A little Bit About India and My Testimony

Hi namasthe my name is Sangeetha Alexander wife of Mark Alexander who came to Northern Ireland to study at the Belfast Bible College 10 years back. As you can see I am from India which has a population of 1.1 billion, there are 29 states and 22 official languages and also 1650 other languages and dialects.

Christianity was brought to India by ST Thomas the disciple also known as doubting Thomas he preached the gospel in southern part of India. Christians have lived in Kerala for almost 2 thousand years.

Catholic and protestant missionaries brought Christianity to India almost 200 years ago as a result the percentage of Christians is 2.5 per cent which is about 25 million people however the unofficial figures is 5 per cent or 50 million praise God for that.

Being a Christian is not a problem in the 4 southern states as long as you do not take part in evangelism how ever missionaries, evangelists and pastors in small towns and villages face a lot of precaution. My father’s grand parents were Hindu converts and were brought to the lord through the work of missionaries. My mother’s grandparents were brought to the lord by CMS missionaries and Amy charmihcal an northern Irish missionary was also involved in bring people to Christ in the same area of my mothers grandparents.

The church is growing in spite of the persecution especially the assembly of God churches, the largest city church is in Chennai with 50000 people and the second largest church is in Bangalore with 20,000 members

The church my father served in Bangalore had 1500 members every Sunday. Many churches support missionaries in North India as most Christians are from southern India, churches are involved in mission work either by sending missionaries or supporting mission work one church in our city in Bangalore supports 98 missionaries and want to make this figure 100 next year. people have learnt to give sacrificially to missions and evangelism. Being a Christian is not easy in north and east India as the Hindu political parties called BJP have started programmes to reconvert Christians to Hinduism and the using of threats and violence is common.

My great grandfather came from a family of Hindu priests however my great grand father wanted to join the army so he came to Bangalore which is a big city, he was also searching for the true God as the Hindu gods did not give him the peace he desired in his heart. He went to the mosque but Islam did not fill the void in his heart. finally he met the missionaries of the London mission society was convinced that Jesus was the true lord and saviour and became a Christian.

My great grand father and my great grandma reached out to the Hindu family members with the gospel.

A few years back my grandmother and her brother estimated about 200 family members became active Christians because of the influence of my great grand parents..

I accepted Jesus as my saviour at 10 years of age, I always wanted to serve the Lord, There have been failures, difficult times and also happy times in my life but the Lord has never failed me nor forsaken me, there have been times I cried out to the lord where are you and sought the lord and He answered me with his peace in my heart knowing that he was and is within me, I am now going to conclude with the song the potters hand, as this song is close to my heart sometimes the lord melts moulds us breaks us and then leaves on a self till his appointed time and then fills us with his glory, let us recommit our lives to the lord as we read the words of the potters hand

“The Potter’s Hand”

Beautiful Lord, Wonderful Saviour

I know for sure, all of my days are held in your hands, crafted

into your perfect plan

You gently call me into your presence guiding me by Your Holy Spirit

Teach me dear Lord to live all of my life through Your eyes

I’m captured by Your holy calling

Set me apart, I know you’re drawing me to yourself

Lead me Lord I pray

Take me, Mold me, use me, fill me

I give my life to the Potter’s hand

Call me, guide me, lead me, walk beside me

I give my life to the Potter’s hand

You gently call me into your presence guiding me by your Holy Spirit

Teach me dear Lord to live all of my life through your eyes

I’m captured by your Holy calling

set me apart, I know your drawing me to yourself

lead me Lord I pray

Take me, Mold me, use me, fill me

I give my life to the Potter’s hand

Call me, guide me, lead me, walk beside me

I give my life to the potters hand

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Om Shanthi Om


Shanthi was a single mum bringing up two children Devi and Vijay, she had always believed in a God of creation, nature and beauty but after her husband left her for another woman from his office, her spirituality had waned and she stopped saying her prayers wondering if it was in her karma or fate to bring up her two children alone with no help from any where, she had not gone to university as her parents could not afford it and had got her married to the first  man who came along, so she decided to be a house maid and she was determined to give Vijay and Devi an education.Shanthi worked long and hard to provide food for her children, one day as she was going to work her slippers broke and having no money to buy a new pair she walked bare foot feeling the heat and rubble in her feet, she felt tears welling up in her eyes wondering where He was not her husband but the one she loved and believed in as a child, didn’t He care, there was no one to console her, no one to be there for her why oh why Lord she felt her heart cry

Suddenly there was a tender hand on her shoulder with twinkling eyes and a soft sweet expression on his face, he handed her a handkerchief she smiled and thanked him he was wearing a simple crisp white shirt and plain black trousers, he must have been around 40 years old.Shanthi who had been neglected, alone, and in desperation seeing the love in his beautiful brown eyes held on to his hands and wept aloud, she felt his hands on her shoulder and after she wept, He asked her, her name she said Shanthi meaning peace and out of gratitude she asked his name he said Yesudas meaning Jesus, he said talk to me do not be scared tell me why you are so upset, as she poured out her heart to Yesu, she felt a peace come over her.

He asked her where she lived and about her children Vijay and Devi, that evening she cooked rice, dhal and potato curry for her guest and the children showed Yesu their school books and drawing as it was getting late she did not want to let Yesudas go she had not felt such love and peace in such a long time, then as it neared 9.00 pm after the children went to bedYesu put his hands on her head and gave her an envelope He said one word to her Believe and just like that he vanished, as she opened that envelope there was enough for her to buy a house and live a fairly comfortable life she could not believe it she ran out to thank Him but there was no one there that evening when she went to say her prayers with incense in front of her God she was shocked yet filled with awe she saw the face of Yesudas smiling down at her from the picture.

Her children, grew up , went to university got good jobs as she was in her 80’s and sick in her bed she saw an old man coming to talk to her, she knew she had seen that face some where, some where from long long ago and then he said Shanthi time for your Shanthi come home she whispered Dear Yesu as she put both her hands in a Namaste position she whispered Thank you as she breathed her last breath and her spirit walked hand in hand with Yesu the God, Lord,  Man,  Three in one , The one she had loved all her life, till He came to take her home.  Om Shanthi Om.

Made In India

Hi there dear sweetypies, my cho cho chweet friends, how are you doing this weekend ?  Today I am going to talk about “ Made In India” Have you seen the song made in India by Alisha. It was a very famous song during my college days late 1990’s it was a gripping song with an awesome message.


Do we really find similarities attract or do opposites attract. I think it can be vice versa. Love is a very strange and powerful force it can be used to unite or separate, it can produce strong emotions that are positive or negative emotions such as jealousy. I hope and pray we have positive emotions.


Women  I am talking to you, learn to love your husbands and do not be catty or B…tchy with other women, jealousy is negative and unattractive. I too have been catty many years back but my God has smoothed those rough edges and I try to see the good in other people and bring love and encouragement to them.


Learn to forgive sometimes the person you are forgiving maybe the innocent party after all and may have been inspired by some other people to do the wrong full act towards you. Whoever, whatever forgive and forget and let peace rule in your hearts,


Now coming back to made in India, not just the people but clothes especially Indian cotton clothes and traditional Indian attire such as sarees and kurthas are designed so gorgeously that it stands out as one of the most beautiful attire for women and men in the world,


Now coming to the people, Indian people are known for their intelligence especially in the computer field, indian music Mughals such as AR Rahman , Indian film directors such as Mani Ratnam and literary field my favourite author Rabindranath Tagore. Above all our freedom fighter through peace and non- violence Mahatma Ghandi.  These people should have got the Indian Nobel Prize..India a land of silks, spices, dances, exotic foods and cultures. It is a land one must visit to truly understand the world of India,


I am British Indian my husband is British and now Britain is my home land. A wise man once said “Adapt to the country you are living in yet do not forget your cultural heritage. Yes I am British yet every molecule in me is Indian,


Made in India yes I was, but now living abroad

Time for my tea

From Masala Chai I mean masala aunty

The History Of Anicent India

Hi there dear cho cho chweet darlings, how are you  dear honey buns ? Well I the Indian aunty have been reading about my language Tamil. The Indus valley civilization which is also called the Harappan civilazation and which is Mohanjodaro now  in Pakistan. Is an ancient civilization these people were most probably Dravidians the original inhabitants of India. Such as the red Indians of America and the aborigines  of Australia.

The Indus valley people can be dated to 2000 BC. These people loved art and architecture and dance as we can see the figurine of the dancing girl made of metal. The homes in this civilization had drainage and sewage systems and they built highly sophisticated housing for such an early time of history. They also had a great bath which can noted as the modern day spa.

I believe this civilization is as remarkable as the Egyptian civilization. These ancient people also did agriculture. Somehow all they left for us to remember them by was their remarkable housing.

What happened to these remarkable sophisticated people they suddenly vanished from the Indus valley if you are an sci fi fan you can say alien ship took them away. Or there must have been a tidal wave or volcano that killed these people or most probably what most historians believe these people were driven to southern India by the Aryans most probably Tamil Nadu where they settled down. The  Aryans then were the first  set of people who came to India and they brought with them the rig veda  the original script  which is the basis of Hinduism.

But what baffle’s me  is what happened to these people of the Indus valley I believe they intermarried with the Aryans and that is why the Brahmins most of them are very light skinned and highly intelligent a product of inter- breeding and some of them even have green eyes a product of Arayan ancestry

Then came the other cultures to India the Middle Eastern, the Syrians to Kerala, and ofcourse the British all these cultures make beautiful cosmopolitan India. Someone said if you see the colours of the people in India it is like looking at the rainbow from the beautiful dusky complexioned to the gorgeous milky complexioned with green eyes we are all Indian.

So my dear cho cho cweet honey buns that is the end of my history lesson for today.So Nandre or thank you for checking out my blog

Good bye from the Indian history teacher aunty

Alaghi ( When Bollywood meets beauty)

A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.
John Keats

 Hi there dear sweetypies, munchkins and dear readers today I am going to put up a story I wrote sometime back. This story pushes against boundaries but there is a message at the end. Happy reading. 🙂

  In  the beautiful eastern sunset of the sub-continent of India .When the sun was just shyly beckoning to the clouds to cover her naked rays as she gradually hid from human gaze, Papagi Kumar was pacing two and fro with his bare feet making footprints in the sand as he anxiously waited for the news outside the mud hut.

Is it a boy or a girl he wanted sons to work in the field for him. He already had three strong handsome boys who were aged 15 to 7 years. He was proud of them. Ramu the eldest now worked in the field with him. He was a strong boy and he worked hard. The next was Raju who was 12 and always getting into trouble.

He remembered the day when the village women went to bathe in the river and Raju took all their clothes and dropped them in a well. The poor women had to wait till it became dark to make their way back to their homes covered in their husband’s clothes that the men left for them to wear.

Papagi Kumar still remembered seeing mamagi in his old shirt and shivering in the night as her hair long and wet covered her breasts and she looked so mystical in the moonlight as the moon illuminated her long and thin body. He just had to have her that night and as a product of their passionate fantastical night she was now in labour pains.

Her labour cries were heard throughout the neighbourhood all the village women came out and were gossiping around the hut where mamagi was kept.The village women had come out to fetch water from the well but that could wait was it a boy or a girl.Now having spectators staring at papagi he prayed to this unknown God for a boy then a long period of silence ensued, suddenly a loud cry from mamagi and the sweetest cry ever heard the baby was born. Papagi took the turban in his hand and threw it in the air and cought it he was sure it was a boy.

Till the midwife Omagi a lady who was 50 yet looked 90 years old brought out the baby. The baby was the colour of the desert sand with green eyes and papagi held out his trembling hands to hold this unusually beautiful looking son it omagi told him it was a girl and apapgi knew this was no ordinary girl. She was a gift from the Almighty to their family she was like a delicate lotus flower from the pond.

Papagi went in to see mamagi she was covered in a thin cotton sheet that papagi saved hard to buy her long hair drenched in sweat but her body smelled of detol. He closed the door and laid the baby in mamagi’s hands mamagi decided to call her Alaghi which means beautiful one and she was one of the most beautiful creatures papagi had ever seen.

He now had to show the spectators who were  impatiently waiting outside so he reluctantly took the baby out and there was silence. The baby from the time she was born made people awestruck by her beauty and true to her name she was Alaghi the beautiful one.

Alaghi grew up oblivious to her looks she was protected by her three brothers and played boy games but her best and closest friend was Bablu her neighbour, they were the same age and Bablu and Alaghi used to love the puppet shows that came to their village and after the show  Alaghi used to enact the whole story from memory  while Bablu cheered. Bablu came from a family better of than Alaghi, ever since Bablu was a baby he was drawn to Alaghi something in Alaghi he wanted to conquer yet at a tender age of 8 years he felt defeated already.

At the age of 12 Bablu noticed slight changes in Alaghi her breasts developed she was complaining of stomach pains and she started using turmeric on her skin a sign of womanhood. Bablu did not understand it but everytime he saw Alaghi in her bright clothes of yellow and red with anklets on her feet, bracelets in her hands and flowers in her hair he felt an adrenalin rush, he tried holding her hand the other day and she ran away laughing.

He saw his appa and mama putting their lips together for a long time and all he cauld think was he wanted to do the same with Alaghi.So he decided to take Alaghi to the water falls close to their home so Alaghi wearing her half saree which was a long skirt a short top and a long scarf covering her waist and her blouse and Bablu was just wearing his shorts walked to the water falls it was not deep and Alaghi was scared at first and held on very tightly to Bablu as they both entered the refreshing and cold waters as they held each other tight Bablu brought his lips onto  Alaghi’s lips, Alaghi was fascinated by the desires it aroused in her and held her lips closer to his not knowing how to kiss. Bablu’s hands slowly left her shoulder and travelled to her left breast,just then she caught his hand and said no, with her long skirt soaking with water ran home, mystified yet frightened about her passions. She knew if she let go she will be in trouble.

Omagi knowing now the boys gazed at Alaghi gave her a long and exciting talk about sex more so to warn her but Alaghi now at the age of 13 finally realized she was a beauty and she could get any man do what she wanted.It was a frightening feeling yet knowing she was in control was exhilarating and she felt powerful.

Alaghi wanted more in life she remembered seeing a movie for the first time in her village she was 10 years then, and during the song Bablu who was sitting next to her gave her a pinch, she smiled as she thought of Bablu and her heart skipped a beat but she wanted to be on that big screen, she wanted to dance, she wanted to act she remembered the time she was a child and knew all the lines of the puppets by heart.

One day two years later when Alaghi was 15 there was a buzz in the village that the director of a movie was coming to their village to direct a film Alaghi knew then it was now or never, so she wore her favourite red blouse and red skirt with yellow flowers  and yellow scarf called half saree, she braided her long black hair put flowers in her hair wore her favourite gold earrings and she got some cocnut oil and rubbed her lips with it to make it glow and she put some eyeliner and a red bindhi on her forehead and she knew with her green eyes she looked striking as she ran to the place where they were about to film the movie.

Alaghi came across a flock of sheep and a big car was coming toward the sheep not wanting the sheep to get hurt Alaghi did her best to push them to the side not knowing the film director was in that car as fate or providence would have it.

The car stopped and a young man around 30ish got out of the car and came toward her, she was scared she wanted to run but he looked so posh so handsome he asked her , her name Alaghi looking shyly at the floor told him her name. He gently lifted her chin up with his forefinger and asked her how old she was, she said 15 very quietly wishing she was older. He was mesmerized by her green eyes. He could see her on the big screen she had beauty that was rare to behold. He had found an exquisite precious jewel. This jewel was going to make him a very rich man.

He took her hands in his big hands and promised her fame and fortune but there was a price to pay like Bablu he wanted to conquer her, to be the first man in her life he wanted her virginity. He promised the world at her feet if she gave him her virginity.

Alaghi being a beauty was like a trapped butterfly that wanted the success and freedom of the world to have running water in her own home, To have more clothes, to go out to restaurants and parties. She weighed the pros and cons very carefully and he the film director named Vivek was a handsome man she reluctantly agreed.

He promised her she wont regret it they drove back to the way they came. Vivek sent word back to her parents through one of his men that they wanted her in the movie so they were anxious and innocent not knowing their daughter was selling her virginity for fame and fortune.

That night he brought her a green lingerie and she let her long hair fall over her breasts her bare legs folded together and she was biting her lower lip and playing with her fingers she was 15 and nervous. Vivek came into the beautiful pent house his bare chest strong and muscular and he was wearing jeans he looked like a majestic God. He gave her some champagne she coughed and made the cutest face he had ever seen and he gave her coco cola instead which she drank and let out a cute burp which she was embarrassed about then he kissed her first slowly and softly and then with wanting as she let out a moan and kissed back her passions rushing to form a river of fire, he touched her breast she let him and slowly and surely till early dawn they made love her pain and pleasure pulsating through her whole body  and then she fell asleep Vivek watched her sleep her lips slightly apart and her fair skin and long black hair covering her young breasts. He knew this young woman was no ordinary woman he will make her a star and she will become his wife.

She arose from slumber and gave her some breakfast and she opted for orange juice instead of coffee and then he gave her his treasured script that nobody in the world would have made justice to except Alaghi. She adapted to her new life very well she often thought of Bablu but she knew he was a boy she preferred and needed a man. Within three months her movie was in the theatre and she grew in fame and fortune she bought her parents a new home.She helped her brothers financially and Ramu decided he too wanted to act and Vivek gave him some roles as well. Within a year she became the most popular film actress of the sub continent of India and became the wife of the most popular film director Vivek Chakravarthy. Bablu watched her movies many many times love stricken and grief stricken till he got a scholarship to study in Austaralia the subject he wanted Engineering but he had no clue about the price Alaghi had to pay for her fame and fortune.

The price Alaghi had to pay was a very hard one but the rewards were magnificently glorious now I am asking you the reader a question .Does all great things in life always come with a price ?

As I ramble through life, whatever be my goal, I will unfortunately always keep my eye upon the doughnut and not upon the whole. Wendy Wasserstein

Friends, fellow dieters, random musers and country men lend me some of your time. How are you dear munchkins doing well this week my weight has neither increased nor decreased . I the Indian Aunty have been cooking some Biryani and curry for some guests at our house and I love cooking . Cooking is one of the few things I enjoy doing apart from being wife and mother, a struggling musician and author.

So we had chicken biryani, chicken curry ,raitha and ice cream for dessert. If you my dear friends have not tried Indian food I would urge you to try Biryani and please opt for the mild version if you are from the west. As I the Indian aunty with experience of cooking for the western culture know people in the west prefer to taste the flavor of the food they are eating instead of tasting only the spices or masala.

My Irish husband always says darling less is always more. Be it in cooking or make up but  in clothing it is better to be covered up except when going to the beach. Keeping it simple is always a beautiful trait. When we look at Beyonce she is gorgeous and in the movie dream girls she was wearing very little make up and looked gorgeous. Gwyneth Paltrow uses very little make up and is stunning I loved the movie Shakespeare in Love in which she was really ethereal.

Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections. 
Saint Francis de Sales

In this cosmetic enhanced world most of the women population want perfection but there is no one perfect. We women always feel the grass is greener on the opposite side. Let me tell you something a bit personal I always wanted to be lighter skinned as I was not happy in being dusky complexioned but when I came to the west here girls were getting spray tanning and loved the sun tanned look.

While fairness creams are selling like chocolates in India. I was born with a tan as one of the ladies in the movie the Marigold Hotel said in one of her lines referring to a brown nurse you can wash all you like but that color won’t come of it was a light hearted remark but how true.

I was born to brown parents and they are absolutely fantastic parents and so naturally I am brown. My daughter  being Indo- Irish  has a beautiful olive coloring.

The world is changing by leaps and bounds and the emphasis on colour is changing thanks to television, movies, sports, entertainment and politics. We have Indian and African news presenters and soap actors and actresses. We have Halle Berry, Morgan Freeman  and of course Oprah. Sports The Williams sisters of tennis and Politics  we have President Barack Obama.

United Kingdom ruled the world at one time and being an Indian from India we have a lot to be thankful for to the British who brought about Education, abolished the sati movement or the killing of innocent women on their husbands fire after he died. They brought about telephones, Christianity and Railways. I as an Indo- British citizen have a lot to be thankful for. Especially my British husband.

The British left India peacefully thanks to our great leader and freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi. India has developed since then due to our economic planning such as five – year plans since the time we got freedom and our brain power. Though there has been a brain drain by Indians seeking a better future in UK and USA with Universities such as IIT’s and IIM’s most of the graduates from these universities leave for the States.

Due to the population of 1.7 billion there is still lot of poverty and corruption. There is also a large distance between the rich and the poor and those who are middle- class but I believe that one day India too will be a developed country.

So dear friends, munchkins, sweety pies I hope you enjoyed my history lesson let us make goals for our lives be it in weight loss, Office Work, Overcoming addictions or just spending more time with our families. A goal in life gives us hope and a reason to live.

Victory belongs to the most persevering.

Love from the Indian Aunty x


“I eat merely to put food out of my mind.” N.F. Simpson (1919–)

Dear friends,

“Namaste” this is an Indian greeting it is me the Indian aunty again. Slowly from wobbly wobble, from flabbity, flab the Indian aunty is emerging into an mummy again. I am still very voluptuous  but slowly and steadily the weightloss is showing. I am now 150 pounds. I can not wait to tackle the 140ish weightloss.

India is a developing country and slowly and steadily India is emerging in the global limelight for its Silicone valley not the Pamela Anderson Silicone but we Indians are better known for the Computer Silicone Valley as most Indian ladies are naturally endowed in the upper regions of our anatomy.

We also have Frida Pinto that gorgeous lady is snapping up the global limelight and of course we have our Cricket but those demi Gods have bodies of demi Gods. So now I have told you about the present India let me tell you a bit about our art and architecture of the India of the past when an Indian visits the temples of India especially of Belur Halebidu the carvings of women on the temples are voluptuous with ample bosoms and rounded thighs.

Let us talk about art in the west the most famous picture of a women in the west is the Mona Lisa and yes she was amply endowed and the most famous star of Holly Wood was Marilyn Monroe  and she was not skinny either and of course the women in Cinema of  India in the late 1950’s and 1960’s were amply endowed and man could they dance the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Smt  Jai lailtha was voluptuous and she still is and so is her bank balance but that is another topic we do not need to look into.

The world loved full figured voluptuous women but times have changed, looks have changed we are moving into a futuristic world and my dear friends we have to move with the times I urge you to watch a Hindi movie called Dhoom 1 and Dhoom 2 it is an awesome movie and celebrates Indian beauty of the 21st century but I am sure by the 22nd century the world would have reached a more cosmetic beauty enhanced world where cosmetic surgery would be like buying bread from a shop.

The world is going towards a more digitally  enhanced world I am sure scientists can even find a way to raise the dead. Medicine is moving towards a more brilliant ground. Stem cells growth, artificial hearts, test tube babies, cloning my dear dear friends we are in a world of where things that seemed impossible in the days of our grandparents and parents are now possible how much more so in the future.

We must not get stuck in the 80’s or 90’s move with technology and science and have a wider spectrum of ideas and philosophy and lets look our best for our children and grand children so that they will look at that picture and say wow Indian grandma was cool.


The Cool Indian Aunty