Love will it still be there after 25 years of marriage

Dear munchkins, my darling friends will we be in love after 25years, Lets go through different stages of love, firstly is idolising your daddy or mummy they are perfect parents. I always thought my father was the handsomest man in the world till I got a crush on Amir Khan who is a famous actor. It was infatuation and a crush. Every one male or female have a crush or puppy love for some one at their early teen age years.

Then you get your boyfriends and girlfriends late teenage years and more crushes and infatuations till you meet the one and then in early marriage you have passed from friendship stage to lover’s stage better a little said about this topic as you can read various books about it but this is a wonderful, stage from getting to know each other physically , emotionally ¬†and psychologically .

Then it becomes Mother and Father phase where your children become more important than the spouse and the lover mode goes to the pressure cooker mode and if you are a woman cooking, cleaning, doing errands that pressure cooker is gona whistle quite loudly sometimes but let me tell you mothers take some me time, read books, make some herbal tea and relax after the kids have gone to sleep.

Then comes middle age the weight piles on our children are teenagers and we try to get them to good colleges and they want to travel or work or want to be models or dancers not quite what we had in mind for our little ones but this is the time we come up a few promotions on our jobs and it helps fund your children’s dreams.

Then your children find boyfriends or girlfriends and want to get married that is when the savings account comes in helpful. Then before you know it you are grand parents and now your relationship with your spouse is companionship and fun from playing golf to babysitting life can not be more peaceful .

Through all these phases remember to ask do you love me darling and I tell you I know none knows you better than your partner and the answer is yes I Do, from the walk down that isle till the end I love you

Love from the Indian Aunty