“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Hi there dear sweet munchkins, my dear sweetypies, how are you all doing ? I would firstly like to thank all of you who commented on my site thank you so much .  The world looks brighter and chirper because of your comments.

Today I would like to talk about change. What is change ? How do we change ? Let me tell you every second there is in time there is change of some sort or other. How do we mankind change we need to prioritize will this benefit my family, will it benefit others close to me, will it benefit the Lord?

Learn to let go of past mistakes, learn to let go of wrongs done to you those who did you wrong would have forgotten about it why should you hold on it and get psychosomatic diseases let go.

I have had a lot to let go of and now am really happy inside and out.

Think positive and act positive if someone is mean just smile and say isn’t it a lovely day soon your infectious positivity will rub off on the whole town. Let me tell you something personal I always cared what people thought of me. My dad was an Anglican Minister and he strictly said no dating in University so I never dated in University never rebelled and never partied because of the fear of bringing shame to the family.

When I was in 26 or 27 years old and way past marriageable age my mum was looking into Shadi.Com for prospective bridegrooms that was the time I put my foot down and said  I want a love marriage or the marriage where I get to fall in love as I was a hopeless romantic due to the 100’s of mills and boons I had read.

Then I met this gorgeous Irish man fell in love and got married. Life has not been a bed of roses but my husband has been a stable source of comfort and help and we have been blessed with a gorgeous daughter.

I hope to move with the times and let my daughter date and be a normal teenager but at the same time instill some of the values of my Indian culture and provide her with a stable and secure home.

In conclusion I would like to put up this poem I wrote some time back :-


Why so confusing,The life and future,contemplating

What job would best suit our needs,debating

Does God really exist, questioning

How did God exist before he existed, thought provoking

Is love a fact or a feeling, emotions heightening

Does God speak through thunder and lightening ,frightening

Are there other worlds beside our own? Aliens emerging

Does heaven and earth one day meet? The universes merging

Yet the cross remains standing ,truth arising

The lamb who died on the cross had a marking

The starting of another world in a making
 ,The heavens applauding

Angles descending on earth
Cause this new world is starting , shocking

The universe in the making

Yet time is left starting and ending
 , To make time obsolete,

This new world shall emerge without time
 ,Yet created before time for a time
 Clock ticking

So dear sweet munchkins hope you have a wonderful weekend you are precious in God’s eyes and hope you have a wonderful week ahead lots of love from the Spicy Indian Tandoori I mean aunty


A poem dedicated to my grand mother the mother of my mother Mrs Ranjitham Jeyaraj

She was warm, loving and caring

Her love and sweetness with others sharing

Her simplicity and gentleness endearing

She never asked always gave

Gave of herself to her husband and children

Raising up her children, grand children and great grand children to be strong, intelligent, capable women and men,

Love was her first name,

Humility her second

One day the God Almighty decided to come down and pick a diamond of a man or a woman to place in His splendorous palace,

He picked my grand mother a woman of love, charm and grace