Mission Impossible–Made Possible ( Part 1)


Angela was a fitness instructor in the suburbs of  Mississippi she was nearly six feet tall, athletic, strong, with short brunette hair cut in a bob and her passion was keeping fit, toned, strong and healthy. She was vegetarian and took her diet and exercise seriously. She was not the usual girly girl who loved pink and make up but she relished exercise, weights and a challenge on the treadmill. Yet she was quite cute in a boyish sort of way but she had not had a boyfriend for a year, the men in the gym admired her but she was busy with work at the same time providing for her mother and putting her brother through university. She never liked her education and never wanted an office job which her mother so wanted for her. She thought of her self in a prim skirt and make up and wrinkled her nose in distaste she would rather go running in the rain an extra mile rather than wear an awful skirt.

She was not always a “fitness freak” as her brother called her but she always was strong and healthy and liked sports and when she was in school she fell in love with Scott an intelligent boy who fell in love with her best friend Gaby a curly haired “ dumb blonde” which Scott preferred, it was this incident that put her off anything girly, pink or feminine and she put her anger in rigorous exercise that took away her anger, she met a few other guys at the gym but nothing serious and she had not dated for a year, but it did not really matter to her she was more interested in Joan her client in dropping two dress sizes before Joan’s wedding.

One day as she was sorting out the mail in the mail box  she found a confidential  bright yellow packet in the mail box addressed to her, she was curious to see what this packet contained but she was late and had to meet Joan in the gym and when she went to the gym she saw Joan exercising with weights as Angela was determined to help Joan get into her goal weight. Joan was a curvy blonde beautiful lady.

Immediately Angela  got into their fitness regime, as Joan gave her a warm friendly  smile and Angela went back on business as usual. When Angela went home that evening after that workout in the gym she had a warm shower and as she felt the soap suds falling over her toned body , suddenly she heard her mom calling wrapped herself in a grey towel wiping her bob with another towel, her mum wanted her to fix the remote on the TV as usual her mum had pressed the wrong button for the 100th time, anything being the television, computers or CD player her mum could not comprehend, what she did comprehend was cooking  especially after learning Angela was a vegetarian and could and would not be persuaded to eat meat even after being bribed by her mum with a new car which her mum knew would not change her stubborn headed daughter’s head once she made up her mind.

As Angela dressed in her favourite jeans and tank –top she saw the large envelope on her bed, she opened it slowly and in it was written secret document FBI, she first thought her brother was playing a prank and in it was a form and cheque to go to New York for a secret meeting but the cheque was real and the form was real with anticipation and curiosity she booked her ticket.

When her plane landed in New York, she saw a man dressed in Black with dark glasses come up to her shook her hand in business like fashion and took her suitcase and lead her to a Black Rolls Royse with Black tinted windows, now Angela started to panic a bit, had she done something wrong or was this a joke or maybe this was a dream, yet when the car descended into some underground tunnel that opened into a great atmosphere of people dressed in black and magnificent rooms with computers on walls and a highly digitally enhanced rooms that lead to an open space with a large glass window what she saw took her breadth away.Image

As she was looking at the view with her mouth wide open like a gold fish wondering if she was dreaming a tall handsome man with short blonde spikey hair also dressed in a black suit came up to her in a brisk business like manner shook her hand and said you must be Angela please follow me we have to do some tests and interviews, Angela still gaping unable to answer followed him there were more rooms that opened when he held the palm of his hand at the corner of the platinum automatic door . Which opened to a very large gym, swimming pool, and beds with wires and more high tech instruments that Angela had no idea what they were.

He first lead her to a room and asked her to do some simple brain tests Angela did as she was told she was too amazed to ask what they were about, he then lead her to the gym and lead her through various exercises from the treadmill, to other high tech exercises Angela not willing to let go of an challenge performed very well on all the given exercises and this man for once smiled a flashing smile and said well done you are in the top five per cent in fitness and the other four per cent are men, you are strong , Angela still gasping for breadth was quite happy about her performance she had done her best.

The man shook Angela’s hand and said call me Roy you are one of the people chosen for our voyage into out of space. As the man lead Angela into the open window and showed her the awesome spaceship, “ Isn’t she a beauty she is called Voyager Lara 2025” Angela gaped in surprise she was going to be an astronaut she could not believe it and she was chosen. This little suburban Mississippi fitness instructor was going to be an astronaut. But there was more.

There were things to be taken care of first she had to call her mother and brother and tell them she had moved to New York. She then had to prepare mentally and physically for the journey Roy was surprised she was vegetarian but was given good wholesome food. She then met some wonderful people who like her Chosen from around the world and met this gorgeous handsome guy called  John who always exercised by her side and many times competed with each other in exercise and sometimes Angela won but more times John won as Angela and John were becoming close in their relationship they were in for a shock the next day.Image

Roy and the other leaders called all the chosen ones as they were called there might have been a few thousands, some were couples but most were single and what the leaders said were taken in silence.

The great Leader who was an elderly man in his 60’s tall, strong who looked a bit like Gandalf, but had short spiky hair and was dressed in a Platinum body suit, took to the stage and addressed the crowd. He told them this was not just a voyage but a habitation programme into Planet Mars with a hope to procreate and live in Mars, all measures of safety, health, productivity and reproductivity of the human species into another planet. There was pin drop silence and as the couples were called they were given their bodysuits for their journey into space and then couples were chosen by the leaders, Roy seeing Angela and John getting along well were chosen to be a couple. John gave Angela a kiss that made her want more of this handsome man chosen for her.

They were leaving the next day arrangements for her mother and brother to receive financial help every month was done. As John and Angela walked hand in hand into that beautiful Voyager Lara 2025,They were no longer earthians but were going to Martians, This was a journey into a New Life a wonderful life, Two lives of the many thousands going to a New Planet they were going to call home, The Home in Planet Mars.Image

East Meets West Love Story

(From this moment life has begun, From this moment you are the one , right beside you is where I belong From this moment on From this moment I have been blessed I live only for your happiness And for your love I’d give my last breath From this moment on.) ]


I was single for a long long time I had never dated till I was 26 in the year 2005 I never had a boyfriend partly because I was not allowed to and partly because I was busy with university and work.


In August 2004 I came to study in Belfast at the university. I wanted to know what dating was about and got unto this dating website and one day I got this letter from a computer geek called Mark who wanted to meet up with me. We exchanged phone numbers and started having long talks.


In October 2004 we went out on our first date I wore a denim skirt and leather jacket with brown boots and my husband my knight in shining armour came in an bright orange shirt talk about God spotting him for me from all other potentials that bright orange shirt definitely helped.


He came over and I was waiting for him with my best friend he got down from the car, he had spiky hair, over six feet tall my best friend whispered he looks like a football player I thought I may not be a wag but this guy has some potential for future prospects because there was immediate chemistry.


He came over and gave me a big hug. I usually being formal just shake hands but I loved his spontaneity  and he took me to this restaurant called Olio. I did not understand the Irish menu where we usually have a starter, a main course and dessert. So I asked him to order for me.He liked that I trusted his judgement but mostly because I was not familiar with western food.


So there came the starter and I not knowing thought that was my main course it was a finely prepared aubergine and I started fuming I thought that was all I was getting. I thought we might as well have gone to Mac Donald’s where he could have afforded my cheese burger.But as he looked into my eyes there was a spark of attraction but I was very  upset with the aubergine till the waiter came with pink salmon in white sauce.

I thought this is a man who knows how to treat a woman right.


He reached out his hands to mine and held them and I thanked him for taking  for this date.We laughed alot thinking what his parents might say when he brought me home in my traditional attire telling them “ I come on big bird to to Northern Ireland”


They were surprised to see me but they were gracious, Now it was time for Mark to meet up with my parents. My father being a strict Anglican Priest looked at Mark and the first thing he said was no kissing. Mark was surprised but agreed.


In the fourth month of dating just before we got engaged in December I was lying in his arms and he looked into my eyes and asked me what would you do if I kiss you and I humbly answered I will kiss you back and then I knew this was the man I wanted to marry.

I kept myself a virgin for this tall kind man who loved me knew about my depression problem yet wanted to marry me.In December 25th 2005 we got engaged and on May 20 2006 we got married.

Life has not been a bed of roses but our Love for each other helped us cope through the difficult times and we promised each other we will be there for each other through the good times and the bad times.


We have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl who brings us so much of joy and the centre of both our lives.


“I give my hand to you with all my heart,Can’t wait to live my life with you cant wait to start you and I will  never be apart my dreams come true because of you, You’re the reason I believe in Love from this moment on.”

To Isaac with Love , A love story

I grew up in Mespotamia in the town of Nahor. I was always a curious girl, curious about the world around me, curious about the God who made man and woman, cattle and sheep and camels. Curious about well…I will tell you later. I loved playing games with my maid servants and playing with my brother Laban. My mother always tried to tame my wild streak as she called it. I always wanted to travel, to see places that were different to my own. My favourite time was to climb up a tree close to my home and dream. Dream about travelling, dream about the man I would one day marry, believe me I had no clue who or where he was, but it was nice to dream any way. People used to tell my mother I was beautiful as they saw me running around the well with my maid servants but she only shook her head and said’ if only she were more tame’. I loved animals, my father had a lot of sheep, cattle and camels. I would spend a lot of time playing with them .As I grew older I felt a sense of destiny, I felt that one day life would offer me more than just playing hopscotch with my maids.

I had a cousin from my mother’s side who was now beginning to show a great interest in me but he was not the prince charming I was dreaming about. I think it was his greasy hair yet I was now sixteen and some of my friends were already married. Would I ever meet the man of my dreams? Would I ever bear children? Would I travel? Would I find God who created the earth? Would I? Would I? Suddenly I heard my mother calling Rebekah, Rebekah. I ran towards her. I usually ran and seldom walked. She asked me to go and fetch some water for her. I loved going out so I put on the new purple garment that my mother chose for me put the jar on my shoulder and of I went. I learnt many things from my mother but one thing I knew I possessed was the gift of hospitality.

I went towards the well with two of my amid servants who were teasing me about my greasy haired cousin, suddenly I saw this old man with about four younger men and ten camels. The man looked very tired, he looked at me and I looked back. He looked at me some more and I smiled, I was used to people looking at me but this was a look of destiny. I felt a tugging in my heart that something big was about to happen. Then he smiled came up to me and asked me for a drink. I then looked at the camels and the four men and they all looked pathetically back at me so I ran to the well and drew some water for the men and the camels. Now the camels and the men looked very happy and I was glad.

I looked into the eyes of the old man and they were bright with a sense of purpose he then took out a beautiful nose ring and two lovely bracelets and put them on me. I always loved jewellery especially earrings and bracelets and I did not understand why he put this jewellery on me, I did not think he fancied me he was more like my grandfather. He then asked me if there was room in my home in my home for all of them to stay and my maid servants who were eyeing the four younger men on the camels looked at me and nodded so hard that I thought their heads might fall off. It was then I introduced myself, I was never the one to keep a secret, always spoke my heart out so I told him, I was the daughter of Bethuel. Betheul my father was the son that Milcah bore to Nahor. The old man had tears in his eyes, he held my hands and he then bowed down and prayed to a God, a God I wanted to know about so much more. I could not wait to run home and show my mother the jewellery and introduce my parents and brother to this man. Once we got home and the supper was laid out the old man started telling us about our great uncle Abraham and his son. I was excited, could this be the man I dreamed about the past six years on the tree next to my home .I now knew that this was the sense of purpose and destiny that tugged at my heart.

I was going to travel. I was going places. I was going to marry this unknown man in a far off place. The man I dreamed about since the time I was a little girl on the tree, my mother and my brother Laban wanted me to stay another ten days before I left but I felt an urgency in my heart and in my spirit that this was my destiny, this was my purpose and this was the man I was going to marry. I felt excitement and curiosity, what will this man look like? Will he find me attractive? What will my first kiss be like? I got ready for travel. I would miss my parents and my brother Laban yet I knew I had a destiny to fulfil. This was my life. This was my destiny. This was meant to be and this was my call. We had a long journey then from a distance I saw a tall man with strong shoulders coming towards us. I asked the old man who he was, he said this was Isaac, his master. As he said the name Isaac my heart skipped a beat .Being brought up with the values and culture of my family I covered my face with a veil. Isaac came towards us ,he held out his hand to help me down the camel. Our eyes met for the first time, there was chemistry I blushed as I got down ,I slipped and his hands held me tight. It was then that i knew that I belonged  I belonged to Isaac .Isaac took me into a beautiful tent which belonged to Sarah his mother he gave me some goat’s milk and some dried fruit .He said a prayer holding my hands as we sat on the soft crimson cushions .He told me about Yahweh that his father Abraham had told him about and I believed. He then took a golden goblet and poured wine into it .we both then made a covenant with Yahweh that we would love Him, serve Him and follow Him. Isaac then promised to love, cherish and honour me. I promised to love, cherish, honour and follow him wherever he would go, obey him and be the best wife I could be for him  .I now knew I belonged to Isaac ,he took the veil of my face and kissed me. It was then I knew what God had prepared for me. God had prepared me for Isaac. That was my destiny. I have never looked back since. Yahweh be praised.