of the girl’s in  the opposing group kicked Rochelle and caught her off gourd and Rochelle fell down crying with pain she could her gasps from the crowd but then she felt two people lifting her to her feet a beautiful lady and a handsome man telling her to run and not give up telling she can do it their voices were loving and encouraging and at the same time she felt strength on her legs return the beautiful two people lifting her and telling her to continue running and she did and as she finished her race she found out she had won her team had won she looked for those beautiful people around her but could not find them as they put her gold medal around her head  she saw two doves sitting on the tree watching her, she went home looked at the pictures  in her locket to say good night to her parents in the picture of her locket as she always did and then it dawned those beautiful people who helped her had the same faces of the pictures in the locket it was cold outside so she went to close the windows and there were the two doves on the tree watching over her, with tears flowing freely down her cheeks regretting she will never see her parents  alive yet so thankful to have them close by she gently kissed the pictures in her locket and went to sleep.

Many years passed by she never saw the doves  again until she heard her grandma shouting downstairs get up child you don’t want to keep the groom waiting yes she was  eighteen years old and marrying her childhood sweetheart Mike as she got dressed in white and stood outside the church in the pine tree were two doves her eyes welled up in tears and she knew that her parents were there with her watching her at this great day, her grandmother walked her to the aisle and there stood Mike who was 19 years old looking proudly at her . She held on to her locket as she looked thru the church window as the two doves flew away, her new life was starting her parents had watched over her all through her as the words rang from her mouth to” I do” to the kiss of commitment to Mike she knew that some where, some how, be it fate, karma, good luck that the people who love you the most will never leave you they are always alive, in your heart and mind as she held her locket, Rochelle whispered thank  you mum and dad and gave her grandma a big hug, as she walked down the aisle with Mike as Mrs Rochelle.

The EndImage