Love And Forgiveness

By Sangeetha

1 John 4:7,8 Beloved let us love one another, For love is of God and everyone that loveth is born of God and knoweth God. He that loveth not, knoweth not God for God is LOVE

Today I would like to talk about love.

L is for leaning on our Saviour’s heart which is full of compassion

O is for offering a sacrifice of praise and happiness to the lord who has blessed us by giving us His son to reign in our hearts.

V is for versatile forgiveness that the Lord gives us when we sin and ask Him to forgive our sins

E is for every spiritual and physical blessings that the Lord has given us and for that we are grateful.

My dear friends we have to love everyone. It is so easy to love those who love us and are good to us, but it does not end there we have to love those who have wronged us, mistreated us, who hate us and those who don’t like us. How can we love them you may ask? Think of Jesus on that cruel cross, where the soldiers spat on Him, whipped him, cursed him, put those nails in his hands and feet, YET our wonderful and great Saviour said “ Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing “ He is God he could have asked for 10,000 angels to come and deliver him YET he went through that cruel cross out of his love for you and for me. 

If Jesus can forgive them, how much more can we forgive those who hurt us, wronged us, ,  and hate us. It is nothing like what Jesus went through on that cruel cross. Forgive them and let it go. Do not talk about it or even think about it.

Let me tell you something interesting after Jesus forgave those who crucified him and he died on that cruel cross, that was not the end. On the 3rd day Jesus arose to glory, power and might. He now reigns in the Heavens as the Lord Of Lords and the King of Kings. Jesus was BLESSED after he forgave.

Dear friends forgive and let the bad things people have done to you go, don’t dwell on it, and you will be blessed. The Bible says Faith, Hope and Love but the greatest is LOVE. You can not love without forgiveness and you can not forgive without Love. Love and forgiveness go hand in hand. 

John 15:12 says This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you . It is our commandment to love.

There was once a missionary doctor in  Africa who lived there with his wife and son. One day 2 men from the village came to see the doctor and showed him their feet, which was covered with leprosy, The missionary doctor asked his son to get some warm water and washed the feet of these people, bandaged it gave them some food and sent them home. The son of the missionary said it was then that he saw God’s love in action.

We have to love our brothers and sisters not just by words but by action. My grandmother who I lovingly call as dadho, always had an open house and whenever we had visitors whatever food we had on the table she offered it to them, it did not have to be the best food which in India is Briyani but even it was just a simple rice and curry she offered it to them, now she is being offered food and love from our wonderful family friends. This is karma  what you give out will one day come back to you.

Let us keep giving love, keep being a blessing, keep being an encouragement , and one day it will come back to you.

God wants us to love and forgive, no matter how people have wronged you and hurt you, love them , forgive them and then let it go. Then you will have peace in your heart and the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will bless you . 

Let us pray and ask our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to love and forgive others who wronged us.

Our Dear Heavenly Father God, The Lord who created the smallest little grass , To the Lord who created the Great Cedar tree, Pine Tree And Oak Tree. The Lord who created the smallest little ant to the majestic Elephant and Lion . The Lord who created the universe, The Sun, The Moon, The stars, The sky and all the planets which keep revolving but do not bump into each other because of their perfect gravitational force. God what a great wonderful, powerful God you are. Yet you care for us and have good plans for our lives. Lord Jesus help us to love and forgive those who have hurt us and help us to let it go by your grace. We love you, honour you and thank you. In Jesus name we pray Amen.

Theology With A Piece Of Cake

  • photo-18
  • My dearest friends I would like to wish each and everyone of my readers Happy New Year, This year I decided one of my New Year resolutions was to bake more as I love cooking, I decided to learn to bake like an Indo-British lady. This is my first cake for the year, it still needs a more professional look but thank God my family liked it.
  • In Genesis when Lord God created the earth, flora and fauna he took a break on the Sabbath day, I wonder and hypothetically speaking if God went for a walk had a black coffee and some fruit, sitting on a rock sipping his coffee and thinking about not just about creation but eschatologically looking into the future, we all know God is omnipotent and all powerful, omniscient and all knowing and omnipresent and present everywhere,
  • Did the lord God weigh the pros and cons of creating mankind, when we bake cake we weigh the eggs, flour, butter and sugar, was creating the earth like baking a cake, the colours of the earth, trees and also seas, did he imagine the end product with his fingers crossed and eyes shut praying let it all go well yet in the future he saw the most perfect world, but the process of that perfect world was time, as mankind was going through the baking process and still we are in God’s celestial oven, when the perfect Lord God Jesus comes again this imperfect world will disappear the perfect will appear, we are going for a universal celestial ride before we enter the perfect world the Lord God has prepared for imperfect people like you and me, when the time comes this new world will be way past our imagination, when I baked this cake there was shifting of flour, weighing the ingredients and when the cake came out of the oven it was still not finished, it still needed the icing of imagination and tender loving care that only the lord God can give us, there will be no more sorrow or crying in the new world as we await this new life let us just be like a yellow sunflower basking in the sunshine of God’s word and presence with a piece of cake and coffee, or whatever you like to eat not just the word of God to nourish our spirit man but also food to nourish our physical bodies.
  • God Bless
  • From just a housewife

Guardian Angel

imagesAlone she sat looking out the window in the train wondering where,? Why?, how?, will she ever, ?as she looked out tears streaming down her face, asking herself is there a God?, will he ever help,? she was a religious person she went to church, read the bible and was a good human being, but why where did it all go wrong, did the Almighty punish her for who she was or was it just her fate or karma that lead her to this.

As the tears poured down her face, she felt a warm hand on her shoulder an elderly lady with kind brown eyes sat next to her and asked her what was wrong, Shena mumbled eyerthing, her marriage was broken, she lost her house and now her job was in jeopardy, the old lady hugged her and said sweetheart it will be alright just believe, as Shena thanked the old lady and gave her a hug the old lady gave her a date 15 August which was three days from now and said it will work out by

Shena smiled and mumbled thank you drying her eyes got out of the train just as she walked out she felt comforted and mumbled to her cynical self 15th August, as she went to stay in a rundown flat close to her work place she closed the door and wept crying out to God why was she in such jeopardy doesn’t God care?, is there even a God,? just then she heard a knock on the door and there was the same old lady caring a tray of soup and a sandwich , Shena mumbled a thank you suddenly realising how hungry she was and wolfed it down.

Shena gave the old lady a hug once more and asked where she was staying the old lady said close enough to help as Shena was tired and closed her eyes to sleep she had a dream about how to expand the advertising company she was working in she was excited and frightened she was just a receptionist and wondered if the boss will ever have time to listen to her but Shena took note of the dream and made a presentation with it, she took note of the date it was oneday to the 15th of August and with anticipation asked the boss if she could give out her presentation the boss joked about how everyone wanted attention.

Shena smiled and said believe just then as she said those words she looked out the boss window and there was the sweet old lady moping the floor and waved back on the 15th of August Shena dressed in a sharp red business suit gave her presentation there was silence and then a thunderous applause she had fixed a great problem and at the same time had got a great deal for the company that day she got a promotion and went out to thank the old lady but could not find her just as she got home she was surprised to see her apartment full of red roses her husband’s name was on the card which read “ I am sorry I love you” 550839_2946183953695_1446826119_njust as she ran to the door to ask the land lord about the old lady who lived close by the land lord said there was no one there with that description as she looked at the table there was a pair of crystal wings which said Believe God loves you and below that 15th of August as she wept holding on to the beautiful crystal wings there was a knock on the door and there was her husband looking into his eyes she wept it was the 15th of August as she kissed her husband .images-2

She saw in the distance an old lady walking as Shena said there was someone special she had to thank and ran after her the old lady turned, smiled and disappeared All Shena said was” thank you my wonderful guardian angel”

In her hands were the beautiful crystal wings which read” Believe”.



UnknownIn the suburbs of Australia there was born a red haired little girl who her mother lovingly named Jane, Jane grew up in a horse ranch and by the time she was four years old she had mastered the art of horse riding and was hoping to be a jockey when she grew up but she had one love who was little Jack, Jack’s dad lived on the farm next to  Jane’s ranch. As Jack’s mum was also working little Jack spent more time with Jane’s family, Jane grew up to be freckle faced, with a large gap between her teeth and little Jack had one goal in life that was to make little freckle faced Jane to cry, he used to love calling Jane plain Jane, taunting her about her red hair, freckles and huge gap between her teeth, Jane grew up feeling miserable about her looks yet she loved and hated Jack.

Jane came from a religious background prayers were said before meals, in the evenings and when ever needed, one day when Jane was about 10 years old when she knew and felt like an ugly duckling she got into her room after riding her horse and in a loud lament prayed Dear God please, please, please make me beautiful not knowing Jack was hiding under the window of her bed room as he cooed out loudly that” You my girl are beyond repair especially your teeth and hair and freckles why even the horses are prettier when they smile” Jane got up in a huff jumped out of her window which was on the ground floor onto Jack and tried to pull his hair just as Jane’s dad came to separate the two of them,

In the next few months on Jane’s 10th birthday the family decided to move to England to a small village and continue their farming and Jane kissed her beloved horses good bye and Jack actually waved back to her, Jane had mixed feeling the excitement of moving to another country, wondering if she would ever return yo Australia and looking forward to a new life. But above all if she would ever see Jack again, she loved him and hated him at the same time,

Jack’s dad had bought most of her horses and had helped them on their big move. Life In England was fun, Jane made new friends her best friend being a chubby dark haired girl who loved Jane’s red hair and freckles called Joyce and another quiet blond haired girl called Fay who admired Jane’s horsemanship, but as Jane grew up she knew she would never be a jockey as she was nearly5 feet 8 inches tall, her mum got her braces for her teeth for her 15th birthday and Joyce and Fay became her fashion gurus, Jane’s freckles disappeared except a few like fairy dust on her upper arms and back and a few on her nose.

Jane attracted a lot of attention where ever she went due to her gorgeous red hair and striking features plain Jane had grown up to be a gorgeous red swan.

One day when she was 17 years old her parents decided to go to Australia for a holiday Jane was so excited especially to see her beloved horses, as they would be staying with Jack’s family for a few weeks, Jack’s dad met them at the airport and commented how pretty Jane was.

As they neared their home Jane saw a gorgeous tall strong blonde haired man riding a horse she recognised him at once it was Jack, as they got out the truck Jack came towards them on his horse, as  Jane got out the truck , Jack looked at her and as their eyes met there was electricity, a strong sexual electricity between the two, Jack knew he had set eyes on the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, as Jane saw Jack’s blonde hair, his gorgeous smile she knew she had fallen in love for the first time in seventeen years. Jack asked Jane if she wanted to go horse riding with him and she happily agreed saying if only they could race, So Jane got onto this Chestnut coloured mare her long red curly hair and the gorgeous chestnut mare, made Jack know he had never seen anything so beautiful as they raced passed the fields, over the streams in to the mountains they came to the most beautiful spot on a mountain top as Jane won the race.

Jack and Jane got down  from the horses both panting from their ride, Jack was 6feet 2 with strong arms, blond hair dishevelled and they just stared at each other for seconds, till Jack said I can’t believe that you are so beautiful God sure answers prayers as he came close to her pushing the red strand of hair from her forehead, looking at amazement at the sprinkling of freckles on her upper arm kissing them, kissing the nape of her neck she started to breath harder and let out a moan she had never experienced anything like this this instinctive attraction to a gorgeous man who she knew as a child was now kissing her, holding her she knew if she didn’t give in she would regret it, or worse end up like sister margarita from school, this was what she wanted, this was with whom she wanted that night both Jack and Jane spent the night under the moon and stars, in nature doing what nature gave instinctively to both man and beast the feelings and inclinations of a sexual nature, in nature for nature.

The next day Jane was no longer freckle faced big teethed plain Jane, but Jane who through the right of passage was now no longer girl but a gorgeous woman who had lost her virginity to the man provided by the Gods for her journey in life.

Sometimes dear ones life takes us to far off lands, or just up the street but when the Gods bring up the opportunity at the right age in the right place be it a call of the wild, or rising up to church bells on your wedding day take hold of the opportunity and do not look back, be it past regrets or past glories whatever instinctive opportunity  the Lord brings, let your instinct be the answer. Nature will one day take you on it’s journey through life accept the right instinctive choices do not regret the life you live but live in line to the paths put by the Lord of Man, Machine and Nature. imgres

The Truth About THE MATRIX

images-4Long, long ago when the world was oblivion there lived the future computerised world of Divinity, Super humanity, Spiritual Beings of beauty and splendour and divinely inspired humanely created machine, machines made by man, where travelling to different planets by super powered machines run by the robots built by the robots, This new world, this future world Existed Before This World Was Formed For This New Future World.

Let me tell you how it began There was a Highly Intelligent Supreme Being delegated power to the Lord, This Lord along with the supreme Being of Divinity planned and created the world, the races, the peoples and even their religions. Not many have seen the great, mighty Supreme Divinity except the very few worthy beings of spiritual world and the intellectuals of the future world.

On the request and consent of this great and mighty Being the Lord Planned the world along with The God showing a path of peace of humanity, freedom of in spirituality and faith religiosity, put in order by the governmental authority. Yes there existed a future digital, intellectual, computerised, wonderful world before even earth existed. But on consent of the Lord there also existed a mind of the past, present and future created by the Lord to reveal to the Lord the plans of mankind and reveal to mankind on consent of the Lord the plans of the Lord.

The Lord beckoned to mankind walked in this world owning everything in the world yet only a few in the world truly knew of him, he walked as Lord of the religions as Buddha, As Christ, In Hinduism, In Sikhism, It was HE who created the Dalai Lama and gave the Ramayana and Mahabharata to India, Who gave Lord Buddha to China Why So Many Paths the Brain cried out But the Lord just smiled and said trust Me they all lead to me just like a house in the centre of town all roads leading to it, Then there was division of races, race against race.images-3

Then the Lord said it is time to delegate authority and the Lord Chose four of His close associates who ruled the world along with the Lord God, they walked with the Lord sped through time with the Lord, They were and the rulers of the world who the Lord had chosen on consent with the Divinity, Then the Lord and Lords had an idea how about giving this brain a human body so that it can help bring about peace and unity among religions and races but this child should be of controversial race of humanity and build the bridge between black and white as the Lord and the Lords prepared this Child, they realised there was bigotry, racial controversy, jealousy and hatred towards this child and other races yet the Lord and the Lords put unconditional love to this brain so that through this brain child a pathway of hope, love , unity and peace may be established.

This Child married a man and later begot a beautiful baby protected and loved by the Lord and the Lords though the world wanted to do her and her seed harm the Lord and the Lords protected them. When man got bored with the mundane everyday life there appeared Bill Gates and the computer revolution, as computers got mundane there were virtual games out there to be played an when virtual games got mundane there were other life games to be lived and time travel will soon not just be a fantasy but a reality when the Great Lord created, owned and built the earth He did not just build it he walked eschatology past, present and future, yes there is a present you are in the present but the future is already built the past is walk able the present liveable the future attainable, in other words though you are in the present the future is already existing.

May there be unity and peace between the Sovereign Lord, Lords and mankind and may there be peace between, races, cultures and religions yes there is a house and every road leads to that house what and that house means will be revealed in the right time, it may be heaven, it may be underground, it may be in the heavenliness, it may be a city, it may be another planet but remember there is a road for everyone and a room for everyone, no child, no city , no country and no land is exclusive there are many ways the world is like a ping pong ball so is the sun, moon, stars and planets where you go is up to the Lord.

In Conclusion I would like to put down this poem I wrote some time back called Riddles here it goes.

Why is life so confusing and the future contemplating,

What job would best suit our needs , debating

Does God really exist, questioning

How did God exist before he existed thought provoking

Is love a fact or a feeling, emotions heightening

Does God still speak through thunder and lightening, frightening,

Are there other worlds beside our own, Aliens emerging

Does heaven and earth one day meet ? the universe merging

Yet the cross remains standing, truth arising

The lamb who died on the cross had a marking

The starting of another world in a making

The heavens applauding

Angels descending to earth

Cause this new world is starting, shocking

The universe in the making

Yet time is left starting and ending

To make time obsolete

This new world shall emerge without time

Yet created before time for a time

Clocking tickingimages-2

Om Shanthi Om


Shanthi was a single mum bringing up two children Devi and Vijay, she had always believed in a God of creation, nature and beauty but after her husband left her for another woman from his office, her spirituality had waned and she stopped saying her prayers wondering if it was in her karma or fate to bring up her two children alone with no help from any where, she had not gone to university as her parents could not afford it and had got her married to the first  man who came along, so she decided to be a house maid and she was determined to give Vijay and Devi an education.Shanthi worked long and hard to provide food for her children, one day as she was going to work her slippers broke and having no money to buy a new pair she walked bare foot feeling the heat and rubble in her feet, she felt tears welling up in her eyes wondering where He was not her husband but the one she loved and believed in as a child, didn’t He care, there was no one to console her, no one to be there for her why oh why Lord she felt her heart cry

Suddenly there was a tender hand on her shoulder with twinkling eyes and a soft sweet expression on his face, he handed her a handkerchief she smiled and thanked him he was wearing a simple crisp white shirt and plain black trousers, he must have been around 40 years old.Shanthi who had been neglected, alone, and in desperation seeing the love in his beautiful brown eyes held on to his hands and wept aloud, she felt his hands on her shoulder and after she wept, He asked her, her name she said Shanthi meaning peace and out of gratitude she asked his name he said Yesudas meaning Jesus, he said talk to me do not be scared tell me why you are so upset, as she poured out her heart to Yesu, she felt a peace come over her.

He asked her where she lived and about her children Vijay and Devi, that evening she cooked rice, dhal and potato curry for her guest and the children showed Yesu their school books and drawing as it was getting late she did not want to let Yesudas go she had not felt such love and peace in such a long time, then as it neared 9.00 pm after the children went to bedYesu put his hands on her head and gave her an envelope He said one word to her Believe and just like that he vanished, as she opened that envelope there was enough for her to buy a house and live a fairly comfortable life she could not believe it she ran out to thank Him but there was no one there that evening when she went to say her prayers with incense in front of her God she was shocked yet filled with awe she saw the face of Yesudas smiling down at her from the picture.

Her children, grew up , went to university got good jobs as she was in her 80’s and sick in her bed she saw an old man coming to talk to her, she knew she had seen that face some where, some where from long long ago and then he said Shanthi time for your Shanthi come home she whispered Dear Yesu as she put both her hands in a Namaste position she whispered Thank you as she breathed her last breath and her spirit walked hand in hand with Yesu the God, Lord,  Man,  Three in one , The one she had loved all her life, till He came to take her home.  Om Shanthi Om.

How To Be A Blessing


Hi there darlings, sweethearts, how are you all doing ? Today I want to talk about Blessing. What is a Blessing ? How can we be a Blessing ? Blessing my dear friends goes back in time to the very Beginning to the time of Creation, when  the Lord God created the world he said it was good and in saying it was good he Blessed the world with goodness, then the Lord God created man and woman and Blessed them. Because they were God’s handiwork and beautiful in  His sight.Then get ready for the sad music, yes man and woman brought a curse on themselves by disobeying Lord God Almighty by eating the fruit of knowledge and now man hard to work for his food and man did not walk with God anymore as in the days when he walked in obedience with our Creator Lord.

But there was still a communion between man and God. What I am trying to say is when we are obedient to the Lord there is a Blessing and with disobedience comes a curse.Now come a few rhetorical questions, How do we obey the Lord at all times ? Is it possible to be a perfect Christian? How does God judge disobedience in the 21st centaury ?

Dear ones there was only one ever perfect man and that was our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and He lived a blameless life and suffered and died for us so that through His righteousness Our unrighteousness may be made pure, and we may be justified through His grace and love that he poured out for us on Calvary.You my dear friend are pure, may be you have addictions but through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ when we repent and ask for forgiveness we are like pure white blankets the stain of sin is removed and Satan may remind you of past sin but our Lord has forgiven and forgotten it.

That by itself is the greatest Blessing God has given us the Blessing of justification. Now when the Lord God justifies us we are Blessed with the knowledge of knowing we are going to spend eternity with Our Lord Jesus Christ and “as we try and climb the steps of glory to glory we know that one day we will glorified and pure as Him” ( glory to glory part taken from Sunday morning message at church)

Now we can be a Blessing when we obey the word and the theme that runs all through the Bible like a scarlet thread of the Blood of Christ is LOVE and when we reach out in love not just for those to like us but for those who do not like us then we incur the Blessing of our Lord  and Saviour Jesus Christ. Jesus showed us true love and  He was Blessed by God the father, how much more should you and I be an ambassador of love to the fallen, broken, lonely an d those who hate us without cause, Dear ones let us love this love can only come through the word and prayer and let us reflect Christ and Be a Blessing in doing this we will be Blessed.

Love overcomes, hate, pride, prejudice, partiality and like a light reflects and radiates Blessings in a dark and fallen world.Let our prayer be Lord make me a channel of love . Be Blessed !!photo

My Weight loss Journey

Hi there dear friends, it is me the Indian Aunty again on a Mission, you may ask me what mission aunty, the mission my dear munchkins is to be a size 10 again about 50- 55 kgs by Christmas day.


This is the best gift I can give myself, I have a personal trainer and my husband who has lost a lot of weight is also encouraging me on this weightloss journey.

I am now 73kgs and I love cooking and when you love cooking it is easy to indulge in the labours of your hard work in the kitchen.


But the time has come to become that coveted yummy mummy, as I go to leave my daughter in school I see other mums with more children looking like Victoria Secret Models, I label it to good genes but darlings it is more self discipline.


I ask why God why do I have to be on the rounder side ? He the Almighty answers in a deep base voice “darling how many times did you go around the kitchen and open the fridge door and how many comfort foods of tea and toast with marmalade have you had? why child why ? Now child practise discipline “


To tell you the truth munchkins I do not like exercise but my trainer does not push me above the limit. My husband and I when we work out together at the gym has started me on lifting weights but we women have to suffer for beauty be it braces for my teeth as I had in my teenage years, to high heel shoes and now the gym, I would have loved to get a tummy tuck and liposuction but  as a struggling musician and author that can only be a dream.


I am not proud of my 73kg weight nor my size 14 clothes, but through hard work, determination and dedication this can be achieved. I have my personal trainer for 8 weeks and  I hope to at least drop two dress sizes by then. My Birthday is coming up on November so hopefully I will be a size12 by then.


Why is there so much hype on money, looks, cars and homes, that is the way the world measures success but I believe to be a successful individual you must have peace of mind, self discipline, love and security.


“You have to make you proud “and making you proud of who you are and what you have achieved you hence become a strong individual, no one can walk on this road called life for you, you have made a choices some right, some wrong but you have to live with the choices you have made. It is never too late, there is hope,  pray you make the right choices.


I may not have much materially but I have a wonderful husband and a gorgeous daughter and all the choices I make revolves around them, So make the right choice get on that treadmill “you be proud of you” and being comfortable with who you are, you send positivity to people around you. You are beautiful, You are precious, God has a wonderful plan for your life

 Love From The

 from Gymming Aunty Imageinspia

The Wizard Of War And Lust and The Wizard Of Peace and Love

ImageDear young ones, yes I am talking to the teenage strata of Society the confused batch wondering “am I a girl or woman” and you heavy metal gothic fans wondering what the heck? ”you talking to me can’t you see that I am busy chewing gum and listening to M&M”, and you girls out there dying your hair bright red, with matching lipstick and short shorts as the shorts can’t get any shorter and showing of your flat tummy that any middle aged lady would pay a fortune for, yes you my confused, gorgeous, intellectual, young ones this story is for you,

Here it goes,

When the world was a mass and void of life and any form of flora and fauna there was a wonderful awesome being that ruled the planets, the universes, stars and sky and that wonderful being , being imaginative, creative, awe inspiring, miracle working, unattainable yet sustainable being ruled the worlds and he made the Good, after he made the  Good he took a rest “like some of you young ones do locked up in your rooms for hours telling your folks you are doing your  home work while you are actually on the phone talking about who you want to take to the prom, or on your x-box, or trying out the new hairdo or make up you checked out on you tube”.

When this great awesome being finished creating the good, he created the awesome spiritual beings called angels. These angels were created to unconditionally obey, love and reverence this creator of good, then this creator of good evolved life forms, animals on land, birds on trees and fish in water and yes he made some master pieces. Of these animal and Mammalia life forms, but then this creator of Good performed the most astonishing beautiful life forms called “man and woman” they were exquisitely beautiful and intelligent like many of you young ones though all your folks here is “duh, yeah and cool and just chillin”.

Then this awesome Being decided to create magic as he knew if he did not create magic, the angels would so then the birth of the wizards were fore knowledgeably appointed. The Wizards were created with every knowledge of magic, reading the signs of stars, of angels.  Worse still the one who led to the downfall of good making it bad as well.

” Oh sorry young ones did I not tell you about him, the chief gorgeous celestial, terrestrial being who wanted to be the Ultimo Supremo Being above the creator of good well he was sent packing to earth but he did not rest he waged war and havoc and enticed the wizard of magic by promising more power and glory if only this wizard would obey him in everything . Yes darlings you know man is gullible” just like your mums and dads as you tell them you are going over to a friend’s which is partially  true but actually you are going to party, and I say be true to your heart if something does not seem right do not try it be it alcohol, drugs or sex, wait be patient and listen a time for sex will come make it special”.

This gullible wizard hence chose the bad, dark , path, of lust and war all he wanted was to rule the world and serve this magnificent evil supreme being that promised him power that led to death of mankind but rise of evil and darkness. Soon this world of good well was not good anymore with blood shed, war and havoc but then this supreme being creator of good chose a just magician of magic who obeyed the good and was not led astray by the evil supernatural being but chose the path of good and love, so the Supreme Being made this wizard an ambassador of peace and good and love.

Soon there was a big war where the heavenly bodies fought alongside with the earthly creatures the battles against good and evil of love and lust, in other words between sex and purity and power over enmity there was a lot of blood shed man against man, wizard against wizard, angel against angel while the creator of Good in fury of righteous indignation came over and stopped the battle with one awe inspiring wave of his arm.

It was then the celestial, terrestrial, beings and mankind and wizard over wizard looked at each other and they laughed, yes they laughed this supreme being creator of good also created evil and love and peace would never have existed without lust and war. As day comes into the dawn as night breaks through twilight there can never exist good without evil nor love without lust.

This supreme being made both good and evil according to his foreknowledge he knew his highest celestial being would aspire to be Him yet can never be Him. He was created for lust and enmity there can never be a perfect world. This idea dawned on the wizards at the same time as they saw their futility of perfection when there can never be perfection in a fallen world of lust and debauchery and of peace and love there was an uproar in the heavenliness when the wizards of both good and evil laughed and shook hands.Yes they were enemies yet they knew one could never exist without the other, like two sides of a coin as you flip the coin one day it is heads and the next it is tails just like there are no perfect people in this world so young ones enjoy your youth stick to your conscience and if you fall today remember tomorrow is an other day to practise doing good.

Next time you see a coin look both sides and remember one side can not exist without the other “if there is good there will also be bad”.Image

The End xxx

Time Travel With Prof Mueller

ImageMary was always curious, energetic, bright, honest and pretty in her own unique way but because for her love of physics she was called nerd, brainy doc, geek she had one motivation to work as an astro physicist but she was so intelligent in studying molecules , how they are all around us, about mass be it on objects or how molecules produce space and mass, yet man has a body mass index be it in weight, water and flesh which have been used by fitness people and people who are trying to lose their BMI through diet and exercise.

But what Mary was working on was helping her Prof Mueller build a time machine to go forward and backward to time, Mary was young she was half Indian and half European. In fact she was the niece of Prof Mueller, His Brother’s son had married  an Indian Surgeon who was not only intelligent but beautiful as well. Mary was an only child she had olive skin with blue eyes with a gorgeous body but always hiding her figure with jeans and hoodies all she dreamed was going from present to the future and finding a way of becoming invisible to travel in to the past as it could be catastrophic for the world if alters the past, all she wanted was to study about the journey of man, past present and future.

Mary noticed you can provide positive molecules around your self, by being busy, thinking positive, mediating that she learnt from her yoga guru Latha and always being calm, the more she thought about the more excited she got, she had steeped into something that would change the word.

Yes from the time we was a little girl she loved and watched Star Wars, Star Treck, Matrix, Transformers but this was the reason she was chosen by the Higher Powers to build the bridge between the world of past, present and future.

One day during her meditation she felt light,  she thought she was going to faint she was sitting in her room looking at her self from the ceiling, suddenly there was a flash of light and she heard the sweetest male voice ever saying Mary do not worry  I am the  Lord who freed your body ,today you will learn how oneness with the Lord can lead to invisible travel around the present, she did not understand or comprehend this great and awesome change coming over her body but when she did it was peaceful, beautiful like walking in air, suddenly she heard “ Mary, Mary” yes she  had forgotten  she had physics honours class in school, yet she did not forget she had stepped into ones with the Lord, she should try it again some time later.

After her Physics Honours class, Mary was so excited she was going to meet prof Muellor about the Time Machine, Prof Mueller was so excited he had broken the code of  molecules  in air pockets in the light speed of time, distance and time travel yes this was the biggest and the bestest theory he had done now back to work in the time machine.

Prof Mueller did not want to be disturbed for a whole month while his house keeper Ingrid kept his tea, toast and soup in front of the doorway at times a little toast and tea would be eaten, or there will be days where only the tea was gratefully received. There was a lot of mumbling and even Mary was not allowed to visit Prof Mueller and then Suddenly, there was a big Hooray like a child getting candy for doing their homework after dinner, and Prof Mueller called Mary and Ingrid and showed them his master piece.

Mary was stunned she had not seen anything like this that defied gravity and time, it looked like a horizontal Rocket. Prof Mueller the proceeded to say Mary tomorrow you and I will travel in time to the year 4012 and then come back in time. He then said he would love to the year 4012 because that is the time everything that the world was and is will be changed to a more high tech, medically enhanced, scientifically enhanced where you can go on holidays to the moon and space travel will be like a holiday travel but more importantly he has also invented a computer where he can talk to other scientists and astrophysicists  in the future and has made a good friend prof  Garry in the year 4012 and would love to meet him.

The next day Prof Mueller and Mary got ready for time travel. This time machine first travels vertically and then in the speed of light in space through air pockets with the help of the molecules that pushes this machine forward instead of bombarding the machine this molecule nuclei push this machine forward into the air pockets faster than the speed of light and then will land in Prof Garry’s backyard.

Mary got into the time machine, prof Mueller was in the driving seat, the machine by itself looked like an old fashioned aeroplane, without the wings at the same time like a sleek silver grey rocket that defied gravity, with a pointed tip like a nuclear missile which has only one agenda to travel time yet not change the changes or evolution of the earth and though looks like a missile goes in peace and love and comes back with knowledge.

So Mary put on her helmet, Prof Mueller waved bye to Ingrid and then he shouted as went out of his study into the backyard, 10, 9, 8 , 7, 6,  and here we go the missile shook and went up into the sky like a Rocket and soon they were in space Mary had not seen anything so wonderful and then Prof Mueller said Mary time for Time Travel. As Mary closed her eyes due to the speed of the machine then suddenly she saw a bright light and she saw buildings, cars flying, and then prof Muller said  Mary it is time to land and then like an aeroplane the machine landed in a beautiful garden with lots of tulips and roses and two robots were watering the garden.

Then Mary heard a loud voice saying Prof Mueller that must be you and she saw a tall dark haired man with a beard wearing Jeans and a T-shirt but his shoes were what caught her eye there were all kinds of buttons on them as Prof Garry shook hands with  Mary she asked prof Garry about his shoes and he laughed and he said each button is for the well being of the body. If you feel tired push that button and you get energy, if you feel hungry push that button and that notifies the robots to get you something to eat and if you want to relax  that button gives you a foot massage and if you feel hot or cold that button will either warm your body or cool your body. That is awesome said  Mary, who was now looking at the robots watering the plants.

As Mary and Prof Mueller went into the house of Prof Garry they were stunned they saw plants and ponds and bridges over the ponds and trees yet it was large and at the backyard there was their own private beach, amazing said Prof Mueller, suddenly Mary saw someone surfing on the waves on the beach then this handsome person came onto the sandy back yard of the beach and honestly Mary had not seen anyone more handsome. Prof Garry proudly said meet my nephew Daniel. Daniel was gorgeous he was tall about 6 feet 4 and had a toned perfectly tanned body, wearing just his shorts, Mary was awestruck, she never been interested in boys she was 16 years old and all she thought of in her free time was physics, math and chemistry, but the chemistry with Daniel was like a burning desire from the pit of her stomach to her heart and head and suddenly she felt self conscious on her hoody, jeans and trainers and her hair in a pony tail.

She could feel the colour rise to her cheeks as Daniel looked approvingly at her, He asked her name and feeling shy all of a sudden she mumbled Mary scared of eye contact, but Daniel slowly and sweetly started speaking to her and telling her about life in 1412 and also promised to teach her how to surf. As Professor Mueller and Prof Garry caught up on astro physics, Daniel and Mary were getting closer till one day as they were sitting on the beach Daniel leaned over and kissed Mary, this was the first kiss Mary had and sent emotions pulsating over her whole body something like her meditation but more beautiful and more emotional. Daniel whispered in Mary’s ear from the first time he had seen her in hoody and jeans he had fallen in love with her, she felt so much of love for Daniel, he urged her to stay in the future but she said she had to go back in time, Prof Mueller needed her but her heart was with Daniel.

Soon it was time to leave Mary and Daniel held each other and wept, but Daniel whispered they will One day meet again and soon even before she knew it Mary was back in the time Machine, days passed to weeks, weeks passed to months and months passed to two years, Mary was now 18years  old and not one day had passed when she had not thought of Daniel.

Suddenly while Mary was working on a problematic physics problem, Ingrid came into the room screaming “ they are here the aliens are here they want to capture us alive, Mary calmed Ingrid and went to see what the problem was she was wearing a blue tank top and jeans and trainers and she was baffled by what she saw, there was a large round flying saucer in their backyard and as Mary was watching spell bound trying to contact Prof  Mueller at the same time the disk of the flying saucer lifted up like a cd player and out came  Daniel wearing a purple suit his blond hair now short and spikey and he came to Mary, kissed her and asked her to marry him, Ingrid was on the phone to Prof Mueller telling him aliens were kissing Mary but Prof Mueller knew it was Daniel and had grown quite fond of the young man, Daniel whispered did I not tell you we will meet again as he kissed her again.

Love passes boundaries, time, nations and nationalities, love will come, love is real, ”Faith, Hope and Love but the Greatest Of These Is Love” ( words in italics from the Bible)Image