Be Optimistic

Dear friends, munchkins, sweetypies, darlings, Did you have a nice weekend well I had a quiet weekend and am now a size 12 about 65ish weight and God has been so good to me this year. I thank God for what we have and am optimistic for a better future I know I can not be like those on the red carpet nor do I want to. I find pleasure in cooking a nice meal for my family. Date nights with my husband and cleaning wardrobes, washing dishes and wiping runny noses. I have settled for the domestic life as wife and mother.

My husband and daughter bring so much of joy into my life and my grand mother who is in her 80’s brings so much of wisdom and advice into my life. I have learnt so much from my grand mother as she was a principal of a large school has travelled the world preaching and teaching and she is my inspiration as a strong, independent, versatile, lady who has accomplished much in this world and I am proud to be Mrs Grace Sathyaraj’s grand-daughter. She taught me to bake, cook and be strong lady for my family a back bone to my husband. I love my grand  mother and I hope I touch people’s lives the way my  grand mother has, through her love and personality and her strong unwavering faith in God.

I hope I can be a strong and decisive person, darlings at times I am fickle minded but at those times I go close the door and ask God to give me wisdom to make the right choice and He does. Make God the head of your life in Big decisions as well as the little decisions as what shall I cook today and watch God enrich and fulfil your life.

Dear ones this coming New year be Optimistic for a better and brighter future. Learn to love your neighbour now ladies if your neighbour is tall, dark and handsome it is easy to love and men if your neighbour is a blonde bombshell it is easy to love :). But I am talking about old age homes, elderly relatives many of them are neglected it may even be your own family members give them a call tell them you love them one word of love can take away many years of hate reach out in love and God will Bless you.

God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. Jesus is a God of love and if bad things has happened or people have bullied you forgive them they are hurting inside. Do not be a bully back reach out in love and may God make you an inspiration to people through love. Be a Santa Clouse not a Scrouge learn to give and learn to receive. May this  Christmas season fill your hearts with love, joy and peace.

Seasons Greetings

From the Indian Aunty


Let Go Of The Past

Dear sweet muchkins, sweety pies, darlings how have you been this week. Today I learnt a very important lesson and that was let go of the past whether it is past regrets or past glories let it go. King Solomon  a very wise King said everything man longs after is vanity be it riches or processions it is all vanity.

May be in your past you were a size zero and a bombshell but now well motherhood and cleaning and cooking have made you a bit frumpy but remember darlings there is always a rainbow amidst dark clouds. There is always sunshine after the rain.

Maybe you had a wonderful business in your past and now it is not as successful but so is the stock market there will come a time when it will go up and do well and just for the record the stock market for the gold shares is doing great and a great share to buy in the good old days of fun and innocence when I had just left university I was working with stocks and shares in the late 1990’s in ICICI Bank In Bangalore and at that time the stock market shares in gold went up triple the amount people paid for the shares and man was it exciting.

I failed in mathematics in the 9th grade but got the highest in English and home science but strangely my first job dealt with a whole lot of numbers and it was a wonderful learning experience. Then I left India to go abroad. Do I have regrets ? Strangely yes and no but from today I told myself I am not going to talk about my past glories  nor my past failures. Today is a new day live for today and plan for tomorrow. I decided it is good to plan rather than running like a headless chicken wondering what will I do tomorrow. My husband is a wonderful practical, analytical planner while I am intuitive and creative and there is a balance between the two being God.

There is a song which goes one day at a time sweet Jesus, those days turn to weeks, those weeks turn to months and those months turn to years if you do not plan you will be in the same place doing the same thing either grumbling or enjoying what you do. I hope it is the latter. Forgive and forget the past do not dwell in the past live in the present and plan for the future. Truthfully I have not planned anything yet but by the end of the year hopefully I can come up with a plan for life, apart from losing weight.

Dear ones today let go of past regrets ask God to help you let it go. Then look ahead not backwards look forward as they say in the army Forward March. So live today and plan for tomorrow yesterday you might have been the President what are you today unless you are Sir Obama.

So be someone great, do something worthwhile life is too short to dwell in your past make your present and future count.

Love always from the Indian Aunty xx

Do you have a game plan

My dearest sweet munchkins, sweetypies do you have a game plan for your life or your spouse’s life. If someone asked me if I have a plan the answer is realistic no. I wish I had a plan, I wish I can whisper my plans to somebody but the answer is no I do not have a plan. There are things that I would like but can’t see it in the near future but I do not have a plan there are always means to an end but the end is somewhere and like an island I do not have the  boat to get me what I want.

People say grow up act your age but I am me and I act the way I was brought up or society has made me. Every one has an inner child and we can push that inner child  or you just be you and that is what I am, I am me and not trying to copy or be someone else.

I am unique  as everyone is unique and I have my faults and yet I am me. No one is perfect, no one can have perfect thoughts or attitude but everyone has a bit of good and bad. I hope the good in me is greater than the bad.

Why the heck do we have to compare ourselves or compete with someone else maybe someone else has a game plan and you do not. Dear ones enjoy life, you are you and you are unique. If no one shows you love remember God loves you and He will never leave nor forsake you.

Maybe like me you have children who need your love and attention. Pour out your love to them and visit elderly relatives who need your love. What the world needs is undiluted, unsexualised pure love.

How can we love this way spend time reading spiritual books and prayer and meditation. Relax from your stress and worries. Do breathing exercises and then once you are energised you can give love to those near and dear to you. Don’t be selfish in love give a smile, or say hello or help someone in need and the God of love will shower his love on you.

Do you have a game plan the answer is No but my Lord has a plan and that is the best plan for my life. Let HIM the creator of life plan, seek his help and advice and any evil plan coming your way HE the Lord of life will destroy.

So do not be afraid or upset God has it all under control Believe and Expect the Best for your life. Life is too short for unnecessary, unrealistic ,competition.

So Smile and laugh and be happy. There is a song that goes have you got the sunshine smile or Colgate smile whatever smile and be happy.

From Happy But Not Gay

Indian Aunty