Be An Encourager

dearest darlings, sweetypies, munchkins my cho cho chweet darlings how have you been ? Well I have been doing well and supporting my husband in his  teaching in our church. When we said our marriage vows it is for better for worse for richer or poorer, in sickness and I  health till death do us part.

We are of different cultures and colours but one thing remains we said our vows in church in front of God and family and friends and  we both took our vows seriously. We have had our ups and downs but our marriage has been like the Ocean sometimes there are heavy winds and storms but the ocean remains steadfast so is our marriage while God is our light house bringing light to our storms and winds.

We both have a steady hand guiding us and that hand is our Almighty God. Today as I sat at the bible study that my husband takes at our church I thought what more can I do that will make me a better wife to my husband and I clearly felt “ Support Him” He has been with me about seven years while he was working in IT as a computer Engineer while we were dating now he is serving God and is studying to be a pastor.

My dad is an Anglican Minister and I admired his preaching and teaching and here am I so many years later admiring my husband’s teaching and supporting him. When I was younger God gave me a verse which said “ me and my house will serve the Lord “ Now that verse is being fulfilled.

Dear friends what God promises he provides and guides. You may be dreaming of a life partner hold on to God and he will provide. You may be asking God to open doors in business or in ministry, dear friends if God has promised you this he will open that door it took 6 years for my husband to go into ministry but at the right time God opened the door.

Wait on God, read the word and just speak to God and watch God fulfil that plan for your life. As for me I am overflowing with gratitude and thankfulness to God for giving me the joy and privilege in hearing my husband conduct that Bible study and all I want to be is a supportive wife sans nagging and a wonderful mother to my gorgeous two year old daughter if I can accomplish this I would have fulfilled my role on earth as a wife and mother at this time for my family.

Today all I can say is I am grateful and content with my role on this earth


Money, Karma and Women

My dearest sweet munchkins how are you? How are you darlings ? Well today I am going to write to the women with some girlie banter I do not want any of you get offended with my girlie banter but here it goes ………

One day a pastor went to shop for a bra for his wife so he went into this Christian bra store and the lady said sir “ we have a catholic bra that holds the masses, the brethren bra that uplifts the fallen and above all we have the Pentecostal bra that makes mountains out of molehills “ So the pastor said give me the Pentecostal bra for my wife and went away smiling………

Dear friends, sometimes  life is like a bra  you can stretch your personality ,savings, friendships, your spouse to the limit but at the end it bounces back to its originality and to your real self.

Lets talk about money for a change we save, we earn, we spend, we learn. Money can be stretched to the limit but it always bounces back till we get our next pay check. Money should be respected and people with money are respected it is not the most important thing in the world but lets face the facts it is very important.

I do not like talking about money and did not know its importance but I learnt from my family that we should give into our church and God’s ministers. By giving we are being blessed. When we give money call it blessing, karma or fate the blessings come back at us.

I remember when I was working in Microsoft in India I gave into my church, an orphanage and to God’s minter and the next months I got better salary because I believe I pleased God by giving.

I do not think you have to give all your money away but keep one tenth of your money for God. It can also go into a worthy cause like an orphanage or needy relative. God will bless you for that. Learn to give and learn to receive.

I had a problem of learning to receive money as I thought there were more needy people than me but I am still learning to receive things except flowers and  dark chocolates which I love but there are people who must learn to be gracious enough in learning to receive and learning to give they both go hand in hand.

If you feel you can not give money give your time just learn to love people some people have gone through hard times and it makes their heart hard but one day tell God why you are angry  forgive that person and ask Jesus to fill your heart with love for other people and he will fill your heart with love.

By giving a hug to the elderly, or cooking something for a friend or sending money for a worthy project will do wonders for your finance and life and what goes around comes around give out love and what ever you feel you can do or give and watch God bless you.

So from the Christian finance inspector

The Indian Aunty

Words, Relationships and Tango

Hi there dearest darlings, how have you been? Let me start with a story “ Once there was a man who wanted to buy a horse  let us call this man “A “so he went to all the places they were selling horses but he could not find a horse. Till he met this brethren man who was selling his horse, so before he let “A” try his horse he said this is a Christian horse brother “A” if you say “Praise the Lord the horse will gallop, if you say Hallelujah the horse will run very fast and when you say Amen the horse will stop” So A was very excited and he said to the horse Praise the Lord , “A” was very excited and shouted Hallelujah the horse started galloping very fast till “A” saw the horse was going towards the edge of a cliff. “A” got scared and shouted stop, stop , but the horse went on galloping till “A” shouted in fright GOD save me “AMEN” the horse heard the AMEN and stopped at the very edge of the cliff in his relief  “A” shouted Praise The Lord and…..went over the cliff :(.

Praise the Lord it is not a true story but what I would like to say to all my readers gourd your mouths even when you are upset. Take a deep breath count to 10 and let out the steam. By then the pressure cooker of the anger will be a bit more mellow. I had this problem of telling my whole life history to people who I just met sometimes that was a good thing if done with people from church or people who care about you but at other times it can be used against you.

So discretion should be part of your lifestyle. Women have more intuition than men but men are more practical. So men it is wise to listen to your wives for advice and women do not nag your men but in clear ways explain to them why you think they should do as you say.

The relationship with your words between you and your spouse is like the dance of tango at times it is emotional and beautiful at other times you feel like chewing the steam of the rose between your teeth at other times it is a beautiful symphony. Darlings that is relationship and words in this relationship is vital.

There were once three janitors working in a building one janitor kept saying one day I will own this company and did not do his job as he kept talking, another janitor said I hate my job I should be some where else and kept telling everyone how much he hated his job and wanted to quit but one janitor did not say a word and just did a good job soon the one who kept saying he will own the company was fired as he was all talk and no work the other janitor quit his job and was unemployed but the quiet one who did his work well, well he became the manager of the company.

Dear ones let us talk less ,listen more and accomplish more for our own lives, our spouse, our children and above all else our Lord God.

So from Tango to roses

The Indian aunty 

Be Whoem You Were Born To Be

Hi there friends, Did you know everyone has talents some obvious and some not so obvious some need to be nurtured and developed and some just are there but everyone has something  which makes them distinct from the rest of the world.

No one else in this world has the same DNA as another individual. Even twins have different DNA.

You are unique, you a special, you are beautiful, you are well you are you. No one else is you. You may say I am not rich as my other family members, I am not as pretty as my friends but let me tell you God chose you to be in  this world, in this exciting year of 2012 . You may be a teenager or a pensioner but live life to your best potential now. Never say never or better late than never.

I love the movie Patch Adams. Patch had a dream and a vision to build the best children’s hospital in the world where children can just be children and have fun even when they were not well these children were not treated different from the other children they  had fun in hospital thanks to Patch Adams love for excessive enthusiasm for the sick children.

When Joni Ereckson Tada lost the use of her limbs she was angry with God but then now through her speaking and drawing with her paint brush in her mouth she is an inspiration to thousands of people. When we look at the Para Olympics  these people with out the healthy bodies yet they make history in this world with what they have how much so should we be thankful for what we have and who we are. We grumble over a few pounds of weight gain how much more thankful should you and I be with what we have.

Get inspiration from people who are taking part in para Olympics who are taking a stand in this world. We can not all be history makers but we can make a difference in peoples lives by  praying for  the sick, taking a homeless man for a meal, helping a blind person cross the road, helping out in some way or other.

We are living selfish lives , my home, my husband or wife and children Lord bless us four and no more. No that is not the way to pray or join the Bless Me club admission free expectation is much more.

Shame on us for being selfish we have to rise up and help out in this world if you can not go  where help is needed pray for those people , help in the church and community and be a blessing in society.

Time to leave comfort zone and go the valley of the earth where we are needed and where Jesus spent his 33 years with people all sorts of people but Christ touched their lives how much more so should we touch other people’s lives so that they change for the better

From Mountain Top To The Valley

The Indian aunty with excessive enthusiasm for a better, happier world

Impossible Dream

Dearest sweet munchkins , hi how are you all today ? Well darlings this week has been a revelation for me. Yes darlings the light has dawned, the sun has risen on my confused mind, the fuse of the light bulb in my mind has started working and yes I know as I know, as I know, as I know as that the world is connected by media and words and technology  that one thing going around the world is the gospel and Jesus is Lord.

I have suffered from depression for some time.I am small in stature 5 feet 3 inches, am Indian, a wife and a mother we do not have much materially but I am contented though there  are  a few things I would really love for my family, I may get these things in this life or I may not but seeing my daughter’s face every morning makes life worthwhile.

I do not wish this depression on anyone as at times it has been too hard to bear but God has been with me and helped me choose Life over death. So let us live life to the fullest Darwin wrote about survival of the fittest but I believe to be fit you have to be mentally strong so I would say not the physically fit but the mentally fit have a better advantage of this world.

So let us have a strong forehead and soft heart to live in this world.

Lots of love n prayers the Indian Aunty  

O Captain! My Captain!

O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done;
The ship has weathered every rock,the prize we sought is won;
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring: Walt Whitman,

Hi there dear munchkins, my darlings, my chocho chweet friends, How are you all doing? Today I am going to talk about Life, Karma or Fate who navigates our life ? Is it some supreme force of the universe called God or is it your parents, friends, loved ones ?

Dear friends they all have a role to play in your life but the choice is up to you. Sometimes man makes right choices, wrong choices, hard choices but dear one “You” ultimately make the choice good or bad.

Sometimes the environment we live in makes choices and the freedom of choice is taken from us but do you know there will come a time when we can overcome the environment or society and make our move to a better future for ourselves.

We are like players in a game of chess with Divine intervening with the society as we should strategize our intelligent next move. Let me tell you dear munchkins if we carefully planned and strategized our life we would not be or could be where we are now.

He who fails to plan, plans to fail. I never in this world planed anything in my life. I am quite childish in my approach to life I have no enemies, love my fellow human beings and like to go on skipping in the sunshine collecting daises and flowers and everything is wonderful in this bubble of life I have built but I know life is not about butterflies and daises and roses there are hard times in life and I have been through them but I do not want to think about it.

Life is better if we let God plan our life and seek heavenly guidance before any major decision or choice I have learnt to plan small things in my life now like picnics but what I learnt so far is let God do the planning and we walk in His plans.

Let us pray:-

Dear God you plan my life from now on make my mess of a life into a message for the world so that I walk in God’s plan.

Live life to the fullest with God being your Captain.

Lots of love and from the Indian Aunty

A round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away. He must have time to modify his shape. Mark Twain




Hi there dear, dear friends, munchkins, sweetypies how are you all doing ? Well I the Indian aunty went on a short holiday for a week and now I am 155 pounds.


But as they say there is always a silver lining after every dark cloud I have joined the gym and hopefully I can get back on track of my weight loss and be 8 stone by November.


Today as I went walking outside in the crisp cool air of Northern Ireland I saw so many fields of grass and healthy cows and I thought the poor scrawny cows of India how much they would enjoy this grass and moo a prayer of gratitude to their creator and not only cows but also the sheep. Holy Cow I am now turning into an animal activist.


Animals bring so much of joy to their owners when I was growing up in India we had a dog named RollyPolly and he was such an awesome dog and brought so much of joy in our lives I still miss him.


I now have a cat named Washington he is a wonderful cat that brings so much of laughter and love into our home. He has gone missing twice but always managed to make his way back home.


We love Washington and thank God for him he is like a family member. We once had a prayer meeting for our friends dog who died we sang two hymns including “Abide with me” where the owner put a rose on her dog’s grave which was in her garden. Then we prayed and gave the owner who was my English teacher , a word of encouragement and all I could say was you will see him in heaven.

I do not know if my theology was correct but I know dogs and cats will have a home in heaven.

So let us not just worry about ourselves but also help the animals that God has created.

So on the behalf of the woof, woofs, meaw, meaws, and moo moo’s

Holy Cow

It’s the Indian aunty the self made animal activist

Bye, bye sweetypies , munchkins and friends

If music be the food of love, play on.

William Shakespeare