Mission Impossible—Made Possible (Part 2)

As John and Angela walked hand in hand into the space ship,  the leaders first spoke to them about Planet Mars about the facts that there was carbon dioxide and water on the planet about the irrigation systems already taking place by those who travel back and forth from the space stations and the homes which for now would be comprising of buildings with tunnels for transportation from building to building as well as land transportation, these buildings were  built by the forefathers who  lived , breathed and existed in space stations travelling from earth to mars and who dreamed that one day man would live in the vast spaces of other planets there dream has come true today.Image

Then another elder called the Space Priest and called all the new couples together which included John and Angela and made them say their vows by the power of the Lord of the Universe that had chosen them and brought them together as John and Angela said “I do” They both had tears in their eyes as they travelled to this New Planet as man and wife.

They then got ready for take of 10, 9, 8, 7……5, 4, 3, 2, 1,  The space ship was moving as fast as the speed of light into space, John held onto Angela, he could smell the fresh shampoo on her hair her toned body looked great in her space body suit, Angela felt such an awesome sense of attraction to John she had not been held by a man for a year and those gorgeous strong arms around her for the first time in years she felt like a woman and they kissed and kissed, he took her into the cabinet provided for them and they made hot passionate love some where out there in the universe two beautiful people consummated their marriage on a spaceship with the view of stars in space in the large open window.Image

After they finished there passionate escapade in their rooms covered in towels after their shower sipping a warm energy drink provided for them John lead Angela to the open window and there was the sunset in the universe Angela was so overcome by the awesome sight, to having found love in another world wept in John’s arms as he held her kissing her and comforting her.Image

Suddenly they heard the voice of the  Captain saying put on your seat belts there are asteroids coming our way as the space ship avoided both the large asteroids  the ship travelled on into space, in the mean time John and Angela exercised, did mental exercises as well and made friends with the other couples, Angela’s favourite place was the large open window covered by transparent glass and look out in to the universe thanking the fore fathers who lived in space stations opening this new life for them. Angela was thinking about her family when John entered the room and asked her a penny for your thoughts she said penny I Sir demand kisses, kisses as they kissed they were on their bed kissing and laughing, very shortly they would be in Mars.Image

Suddenly John woke up Angela, Angie wake up and look Angie rubbed her eyes and looked what she saw took her breadth away there were  buildings like New York but Platinum coloured with tunnels going back and forth from the buildings there were space cars going back and forth but the magnitude was what they saw was breathtakingly wondrously genius that only a  space Lord could perform they were in a Space City.Image

They put on their space suits unable to fathom the beauty, the futurocity or future city put together as one this little girl from suburban Mississippi and this boy From Minnesota were picked among thousands who went with them, leaving thousands who call Earth their home. Mars was now their home they lived in a Martnian city, tomorrow they will be given their apartments and they start learning to drive their space cars.

If today leads to tomorrow, tomorrow leads to tomorrow to form a wondrous tomorrow. The Future awaits what man thought was Mission Impossible, Tomorrow will be made possible, Mission Impossible—Made Possibleimgres-5

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