The Wizard Of War And Lust and The Wizard Of Peace and Love

ImageDear young ones, yes I am talking to the teenage strata of Society the confused batch wondering “am I a girl or woman” and you heavy metal gothic fans wondering what the heck? ”you talking to me can’t you see that I am busy chewing gum and listening to M&M”, and you girls out there dying your hair bright red, with matching lipstick and short shorts as the shorts can’t get any shorter and showing of your flat tummy that any middle aged lady would pay a fortune for, yes you my confused, gorgeous, intellectual, young ones this story is for you,

Here it goes,

When the world was a mass and void of life and any form of flora and fauna there was a wonderful awesome being that ruled the planets, the universes, stars and sky and that wonderful being , being imaginative, creative, awe inspiring, miracle working, unattainable yet sustainable being ruled the worlds and he made the Good, after he made the  Good he took a rest “like some of you young ones do locked up in your rooms for hours telling your folks you are doing your  home work while you are actually on the phone talking about who you want to take to the prom, or on your x-box, or trying out the new hairdo or make up you checked out on you tube”.

When this great awesome being finished creating the good, he created the awesome spiritual beings called angels. These angels were created to unconditionally obey, love and reverence this creator of good, then this creator of good evolved life forms, animals on land, birds on trees and fish in water and yes he made some master pieces. Of these animal and Mammalia life forms, but then this creator of Good performed the most astonishing beautiful life forms called “man and woman” they were exquisitely beautiful and intelligent like many of you young ones though all your folks here is “duh, yeah and cool and just chillin”.

Then this awesome Being decided to create magic as he knew if he did not create magic, the angels would so then the birth of the wizards were fore knowledgeably appointed. The Wizards were created with every knowledge of magic, reading the signs of stars, of angels.  Worse still the one who led to the downfall of good making it bad as well.

” Oh sorry young ones did I not tell you about him, the chief gorgeous celestial, terrestrial being who wanted to be the Ultimo Supremo Being above the creator of good well he was sent packing to earth but he did not rest he waged war and havoc and enticed the wizard of magic by promising more power and glory if only this wizard would obey him in everything . Yes darlings you know man is gullible” just like your mums and dads as you tell them you are going over to a friend’s which is partially  true but actually you are going to party, and I say be true to your heart if something does not seem right do not try it be it alcohol, drugs or sex, wait be patient and listen a time for sex will come make it special”.

This gullible wizard hence chose the bad, dark , path, of lust and war all he wanted was to rule the world and serve this magnificent evil supreme being that promised him power that led to death of mankind but rise of evil and darkness. Soon this world of good well was not good anymore with blood shed, war and havoc but then this supreme being creator of good chose a just magician of magic who obeyed the good and was not led astray by the evil supernatural being but chose the path of good and love, so the Supreme Being made this wizard an ambassador of peace and good and love.

Soon there was a big war where the heavenly bodies fought alongside with the earthly creatures the battles against good and evil of love and lust, in other words between sex and purity and power over enmity there was a lot of blood shed man against man, wizard against wizard, angel against angel while the creator of Good in fury of righteous indignation came over and stopped the battle with one awe inspiring wave of his arm.

It was then the celestial, terrestrial, beings and mankind and wizard over wizard looked at each other and they laughed, yes they laughed this supreme being creator of good also created evil and love and peace would never have existed without lust and war. As day comes into the dawn as night breaks through twilight there can never exist good without evil nor love without lust.

This supreme being made both good and evil according to his foreknowledge he knew his highest celestial being would aspire to be Him yet can never be Him. He was created for lust and enmity there can never be a perfect world. This idea dawned on the wizards at the same time as they saw their futility of perfection when there can never be perfection in a fallen world of lust and debauchery and of peace and love there was an uproar in the heavenliness when the wizards of both good and evil laughed and shook hands.Yes they were enemies yet they knew one could never exist without the other, like two sides of a coin as you flip the coin one day it is heads and the next it is tails just like there are no perfect people in this world so young ones enjoy your youth stick to your conscience and if you fall today remember tomorrow is an other day to practise doing good.

Next time you see a coin look both sides and remember one side can not exist without the other “if there is good there will also be bad”.Image

The End xxx

Fairies And Mushrooms

ImageMy dear sweet darling daughter, long ago when I was your age living in the exotic land of India, I discovered mushrooms growing in our large garden beneath the goose berry trees and our coconut tree. One day when I was playing in the garden I saw a beautiful set of wings I first thought it was a dragon fly, I then thought No it is a butterfly I later discovered it was a magnificent fairy, It was not a large granny fairy, but a beautiful exotic gentle sweet creature who helps children in time of need and do you know what these fairies live under mushrooms. We call them the magic mushrooms.

To the normal adult eye they are mushrooms, but darling to the wonderful, imaginative child like mind, these are magic mushrooms with out cynicism or disbelief of an adult, you have to look for these magic mushrooms, they are mostly hidden under large trees, shrubs or bushes but you have to look very quietly and then you might just spot them

One day darling when I was your age I got lost in a crowd, and I did not know how to get home, then I suddenly saw a flutter, then another, soon there were so many beautiful fairies all around me, they asked me little girl why are you crying, I said I was lost and did not know how to get home, then one beautiful fairy gave me something to eat it looked like a large beautiful pink and blue and purple mushroom, but tasted of chocolate, marshmallows and lemonade it was delicious and suddenly I got wings to fly like the fairies.

The wings were light and transparent with pink, blue and purple lights flashing through them, they told me to wait a moment and started discussing suddenly they flew over to be beaming and said little girl we have a surprise for you, you are going to fairy land for the night and tomorrow you can go home, needless to say darling daughter of mine I was thrilled, me a mere mortal had this great honour of visiting fairy land, I did not quite expect what I saw.

So they told me to flutter my wings three times, wink two times and blink 5 times and then surprise of surprises I was in the most beautiful place of magic and beauty, “ listen closely now child “ there where purple, blue, red and bright pink mushrooms, there was a light pink sky, there were rainbow coloured rivers where the fairy babies were playing and there were stars that shown in broad daylight, the stars were sliver and gold , the grass was full of coloured glitter and one of the fairies took me by the hand and said welcome to our humble abode,

I managed to mumble humble but was so awestruck by the beauty of the place it was fantastic, it was glorious, it was exceptionally more beautiful than my little imaginative fantasies.

They then said little girl now you are going to meet the king and queen of the fairies and have dinner with them, I said I was honoured and then they took me to the most beautiful mushroom which looked like a castle it was glorious, it was light blue, light pink, silver and gold and had diamond doors and stood on the foot of the rainbow river with a magic golden bridge which only allows you to step on it if you saw the magic words to a pink glittered mushroom, one of the fairies mumbled something in the little microphone of the mushroom and immediately there was this magnificent bridge. Sorry darling I did not quite get the magic words but the bridge was breathtakingly beautiful.

I went into the mushroom castle there were fairies there in red and black uniforms and then suddenly there was a sound of trumpets and drums and the fairies in red and black uniforms were playing the drums and trumpets that they hid under their beautiful wings and then an old fairy with blue transparent wings cleared his throat Ahem…… Ahemmmm but the music went on, suddenly he brought large symbols from under his wings and clanked them together the music stopped and there was silence bewildered that there was sudden silence he cleared his throat again and said Ahem, he had glasses on and took out a large scroll and said ladies and gentlemen, I mean fairies of Mushroom land, I now present the King and Queen of Fairy Country

All the fairies put their wings in a bowing position and looked down  and one fairy said bow to our great Majesty and Queen of Fairies so I bowed down but could not help peeking what I saw took my breath away there was the most exquisite and gorgeous Queen of fairies she was taller than the other fairies wore gold with diamonds and her wings, oooh her wings were transparent gold with silver and diamond cob web designs and she was so beautiful with a large gold crown I was in awe of her, as she looked my way she did not expect to see a human in fairy land and when she saw me she gave me the sweetest smile and I bowed to her again more in awe and thankfulness for rewarding me with a smile.

The King was handsome and blonde with a Diamond crown and was talking to his advisors about something and then the King and Queen beckoned me to them I flew over to them with my wings and they said daughter of the earth you have come to fairy land at the right time, there are some bad witches and evil wizards who try and catch fairies and put them in bottles like a trophys and that has strained the relationships between fairies and humans and now through you, as you have seen us we want you to do something for us that will change the history of fairies and humans, we want to be invisible to humans from now on unless we choose to reveal our selves so that fairy land and fairies will be safe so you will be the bridge that makes fairies invisible to humans what you see you will remember  and the sweetness of you a young child will dissolve the curse of evil witches and wizards who catch our fairies and now you will sleep as you sleep the queen of fairies will sing and when you wake you will be in your own bed at your home and for the safety of fairies and the happiness of the children we fairies help in time of need, but from now no one will know we exist but you chosen daughter of the earth you will remember every time you see and mushroom thank you for saving fairy land good night and then I heard the most beautiful soul stirring music and then I was in bed.

My mother called me saying get up girl you have to get ready for school I kept my secret of the fairies from the time of school to marrying your sweet daddy and then when you were born my beautiful darling I wanted you to know, I wanted you to know about the beautiful land of fairies, then all of a sudden my daughter said look mummy a butter fly a beautiful gorgeous butterfly was at our window and I knew the beautiful fairies were watching over us.  “Darling it is time for school, remember what I said about the mushrooms. Here’s your lunch now hurry or you will be late for school”.

Bye darling, fairies thank you for looking after my little girl.

The EndImage

Christmas Season

IMG_2931My dearest sweethearts, munchkins, darlings how have you been ? I have been busy this Christmas season by singing and decorating our home, cooking cakes and wiping runny noses but I thank God for the strength He has given me and the joy for doing this. I love being a mum and a wife of a future Pastor. Dear ones always count what you have and what you are thankful for and Christmas would be more exciting if you are lonely go to an old age home and spend time with them or visit an elderly relative make Christmas meaningful. There is so much of evil in this world but let us be lights in our thoughts, attitudes and actions no one is perfect every one has shortcomings that includes me but dear ones let the good in you be greater than the darkness all it takes is one small candle and the room is lit up let the candle or light of God in you light up the darkness if you have fallen into sin get up brush your knees and walk  again knowing that there will be times you fall but you can always walk further the next time before you trip again ask God to help you in this journey of life and when you fall sincerely repent and that addiction or sin will soon go away let the Light of Christmas dwell in your hearts, minds and lives. Dear ones I am hosting a online talk show this  Saturday the 22nd at 2:00pm GMT and in Indian time it is 7:30pm hope you can join and if you are interested here is the link to log in

love the Indian Aunty




Angela  was  holding  the  envelope  in  her  hands  in  her  cold  dingy  apartment, she  really  needed  this  job  to  pay  the  rent ,  she  had  college  debts  to  pay she  had  finished  her  studies  in  the  University  of  California  and  had  flown to  New  York  to  move  in  with  her  boyfriend  Jacob  till  she  walked  in  on  him and  found  him  with  another  man,  her  Jacob  was  gay.

She  did  not  understand  it  he  was  tall  blonde  handsome  with  blue  grey  eyes  and  she  was  head  over  heels  in  love  with  him.  Literally  head  over heels.

Angela  was  short,  thin  with  long  brunette  hair  and  green  eyes  with  olive complexion.  She  just  wore  vests  with  jeans as  it  was  summer  in  New  York and  the  air  condition  worked  for  just  15 minutes  at  a  time. She  had   to  turn   it  on  and  off  every  15  minutes.

She  bit  her  lip  tore  open  the  envelope  closed  her  eyes  tight  and  said  a whisper  to  the  higher  powers  the  reader  might  call  as  God.  She  read  the contents  of  the  letter , she  had  got  the  job  as  an  apprentice  in  a  leading  law  firm. She  jumped , screamed  and  shouted  a  big  thank you   to  this  unseen  force  to  which  she   always  felt  was  masculine  and  not  feminine.

The  one  thing  she  loved  about  being  female  was  her  adoration  of  high heeled  shoes.  She  was  so  used  to  wearing  high  heels  she could  even  run with  them  and  also  wore  them  with  her  jeans  and  vests.

She  took  out  her  mobile  and  dialled  in  her  mother’s  number ,  her  mum  a sweet  blonde  haired  lady  was  a  loving  and  sympathetic  about  her  situation and  her  dad  and  mum  had  offered   her  some  money  which  she  would  have been  obliged  to  take  if  she  had  not  got  the  job. It  was  her   first   day tomorrow.

She  looked  at  the  closet   on  what   to  wear  yes  that  would  be  perfect  she thought. A  pink   suit  with  a  short  skirt.  Which  her  mum  had   forced  her  to buy  at  California. “ Girl  you  got  to  get  some  new  clothes  “ Angela  whispered to  her  self  as  she  rubbed  mousse  in  her  wavy  brown  hair  which  tossed around  each  shoulder.  Her  eyes  were  twinkling  with  excitement  with  her dimpled  cheek  and  olive  complexion  she  looked  stunning.  She  even  had matching  stiletto  heels  and  painted  her  finger  nails  pink  and  looked  great.

She  ran  out  of  her  apartment  locked  the  door  and  waved  a  taxi,  The  taxi stopped  with  a   screech  she  got  in. The  taxi  driver  was  an  African  American asked  where  she  was  going,  she  gave  him  the  address  as  he  rambled  on about  his  nagging  wife  Angela  gave  a  sympathetic  grunt  and  stopped  five minutes  from  her  work  at  star  bucks  to  buy  a  black  mocachinno.   She went in  two  minutes  early  a  cute  bombshell  who  was  endowed  in  abundance  in her  upper  part  of  her  body  by  a  skilful  plastic  surgeon  or  by  an  even skillfuller  God.

Mary  was  her  name  gave  her  a  quick  smile  and  after  introductions  told  her Derek  will  be  waiting  for  her  at  his  office. Who  is  Derek ? asked  Angela , he  is  the  head  boss  of  the  law  firm  said  Mary . Angela  had  only  met  the human  resources  people .

Angela  went  into  Derek’s  office , Derek  was  tall  dark  haired  with  a  cigarette in  one  hand  with  a  sharp  black  suite  with  even  darker   eyes and  dark  eye brows , a  mischievous  curl  on his  lips , So  you  are  Angela  he  said  with  a deep  voice  and  shook  her  hand  it  was  a  hard  firm  hand  shake ,  awestruck by  this  gorgeous   man  Angela  was   whispered   yes  my  name  is  Angela  thank  you  for  having  me   at  your  office, He  gave  a   smile  that   made  her heart   skip  a  beat  and  her  throat  dry. He  gave  her  some  files  and  said  look into  these  Dian  will  help  you.  He  opened  the  door  for  her  he  was  a  gentle man  as  well,  she   was  balancing  her  coffee ,  hand bag  and  files  and  some how  managed  to  go  to  the  desk  that  Mary  had  shown  her.

On  the  way  to  her  desk  she  saw  two  guys  the  shorter  guy  nudged  the  taller  guy  and  gave  her  a  wink  but  her  heart  was  still  beating  after  Derek. Dian  was  a  brethren  lady  she  did  not  have to  tell  her  she  looked  the  part. She  had  her long  white  hair  in  a  bun  and  even longer  grey  skirt . Dian  was a  warm  lady  and   Angela  warmed  to  her  and  they  did  the  cases  together and  soon  it  was  lunch  break.  As  the  other  ladies  and  men  came  together Dian  whispered  this  is  Chrissy  we  call  her  crazy  Chrissy ,  Chrissy  wore  a short  leather  skirt  and  a  tight  red  blouse  she  took  one  long  look  at  Angela so  you  are  the  new  girl  with  a  deep  hoarse  voice  that  comes  with  too much  cigarettes.   As  she  held  a  cigarette  in  her  red  colured  fingers  and took  a  swig  with  her  bright  red  lips  curling  over  the  cigarette  and  blew smoke  in  Angela’s  direction.  Yes  managed  to  say   Angela as  she  choked  on the  cigar rete  smoke.  You  got  a  boy  friend  she  asked?  Yes  had one  but  we broke  up,  Angela  whispered  recovering  from  the  chocking  experience  and not  wanting  to  go  into  the  details  to  which  an  African  American  lady standing  by  her  side  gave  her  a  hug  her  name  was  Kiera  she  was  sweet and  compassionate.  To  which   Chrissy  replied  don’t  worry  babe  there  are still  lots  of  fish  in  the  sea.

Angela  some  how   pushed  through  the  day  and  wrote  in  her  diary  that evening  “ Really  Grateful  for  today  and  this  job   To  God , signed  Angela.

The  End




What is prayer?  Prayer, I believe, is our communion with the Almighty.  There are numerous ways of communion with the Almighty.  The bible says when my saints shall humble themselves and pray then shall I forgive their sins and heal their land.  This is what this essay is all about.  Our intercession and supplication laid before our heavenly Father.


There are different kinds of prayer.  One of the main points is praying in the holy ghost and having the spirit of God direct us in our prayer.  Secondly, praying with faith as Mark 11:24 praying with faith is believing with faith we have received the answers to our prayers according to the will of God.  Praying with thanksgiving we must learn to thank God for our answers (Luke 17:17).


Prayer is petition (John 16:23-24).  God is our Provider.  He is Jehovah Jireh as John 16:23-24 tells us.  We must learn to ask according to the will of God.  Once in our home, when I was about 9 years old, we were living in Singapore during that time.  We had no food in our home so we decided to pray for food.  Miraculously, the next day, a lady from our prayer group came home with large packets of food because as she and her friend were praying, God gave her a vision of our empty refrigerator and told her and her friend to fill it up.  God is good.  We petitioned God and He answered our prayer.


Prayer is intercession.  Intercession is when we share the burden of Christ for a person, circumstance or need anywhere in the world.  We have become partakers of Christ’s suffering.


Prayer                          Need in               God’s love

Answered                    the world            and feelings

Get the                        or an                   for that

Victory                         individual            particular

Need or emotion


God places the

Burden in the

Heart of the


For that particular

Need or individual


Therefore, intercessor fills the bridge between Christ and the need.  Through Christ gaining victory in prayer.  Prayer is therefore praise and worship, waiting on God, confession, intercession, petition and thanksgiving.


In conclusion I would like to say that God has bestowed on us this awesome gift of communing with our Creator, thanking our Provider, worshipping our Creator, loving our Heavenly father and listening to Him.  Above all, experiencing His love and growing to be more like Him.

My Shopping List

My husband told me he was going shopping to our departmental store and asked me what I would like and this is what I said,

1. A bag of humility

2. A fresh carton of tenderness

3. A bunch of sweetness

4. A big bag of understanding the word of God

5. A bottle of joy that bubbles over as we shake it

6. A fresh packet of thankfulness

7. A bar of gentleness

8. A yard ofpeace

9. A carton of faith

10. A blanket of love

11. A dozen prayers for loved ones and friends

12. A camping tent of laughter

13. A baseball bat of fun

14. A piano of practice

15. Two shirts of praise

A house of prayer and before you go darling give me a kiss of commitment.

Why I feel called to serve God

I want to be a servant of God,

You may ask me why,

That is between God and me and nothing can destroy,

The love of God for me.

He saved me from the pangs of death when I was about to die,

For He has a purpose and this purpose is I

I wrote this poem on August  1989 when I was 10 years old.

My father Rev Rajkumar Sathyaraj in 1989 was the spritual co-ordinator to about 2000 students in an engineering college called Karunya in Coimbatore India. This college was started by one of the greatest evangelists that India had ever known  Late Bro D. G. S. Dhinakaran. This college was situated in a beautiful country side surrounded by mountains and lovely green fields.

Dad usually spoke at the Sunday evening service. That remarkable and special sunday in August my dad urged the young people to give their lives in serving the Almighty to go out to the communities, to their cities, to the mission field and as many teary eyed young people re- dedicated their lives in serving God I was one of them. From that moment on the passion to serve God grew in my heart.

As I grew up I got involved in serving God at the Sunday school of our church called St Mark’s Cathedral in Bangalore India, I also got very involved in Campus Crusade for Christ in Bangalore India and I went about to little huts trying to explain the four spiritual laws to the people living in these huts  in my broken tamil always fitting in an English word now and again to the words that slipped my mind in my language.But God was merciful and many people asked me to pray for them so in my broken Tamil with English rushing to my rescue to words that evaded my bilingual mind.They understood my prayer and I had to hope that God touched their heart.

God brought me through failure in my final exam in school when I failed by 5 marks in mathematics they sent my paper for re-evaluation but it did not work I got A’s in English, Home science  and History but because of this failure in maths I had to redo my exams it was a terribly humiliating process but I spent more and more time at the feet of Jesus and sometimes I would be be awake almost the whole night talking to Jesus I had a prayer mat as big as a carpet in my room and I had two pillows I gave Jesus the better pillow to rest on and I would kneel on the not so soft pillow and just talk as I would talk to my best friend and confidate.And I would hear God speaking to my heart or being urged to read a particular verse in scripture.I eventually passed and moved on to university and then to Sweden.

In Sweden I joined the street mission and sang on the streets alone with my British friend Natile Chen and I aslo devoleped a  few fans during my street mission and was able to minister to a lot of people on the streets in the cold swedish climate. I remember one time singing in the street and this couple was kissing right in front of me I guess they liked my music 🙂 but it was difficult to sing with a straight face.

So I still feel called to serve God and He knows the future and the commitment I made at 10 years of age 20 years ago has not gone waste. God still remembers me and I know that He the Mighty God will open the right doors at the right time.

Romans 8 :28 says For we know that all things work togather for good to them that love God to them that are called according to His purpose.

A lot of bad too had happened in my life like my depression that struck me out of the blue but you know what God has been faithful and helped me through it and has healed me and still is healing me of the residue of the roots of this sickness.

Jer 29 :11 For I know the plans I have for you plans for good and not for evil plans to give you a future and a hope.

God has a plan , a purpose, and a call in every believer’s life it is up to us to either accept his call or reject it.

I urge you accept His call and watch Him use you and bless you for the extension of His Kingdom on earth.