Where there is a will there is a way!

Dear friends hi it is me the Indian aunty again can you believe this Indian aunty walked in summer shorts and a cool t-shirt yesterday. I just can’t believe it myself but darlings this Indian aunty is going through a metamorphic change. I wore a size 12 blouse today and it fit. I am now 157 pounds and just can’t wait to be a size 8.

You know in life there are ups and downs and good days and bad days and sometimes we also fall but we can get up shake ourselves and say yes I can do it. I can overcome alcohol if it is an addiction, I can overcome food addiction I can overcome. I use my faith in God to help me overcome and ask for forgiveness if I fall and the Lord Jesus remembers our sins or addictions no more.

We must be strong and no man is perfect we all fall but God gives us a hand to rise up again. The Lord Jesus lifts us up wipes away our bruises and says yes you can do it you can lose that addiction, you can go back to work instead of living on welfare.Even if no one believes in you God does and that is why you are on earth. Jer 29:8 For I know the plans I have for you plans for good and not for evil plans to give you a future and a hope.

God has good plans for you do not be upset you can have a bright prosperous and wonderful future ahead no matter who has wronged you, mocked you or called you names you still have breath in you and that is because he has a wonderful plan for your life forgive and forget and watch HIM take control of your life and bless you.

John 3 :16 says For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that who so ever believes in Him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life.

Yes friends we can have a wonderful life in Him if you can call out to him and ask him into your life you can be free of addiction and strongholds over your life let us now live in victory IN HIM and FOR HIM.


The Indian Aunty


My weightloss Journey

My mother has been my inspiration on my weight loss journey. She has always been thin and never had a weight problem. She inspires me and is my mentor on losing weight. I am now 162.8 pounds. My mother has been a teacher for 20 years and now works along side my dad Rev Canon Rajkumar Sathyaraj. My mother is kind, loving and hospitable. I am very proud to be her daughter and hope one day my daughter will be as proud of me as I am of my mother.

My mother has never worried about her weight as she has never been overweight and she always eats small portion sizes. I dedicate this blog to my mentor and inspirational supporter who is my mother. My mother has stood by my side through out my life and I never have heard her complaining. She has always been loving and cheerful plus empathetic to people’s feelings.

I could not have asked for a better or prettier mum and hope I can be the sort of mother my mother was to me. I love you mum thank you for being the inspiration for my weightloss.

My weightloss journey

I am writing a journal to track my weightloss. I am 5 feet 3 inches and am 167.6 pounds. I am Indian and yes I am a fat Indian aunty. My goal is to lose 67 pounds by the 18th of November which is my 35th Birthday to make matters worse my husband has just lost 4 stone and looks fit, trim and handsome while I waddle with him by his side like a force fed duck yes I do need to see a weight loss quack. As I look at my thunder thighs and thunder arms I just can not recognise myself.

How did I get this way by eating dominos pizzas, Chocolate bunnies easter eggs, and a chinese take aways me a couch potato ” No Way’ but as I look at my self in the mirror I see a middle aged Indian aunty looking back at me I can hardly recognise my self make up helps but one can’t hide those balloons behind my back oh no it is my derrière.Not to mention the ones in the other side.

My handsome husband was holding me in his arms the other day and he said darling you have love handles. Referring to the extra pounds on my belly and side. So now I am now taking the step to shed my pounds. I am not happy in my skin I do enjoy a good joke or two but if it is constantly referred to the latter word beginning with b and ending with tt that belongs to me I have to do something about it.

So now from today my first goal is to reach a size 12 dress by the end of May I am now a size 14. So my fellow dieters lets get busy shedding this weight. From size 14 to size 12. One of my favourite saying is where there is a will there is a way so next sunday about this time I will let you know how much weight I have lost. From Fat to Fab here I come.


The Indian Aunty