Hi there dearest sweet munchkins, how are you my sweet, sweet friends hope you are doing well ? Life is like a game of cards you can gamble with life and come out with Aces but whatever card you choose to play remember there are others playing the game as well.


How do we strategize our next move if you are playing poker, solatire, or just fun games as snap remember it is You who govern your destiny. God has a plan but you have the choice so choose your card well.


Your destiny lies in your hands sometimes society tries to govern us and keep us defeated but the Phoenix rose from the fiery ashes people thought they had destroyed the bird but that was when it rose in all it’s glory.


The butterfly was a worm which slept in a cocoon for a long time but one day metamorphous took place and out emerged this beautiful creature. My dear ones you may have fallen, or working too hard on your job or are just looking for your job or are just waiting for that promotion remember your time to shine will arise.


God has a plan do not fight Him. He is unbeatable do not run from Him as you may end up in the waters but let Him guide you and you will be more prosperous, happier and more contented it does not mean sell all you have and go to Timbuktu  as a missionary no listen to your heart , your intuition and God will open that door for you and me.


The days of slogging on the mission field is not as necessary as it used to be we now have media and technology, cell phones and Google the whole world is connected by television and iPhones’ and BlackBerrys.


What we need is to tell the next generation of our God and instill in them values of our Faith in God. Dear ones do not just live in the present think about the future for our children and may be arise to a better, brighter and more lovelier tomorrow.


From the Indian Aunty  saying” There is Hope for a Better Tomorrow”


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