The Human Race

Hi there dear sweet munchkins, how are you all doing. Today I would like to talk about a wide spectrum of topics, different colours but same spectrum. Much like our world different races, cultures, heritage but same world that has spinning like a top among other planets, circled by other heavenly bodies some visible others invisible that even a fraction of  gravatical inconsistence can provide a great catastrophe but for thousands of years nothing like that has happened.

Who holds the gravitical spinning powers of our world and other worlds? Guess yes it starts with a G and ends with a D. Yes it is God. All he has to do is just stop gravity or stop the spins and we would be in No mans land yes there would be no man and there would be no land.

How awesome is this can you really believe that there was a Big Bang and womph there was an ape no it turned into man. That is rubbish, we are not monkeys, we are not angels we are the Human Race. We are homo sapiens. We are human beings. Yes the monkey is a mammal and so is the dolphin, and whale and elephant these creatures have high Mammalia IQ but dear ones they are  animals not human beings. One famous argument is that if monkeys turned into man why are they still monkeys now.

They are   animals we are human and there is a  division between the two and there is a psychological, physiological and biological gap between the two. I am not just proud to be Indo- British but I am proud to be a human being if every human is proud to be a human being they make themselves proud in any endeavour they do the world would be a better place. There would be  more creative thinkers and more businesses and better corruptionless governments.

The people of this world have to stand up and be proud for what they have got, healthy bodies, creative minds, medical science bringing out more cures and research for better medications such as cancer and aids and stem cell regeneration. Do something people don’t just sit on you’re A and ends with S and flip channels on your television and then gossip and grumble the world needs more creative thinkers. Yes that is you and me.

We all come from the same ancestors  and we will go where our ancestors went before us. But we are living in the now, now will not remain forever it will soon be past and be in the past let your present shine and be the best that we can be. If you want to change you can change, I can not change you but God can stop alcoholism and drug addiction or any not nice addiction we all have bad traits and that includes me but we can let it go and rise up and as people who can make an impact in this world. I want to be a blessing and be the best I can be and you can too.

You make you proud.

From the proud but not arrogant Indian aunty 

2 thoughts on “The Human Race

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