Mission Impossible–Made Possible (3)


As John and Angela  expectantly awaited for their apartments along with the other couples, there was one last meeting with the Elders of the Martian City.As the thousands came to the great Hall of the spaceship, The elders in their space suits took their seats on the stage and the Main leader with the short spiky white hair spoke a very solemn message.

“ My dear Martians, yesterday you were born as earthlings, today you live as Martians to procreate this planet Mars, live in Planet Mars and call it home and tomorrow your children will be born as Martians, do not just live here but learn to love this planet you call home, work in this planet and our goal is to have a futuristic city here a brand New World for you and me.Each and every one of you has been chosen specifically because of your mental and physical ability, some of you are doctors, some scientists, some of you strong but all of you are now Martians. Learn to Love Mars, breath Mars, work in Mars and one day die in Mars. You my friends are the fore fathers of Mars. There is a lot of work to be done, from creating more artificial intelligence, to learning to drive space cars, to learning to buy the essential food for you and your soon to be families.We have schools for the young ones, we have parks and malls, cinema theatres, swimming pools, gyms and religious centres for the people your every need will be taken care of, but we ask for your co-operation in making this planet great. This is now your home. Learn to live and love Home”search

After the great leader spoke there was thunderous applause, some were crying, some were kissing their partners unable to fathom the enormity of their mission to another planet, John and Angela hugged each other, John whispering to Angela welcome home sweet heart.John and Angela were given a beautiful apartment with a balcony which lead to a beautiful garden with flowers., some flowers that Angela had never seen before. As they drank their warm energy drink Angela whispered I could not have been happier as they looked their apartment of a large television which turned into a televised phone, which also operated the temperature of their room at their command and also played music of their choice.images-14

The next day John had his first lesson on how to drive the space car as Angela cooked spaghetti bolognese, later that day John and Angela were shown to the gym and it was their duty to  help the Martians with their exercise regime.John also worked with artificial intelligence and they made new friends from across the globe, one day as Angie was cleaning their apartment she fainted John hurried to lift her up, that evening they went to the doctor by a space car.Image

The Doctor called Houston examined Angela and smiled, saying one of the first space babies is on it’s way, yes Angela is pregnant, John lifted Angela and gave her a kiss in  Doctor Houston’s office, Angela reacted by crying her eyes out, saying she never thought she could find happiness again and now she is going to have a baby, John and Angela decorated the nursery, in neutral colours as they did not want to know if the baby was a boy or a girl, John wanted a girl as beautiful as Angela and Angela wanted a boy as strong, handsome and intelligent as John.

The time for the baby had come, Angela got her labour pains, soon they were in Martian  medical centre and there were two mid wives and Doctor Houston in the birthing room, John held onto Angela’s hand, was it a boy or a girl.The midwives encouraged Angela to push, Angela being strong, healthy and fit gave it all she got, suddenly there was a loud cry John for the first time could not hold back his tears it was a beautiful healthy girl with dark hair and brown eyes. Angela and John held on to each other with the gorgeous bundle of joy resting peacefully on Angela’s chest. They named the baby Adrienne.Image

Adrienne grew up to be a gorgeous brunette beauty who was strong and intelligent, loved by both her parents, she went to space school and loved astronomy, her favourite times were talking to her mother and father about planet earth and life on planet earth, but Adrienne knew she was a Martian now and decided to major in Astronomy.Angela and John had no more babies as they were committed in making planet Mars a future world away from the world. Angela found new ways apart from exercise by inventing a super drug to delay the ageing process of man so that a fifty year old could look like a twenty year old and there increasing the health and life spans of the Martians.

John on the other hand was helping in the artificial intelligence making robots to tidy and clean the Martian planet and also track and trace anyone who needed help or got lost in one of their space cars.It was Adrienne’s 16th birthday and both John and Angie presented her with her first space car. Adrienne was delighted and took it for a spin. Her school term was coming to an end and Adrienne was chosen to go to the moon along with a few others as she scored  very high grades in Astronomy.Image

The day of her expedition had come Adrienne was now a young woman, a very gorgeous dark haired young woman, as she got ready to go to the moon the space shuttle first stopped in a space station and then a rocket will take her to the moon.Image

Adrienne wore her purple space suit, and made friends with the six other young people going with her and there for the first time  Adrienne with the excitement of going to the moon found love with a gorgeous blonde haired boy called Matt.Image

Matt and Adrienne were placed as partners, in this space venture, the space elders who also do matchmaking found that Matt and Adrienne would make a very compatible pair. Matt was the son of Dr Houston not knowing they were actually put together to form a highly intelligent and strong species, the elders put them side by side as partners, Matt made Adrienne laugh as they held hands in the space station Adrienne felt a rush of electricity in her young body, Adrienne never had boyfriends as she was more interested in her books and astronomy and now she felt so much of love in such a short time to this gorgeous blonde haired boy called Matte and Matte who was 18 years old was attracted to Adrienne and thought of kissing her pink beautiful lips.

As Matt and Adrienne walked hand in hand in their space suits on the moon they knew instinctively they were in love. As they got back from the rocket to the space centre where they will spend a week studying about how to provide new habitation on the moon. Visiting the doom shaped creative centre on the moon which is as big to hold many thousands with artificial sunlight, malls, swimming pools and apartment buildings yes this was the forefather’s next project where earthlings or human beings can travel to the moon for a holiday enjoy seeing the universe do some moon walking and go back to the earth.Image

The privileged pay for this pleasure, the rest are chosen, but coming back to our gorgeous love birds,  Matt and Adrienne looked out into space from the space station transparent glass window Matt was holding Adrienne slim frame and they kissed, the same way Angela looked out the window in the space ship with John, yes just as Adrienne’s parent’s found love in another world so did Adrienne and Matt as the smiling forefather’s smiled and switched off the camera, As Matt and Adrienne returned to Mars, Matt spoke to John asking for Adrienne’s hand in marriage that week in a small Martian chapel Matt and Adrienne got married starting another generation in planet Mars.Image

The world has created human beings, but there is a strata of society picked by the fore fathers to go and populate the universe, who the forefathers are only a chosen few will know but one day life in other planets will be a reality and that day is already known, the world has developed so much what was mission impossible two hundred years ago is possible now. The universe is awaiting , space travel is a reality, space habitually very actual possibility and if I may say a reality. Nothing is impossible, Because the Lord has taken the Im of the impossible and through Him it is possible.Image

Mission Impossible—Made Possible (Part 2)

As John and Angela walked hand in hand into the space ship,  the leaders first spoke to them about Planet Mars about the facts that there was carbon dioxide and water on the planet about the irrigation systems already taking place by those who travel back and forth from the space stations and the homes which for now would be comprising of buildings with tunnels for transportation from building to building as well as land transportation, these buildings were  built by the forefathers who  lived , breathed and existed in space stations travelling from earth to mars and who dreamed that one day man would live in the vast spaces of other planets there dream has come true today.Image

Then another elder called the Space Priest and called all the new couples together which included John and Angela and made them say their vows by the power of the Lord of the Universe that had chosen them and brought them together as John and Angela said “I do” They both had tears in their eyes as they travelled to this New Planet as man and wife.

They then got ready for take of 10, 9, 8, 7……5, 4, 3, 2, 1,  The space ship was moving as fast as the speed of light into space, John held onto Angela, he could smell the fresh shampoo on her hair her toned body looked great in her space body suit, Angela felt such an awesome sense of attraction to John she had not been held by a man for a year and those gorgeous strong arms around her for the first time in years she felt like a woman and they kissed and kissed, he took her into the cabinet provided for them and they made hot passionate love some where out there in the universe two beautiful people consummated their marriage on a spaceship with the view of stars in space in the large open window.Image

After they finished there passionate escapade in their rooms covered in towels after their shower sipping a warm energy drink provided for them John lead Angela to the open window and there was the sunset in the universe Angela was so overcome by the awesome sight, to having found love in another world wept in John’s arms as he held her kissing her and comforting her.Image

Suddenly they heard the voice of the  Captain saying put on your seat belts there are asteroids coming our way as the space ship avoided both the large asteroids  the ship travelled on into space, in the mean time John and Angela exercised, did mental exercises as well and made friends with the other couples, Angela’s favourite place was the large open window covered by transparent glass and look out in to the universe thanking the fore fathers who lived in space stations opening this new life for them. Angela was thinking about her family when John entered the room and asked her a penny for your thoughts she said penny I Sir demand kisses, kisses as they kissed they were on their bed kissing and laughing, very shortly they would be in Mars.Image

Suddenly John woke up Angela, Angie wake up and look Angie rubbed her eyes and looked what she saw took her breadth away there were  buildings like New York but Platinum coloured with tunnels going back and forth from the buildings there were space cars going back and forth but the magnitude was what they saw was breathtakingly wondrously genius that only a  space Lord could perform they were in a Space City.Image

They put on their space suits unable to fathom the beauty, the futurocity or future city put together as one this little girl from suburban Mississippi and this boy From Minnesota were picked among thousands who went with them, leaving thousands who call Earth their home. Mars was now their home they lived in a Martnian city, tomorrow they will be given their apartments and they start learning to drive their space cars.

If today leads to tomorrow, tomorrow leads to tomorrow to form a wondrous tomorrow. The Future awaits what man thought was Mission Impossible, Tomorrow will be made possible, Mission Impossible—Made Possibleimgres-5

Mission Impossible–Made Possible ( Part 1)


Angela was a fitness instructor in the suburbs of  Mississippi she was nearly six feet tall, athletic, strong, with short brunette hair cut in a bob and her passion was keeping fit, toned, strong and healthy. She was vegetarian and took her diet and exercise seriously. She was not the usual girly girl who loved pink and make up but she relished exercise, weights and a challenge on the treadmill. Yet she was quite cute in a boyish sort of way but she had not had a boyfriend for a year, the men in the gym admired her but she was busy with work at the same time providing for her mother and putting her brother through university. She never liked her education and never wanted an office job which her mother so wanted for her. She thought of her self in a prim skirt and make up and wrinkled her nose in distaste she would rather go running in the rain an extra mile rather than wear an awful skirt.

She was not always a “fitness freak” as her brother called her but she always was strong and healthy and liked sports and when she was in school she fell in love with Scott an intelligent boy who fell in love with her best friend Gaby a curly haired “ dumb blonde” which Scott preferred, it was this incident that put her off anything girly, pink or feminine and she put her anger in rigorous exercise that took away her anger, she met a few other guys at the gym but nothing serious and she had not dated for a year, but it did not really matter to her she was more interested in Joan her client in dropping two dress sizes before Joan’s wedding.

One day as she was sorting out the mail in the mail box  she found a confidential  bright yellow packet in the mail box addressed to her, she was curious to see what this packet contained but she was late and had to meet Joan in the gym and when she went to the gym she saw Joan exercising with weights as Angela was determined to help Joan get into her goal weight. Joan was a curvy blonde beautiful lady.

Immediately Angela  got into their fitness regime, as Joan gave her a warm friendly  smile and Angela went back on business as usual. When Angela went home that evening after that workout in the gym she had a warm shower and as she felt the soap suds falling over her toned body , suddenly she heard her mom calling wrapped herself in a grey towel wiping her bob with another towel, her mum wanted her to fix the remote on the TV as usual her mum had pressed the wrong button for the 100th time, anything being the television, computers or CD player her mum could not comprehend, what she did comprehend was cooking  especially after learning Angela was a vegetarian and could and would not be persuaded to eat meat even after being bribed by her mum with a new car which her mum knew would not change her stubborn headed daughter’s head once she made up her mind.

As Angela dressed in her favourite jeans and tank –top she saw the large envelope on her bed, she opened it slowly and in it was written secret document FBI, she first thought her brother was playing a prank and in it was a form and cheque to go to New York for a secret meeting but the cheque was real and the form was real with anticipation and curiosity she booked her ticket.

When her plane landed in New York, she saw a man dressed in Black with dark glasses come up to her shook her hand in business like fashion and took her suitcase and lead her to a Black Rolls Royse with Black tinted windows, now Angela started to panic a bit, had she done something wrong or was this a joke or maybe this was a dream, yet when the car descended into some underground tunnel that opened into a great atmosphere of people dressed in black and magnificent rooms with computers on walls and a highly digitally enhanced rooms that lead to an open space with a large glass window what she saw took her breadth away.Image

As she was looking at the view with her mouth wide open like a gold fish wondering if she was dreaming a tall handsome man with short blonde spikey hair also dressed in a black suit came up to her in a brisk business like manner shook her hand and said you must be Angela please follow me we have to do some tests and interviews, Angela still gaping unable to answer followed him there were more rooms that opened when he held the palm of his hand at the corner of the platinum automatic door . Which opened to a very large gym, swimming pool, and beds with wires and more high tech instruments that Angela had no idea what they were.

He first lead her to a room and asked her to do some simple brain tests Angela did as she was told she was too amazed to ask what they were about, he then lead her to the gym and lead her through various exercises from the treadmill, to other high tech exercises Angela not willing to let go of an challenge performed very well on all the given exercises and this man for once smiled a flashing smile and said well done you are in the top five per cent in fitness and the other four per cent are men, you are strong , Angela still gasping for breadth was quite happy about her performance she had done her best.

The man shook Angela’s hand and said call me Roy you are one of the people chosen for our voyage into out of space. As the man lead Angela into the open window and showed her the awesome spaceship, “ Isn’t she a beauty she is called Voyager Lara 2025” Angela gaped in surprise she was going to be an astronaut she could not believe it and she was chosen. This little suburban Mississippi fitness instructor was going to be an astronaut. But there was more.

There were things to be taken care of first she had to call her mother and brother and tell them she had moved to New York. She then had to prepare mentally and physically for the journey Roy was surprised she was vegetarian but was given good wholesome food. She then met some wonderful people who like her Chosen from around the world and met this gorgeous handsome guy called  John who always exercised by her side and many times competed with each other in exercise and sometimes Angela won but more times John won as Angela and John were becoming close in their relationship they were in for a shock the next day.Image

Roy and the other leaders called all the chosen ones as they were called there might have been a few thousands, some were couples but most were single and what the leaders said were taken in silence.

The great Leader who was an elderly man in his 60’s tall, strong who looked a bit like Gandalf, but had short spiky hair and was dressed in a Platinum body suit, took to the stage and addressed the crowd. He told them this was not just a voyage but a habitation programme into Planet Mars with a hope to procreate and live in Mars, all measures of safety, health, productivity and reproductivity of the human species into another planet. There was pin drop silence and as the couples were called they were given their bodysuits for their journey into space and then couples were chosen by the leaders, Roy seeing Angela and John getting along well were chosen to be a couple. John gave Angela a kiss that made her want more of this handsome man chosen for her.

They were leaving the next day arrangements for her mother and brother to receive financial help every month was done. As John and Angela walked hand in hand into that beautiful Voyager Lara 2025,They were no longer earthians but were going to Martians, This was a journey into a New Life a wonderful life, Two lives of the many thousands going to a New Planet they were going to call home, The Home in Planet Mars.Image


UnknownIn the suburbs of Australia there was born a red haired little girl who her mother lovingly named Jane, Jane grew up in a horse ranch and by the time she was four years old she had mastered the art of horse riding and was hoping to be a jockey when she grew up but she had one love who was little Jack, Jack’s dad lived on the farm next to  Jane’s ranch. As Jack’s mum was also working little Jack spent more time with Jane’s family, Jane grew up to be freckle faced, with a large gap between her teeth and little Jack had one goal in life that was to make little freckle faced Jane to cry, he used to love calling Jane plain Jane, taunting her about her red hair, freckles and huge gap between her teeth, Jane grew up feeling miserable about her looks yet she loved and hated Jack.

Jane came from a religious background prayers were said before meals, in the evenings and when ever needed, one day when Jane was about 10 years old when she knew and felt like an ugly duckling she got into her room after riding her horse and in a loud lament prayed Dear God please, please, please make me beautiful not knowing Jack was hiding under the window of her bed room as he cooed out loudly that” You my girl are beyond repair especially your teeth and hair and freckles why even the horses are prettier when they smile” Jane got up in a huff jumped out of her window which was on the ground floor onto Jack and tried to pull his hair just as Jane’s dad came to separate the two of them,

In the next few months on Jane’s 10th birthday the family decided to move to England to a small village and continue their farming and Jane kissed her beloved horses good bye and Jack actually waved back to her, Jane had mixed feeling the excitement of moving to another country, wondering if she would ever return yo Australia and looking forward to a new life. But above all if she would ever see Jack again, she loved him and hated him at the same time,

Jack’s dad had bought most of her horses and had helped them on their big move. Life In England was fun, Jane made new friends her best friend being a chubby dark haired girl who loved Jane’s red hair and freckles called Joyce and another quiet blond haired girl called Fay who admired Jane’s horsemanship, but as Jane grew up she knew she would never be a jockey as she was nearly5 feet 8 inches tall, her mum got her braces for her teeth for her 15th birthday and Joyce and Fay became her fashion gurus, Jane’s freckles disappeared except a few like fairy dust on her upper arms and back and a few on her nose.

Jane attracted a lot of attention where ever she went due to her gorgeous red hair and striking features plain Jane had grown up to be a gorgeous red swan.

One day when she was 17 years old her parents decided to go to Australia for a holiday Jane was so excited especially to see her beloved horses, as they would be staying with Jack’s family for a few weeks, Jack’s dad met them at the airport and commented how pretty Jane was.

As they neared their home Jane saw a gorgeous tall strong blonde haired man riding a horse she recognised him at once it was Jack, as they got out the truck Jack came towards them on his horse, as  Jane got out the truck , Jack looked at her and as their eyes met there was electricity, a strong sexual electricity between the two, Jack knew he had set eyes on the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, as Jane saw Jack’s blonde hair, his gorgeous smile she knew she had fallen in love for the first time in seventeen years. Jack asked Jane if she wanted to go horse riding with him and she happily agreed saying if only they could race, So Jane got onto this Chestnut coloured mare her long red curly hair and the gorgeous chestnut mare, made Jack know he had never seen anything so beautiful as they raced passed the fields, over the streams in to the mountains they came to the most beautiful spot on a mountain top as Jane won the race.

Jack and Jane got down  from the horses both panting from their ride, Jack was 6feet 2 with strong arms, blond hair dishevelled and they just stared at each other for seconds, till Jack said I can’t believe that you are so beautiful God sure answers prayers as he came close to her pushing the red strand of hair from her forehead, looking at amazement at the sprinkling of freckles on her upper arm kissing them, kissing the nape of her neck she started to breath harder and let out a moan she had never experienced anything like this this instinctive attraction to a gorgeous man who she knew as a child was now kissing her, holding her she knew if she didn’t give in she would regret it, or worse end up like sister margarita from school, this was what she wanted, this was with whom she wanted that night both Jack and Jane spent the night under the moon and stars, in nature doing what nature gave instinctively to both man and beast the feelings and inclinations of a sexual nature, in nature for nature.

The next day Jane was no longer freckle faced big teethed plain Jane, but Jane who through the right of passage was now no longer girl but a gorgeous woman who had lost her virginity to the man provided by the Gods for her journey in life.

Sometimes dear ones life takes us to far off lands, or just up the street but when the Gods bring up the opportunity at the right age in the right place be it a call of the wild, or rising up to church bells on your wedding day take hold of the opportunity and do not look back, be it past regrets or past glories whatever instinctive opportunity  the Lord brings, let your instinct be the answer. Nature will one day take you on it’s journey through life accept the right instinctive choices do not regret the life you live but live in line to the paths put by the Lord of Man, Machine and Nature. imgres

The Truth About THE MATRIX

images-4Long, long ago when the world was oblivion there lived the future computerised world of Divinity, Super humanity, Spiritual Beings of beauty and splendour and divinely inspired humanely created machine, machines made by man, where travelling to different planets by super powered machines run by the robots built by the robots, This new world, this future world Existed Before This World Was Formed For This New Future World.

Let me tell you how it began There was a Highly Intelligent Supreme Being delegated power to the Lord, This Lord along with the supreme Being of Divinity planned and created the world, the races, the peoples and even their religions. Not many have seen the great, mighty Supreme Divinity except the very few worthy beings of spiritual world and the intellectuals of the future world.

On the request and consent of this great and mighty Being the Lord Planned the world along with The God showing a path of peace of humanity, freedom of in spirituality and faith religiosity, put in order by the governmental authority. Yes there existed a future digital, intellectual, computerised, wonderful world before even earth existed. But on consent of the Lord there also existed a mind of the past, present and future created by the Lord to reveal to the Lord the plans of mankind and reveal to mankind on consent of the Lord the plans of the Lord.

The Lord beckoned to mankind walked in this world owning everything in the world yet only a few in the world truly knew of him, he walked as Lord of the religions as Buddha, As Christ, In Hinduism, In Sikhism, It was HE who created the Dalai Lama and gave the Ramayana and Mahabharata to India, Who gave Lord Buddha to China Why So Many Paths the Brain cried out But the Lord just smiled and said trust Me they all lead to me just like a house in the centre of town all roads leading to it, Then there was division of races, race against race.images-3

Then the Lord said it is time to delegate authority and the Lord Chose four of His close associates who ruled the world along with the Lord God, they walked with the Lord sped through time with the Lord, They were and the rulers of the world who the Lord had chosen on consent with the Divinity, Then the Lord and Lords had an idea how about giving this brain a human body so that it can help bring about peace and unity among religions and races but this child should be of controversial race of humanity and build the bridge between black and white as the Lord and the Lords prepared this Child, they realised there was bigotry, racial controversy, jealousy and hatred towards this child and other races yet the Lord and the Lords put unconditional love to this brain so that through this brain child a pathway of hope, love , unity and peace may be established.

This Child married a man and later begot a beautiful baby protected and loved by the Lord and the Lords though the world wanted to do her and her seed harm the Lord and the Lords protected them. When man got bored with the mundane everyday life there appeared Bill Gates and the computer revolution, as computers got mundane there were virtual games out there to be played an when virtual games got mundane there were other life games to be lived and time travel will soon not just be a fantasy but a reality when the Great Lord created, owned and built the earth He did not just build it he walked eschatology past, present and future, yes there is a present you are in the present but the future is already built the past is walk able the present liveable the future attainable, in other words though you are in the present the future is already existing.

May there be unity and peace between the Sovereign Lord, Lords and mankind and may there be peace between, races, cultures and religions yes there is a house and every road leads to that house what and that house means will be revealed in the right time, it may be heaven, it may be underground, it may be in the heavenliness, it may be a city, it may be another planet but remember there is a road for everyone and a room for everyone, no child, no city , no country and no land is exclusive there are many ways the world is like a ping pong ball so is the sun, moon, stars and planets where you go is up to the Lord.

In Conclusion I would like to put down this poem I wrote some time back called Riddles here it goes.

Why is life so confusing and the future contemplating,

What job would best suit our needs , debating

Does God really exist, questioning

How did God exist before he existed thought provoking

Is love a fact or a feeling, emotions heightening

Does God still speak through thunder and lightening, frightening,

Are there other worlds beside our own, Aliens emerging

Does heaven and earth one day meet ? the universe merging

Yet the cross remains standing, truth arising

The lamb who died on the cross had a marking

The starting of another world in a making

The heavens applauding

Angels descending to earth

Cause this new world is starting, shocking

The universe in the making

Yet time is left starting and ending

To make time obsolete

This new world shall emerge without time

Yet created before time for a time

Clocking tickingimages-2