Why I feel called to serve God

I want to be a servant of God,

You may ask me why,

That is between God and me and nothing can destroy,

The love of God for me.

He saved me from the pangs of death when I was about to die,

For He has a purpose and this purpose is I

I wrote this poem on August  1989 when I was 10 years old.

My father Rev Rajkumar Sathyaraj in 1989 was the spritual co-ordinator to about 2000 students in an engineering college called Karunya in Coimbatore India. This college was started by one of the greatest evangelists that India had ever known  Late Bro D. G. S. Dhinakaran. This college was situated in a beautiful country side surrounded by mountains and lovely green fields.

Dad usually spoke at the Sunday evening service. That remarkable and special sunday in August my dad urged the young people to give their lives in serving the Almighty to go out to the communities, to their cities, to the mission field and as many teary eyed young people re- dedicated their lives in serving God I was one of them. From that moment on the passion to serve God grew in my heart.

As I grew up I got involved in serving God at the Sunday school of our church called St Mark’s Cathedral in Bangalore India, I also got very involved in Campus Crusade for Christ in Bangalore India and I went about to little huts trying to explain the four spiritual laws to the people living in these huts  in my broken tamil always fitting in an English word now and again to the words that slipped my mind in my language.But God was merciful and many people asked me to pray for them so in my broken Tamil with English rushing to my rescue to words that evaded my bilingual mind.They understood my prayer and I had to hope that God touched their heart.

God brought me through failure in my final exam in school when I failed by 5 marks in mathematics they sent my paper for re-evaluation but it did not work I got A’s in English, Home science  and History but because of this failure in maths I had to redo my exams it was a terribly humiliating process but I spent more and more time at the feet of Jesus and sometimes I would be be awake almost the whole night talking to Jesus I had a prayer mat as big as a carpet in my room and I had two pillows I gave Jesus the better pillow to rest on and I would kneel on the not so soft pillow and just talk as I would talk to my best friend and confidate.And I would hear God speaking to my heart or being urged to read a particular verse in scripture.I eventually passed and moved on to university and then to Sweden.

In Sweden I joined the street mission and sang on the streets alone with my British friend Natile Chen and I aslo devoleped a  few fans during my street mission and was able to minister to a lot of people on the streets in the cold swedish climate. I remember one time singing in the street and this couple was kissing right in front of me I guess they liked my music 🙂 but it was difficult to sing with a straight face.

So I still feel called to serve God and He knows the future and the commitment I made at 10 years of age 20 years ago has not gone waste. God still remembers me and I know that He the Mighty God will open the right doors at the right time.

Romans 8 :28 says For we know that all things work togather for good to them that love God to them that are called according to His purpose.

A lot of bad too had happened in my life like my depression that struck me out of the blue but you know what God has been faithful and helped me through it and has healed me and still is healing me of the residue of the roots of this sickness.

Jer 29 :11 For I know the plans I have for you plans for good and not for evil plans to give you a future and a hope.

God has a plan , a purpose, and a call in every believer’s life it is up to us to either accept his call or reject it.

I urge you accept His call and watch Him use you and bless you for the extension of His Kingdom on earth.


2 thoughts on “Why I feel called to serve God

  1. I really love your heart – it is so obvious that you desire to draw near to Jesus and to draw others to Him as well. Everywhere you go, I am sure you affect the very atmosphere with your purity and love for Him. Keep running after Him and He will give you the desires of your heart.

    Your post truly encouraged me as well. God is soo awesome how He works everything together and fits us into His perfect plan. I loved reading about how God used you even as a child just by your surrender to Him.

    God bless you my sister – be strong and courageous for the Lord is definitely with you!!! 😀

  2. Hebrews 6:1 :: King James Version (KJV)
    Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God,
    The Word of God tells us that we are not to stand still in our faith. Some of us keep going over and over, time after time, the first principles of the oracles of God.
    You know, being saved, repenting of sins, baptism in water and in the Holy Ghost, laying on of hands, the resurrection from the dead and eternal judgement.
    Which are all very necessary things, but now it is time to move on, for our foundation has been laid.
    The Bible teaches that we do not need to be taught again and again but it is time to teach others, so that we, who are mature in faith, may come into a much closer walk with Christ. This we will do if God permits, as the word of God says.

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