Fluffy Goes To School

Hi there dear sweetypies, my darling munchkins today I am going to write for the children so if you are a parent or grandparent and want to read a bedtime story for your little one then this story is especially for you Happy Reading :-

One day a big brown mother rabbit was sitting on the sofa  of her home it was cold and snowing outside daddy rabbit went to find some food for mama rabbit.

Daddy Rabbit wore his long grey coat, his hat took his umbrella and went to the shop run by Mr and Mrs beaver . So what would you like Mr Peter Rabbit asked Mrs beaver we have freshly caught fish, Daddy rabbit wrinkled his nose and said no we are vegetarians, Mrs Beaver said vegetarians wha what is vegetarians ? She could not imagine any one not liking her fresh fish. Oh Oh yes said Daddy Peter Rabbit getting impatient making foot prints in the snow we do not eat meat of any kind said daddy rabbit, then what am I  asked Mrs Beaver  ?daddy rabbit said dear dear Mrs beaver you are a non vegetarian  you eat vegetables and meat.

Oh I see  said Mrs Beaver. Well daddy Rabbit then you may help your self for some celery as she pulled out a brown bag from under the table of her fish and  in that packet were celery and some carrots.

Oh goody, goody I love celery and carrots thank you so much Mrs beaver and how much is that ?  Oh  a pound, Oh thank Mrs Beaver bye bye righteo My wife would be so happy. Mrs Rabbit was wearing her favourite dress with her shawl covering her shoulders with her glasses on her nose knitting a beautiful dress for her baby that was due to come in a few days.

This was her first baby and the scan at Dr Owls Clinic showed that it was a baby girl they were so excited as they shook the wing of Dr Owl. Hi Honey I am home said daddy Rabbit and “oh darling I am so hungry what have you bought” said Mama Rabbit . Oh darling mummy I have bought celery and carrots.

Thank you dear said mummy rabbit as she took the celery and made a delicious salad with walnuts and strawberries and celery and they had boiled carrots as the main course. Oh yummy yummy said daddy rabbit as he ate his salad and carrots you make the best salad and carrots in the world said daddy rabbit.

That night mummy rabbit could not sleep, then she woke up daddy rabbit darling daddy I think the  baby is coming hurry up call mrs bear the mid wife so daddy rabbit called mrs bear on his mobile phone. “Mrs bear, the baby is coming “ said daddy Rabbit .Mrs bear said I am coming right away as she got into her  car and came over in 10 minutes.

Daddy Rabbit hold mrs rabbit’s hands  and tell mrs rabbit not to worry daddy rabbit put on his dressing gown and did as bear had said suddenly he heard the sweetest squeak possible and there was the most beautiful snow white rabbit in Mrs bear’s hands oh she is so so  fluffy  said mama Rabbi and kissed her. Daddy Rabbit held this gorgeous ball of fluff with a cute red nose in his arms and He said we will call her fluffy.

Chapter 2.

Fluffy learnt to walk and run and always asked questions like why is the sky blue or is there really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. She was still too little to go out shopping with daddy rabbit so she played with butterflies in the garden, she watched mama rabbit gardening and fluffy loved the soft brown sand, she saw mummy rabbit smelling the flowers and little fluffy took a big sniff of the beautiful daffidol in her garden and before she knew it her little red nose quivered and she sneesed loudly a-tishu, aaaaa –tishu oh dear dear said mama rabbit you seem to be catching the cold in you go fluffy but I want to to to a-tishu play said fluffy but as you know we have to listen to grown ups especially if we are catching the cold.

So mama Rabbit gave fluffy calpol and a warm bottle of milk and fluffy went to bed dreaming of green grass, vegetable patches, soft brown soil, butterflies and daffodils..

Fluffy woke up the next morning to the smell of porridge which mama Rabbit was cooking with milk and papa Rabbit was drinking his coffee and reading his paper.Then papa Rabbit said fluffy would you like to come to the post office with me.

Fluffy was so excited she jumped up and down she wore her pretty pink dress with a pink ribbon in her hair as it was spring papa rabbit even bought fluffy strawberry ice-cream on a cone it was so cold but the sun was warm and it was delicious can it was the nicest thing fluffy had eaten.

Papa Rabbit waved to Mr and Mrs Beaver on the way to the post office. The Post Office desk Mr Mouse “can I help you “he said Yes I would like to send this letter to my brother. Yes we can do that  said Mr mouse as he licked the stamp and put it on the envelope. So this must be your daughter said Mr Mouse” How do you do ?said Fluffy as Mama Rabbit had taught her to say to the adults.

How do you do ? little one said Mr Mouse which made fluffy laugh as they were both nearly the same height. They returned home for tea time. Mrs Rabbit had baked cup cakes they were so delicious, there were cup cakes with pink icing, yellow icing , blue icing and white icing they were stupendous.

Mother rabbit said darling fluffy in a few weeks I will teach you to bake cup cakes. Fluffy was so excited she was going to bake her very own cup cakes what fun. Mama Rabbit had bought her an apron for the kitchen which read in silver Baking Princess.

Fluffy let out a loud yawn today she had eaten her very first ice- cream and had cup cakes for tea what a treat she loved growing up. The next day mama Rabbit said Fluffy you are now old enough to leave home to play but be back by Six o’clock for tea.

Chapter 3

Fluffy went out the first day jumping over stones, rolling in the grass and chasing butterflies. It was fun being out by herself like a grown up but then she was getting bored she wanted friends to play with. She hopped, skipped and ran but it was no fun being by herself.

So that night at tea time she said to her mummy and daddy I have no friends I want to play tag and hopscotch but mummy I have no friends.

Mummy said darling next week your cousin Jenny  your daddy’s brother’s daughter and her family are moving to the house near us and school is starting so you will have friends your age.

Oh that will be so much fun what do they teach at school ? They teach ABC the alphabets,   1 23 the numbers and you get to colour with crayons in colouring books and they also have slides, swings, sesaws and yummy food.

Fluffy went to blissful sleep thinking of  school.

Chapter 4

The next week Jenny arrived with Uncle John the rabbit and Aunt Mary the Rabbit, Uncle John was was a real Big Rabbit with a big tummy Jenny and Fluffy ran of to play it was so much of fun playing tag, running together and then they had  a good dinner of boiled potatoes, peas and carrots.

Fluffy and Jenny discussed one topic the most and that was nursery. As they were talking about nursery Mama Rabbit and Aunty Mary Rabbit said girls we are going shopping and we want you both to come with us. We are going to get you school uniforms and pretty shoes for school. They also bought cute school bags fluffy got a pink bag as that was her favourite colour and Jenny bought a red bag as that was her favourite colour.

Jenny and Fluffy were so excited they tried on their different uniforms oh this is too big said Jenny, Oh this is too small said fluffy oh this is just right said both of them and then they went shoe shopping oh this is too small said Jenny oh shoe is way too big said fluffy oh this shoe is just right said both of them.

Then they bought notebooks and crayons and pencils and lunch boxes. Ooooh school is going to be so much fun said fluffy. I can’t wait to go to nursery said Jenny. Come along girls said Aunt Mary tomorrow is school and you need a good night’s sleep. Oh yipeee said fluffy tomorrow is school.

Chapter 5

Fluffy put on her new school uniform it was a white shirt, with a red skirt and white socks and black shoes she was so excited, Mama Rabbit stopped the car at Jenny’s house and picked up Jenny , Fluffy and Jenny sat at the back seat giggling about the red ribbons in their hair that was flying in the wind while aunt Mary sat in the front with Mama Rabbit.

They approached Big Gates and Even Bigger Building which read School for The Oak Tree Animal Forest they got down from their little car. Jenny held the hand of Aunt Mary and Fluffy held Mama Rabbit’s hands they walked up to the Big door and the teacher was Miss  Deer, She was elegant wearing a black dress and big sparkling eyes and said you must be fluffy and you must be Jenny welcome to school and take your seats.

Mama Rabbit and Aunt Jenny Rabbit waved at the girls and said they will pick them up at three o’clock after school. Fluffy and Jenny waved back at them.

At school in their class was Baby Mouse called Kyle, He looked really smart with little mousy glasses. Then there was baby bear called Jeremy and baby beaver called Jolie she smiled at Fluffy and whispered she hoped to play hopscotch with them at the play time and then there was Baby Owl called Donald Wiseman.

The teacher Miss Deer taught them numbers that morning and the fun things they could do with numbers such as addition and subtraction those were fun games?

Soon it was play time and and Jolie the Baby Beaver and Jenny and fluffy played hopscotch as baby Mouse Kyle and Baby Bear Jeremy and Baby Owl Donald played  football oh school was so much fun.

They had their lunch and soon it was time to go home fluffy was tired and when mama bear came to collect them fluffy talked about school the whole time till she reached home fluffy loved school and it was so much fun.

She had tomato soup with bread for dinner and a warm glass of milk and went to sleep dreaming of school and numbers what fun. I love school whispered fluffy as she went to bed.

Good night little one whispered papa rabbit and mama rabbit go to sleep tomorrow is another adventurous day.

The End

Love will it still be there after 25 years of marriage

Dear munchkins, my darling friends will we be in love after 25years, Lets go through different stages of love, firstly is idolising your daddy or mummy they are perfect parents. I always thought my father was the handsomest man in the world till I got a crush on Amir Khan who is a famous actor. It was infatuation and a crush. Every one male or female have a crush or puppy love for some one at their early teen age years.

Then you get your boyfriends and girlfriends late teenage years and more crushes and infatuations till you meet the one and then in early marriage you have passed from friendship stage to lover’s stage better a little said about this topic as you can read various books about it but this is a wonderful, stage from getting to know each other physically , emotionally  and psychologically .

Then it becomes Mother and Father phase where your children become more important than the spouse and the lover mode goes to the pressure cooker mode and if you are a woman cooking, cleaning, doing errands that pressure cooker is gona whistle quite loudly sometimes but let me tell you mothers take some me time, read books, make some herbal tea and relax after the kids have gone to sleep.

Then comes middle age the weight piles on our children are teenagers and we try to get them to good colleges and they want to travel or work or want to be models or dancers not quite what we had in mind for our little ones but this is the time we come up a few promotions on our jobs and it helps fund your children’s dreams.

Then your children find boyfriends or girlfriends and want to get married that is when the savings account comes in helpful. Then before you know it you are grand parents and now your relationship with your spouse is companionship and fun from playing golf to babysitting life can not be more peaceful .

Through all these phases remember to ask do you love me darling and I tell you I know none knows you better than your partner and the answer is yes I Do, from the walk down that isle till the end I love you

Love from the Indian Aunty

If you are single and looking for love this article is for you

Match maker, match maker make me a match, this famous song sung in the movie Fiddler on the roof. Dear friends, are you single, a single parent, divorced or just looking for a partner to love. This blog is for you :-


When I was in my early  twenties I decided I wanted to be a nun, but I loved make –up , high heels and pretty dresses sure I could have hidden it in my habit some where. I was quite serious and my mum was crying to all her family that I was going to be well a nun who liked to dress up for the mass or service on Sunday but as I reached my mid twenties my desire to be held and loved by some one over powered my desire of the Habit.


No I could not be a nun I was like a tabby cat who liked her furs and make-up and waited for that hug from her beau ( we did not kiss till 4 months into courting) was I wrong in wanting a relationship and family the answer is no. Every one needs love and I believe every one has a soul mate.


I was 27 when I met my husband and 28 when we got married I would have preferred to have got married earlier but I was in the nun mode and met none. It is a rare gift to be celibate not every one has that gift except a chosen few like the apostle Paul, Mother Theresa, Amy Carmichael, these are special people, people who give of themselves for a higher call.


Now we have the other extreme of  bed hopping, no I am not judging you but sex is an emotional, physical, psychological process two bodies entwining in physical union is beautiful and can create another  human being it should not be taken lightly. I saved my self for marriage not that I had many opportunities to give up my virginity but I wanted my wedding night to be special with my husband all I can say was it was trial and error.


But if you have had sex before it is not wrong or shameful, but look for that one special person and before you hop into bed think will this act be a blessing on my life or if you are in love get married , if you are in a live in  relationship as many people are doing that these days make a commitment to each other before God.

God does not get angry, he will not punish you and He loves and cares for both of you. God did not judge the Samaritan woman with 4 husbands.


Mary Magdalene a follower of Jesus was a prostitute and when she poured perfume on his feet, washed his feet her tears and wiped his feet with her hair she was made brand new again just like a virgin she was clean.


Dear ones God has that one man or woman for you, there are many ways of meeting your life partner, university, church, computers , work places, Shadi.Com


There is someone for everyone keep praying and remember do not worry what people think of you only your relationship to God and your partner matter I am not here to judge you every one is different if Jesus did not judge people how much more so should we be like Jesus. Love is what the world needs and Love is what Jesus came to give.

Love from Indian Aunty

No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed indeed. Harold MacMillan




Hi there dearest dearest munchkins, sweetypies, my cho cho chweet friends, how are you all doing ? Well I had an interesting week just watched the Bollywood movie Cocktail which it was aptly named fewer the words the better but I thank God for happy endings.


Well my dear cutey pies today I am going to talk to wifes out there, the mummies out there. In one of my previous blogs I stressed on the point to looking good for our better halfs now I going to tell you something learn to complement him. Tell him honey you look smart in that pair of Jeans and white shirt or tell him wow look at that tux it will make you look so handsome. Buy him small gifts of cufflinks, or deodorant, after shave or even perfume in this world and age even men like to be treated once in a while if you are not in the buying thing, bake him a cake, cook him nice dinner just show him how much you appreciate him.


Men they work from 9-5pm they are busy sometimes they get stressed do not irritate or complain to them, let it wait give them a good meal and when they are well settled talk to them in a soft voice. Aggression in women is a turn off so is miss “bitchitities”  please be patient with him. Women you can never be his mother but be his best second half listen to him, counsel him, no one knows him better than you do make life exciting in the week ends play scrabble or Uno just be his best friend.


I have learnt if you want your marriage to work be his best and closest friend then of course take time with your figure, hair and make up and if there is a fight I urge you women to be humble enough to apologize to him. Men you too need to take care of your women and treat them well with date nights every week we need marriages to work. We need humility in our lives before God and before our spouses and we need to bring back love for our wives and for our families.


So let the God of Love reign in our lives


From Doctor Lovology

The Indian Aunty

Yet food is something that is taken for granted by most world leaders despite the fact that more than half of the population of the world is hungry. Norman Borlaug


We are living in the 21st centaury in era of rockets, satellites, space stations, cloning, inter breeding of animals and plants to form hybrid varieties of flora and fauna, latest breakthroughs of medical science such as the use of laser therapy and medication, highly destructive military equipment we my friends are living in the the era of abundance of food, money, technology and fashion.


“Therefore I feel that the aforementioned guiding principle must be modified to read: If you desire peace, cultivate justice, but at the same time cultivate the fields to produce more bread; otherwise there will be no peace.”

Norman Borlaug



There are people eating themselves to death, drinking themselves to death, inhaling and injecting themselves to death all this costs huge amounts of money while there are people who do not have one meal a day. Where is social justice in all this ?


We have to educate our children, our young people, our future generation of this world that alcohol, drugs and free sex is not going to make a man out of you. We should care for our people in these developed countries who are crying for a way out ofr this addiction. Young girls who sell their bodies so that they can have their next fix of drugs is heart rendering. These people were babies once, children, and now this horrible drugs have taken control of their lives. We should help them this time we need love and discipline and warm and caring rehab clinics. Let me tell you young person if you are reading this drugs is not the way out of your problems it is the worst problem, you need to check your self in a rehab place and have faith in God and He will help you out of your addiction.


If you are an alcoholic go to alcoholic anonymous and get help my grandfather on my mother’s side was an alcoholic I never met him but my mother told how difficult it was for my wonderful, gracious, sweet grandmother who had five children my mother being the youngest to feed them and get them educated my grand mother is now with the Lord.


We need to educate our young people not only on having safe sex (though I personally believe in sex after marriage) but on the destruction of drug and alcohol abuse. I live in Northern Ireland and for many binge drinking is a norm on weekends. Sex, drugs and rock n roll will give your money pocket a hole. It will get you no where. We as parents have to give our children a loving home where they can grow as individuals with a strong mind and loving heart.


Don’t let the next generation slip into a world with no morals, values and having addictions we need to stop it. Children should be taught about the evils of drug and alcohol abuse and also about having a healthy life style of sport and academics and food.


Now let us go around the world to what doctor Borlaug says about food :-


“Yet food is something that is taken for granted by most world leaders despite the fact that more than half of the population of the world is hungry.”

Norman Borlaug


While people in the west struggle with addictions, obesity and couch potato lifestyle the people  in the other parts of the world walk miles and miles for a drink of water and food what a vast difference. In this era of millions and billions of pounds and dollars going on military, rockets, satellites and so on there  about half the people going hungry.


While people in the west are eating themselves to death some people do not even have one meal a day and many farmers and the financially backward are stuck in a rut of debt. We have to help people have at least one meal a day. Help the poor get jobs. Dr Borlaug had fought a long fight and because of him many thousands have food.


Dear friends the choice is yours do not be selfish think outside the boundaries of your secure life. Help in some way either in your own land or another land. People need your help. You can help by spending more time with family and helping your children have a better life than ourselves, visiting old people in the home for the aged or sending money or starting your own charity for people you know.


Everyone deserves a chance to live in this world and people need a second chance maybe they messed it up once but let us help them be the people they were created to be people with self respect and dignity.









“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Hi there dear sweet munchkins, my dear sweetypies, how are you all doing ? I would firstly like to thank all of you who commented on my site thank you so much .  The world looks brighter and chirper because of your comments.

Today I would like to talk about change. What is change ? How do we change ? Let me tell you every second there is in time there is change of some sort or other. How do we mankind change we need to prioritize will this benefit my family, will it benefit others close to me, will it benefit the Lord?

Learn to let go of past mistakes, learn to let go of wrongs done to you those who did you wrong would have forgotten about it why should you hold on it and get psychosomatic diseases let go.

I have had a lot to let go of and now am really happy inside and out.

Think positive and act positive if someone is mean just smile and say isn’t it a lovely day soon your infectious positivity will rub off on the whole town. Let me tell you something personal I always cared what people thought of me. My dad was an Anglican Minister and he strictly said no dating in University so I never dated in University never rebelled and never partied because of the fear of bringing shame to the family.

When I was in 26 or 27 years old and way past marriageable age my mum was looking into Shadi.Com for prospective bridegrooms that was the time I put my foot down and said  I want a love marriage or the marriage where I get to fall in love as I was a hopeless romantic due to the 100’s of mills and boons I had read.

Then I met this gorgeous Irish man fell in love and got married. Life has not been a bed of roses but my husband has been a stable source of comfort and help and we have been blessed with a gorgeous daughter.

I hope to move with the times and let my daughter date and be a normal teenager but at the same time instill some of the values of my Indian culture and provide her with a stable and secure home.

In conclusion I would like to put up this poem I wrote some time back :-


Why so confusing,The life and future,contemplating

What job would best suit our needs,debating

Does God really exist, questioning

How did God exist before he existed, thought provoking

Is love a fact or a feeling, emotions heightening

Does God speak through thunder and lightening ,frightening

Are there other worlds beside our own? Aliens emerging

Does heaven and earth one day meet? The universes merging

Yet the cross remains standing ,truth arising

The lamb who died on the cross had a marking

The starting of another world in a making
 ,The heavens applauding

Angles descending on earth
Cause this new world is starting , shocking

The universe in the making

Yet time is left starting and ending
 , To make time obsolete,

This new world shall emerge without time
 ,Yet created before time for a time
 Clock ticking

So dear sweet munchkins hope you have a wonderful weekend you are precious in God’s eyes and hope you have a wonderful week ahead lots of love from the Spicy Indian Tandoori I mean aunty

Alaghi ( When Bollywood meets beauty)

A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.
John Keats

 Hi there dear sweetypies, munchkins and dear readers today I am going to put up a story I wrote sometime back. This story pushes against boundaries but there is a message at the end. Happy reading. 🙂

  In  the beautiful eastern sunset of the sub-continent of India .When the sun was just shyly beckoning to the clouds to cover her naked rays as she gradually hid from human gaze, Papagi Kumar was pacing two and fro with his bare feet making footprints in the sand as he anxiously waited for the news outside the mud hut.

Is it a boy or a girl he wanted sons to work in the field for him. He already had three strong handsome boys who were aged 15 to 7 years. He was proud of them. Ramu the eldest now worked in the field with him. He was a strong boy and he worked hard. The next was Raju who was 12 and always getting into trouble.

He remembered the day when the village women went to bathe in the river and Raju took all their clothes and dropped them in a well. The poor women had to wait till it became dark to make their way back to their homes covered in their husband’s clothes that the men left for them to wear.

Papagi Kumar still remembered seeing mamagi in his old shirt and shivering in the night as her hair long and wet covered her breasts and she looked so mystical in the moonlight as the moon illuminated her long and thin body. He just had to have her that night and as a product of their passionate fantastical night she was now in labour pains.

Her labour cries were heard throughout the neighbourhood all the village women came out and were gossiping around the hut where mamagi was kept.The village women had come out to fetch water from the well but that could wait was it a boy or a girl.Now having spectators staring at papagi he prayed to this unknown God for a boy then a long period of silence ensued, suddenly a loud cry from mamagi and the sweetest cry ever heard the baby was born. Papagi took the turban in his hand and threw it in the air and cought it he was sure it was a boy.

Till the midwife Omagi a lady who was 50 yet looked 90 years old brought out the baby. The baby was the colour of the desert sand with green eyes and papagi held out his trembling hands to hold this unusually beautiful looking son it omagi told him it was a girl and apapgi knew this was no ordinary girl. She was a gift from the Almighty to their family she was like a delicate lotus flower from the pond.

Papagi went in to see mamagi she was covered in a thin cotton sheet that papagi saved hard to buy her long hair drenched in sweat but her body smelled of detol. He closed the door and laid the baby in mamagi’s hands mamagi decided to call her Alaghi which means beautiful one and she was one of the most beautiful creatures papagi had ever seen.

He now had to show the spectators who were  impatiently waiting outside so he reluctantly took the baby out and there was silence. The baby from the time she was born made people awestruck by her beauty and true to her name she was Alaghi the beautiful one.

Alaghi grew up oblivious to her looks she was protected by her three brothers and played boy games but her best and closest friend was Bablu her neighbour, they were the same age and Bablu and Alaghi used to love the puppet shows that came to their village and after the show  Alaghi used to enact the whole story from memory  while Bablu cheered. Bablu came from a family better of than Alaghi, ever since Bablu was a baby he was drawn to Alaghi something in Alaghi he wanted to conquer yet at a tender age of 8 years he felt defeated already.

At the age of 12 Bablu noticed slight changes in Alaghi her breasts developed she was complaining of stomach pains and she started using turmeric on her skin a sign of womanhood. Bablu did not understand it but everytime he saw Alaghi in her bright clothes of yellow and red with anklets on her feet, bracelets in her hands and flowers in her hair he felt an adrenalin rush, he tried holding her hand the other day and she ran away laughing.

He saw his appa and mama putting their lips together for a long time and all he cauld think was he wanted to do the same with Alaghi.So he decided to take Alaghi to the water falls close to their home so Alaghi wearing her half saree which was a long skirt a short top and a long scarf covering her waist and her blouse and Bablu was just wearing his shorts walked to the water falls it was not deep and Alaghi was scared at first and held on very tightly to Bablu as they both entered the refreshing and cold waters as they held each other tight Bablu brought his lips onto  Alaghi’s lips, Alaghi was fascinated by the desires it aroused in her and held her lips closer to his not knowing how to kiss. Bablu’s hands slowly left her shoulder and travelled to her left breast,just then she caught his hand and said no, with her long skirt soaking with water ran home, mystified yet frightened about her passions. She knew if she let go she will be in trouble.

Omagi knowing now the boys gazed at Alaghi gave her a long and exciting talk about sex more so to warn her but Alaghi now at the age of 13 finally realized she was a beauty and she could get any man do what she wanted.It was a frightening feeling yet knowing she was in control was exhilarating and she felt powerful.

Alaghi wanted more in life she remembered seeing a movie for the first time in her village she was 10 years then, and during the song Bablu who was sitting next to her gave her a pinch, she smiled as she thought of Bablu and her heart skipped a beat but she wanted to be on that big screen, she wanted to dance, she wanted to act she remembered the time she was a child and knew all the lines of the puppets by heart.

One day two years later when Alaghi was 15 there was a buzz in the village that the director of a movie was coming to their village to direct a film Alaghi knew then it was now or never, so she wore her favourite red blouse and red skirt with yellow flowers  and yellow scarf called half saree, she braided her long black hair put flowers in her hair wore her favourite gold earrings and she got some cocnut oil and rubbed her lips with it to make it glow and she put some eyeliner and a red bindhi on her forehead and she knew with her green eyes she looked striking as she ran to the place where they were about to film the movie.

Alaghi came across a flock of sheep and a big car was coming toward the sheep not wanting the sheep to get hurt Alaghi did her best to push them to the side not knowing the film director was in that car as fate or providence would have it.

The car stopped and a young man around 30ish got out of the car and came toward her, she was scared she wanted to run but he looked so posh so handsome he asked her , her name Alaghi looking shyly at the floor told him her name. He gently lifted her chin up with his forefinger and asked her how old she was, she said 15 very quietly wishing she was older. He was mesmerized by her green eyes. He could see her on the big screen she had beauty that was rare to behold. He had found an exquisite precious jewel. This jewel was going to make him a very rich man.

He took her hands in his big hands and promised her fame and fortune but there was a price to pay like Bablu he wanted to conquer her, to be the first man in her life he wanted her virginity. He promised the world at her feet if she gave him her virginity.

Alaghi being a beauty was like a trapped butterfly that wanted the success and freedom of the world to have running water in her own home, To have more clothes, to go out to restaurants and parties. She weighed the pros and cons very carefully and he the film director named Vivek was a handsome man she reluctantly agreed.

He promised her she wont regret it they drove back to the way they came. Vivek sent word back to her parents through one of his men that they wanted her in the movie so they were anxious and innocent not knowing their daughter was selling her virginity for fame and fortune.

That night he brought her a green lingerie and she let her long hair fall over her breasts her bare legs folded together and she was biting her lower lip and playing with her fingers she was 15 and nervous. Vivek came into the beautiful pent house his bare chest strong and muscular and he was wearing jeans he looked like a majestic God. He gave her some champagne she coughed and made the cutest face he had ever seen and he gave her coco cola instead which she drank and let out a cute burp which she was embarrassed about then he kissed her first slowly and softly and then with wanting as she let out a moan and kissed back her passions rushing to form a river of fire, he touched her breast she let him and slowly and surely till early dawn they made love her pain and pleasure pulsating through her whole body  and then she fell asleep Vivek watched her sleep her lips slightly apart and her fair skin and long black hair covering her young breasts. He knew this young woman was no ordinary woman he will make her a star and she will become his wife.

She arose from slumber and gave her some breakfast and she opted for orange juice instead of coffee and then he gave her his treasured script that nobody in the world would have made justice to except Alaghi. She adapted to her new life very well she often thought of Bablu but she knew he was a boy she preferred and needed a man. Within three months her movie was in the theatre and she grew in fame and fortune she bought her parents a new home.She helped her brothers financially and Ramu decided he too wanted to act and Vivek gave him some roles as well. Within a year she became the most popular film actress of the sub continent of India and became the wife of the most popular film director Vivek Chakravarthy. Bablu watched her movies many many times love stricken and grief stricken till he got a scholarship to study in Austaralia the subject he wanted Engineering but he had no clue about the price Alaghi had to pay for her fame and fortune.

The price Alaghi had to pay was a very hard one but the rewards were magnificently glorious now I am asking you the reader a question .Does all great things in life always come with a price ?

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

Hi there dear sweetypies, my dear munchkins how are you all doing ? Today I would like to talk to all the mummies out there and those who are in relationships and those who would like to get into relationships this article is specially designed for the women.

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

Marilyn Monroe

In this  world dear senoritas it takes effort and perseverance to bag your man and keep him. It does not mean once you are married you change your wardrobe to sweats and non complementing lounge wear. NO this is the time to look your best for your man. In the morning before your sweet heart goes to work make an effort to change from your PJ’s and wear something smart and bright and also remember to brush your teeth, comb your hair and wear make up. I am by no means telling you to be a Geisha but look your best.

When a man leaves home with his bride just out of bed uncombed hair sans make up and a grogy good bye from wifey , this man goes straight to work and the first thing he sees miss gorgeous with perfume, perfect hair and make up at the reception desk.

No we all can not look like Marilyn Manroe or Victoria secret models but we have to work at it. Women the ALL NATURAL look has gone with the cave men we are now in a cosmetic enhanced world. Not everyone is born with great height, skin, hair and beauty we have to work at this to keep our men where we would like Him to be and that is by our side till death us do part.

Women should take care of themselves many feminists believe that they can do things as well as any man but remember “gals” God first made man in His image and then the woman to complement the man.

If you want to get into a relationship with a man or keep the fire going in your relationship first and foremost commit to prayer and then the gym, hair, make up, waxing , bathing, flossing and perfume. Surprise your man when he comes home from work one day send the kids to grandma’s house and set the mood once your preened and pruned wear something sexy light the house with candles and cook his favorite meal. Let me tell you your homeboy will be surprised and very appreciative.

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn

Non of us women are perfect how ever much we try but we can bring warmth, positivity and joy into our home. Do not belittle your children, do not nag your husbands just try and be patient and loving. “4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” 13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”1 Corinthians 13:4-6,13.

We need to love our husbands and families and if we love God this love naturally overflows. We do not need cosmetic surgery even though if you have the means it can boost self esteem but the greatest boost of self esteem comes from our families.

Women do not look at success from the world point of view if you have a loving stable home or are searching for one always take it up in prayer and then also look your best even you have hit the jackpot of a handsome rich husband keeping that relationship alive and motivating is up to you so remember God first and family second and you third.

We must keep our families happy and that includes husband, children and yourself. When I was at school our English teacher told us to write our epitaph or what would be written on our grave and I wrote many years before I met my husband    “She was the sunshine of our home” Many times there have been dark clouds, rain, rainbows and I always pray there will most often be sunshine.

So with rays of light and delight

The Indian Aunty signing off

Everyone deserves a chance to love and be loved in return

Hi there munchkins this blog is designed specially for those who are looking for love. I believe every human being has a partner specially designed for him or her. When God made man God made them male and female. Now through the evolving of the world and the evolving of morals there are relationships between man and man or woman and woman.

I am not here to judge or criticize you or push religion down your throats. In fact I have a few gay guy friends. I love these people who have one longing that is love.

Love the ungodly, love the gay or lesbian. Do you know there is a prostitute in the lineage of Jesus called Rahab. Love the different and the difficult. Love the gothics they are just expressing how they feel to the world.

Man can be born that way to be attracted to men or there must be some underlying problem in his life. There are even Christian eunuchs or transvestites in the Bible who are mentioned in the Old and New Testament. There is the place in heaven for the different.

People in this fallen world where there is binge drinking, one night stands and homosexual relationships all cry out for one word and that is love. Unconditional Love and acceptance into this world for who they are.

Why should we categorize people by their outward appearance be it a particular religion, race, dress sense or if they are who they are. Let me tell you something Jesus was a non conformist . He brought about free grace and forgiveness of sins by dying a shameful death on the cross. He did not judge the woman caught in adultery. He spoke to a woman who had many husbands where even speaking to someone of the opposite sex was considered a sin much less a Samaritan woman.

He saw the corruption in the Synagogue and overturned the tables and drove out the self righteous bigots or Pharisees.

He was not a Pharisee he was a carpenter by trade a simple non conforming human being who drank wine  and ate with the people the world turned it’s back on.

He dined with the tax collectors and prostitutes and touched lepers and healed them. Who are we to judge the gays, lesbians, prostitutes  or the gothics they are people like you and me seeking love, seeking their identity and seeking a God of love.

Do not be a bigot or gossiper if you point out one finger at them with your self righteous seat remember there are four fingers pointing back at you.

Learn to love, The Bible says love your neighbor as your self . The greatest command in the Bible is LOVE. If you want to change the world have LOVE .  Friend LOVE exists it is real like a warm waterfall. Man, relationships, money can not give you that love but God can. I do not care if you are a drug addict or alcoholic or have had multiple sexual partners but just go into a room close the door and say God if you are real show me your love minimum time is 15 minutes and watch him spread his love over you. Just try it once you have love , That love can take the place of addictions what ever it is. He is real and He loves you.

Love from the non conforming

Indian Aunty

A round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away. He must have time to modify his shape. Mark Twain




Hi there dear, dear friends, munchkins, sweetypies how are you all doing ? Well I the Indian aunty went on a short holiday for a week and now I am 155 pounds.


But as they say there is always a silver lining after every dark cloud I have joined the gym and hopefully I can get back on track of my weight loss and be 8 stone by November.


Today as I went walking outside in the crisp cool air of Northern Ireland I saw so many fields of grass and healthy cows and I thought the poor scrawny cows of India how much they would enjoy this grass and moo a prayer of gratitude to their creator and not only cows but also the sheep. Holy Cow I am now turning into an animal activist.


Animals bring so much of joy to their owners when I was growing up in India we had a dog named RollyPolly and he was such an awesome dog and brought so much of joy in our lives I still miss him.


I now have a cat named Washington he is a wonderful cat that brings so much of laughter and love into our home. He has gone missing twice but always managed to make his way back home.


We love Washington and thank God for him he is like a family member. We once had a prayer meeting for our friends dog who died we sang two hymns including “Abide with me” where the owner put a rose on her dog’s grave which was in her garden. Then we prayed and gave the owner who was my English teacher , a word of encouragement and all I could say was you will see him in heaven.

I do not know if my theology was correct but I know dogs and cats will have a home in heaven.

So let us not just worry about ourselves but also help the animals that God has created.

So on the behalf of the woof, woofs, meaw, meaws, and moo moo’s

Holy Cow

It’s the Indian aunty the self made animal activist

Bye, bye sweetypies , munchkins and friends

If music be the food of love, play on.

William Shakespeare