Be Optimistic

Dear friends, munchkins, sweetypies, darlings, Did you have a nice weekend well I had a quiet weekend and am now a size 12 about 65ish weight and God has been so good to me this year. I thank God for what we have and am optimistic for a better future I know I can not be like those on the red carpet nor do I want to. I find pleasure in cooking a nice meal for my family. Date nights with my husband and cleaning wardrobes, washing dishes and wiping runny noses. I have settled for the domestic life as wife and mother.

My husband and daughter bring so much of joy into my life and my grand mother who is in her 80’s brings so much of wisdom and advice into my life. I have learnt so much from my grand mother as she was a principal of a large school has travelled the world preaching and teaching and she is my inspiration as a strong, independent, versatile, lady who has accomplished much in this world and I am proud to be Mrs Grace Sathyaraj’s grand-daughter. She taught me to bake, cook and be strong lady for my family a back bone to my husband. I love my grand  mother and I hope I touch people’s lives the way my  grand mother has, through her love and personality and her strong unwavering faith in God.

I hope I can be a strong and decisive person, darlings at times I am fickle minded but at those times I go close the door and ask God to give me wisdom to make the right choice and He does. Make God the head of your life in Big decisions as well as the little decisions as what shall I cook today and watch God enrich and fulfil your life.

Dear ones this coming New year be Optimistic for a better and brighter future. Learn to love your neighbour now ladies if your neighbour is tall, dark and handsome it is easy to love and men if your neighbour is a blonde bombshell it is easy to love :). But I am talking about old age homes, elderly relatives many of them are neglected it may even be your own family members give them a call tell them you love them one word of love can take away many years of hate reach out in love and God will Bless you.

God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. Jesus is a God of love and if bad things has happened or people have bullied you forgive them they are hurting inside. Do not be a bully back reach out in love and may God make you an inspiration to people through love. Be a Santa Clouse not a Scrouge learn to give and learn to receive. May this  Christmas season fill your hearts with love, joy and peace.

Seasons Greetings

From the Indian Aunty



Hello dear sweet friends ? How have you been ? Well I have been busy doing the usual wifely and motherly chores and duties. Hoovering or vacuuming, cooking delicious authentic Indian food but not as authentic as in India as I use very little spices  so that it is palatable for my husband.

You know mothers are the best teachers in the world and they can bring up presidents to lawyers to doctors mothers play a very important role in a child’s life. Do not underestimate fathers they too can provide a stable home for their sons and daughters.

Family a beautiful social unit. A wonderful relationship between husbands and wives and this social unit becomes a cultural unit, a democratic unit of a land they live in. Family is a relationship between parents and children and husbands and wives. In this day and age of divorce, adultery, swigging and swinging it is not fun or rebellion it is a disgraceful breakdown of morals and rebellion against not just your spouses but against God.

Dear ones sorry if I am being harsh but I am not a religious person and I do not even go to church every Sunday but I am spiritual and I believe  in the Lord God and I do not think of me as a school teacher confiscating your sweets but you look deep within do you feel good and happy getting drunk and having one night stands. Sex feels good for a few moments then  you think to your self what the heck have I done.

I did not have the privilege of getting married at a young age but I got married in the late 20’s. But some how God saved me, and made me wait  for my husband as a virgin. I actually thought I may never get married but I wanted to get married but now being a wife and a mother I am contended. I would like to get a job sometime later but now my sweet angel of a daughter needs me at home.

Yes I feel blessed even the kettle to make coffee and tea when I want, the stove to try out new recipes some wonderful , some disasters are all a blessing from God..My birthday is this month I am in my early thirties and all I can say is thank you God for my family and thank you for what I have so from a contended mummy and wife. from the Indian aunty

Sunrise to Sunset

Hi there dear sweet pies, munchkins, moi chere’s, my so so sweet cutepies how are you all today? Today I the Indian aunty came back from the holidays’ happier and refreshed by the cool sea breeze and crisp mountain air. I saw a beautiful sunrise yesterday and just spoke to the Almighty watching that beautiful glowing ball going up to the sky. If he the creator could create such a magnitude of beauty such as the that revolves around the earth with the earth spinning like a top both going around but not colliding how much more he will care for you and me. This Almighty God who created the sparrows and says not one will fall on to the earth without His knowing who much so you and me. He knows the number of hairs on my head how much so he cares for you and me. Dear friends how did we evolve  was it some cosmic big bang it was God who created us He made it all perfect but man fell and perfection was put behind immm yes we are all imperfect. If we look at models they look perfect and I too am striving for perfection physically but man no one is perfect. There is a time that our Lord Jesus said no one is perfect expect God Almighty. Perfection can strived for but not attained we are going from glory to glory we will be perfect in God’s kingdom where we will be glorified. What I am trying to say is  by reading the word of God praying and just living a simple life we are going from one stage to another the more we read  the word and pray but we will be perfect only when God Almighty takes us to our heaven People ask me what is this heavenly home I say wait and see this imperfect but wonderfully amalgamated, cosmopolitised, computerized, innovative world will one day see this world God is creating for us. It maybe in this lifetime or the next but as you the skies change color of orange, pink, and yellow  as the sun sets remember He is coming to bring this New World of peace in mind, heart, politically, religiously, and   socially the word for peace in Indian is Shanti so let the Shanti of God rule and govern us today Lots of love , joy and peace Indian aunty