My dearest sweet sweet hearts, my munchkins, darlings, how have you all been ? Did you know the Wright brothers invented the aeroplane and now travelling is so much easier and faster due that awesome invention.

Someone once said the world is like a ping pong ball. It is all connected by airwaves, satellites, radars, and telephone waves. So is an individual’s life it is all connected by family, society, peers peers, land, culture and countries.

When I see myself in this vast contour of land in a country I am an little individual  among a mass of individuals. I strive to be honest to my beliefs, my God and my family. Obey the laws of my country, my society and my family.

But is abiding by the laws the only thing that makes us good. Who is good ? Jesus was good. Mother Theresa was good but there is a little evil in every one. You may say No way I am good but look within yourself  are you really truly good.

There is a story in the Bible where a woman caught in adultery was brought to Jesus for judgement and the Lord said whoever has never sinned can throw the stone at her because  in those days the people punished the “women” caught in adultery by stoning them and there was no one who was left standing before our God for they were all convicted of their sin and Jesus forgave that Lady and said “ go and sin no more”

Forgiveness is strength and grace if we do not forgive others how will our Lord forgive us our sins. Learn to forgive and let go so that we can be graceful, loving individuals in our society, community and country.

My grandmother’s name is Grace and she is a wonderful strong individual. I remember one time my brother was asked to say  grace at a family meal and he shouted “Grace” amen. The meaning of God’s grace is His forgiveness instead of judgement for our sins. The abiding of law is good in the bible but that is not what makes us good it is our communion and fellowship with our God that brings us from glory to glory from grace to grace.

Man fell at the very beginning of time and man has that fallen nature in Him but God  Christ died for this fallen man and  now man can by faith through Christ approach our God in peace without rituals, penance or sacrifices of animals.

It is the grace of God you that you and I can live as children of God .

So I believe as Jesus said “ give to Ceaser what belongs to Him and give to God what belongs to Him so we have to abide by the country’s laws but at the same time if we slip and fall into sin remember God has this big gold shower of grace to wash us clean.

So from forgiveness to grace , from glory to glory the Indian aunty

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