Let Go Of The Past

Dear sweet muchkins, sweety pies, darlings how have you been this week. Today I learnt a very important lesson and that was let go of the past whether it is past regrets or past glories let it go. King Solomon  a very wise King said everything man longs after is vanity be it riches or processions it is all vanity.

May be in your past you were a size zero and a bombshell but now well motherhood and cleaning and cooking have made you a bit frumpy but remember darlings there is always a rainbow amidst dark clouds. There is always sunshine after the rain.

Maybe you had a wonderful business in your past and now it is not as successful but so is the stock market there will come a time when it will go up and do well and just for the record the stock market for the gold shares is doing great and a great share to buy in the good old days of fun and innocence when I had just left university I was working with stocks and shares in the late 1990’s in ICICI Bank In Bangalore and at that time the stock market shares in gold went up triple the amount people paid for the shares and man was it exciting.

I failed in mathematics in the 9th grade but got the highest in English and home science but strangely my first job dealt with a whole lot of numbers and it was a wonderful learning experience. Then I left India to go abroad. Do I have regrets ? Strangely yes and no but from today I told myself I am not going to talk about my past glories  nor my past failures. Today is a new day live for today and plan for tomorrow. I decided it is good to plan rather than running like a headless chicken wondering what will I do tomorrow. My husband is a wonderful practical, analytical planner while I am intuitive and creative and there is a balance between the two being God.

There is a song which goes one day at a time sweet Jesus, those days turn to weeks, those weeks turn to months and those months turn to years if you do not plan you will be in the same place doing the same thing either grumbling or enjoying what you do. I hope it is the latter. Forgive and forget the past do not dwell in the past live in the present and plan for the future. Truthfully I have not planned anything yet but by the end of the year hopefully I can come up with a plan for life, apart from losing weight.

Dear ones today let go of past regrets ask God to help you let it go. Then look ahead not backwards look forward as they say in the army Forward March. So live today and plan for tomorrow yesterday you might have been the President what are you today unless you are Sir Obama.

So be someone great, do something worthwhile life is too short to dwell in your past make your present and future count.

Love always from the Indian Aunty xx

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