Made In India

Hi there dear sweetypies, my cho cho chweet friends, how are you doing this weekend ?  Today I am going to talk about “ Made In India” Have you seen the song made in India by Alisha. It was a very famous song during my college days late 1990’s it was a gripping song with an awesome message.


Do we really find similarities attract or do opposites attract. I think it can be vice versa. Love is a very strange and powerful force it can be used to unite or separate, it can produce strong emotions that are positive or negative emotions such as jealousy. I hope and pray we have positive emotions.


Women  I am talking to you, learn to love your husbands and do not be catty or B…tchy with other women, jealousy is negative and unattractive. I too have been catty many years back but my God has smoothed those rough edges and I try to see the good in other people and bring love and encouragement to them.


Learn to forgive sometimes the person you are forgiving maybe the innocent party after all and may have been inspired by some other people to do the wrong full act towards you. Whoever, whatever forgive and forget and let peace rule in your hearts,


Now coming back to made in India, not just the people but clothes especially Indian cotton clothes and traditional Indian attire such as sarees and kurthas are designed so gorgeously that it stands out as one of the most beautiful attire for women and men in the world,


Now coming to the people, Indian people are known for their intelligence especially in the computer field, indian music Mughals such as AR Rahman , Indian film directors such as Mani Ratnam and literary field my favourite author Rabindranath Tagore. Above all our freedom fighter through peace and non- violence Mahatma Ghandi.  These people should have got the Indian Nobel Prize..India a land of silks, spices, dances, exotic foods and cultures. It is a land one must visit to truly understand the world of India,


I am British Indian my husband is British and now Britain is my home land. A wise man once said “Adapt to the country you are living in yet do not forget your cultural heritage. Yes I am British yet every molecule in me is Indian,


Made in India yes I was, but now living abroad

Time for my tea

From Masala Chai I mean masala aunty

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