Yet food is something that is taken for granted by most world leaders despite the fact that more than half of the population of the world is hungry. Norman Borlaug


We are living in the 21st centaury in era of rockets, satellites, space stations, cloning, inter breeding of animals and plants to form hybrid varieties of flora and fauna, latest breakthroughs of medical science such as the use of laser therapy and medication, highly destructive military equipment we my friends are living in the the era of abundance of food, money, technology and fashion.


“Therefore I feel that the aforementioned guiding principle must be modified to read: If you desire peace, cultivate justice, but at the same time cultivate the fields to produce more bread; otherwise there will be no peace.”

Norman Borlaug



There are people eating themselves to death, drinking themselves to death, inhaling and injecting themselves to death all this costs huge amounts of money while there are people who do not have one meal a day. Where is social justice in all this ?


We have to educate our children, our young people, our future generation of this world that alcohol, drugs and free sex is not going to make a man out of you. We should care for our people in these developed countries who are crying for a way out ofr this addiction. Young girls who sell their bodies so that they can have their next fix of drugs is heart rendering. These people were babies once, children, and now this horrible drugs have taken control of their lives. We should help them this time we need love and discipline and warm and caring rehab clinics. Let me tell you young person if you are reading this drugs is not the way out of your problems it is the worst problem, you need to check your self in a rehab place and have faith in God and He will help you out of your addiction.


If you are an alcoholic go to alcoholic anonymous and get help my grandfather on my mother’s side was an alcoholic I never met him but my mother told how difficult it was for my wonderful, gracious, sweet grandmother who had five children my mother being the youngest to feed them and get them educated my grand mother is now with the Lord.


We need to educate our young people not only on having safe sex (though I personally believe in sex after marriage) but on the destruction of drug and alcohol abuse. I live in Northern Ireland and for many binge drinking is a norm on weekends. Sex, drugs and rock n roll will give your money pocket a hole. It will get you no where. We as parents have to give our children a loving home where they can grow as individuals with a strong mind and loving heart.


Don’t let the next generation slip into a world with no morals, values and having addictions we need to stop it. Children should be taught about the evils of drug and alcohol abuse and also about having a healthy life style of sport and academics and food.


Now let us go around the world to what doctor Borlaug says about food :-


“Yet food is something that is taken for granted by most world leaders despite the fact that more than half of the population of the world is hungry.”

Norman Borlaug


While people in the west struggle with addictions, obesity and couch potato lifestyle the people  in the other parts of the world walk miles and miles for a drink of water and food what a vast difference. In this era of millions and billions of pounds and dollars going on military, rockets, satellites and so on there  about half the people going hungry.


While people in the west are eating themselves to death some people do not even have one meal a day and many farmers and the financially backward are stuck in a rut of debt. We have to help people have at least one meal a day. Help the poor get jobs. Dr Borlaug had fought a long fight and because of him many thousands have food.


Dear friends the choice is yours do not be selfish think outside the boundaries of your secure life. Help in some way either in your own land or another land. People need your help. You can help by spending more time with family and helping your children have a better life than ourselves, visiting old people in the home for the aged or sending money or starting your own charity for people you know.


Everyone deserves a chance to live in this world and people need a second chance maybe they messed it up once but let us help them be the people they were created to be people with self respect and dignity.