The Wizard Of War And Lust and The Wizard Of Peace and Love

ImageDear young ones, yes I am talking to the teenage strata of Society the confused batch wondering “am I a girl or woman” and you heavy metal gothic fans wondering what the heck? ”you talking to me can’t you see that I am busy chewing gum and listening to M&M”, and you girls out there dying your hair bright red, with matching lipstick and short shorts as the shorts can’t get any shorter and showing of your flat tummy that any middle aged lady would pay a fortune for, yes you my confused, gorgeous, intellectual, young ones this story is for you,

Here it goes,

When the world was a mass and void of life and any form of flora and fauna there was a wonderful awesome being that ruled the planets, the universes, stars and sky and that wonderful being , being imaginative, creative, awe inspiring, miracle working, unattainable yet sustainable being ruled the worlds and he made the Good, after he made the  Good he took a rest “like some of you young ones do locked up in your rooms for hours telling your folks you are doing your  home work while you are actually on the phone talking about who you want to take to the prom, or on your x-box, or trying out the new hairdo or make up you checked out on you tube”.

When this great awesome being finished creating the good, he created the awesome spiritual beings called angels. These angels were created to unconditionally obey, love and reverence this creator of good, then this creator of good evolved life forms, animals on land, birds on trees and fish in water and yes he made some master pieces. Of these animal and Mammalia life forms, but then this creator of Good performed the most astonishing beautiful life forms called “man and woman” they were exquisitely beautiful and intelligent like many of you young ones though all your folks here is “duh, yeah and cool and just chillin”.

Then this awesome Being decided to create magic as he knew if he did not create magic, the angels would so then the birth of the wizards were fore knowledgeably appointed. The Wizards were created with every knowledge of magic, reading the signs of stars, of angels.  Worse still the one who led to the downfall of good making it bad as well.

” Oh sorry young ones did I not tell you about him, the chief gorgeous celestial, terrestrial being who wanted to be the Ultimo Supremo Being above the creator of good well he was sent packing to earth but he did not rest he waged war and havoc and enticed the wizard of magic by promising more power and glory if only this wizard would obey him in everything . Yes darlings you know man is gullible” just like your mums and dads as you tell them you are going over to a friend’s which is partially  true but actually you are going to party, and I say be true to your heart if something does not seem right do not try it be it alcohol, drugs or sex, wait be patient and listen a time for sex will come make it special”.

This gullible wizard hence chose the bad, dark , path, of lust and war all he wanted was to rule the world and serve this magnificent evil supreme being that promised him power that led to death of mankind but rise of evil and darkness. Soon this world of good well was not good anymore with blood shed, war and havoc but then this supreme being creator of good chose a just magician of magic who obeyed the good and was not led astray by the evil supernatural being but chose the path of good and love, so the Supreme Being made this wizard an ambassador of peace and good and love.

Soon there was a big war where the heavenly bodies fought alongside with the earthly creatures the battles against good and evil of love and lust, in other words between sex and purity and power over enmity there was a lot of blood shed man against man, wizard against wizard, angel against angel while the creator of Good in fury of righteous indignation came over and stopped the battle with one awe inspiring wave of his arm.

It was then the celestial, terrestrial, beings and mankind and wizard over wizard looked at each other and they laughed, yes they laughed this supreme being creator of good also created evil and love and peace would never have existed without lust and war. As day comes into the dawn as night breaks through twilight there can never exist good without evil nor love without lust.

This supreme being made both good and evil according to his foreknowledge he knew his highest celestial being would aspire to be Him yet can never be Him. He was created for lust and enmity there can never be a perfect world. This idea dawned on the wizards at the same time as they saw their futility of perfection when there can never be perfection in a fallen world of lust and debauchery and of peace and love there was an uproar in the heavenliness when the wizards of both good and evil laughed and shook hands.Yes they were enemies yet they knew one could never exist without the other, like two sides of a coin as you flip the coin one day it is heads and the next it is tails just like there are no perfect people in this world so young ones enjoy your youth stick to your conscience and if you fall today remember tomorrow is an other day to practise doing good.

Next time you see a coin look both sides and remember one side can not exist without the other “if there is good there will also be bad”.Image

The End xxx

Let Go Of The Hat

Hi there dear sweet muchkins, sweetypies, darlings how have you been ? Well this week I have been busy with my weightloss countdown. Been cooking healthy options and trying my best not to indulge in chocolate and cookies.

Weightloss is a journey that some individuals have to travel through. There are a lucky few that how they eat does not alter their physique but generous portions for the other half  lead to generous proportions of the latter half.

There was once an old lady whose skirt was flying high up in the wind but she did not let go of the hat that she was holding on to with both hands so a young man wanting to help her said “ mam your skirt is flying high up please pull your skirt down” To which she angrily replied mister  what you see is 80 years old but I only bought this hat yesterday”. 🙂

Dear ones let go of the hat what ever your worldly processions they are important but it is more important to to attend to the more obvious. It is time to let go of the hat and listen to sound advice. This advice can come through reading a self- help book, reading the Bible, or just listening to our spouse’s words, or mentor’s words. Some friends advice is genuine but there are others who can lead you astray or are jealous pray for wisdom to listen to what is sound and good for your journey on earth.

Choose your friends wisely and listen to the advice of your parents or loved ones who care about you. If a friend says sniff this drugs it is great Do not do it, you know it is wrong and it leads to death. Listen to inner  voice God usually speaks to us in this voice and if something seems not right you might just be right it is not right.

There are several factors that help us make choices when we are old enough to make decisions. It can be society, your family, your friends, your bosses, your colleagues but at the end of the day the choice is up to you.

Money is important but your loved ones, your spouse, your children are more important. May be you want to make a secure future for your loved ones it is true but neglecting them is as bad as spending all your earnings instead of saving for the future.

Dear ones it is time to let go of the hat and listen to sound advice or listen to your heart. Your heart will not lie.

Wishing you a happy life from

The Indian Aunty

Money, Karma and Women

My dearest sweet munchkins how are you? How are you darlings ? Well today I am going to write to the women with some girlie banter I do not want any of you get offended with my girlie banter but here it goes ………

One day a pastor went to shop for a bra for his wife so he went into this Christian bra store and the lady said sir “ we have a catholic bra that holds the masses, the brethren bra that uplifts the fallen and above all we have the Pentecostal bra that makes mountains out of molehills “ So the pastor said give me the Pentecostal bra for my wife and went away smiling………

Dear friends, sometimes  life is like a bra  you can stretch your personality ,savings, friendships, your spouse to the limit but at the end it bounces back to its originality and to your real self.

Lets talk about money for a change we save, we earn, we spend, we learn. Money can be stretched to the limit but it always bounces back till we get our next pay check. Money should be respected and people with money are respected it is not the most important thing in the world but lets face the facts it is very important.

I do not like talking about money and did not know its importance but I learnt from my family that we should give into our church and God’s ministers. By giving we are being blessed. When we give money call it blessing, karma or fate the blessings come back at us.

I remember when I was working in Microsoft in India I gave into my church, an orphanage and to God’s minter and the next months I got better salary because I believe I pleased God by giving.

I do not think you have to give all your money away but keep one tenth of your money for God. It can also go into a worthy cause like an orphanage or needy relative. God will bless you for that. Learn to give and learn to receive.

I had a problem of learning to receive money as I thought there were more needy people than me but I am still learning to receive things except flowers and  dark chocolates which I love but there are people who must learn to be gracious enough in learning to receive and learning to give they both go hand in hand.

If you feel you can not give money give your time just learn to love people some people have gone through hard times and it makes their heart hard but one day tell God why you are angry  forgive that person and ask Jesus to fill your heart with love for other people and he will fill your heart with love.

By giving a hug to the elderly, or cooking something for a friend or sending money for a worthy project will do wonders for your finance and life and what goes around comes around give out love and what ever you feel you can do or give and watch God bless you.

So from the Christian finance inspector

The Indian Aunty

Fluffy Goes To School

Hi there dear sweetypies, my darling munchkins today I am going to write for the children so if you are a parent or grandparent and want to read a bedtime story for your little one then this story is especially for you Happy Reading :-

One day a big brown mother rabbit was sitting on the sofa  of her home it was cold and snowing outside daddy rabbit went to find some food for mama rabbit.

Daddy Rabbit wore his long grey coat, his hat took his umbrella and went to the shop run by Mr and Mrs beaver . So what would you like Mr Peter Rabbit asked Mrs beaver we have freshly caught fish, Daddy rabbit wrinkled his nose and said no we are vegetarians, Mrs Beaver said vegetarians wha what is vegetarians ? She could not imagine any one not liking her fresh fish. Oh Oh yes said Daddy Peter Rabbit getting impatient making foot prints in the snow we do not eat meat of any kind said daddy rabbit, then what am I  asked Mrs Beaver  ?daddy rabbit said dear dear Mrs beaver you are a non vegetarian  you eat vegetables and meat.

Oh I see  said Mrs Beaver. Well daddy Rabbit then you may help your self for some celery as she pulled out a brown bag from under the table of her fish and  in that packet were celery and some carrots.

Oh goody, goody I love celery and carrots thank you so much Mrs beaver and how much is that ?  Oh  a pound, Oh thank Mrs Beaver bye bye righteo My wife would be so happy. Mrs Rabbit was wearing her favourite dress with her shawl covering her shoulders with her glasses on her nose knitting a beautiful dress for her baby that was due to come in a few days.

This was her first baby and the scan at Dr Owls Clinic showed that it was a baby girl they were so excited as they shook the wing of Dr Owl. Hi Honey I am home said daddy Rabbit and “oh darling I am so hungry what have you bought” said Mama Rabbit . Oh darling mummy I have bought celery and carrots.

Thank you dear said mummy rabbit as she took the celery and made a delicious salad with walnuts and strawberries and celery and they had boiled carrots as the main course. Oh yummy yummy said daddy rabbit as he ate his salad and carrots you make the best salad and carrots in the world said daddy rabbit.

That night mummy rabbit could not sleep, then she woke up daddy rabbit darling daddy I think the  baby is coming hurry up call mrs bear the mid wife so daddy rabbit called mrs bear on his mobile phone. “Mrs bear, the baby is coming “ said daddy Rabbit .Mrs bear said I am coming right away as she got into her  car and came over in 10 minutes.

Daddy Rabbit hold mrs rabbit’s hands  and tell mrs rabbit not to worry daddy rabbit put on his dressing gown and did as bear had said suddenly he heard the sweetest squeak possible and there was the most beautiful snow white rabbit in Mrs bear’s hands oh she is so so  fluffy  said mama Rabbi and kissed her. Daddy Rabbit held this gorgeous ball of fluff with a cute red nose in his arms and He said we will call her fluffy.

Chapter 2.

Fluffy learnt to walk and run and always asked questions like why is the sky blue or is there really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. She was still too little to go out shopping with daddy rabbit so she played with butterflies in the garden, she watched mama rabbit gardening and fluffy loved the soft brown sand, she saw mummy rabbit smelling the flowers and little fluffy took a big sniff of the beautiful daffidol in her garden and before she knew it her little red nose quivered and she sneesed loudly a-tishu, aaaaa –tishu oh dear dear said mama rabbit you seem to be catching the cold in you go fluffy but I want to to to a-tishu play said fluffy but as you know we have to listen to grown ups especially if we are catching the cold.

So mama Rabbit gave fluffy calpol and a warm bottle of milk and fluffy went to bed dreaming of green grass, vegetable patches, soft brown soil, butterflies and daffodils..

Fluffy woke up the next morning to the smell of porridge which mama Rabbit was cooking with milk and papa Rabbit was drinking his coffee and reading his paper.Then papa Rabbit said fluffy would you like to come to the post office with me.

Fluffy was so excited she jumped up and down she wore her pretty pink dress with a pink ribbon in her hair as it was spring papa rabbit even bought fluffy strawberry ice-cream on a cone it was so cold but the sun was warm and it was delicious can it was the nicest thing fluffy had eaten.

Papa Rabbit waved to Mr and Mrs Beaver on the way to the post office. The Post Office desk Mr Mouse “can I help you “he said Yes I would like to send this letter to my brother. Yes we can do that  said Mr mouse as he licked the stamp and put it on the envelope. So this must be your daughter said Mr Mouse” How do you do ?said Fluffy as Mama Rabbit had taught her to say to the adults.

How do you do ? little one said Mr Mouse which made fluffy laugh as they were both nearly the same height. They returned home for tea time. Mrs Rabbit had baked cup cakes they were so delicious, there were cup cakes with pink icing, yellow icing , blue icing and white icing they were stupendous.

Mother rabbit said darling fluffy in a few weeks I will teach you to bake cup cakes. Fluffy was so excited she was going to bake her very own cup cakes what fun. Mama Rabbit had bought her an apron for the kitchen which read in silver Baking Princess.

Fluffy let out a loud yawn today she had eaten her very first ice- cream and had cup cakes for tea what a treat she loved growing up. The next day mama Rabbit said Fluffy you are now old enough to leave home to play but be back by Six o’clock for tea.

Chapter 3

Fluffy went out the first day jumping over stones, rolling in the grass and chasing butterflies. It was fun being out by herself like a grown up but then she was getting bored she wanted friends to play with. She hopped, skipped and ran but it was no fun being by herself.

So that night at tea time she said to her mummy and daddy I have no friends I want to play tag and hopscotch but mummy I have no friends.

Mummy said darling next week your cousin Jenny  your daddy’s brother’s daughter and her family are moving to the house near us and school is starting so you will have friends your age.

Oh that will be so much fun what do they teach at school ? They teach ABC the alphabets,   1 23 the numbers and you get to colour with crayons in colouring books and they also have slides, swings, sesaws and yummy food.

Fluffy went to blissful sleep thinking of  school.

Chapter 4

The next week Jenny arrived with Uncle John the rabbit and Aunt Mary the Rabbit, Uncle John was was a real Big Rabbit with a big tummy Jenny and Fluffy ran of to play it was so much of fun playing tag, running together and then they had  a good dinner of boiled potatoes, peas and carrots.

Fluffy and Jenny discussed one topic the most and that was nursery. As they were talking about nursery Mama Rabbit and Aunty Mary Rabbit said girls we are going shopping and we want you both to come with us. We are going to get you school uniforms and pretty shoes for school. They also bought cute school bags fluffy got a pink bag as that was her favourite colour and Jenny bought a red bag as that was her favourite colour.

Jenny and Fluffy were so excited they tried on their different uniforms oh this is too big said Jenny, Oh this is too small said fluffy oh this is just right said both of them and then they went shoe shopping oh this is too small said Jenny oh shoe is way too big said fluffy oh this shoe is just right said both of them.

Then they bought notebooks and crayons and pencils and lunch boxes. Ooooh school is going to be so much fun said fluffy. I can’t wait to go to nursery said Jenny. Come along girls said Aunt Mary tomorrow is school and you need a good night’s sleep. Oh yipeee said fluffy tomorrow is school.

Chapter 5

Fluffy put on her new school uniform it was a white shirt, with a red skirt and white socks and black shoes she was so excited, Mama Rabbit stopped the car at Jenny’s house and picked up Jenny , Fluffy and Jenny sat at the back seat giggling about the red ribbons in their hair that was flying in the wind while aunt Mary sat in the front with Mama Rabbit.

They approached Big Gates and Even Bigger Building which read School for The Oak Tree Animal Forest they got down from their little car. Jenny held the hand of Aunt Mary and Fluffy held Mama Rabbit’s hands they walked up to the Big door and the teacher was Miss  Deer, She was elegant wearing a black dress and big sparkling eyes and said you must be fluffy and you must be Jenny welcome to school and take your seats.

Mama Rabbit and Aunt Jenny Rabbit waved at the girls and said they will pick them up at three o’clock after school. Fluffy and Jenny waved back at them.

At school in their class was Baby Mouse called Kyle, He looked really smart with little mousy glasses. Then there was baby bear called Jeremy and baby beaver called Jolie she smiled at Fluffy and whispered she hoped to play hopscotch with them at the play time and then there was Baby Owl called Donald Wiseman.

The teacher Miss Deer taught them numbers that morning and the fun things they could do with numbers such as addition and subtraction those were fun games?

Soon it was play time and and Jolie the Baby Beaver and Jenny and fluffy played hopscotch as baby Mouse Kyle and Baby Bear Jeremy and Baby Owl Donald played  football oh school was so much fun.

They had their lunch and soon it was time to go home fluffy was tired and when mama bear came to collect them fluffy talked about school the whole time till she reached home fluffy loved school and it was so much fun.

She had tomato soup with bread for dinner and a warm glass of milk and went to sleep dreaming of school and numbers what fun. I love school whispered fluffy as she went to bed.

Good night little one whispered papa rabbit and mama rabbit go to sleep tomorrow is another adventurous day.

The End

Today is my 6th wedding anniversary

Dear lovers of rice and curry and my dear lovers of Fish and Chips did you ever think that the twain shall meet and exchange vows from the land of King Fisher to the land of Guiness Beer or posh Baily’s Liquer well they did, From the Land of Indian Bhangra of Bolly Hood, to the Waltz of BBC. My dear, dear friends in this 21st century when going from the land of East to settle in the Land of West is like jumping on a bus to a new adventure.

Yes I the Indian Aunty was quite adventurous and landed myself in Northern Ireland I knew nothing of the country or culture I had not even tried fish and chips and then this wonderful Irish man came into my life and we exchanged not only vows but foods and I loving cooking cooked rice and curries and he loving me bought fish and chips and before we knew it we looked chocolate and vanilla cupcakes walking hand in hand.

But then my vanilla cupcake decided to shed the pounds and now is a handsome dude while the chocolate cupcake being me is shedding the pounds slowly. My dear friends then we went on holiday for a week and I have put on 4 pounds but I am working on it. This week the Indian aunty is going wobbling I mean walking and hopefully I can get there size 8 by the 18th of November.

Eating is a pleasure but one must not get too carried away by it one must think is that really necessary so my dear munchkins my dear sweetypies as we say in India we can shift this weight I do not want to wobble like a duck I want to swim gracefully like a swan.

So dear munchkins next week I will tell you the result of my weightloss and I want to be a size 8 again and be an inspiration.  Eat wisely and excerise and let me know how you do .We can not be Victoria Secret Models but we can be that coveted yummy aunty I am not referring to the chocolate cupcake with icing being make up but we be chic  and healthy.

So dear sweetypies let us do it and prove to the world we are gorgeous inside and outside.Grrrrrr lets get dieting and look our best.

People say I am comfortable in my skin are we really I feel like a BIG BROWN COCONUT brown on the outside and white inside I am Indian born to Indian Parents But I think in English and write in English and am comfortable both in India and UK. I also am an Indian British Citizen if that does not complicate matters this brown coconut is over weight so time to shed this baggage of fat and become a slender coconut tree.

So Good Bye talk to you next week


The Indian Aunty x