Hello dear sweet friends ? How have you been ? Well I have been busy doing the usual wifely and motherly chores and duties. Hoovering or vacuuming, cooking delicious authentic Indian food but not as authentic as in India as I use very little spices  so that it is palatable for my husband.

You know mothers are the best teachers in the world and they can bring up presidents to lawyers to doctors mothers play a very important role in a child’s life. Do not underestimate fathers they too can provide a stable home for their sons and daughters.

Family a beautiful social unit. A wonderful relationship between husbands and wives and this social unit becomes a cultural unit, a democratic unit of a land they live in. Family is a relationship between parents and children and husbands and wives. In this day and age of divorce, adultery, swigging and swinging it is not fun or rebellion it is a disgraceful breakdown of morals and rebellion against not just your spouses but against God.

Dear ones sorry if I am being harsh but I am not a religious person and I do not even go to church every Sunday but I am spiritual and I believe  in the Lord God and I do not think of me as a school teacher confiscating your sweets but you look deep within do you feel good and happy getting drunk and having one night stands. Sex feels good for a few moments then  you think to your self what the heck have I done.

I did not have the privilege of getting married at a young age but I got married in the late 20’s. But some how God saved me, and made me wait  for my husband as a virgin. I actually thought I may never get married but I wanted to get married but now being a wife and a mother I am contended. I would like to get a job sometime later but now my sweet angel of a daughter needs me at home.

Yes I feel blessed even the kettle to make coffee and tea when I want, the stove to try out new recipes some wonderful , some disasters are all a blessing from God..My birthday is this month I am in my early thirties and all I can say is thank you God for my family and thank you for what I have so from a contended mummy and wife. from the Indian aunty

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