The Truth About THE MATRIX

images-4Long, long ago when the world was oblivion there lived the future computerised world of Divinity, Super humanity, Spiritual Beings of beauty and splendour and divinely inspired humanely created machine, machines made by man, where travelling to different planets by super powered machines run by the robots built by the robots, This new world, this future world Existed Before This World Was Formed For This New Future World.

Let me tell you how it began There was a Highly Intelligent Supreme Being delegated power to the Lord, This Lord along with the supreme Being of Divinity planned and created the world, the races, the peoples and even their religions. Not many have seen the great, mighty Supreme Divinity except the very few worthy beings of spiritual world and the intellectuals of the future world.

On the request and consent of this great and mighty Being the Lord Planned the world along with The God showing a path of peace of humanity, freedom of in spirituality and faith religiosity, put in order by the governmental authority. Yes there existed a future digital, intellectual, computerised, wonderful world before even earth existed. But on consent of the Lord there also existed a mind of the past, present and future created by the Lord to reveal to the Lord the plans of mankind and reveal to mankind on consent of the Lord the plans of the Lord.

The Lord beckoned to mankind walked in this world owning everything in the world yet only a few in the world truly knew of him, he walked as Lord of the religions as Buddha, As Christ, In Hinduism, In Sikhism, It was HE who created the Dalai Lama and gave the Ramayana and Mahabharata to India, Who gave Lord Buddha to China Why So Many Paths the Brain cried out But the Lord just smiled and said trust Me they all lead to me just like a house in the centre of town all roads leading to it, Then there was division of races, race against race.images-3

Then the Lord said it is time to delegate authority and the Lord Chose four of His close associates who ruled the world along with the Lord God, they walked with the Lord sped through time with the Lord, They were and the rulers of the world who the Lord had chosen on consent with the Divinity, Then the Lord and Lords had an idea how about giving this brain a human body so that it can help bring about peace and unity among religions and races but this child should be of controversial race of humanity and build the bridge between black and white as the Lord and the Lords prepared this Child, they realised there was bigotry, racial controversy, jealousy and hatred towards this child and other races yet the Lord and the Lords put unconditional love to this brain so that through this brain child a pathway of hope, love , unity and peace may be established.

This Child married a man and later begot a beautiful baby protected and loved by the Lord and the Lords though the world wanted to do her and her seed harm the Lord and the Lords protected them. When man got bored with the mundane everyday life there appeared Bill Gates and the computer revolution, as computers got mundane there were virtual games out there to be played an when virtual games got mundane there were other life games to be lived and time travel will soon not just be a fantasy but a reality when the Great Lord created, owned and built the earth He did not just build it he walked eschatology past, present and future, yes there is a present you are in the present but the future is already built the past is walk able the present liveable the future attainable, in other words though you are in the present the future is already existing.

May there be unity and peace between the Sovereign Lord, Lords and mankind and may there be peace between, races, cultures and religions yes there is a house and every road leads to that house what and that house means will be revealed in the right time, it may be heaven, it may be underground, it may be in the heavenliness, it may be a city, it may be another planet but remember there is a road for everyone and a room for everyone, no child, no city , no country and no land is exclusive there are many ways the world is like a ping pong ball so is the sun, moon, stars and planets where you go is up to the Lord.

In Conclusion I would like to put down this poem I wrote some time back called Riddles here it goes.

Why is life so confusing and the future contemplating,

What job would best suit our needs , debating

Does God really exist, questioning

How did God exist before he existed thought provoking

Is love a fact or a feeling, emotions heightening

Does God still speak through thunder and lightening, frightening,

Are there other worlds beside our own, Aliens emerging

Does heaven and earth one day meet ? the universe merging

Yet the cross remains standing, truth arising

The lamb who died on the cross had a marking

The starting of another world in a making

The heavens applauding

Angels descending to earth

Cause this new world is starting, shocking

The universe in the making

Yet time is left starting and ending

To make time obsolete

This new world shall emerge without time

Yet created before time for a time

Clocking tickingimages-2

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