What Is Prayer

What Is Prayer


My dear friends one cold day while I was waiting for my husband and daughter at the swimming pool,

Sipping my cappuccino, I was contemplating in my mind about prayer

What is the word called prayer mean

Let us look at the word PRAYER more closely


Patiently wait for answers from the Lord to come to fulfilment

Read the Word of God and speak God’s promises back to the Lord

Ask God for things you need in line with the Bible promises

Yesterday’s sins are forgiven so now there is no condemnation in prayer

Erase wrong thoughts and entertain God’s word in your mind

Rightly seek righteousness so that we can be what the Lord wants us to be .


My dear friends prayer is not just asking the Lord for things, prayer is not penance like doing good things though there is nothing wrong in doing it


Prayer is falling at the feet of Jesus saying God I am nothing,

God I have nothing, God I will be nothing without you, please help me, forgive me and bless me.


Yes friends seek the Blesser and not the blessing

Seek the giver and not the gift, seek God let his love fall all over you and erase the bad things in your life, He loves you, cares for you and his arms are open for you.

He died on that cruel cross so that you can be saved

Let us pray

Dear loving God and heavenly father, I come to you as a sinner, please come into my heart forgive me of my sin and come into my heart in Jesus name AMEN


Impossible Dream

Dearest sweet munchkins , hi how are you all today ? Well darlings this week has been a revelation for me. Yes darlings the light has dawned, the sun has risen on my confused mind, the fuse of the light bulb in my mind has started working and yes I know as I know, as I know, as I know as that the world is connected by media and words and technology  that one thing going around the world is the gospel and Jesus is Lord.

I have suffered from depression for some time.I am small in stature 5 feet 3 inches, am Indian, a wife and a mother we do not have much materially but I am contented though there  are  a few things I would really love for my family, I may get these things in this life or I may not but seeing my daughter’s face every morning makes life worthwhile.

I do not wish this depression on anyone as at times it has been too hard to bear but God has been with me and helped me choose Life over death. So let us live life to the fullest Darwin wrote about survival of the fittest but I believe to be fit you have to be mentally strong so I would say not the physically fit but the mentally fit have a better advantage of this world.

So let us have a strong forehead and soft heart to live in this world.

Lots of love n prayers the Indian Aunty  

O Captain! My Captain!

O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done;
The ship has weathered every rock,the prize we sought is won;
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring: Walt Whitman,

Hi there dear munchkins, my darlings, my chocho chweet friends, How are you all doing? Today I am going to talk about Life, Karma or Fate who navigates our life ? Is it some supreme force of the universe called God or is it your parents, friends, loved ones ?

Dear friends they all have a role to play in your life but the choice is up to you. Sometimes man makes right choices, wrong choices, hard choices but dear one “You” ultimately make the choice good or bad.

Sometimes the environment we live in makes choices and the freedom of choice is taken from us but do you know there will come a time when we can overcome the environment or society and make our move to a better future for ourselves.

We are like players in a game of chess with Divine intervening with the society as we should strategize our intelligent next move. Let me tell you dear munchkins if we carefully planned and strategized our life we would not be or could be where we are now.

He who fails to plan, plans to fail. I never in this world planed anything in my life. I am quite childish in my approach to life I have no enemies, love my fellow human beings and like to go on skipping in the sunshine collecting daises and flowers and everything is wonderful in this bubble of life I have built but I know life is not about butterflies and daises and roses there are hard times in life and I have been through them but I do not want to think about it.

Life is better if we let God plan our life and seek heavenly guidance before any major decision or choice I have learnt to plan small things in my life now like picnics but what I learnt so far is let God do the planning and we walk in His plans.

Let us pray:-

Dear God you plan my life from now on make my mess of a life into a message for the world so that I walk in God’s plan.

Live life to the fullest with God being your Captain.

Lots of love and from the Indian Aunty