A Story Of A Little Bird

One day a beautiful little bird was singing on a tree, content as she can be

She had her four little chicks and she and her bird husband really clicked

Their nest of sticks was strong,

And she thought nothing could go wrong

But one day a wind came along and blew her nest away

But luckily she, her husband and chicks did not stray

They huddled close together

They thanked God the father for his protecting power

Little by little they built their nest again

God the Father asked the little chick

Why she did not falter ?

She looked up to God and said

Because you have power

And you are our protector

What I want to tell the readers is God has you in the palms of His hands

Whatever you are going through trust Him

And He is always there to help you and see you through

By the Indian Aunty

Sangeetha Alexander


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