All I want For Christmas Is A Handsome Man

  • imagesRachel was a beautiful sweet girl, she was always the brides maid never the bride, she was in the church choir, she taught Sunday school and could even play the piano but somehow she never could get a boyfriend, she was brunet, cute little upturned pixie nose that she hated,she laughed at the drop of a hat and the boys she liked called her friend or sister but never their girl friend she was not fashion conscious or sphosticated but loved her comfortable hoodies , jeans and trainers, if a cute boy so much as smiled at her, her cheeks turned apple pink, this gorgeous jinx was now 25 years old and single
  • Every time a friend showed her their engagement ring she smiled outside but wept in her room, one day Rachel went to church for a prayer meeting there was no one there on the pew next to her seat she saw the wedding format for her best friend’s wedding jenny that was going to happen the next day, her heart was so sad that she just shouted out to the lord not giving a damn to her loud penitent prayer shouting to the lord” Lord when will I get married, my friend jenny is just 20 and she is getting married tomorrow, lord do you want me to be a nun, I have not even kissed a boy yet, lord when oh when, suddenly in the microphone up in church she heard a voice say “ darling I will send the boy today, if you only stop pleading and shouting like that, Rachel turned pink and got out her tissue blew her nose loudly and trying to find out who was talking was it a dream or a vision was it God, Rachel shouted who, who is it, the voice said your knight in shining armour Rachel turned red, she wanted the earth to open up under her, she got her things ready to run out but this gorgeous apparition jumped from the stage ran up to her as she was running out and said don’t you want to say hi before you leave and there in the church she saw the most gorgeous guy she had seen in her life he was blonde nearly six feet and had the cutest smileMen-dark-blonde-hair blushed and then took her tissue and blew her nose loudly, this gorgeous apparition was actually smiling at her or was he laughing one of the two, she managed to smile and say please, about my prayer don’t tell a word please as she got redder every time she said please he asked her , her name she looked at the floor worried that if she looked up this dream of a man may disappear she said my name is Rachel, he said my name is Jacob, she said really, yes I swear babe, she mumbled great meeting you and as she looked up into those gorgeous blue eyes Jacob had butterflies in his tummy she was cute, had the most innocent brown eyes and the cutest nose, she held out her hands to shake hands and then as he shook hands he felt eletctricity this little blushing pixie girl had stolen his heart with one angry funny prayer, suddenly he smiled and whispered in her year there are never coincidence with God only miracles as they looked into each other’s eyes Rachel felt almost giddy and ran out of church wondering if she was dreaming or if it was reality,

The next day Rachel got ready to wear the light pink bride’s maid dress and as she went to church she saw much to her shock her best man was Jacob, Rachel’s heart was beating fast as they walked arm in arm together somehow it felt right, and Jacob whispered to Rachel you look gorgeous and Rachel’s heart was beating fast throughout the whole service Jacob kept looking at Rachel and her cheeks got pinker and pinker, it was then time for the reception as Jacob gave the toast he looked at Rachel said the very words that were etched in her heart that there are no coincidence with God only miracles, It was then time to dance Jacob came and asked her to dance she could see the jealous looks from a few ladies as Jacob danced with her, after they danced he took her for a walk and there among the stars of the beautiful Hilton Hotel he kissed her and asked her to be his girlfriend as Rachel and Jacob got to know each other they fell more in love Jacob was studying to be a Baptist pastor and she wanted nothing more than to be the best pastor’s wife,Unknown-1 Within a few months they were engaged and as they talked about their wedding plans, they prayed asking the Lord to be the centre of their lives, their wedding and their future, Jacob never forgot the prayer he heard that little pixie faced girl pray, as they wrote their own wedding vowsimages-2 They never forgot to add that there are no coincidences with the Lord only miraclesimages-4 My dear single friends this Christmas season as you search for love on dating websites, in churches or in the pubs remember God has someone for everyone no matter who you are or where you are from your spouce may be just round the corner of where you live or in another country believe that God has the best in store for you love is looking for you receive it with gratitude, God Bless You

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