No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed indeed. Harold MacMillan




Hi there dearest dearest munchkins, sweetypies, my cho cho chweet friends, how are you all doing ? Well I had an interesting week just watched the Bollywood movie Cocktail which it was aptly named fewer the words the better but I thank God for happy endings.


Well my dear cutey pies today I am going to talk to wifes out there, the mummies out there. In one of my previous blogs I stressed on the point to looking good for our better halfs now I going to tell you something learn to complement him. Tell him honey you look smart in that pair of Jeans and white shirt or tell him wow look at that tux it will make you look so handsome. Buy him small gifts of cufflinks, or deodorant, after shave or even perfume in this world and age even men like to be treated once in a while if you are not in the buying thing, bake him a cake, cook him nice dinner just show him how much you appreciate him.


Men they work from 9-5pm they are busy sometimes they get stressed do not irritate or complain to them, let it wait give them a good meal and when they are well settled talk to them in a soft voice. Aggression in women is a turn off so is miss “bitchitities”  please be patient with him. Women you can never be his mother but be his best second half listen to him, counsel him, no one knows him better than you do make life exciting in the week ends play scrabble or Uno just be his best friend.


I have learnt if you want your marriage to work be his best and closest friend then of course take time with your figure, hair and make up and if there is a fight I urge you women to be humble enough to apologize to him. Men you too need to take care of your women and treat them well with date nights every week we need marriages to work. We need humility in our lives before God and before our spouses and we need to bring back love for our wives and for our families.


So let the God of Love reign in our lives


From Doctor Lovology

The Indian Aunty


East Meets West Love Story

(From this moment life has begun, From this moment you are the one , right beside you is where I belong From this moment on From this moment I have been blessed I live only for your happiness And for your love I’d give my last breath From this moment on.) ]


I was single for a long long time I had never dated till I was 26 in the year 2005 I never had a boyfriend partly because I was not allowed to and partly because I was busy with university and work.


In August 2004 I came to study in Belfast at the university. I wanted to know what dating was about and got unto this dating website and one day I got this letter from a computer geek called Mark who wanted to meet up with me. We exchanged phone numbers and started having long talks.


In October 2004 we went out on our first date I wore a denim skirt and leather jacket with brown boots and my husband my knight in shining armour came in an bright orange shirt talk about God spotting him for me from all other potentials that bright orange shirt definitely helped.


He came over and I was waiting for him with my best friend he got down from the car, he had spiky hair, over six feet tall my best friend whispered he looks like a football player I thought I may not be a wag but this guy has some potential for future prospects because there was immediate chemistry.


He came over and gave me a big hug. I usually being formal just shake hands but I loved his spontaneity  and he took me to this restaurant called Olio. I did not understand the Irish menu where we usually have a starter, a main course and dessert. So I asked him to order for me.He liked that I trusted his judgement but mostly because I was not familiar with western food.


So there came the starter and I not knowing thought that was my main course it was a finely prepared aubergine and I started fuming I thought that was all I was getting. I thought we might as well have gone to Mac Donald’s where he could have afforded my cheese burger.But as he looked into my eyes there was a spark of attraction but I was very  upset with the aubergine till the waiter came with pink salmon in white sauce.

I thought this is a man who knows how to treat a woman right.


He reached out his hands to mine and held them and I thanked him for taking  for this date.We laughed alot thinking what his parents might say when he brought me home in my traditional attire telling them “ I come on big bird to to Northern Ireland”


They were surprised to see me but they were gracious, Now it was time for Mark to meet up with my parents. My father being a strict Anglican Priest looked at Mark and the first thing he said was no kissing. Mark was surprised but agreed.


In the fourth month of dating just before we got engaged in December I was lying in his arms and he looked into my eyes and asked me what would you do if I kiss you and I humbly answered I will kiss you back and then I knew this was the man I wanted to marry.

I kept myself a virgin for this tall kind man who loved me knew about my depression problem yet wanted to marry me.In December 25th 2005 we got engaged and on May 20 2006 we got married.

Life has not been a bed of roses but our Love for each other helped us cope through the difficult times and we promised each other we will be there for each other through the good times and the bad times.


We have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl who brings us so much of joy and the centre of both our lives.


“I give my hand to you with all my heart,Can’t wait to live my life with you cant wait to start you and I will  never be apart my dreams come true because of you, You’re the reason I believe in Love from this moment on.”