Money, Friends and Bills

Hi there dear sweetypie, munchkins, darlings, how are you today ? Today I would like to talk to you about friendship or frandship as they say in India. We all need friends like people who we rely on in hard times and people who we get along with and form that loving bond of togetherness.

People who we like to have fun with and just get along finding those people is not easy and once we find them we have to cultivate our relationships.  There are people when we meet them there is a spark right away. When I met my husband there was chemistry  right away and we got along great from our first date.

There are people who are lonely in this world. Like people living in an old age home they need love. Single parents, divorced parents they all need love. What is this love they need ? it can just be someone who gives them a hug, someone who would listen to them, someone who cares enough to cook them a meal and bring it over.

Dear friends we live in a cosmopolitan, busy, hectic  life where people live to work but let me ask you is life all about making money and forgetting our loved ones including our children and spouse.What happened to those days when life was easy and carefree. It has now become complicated and busy, busy.

Busy to spend quality time with our partner and children.

Yes you say who will pay the mortgage and car insurance, and electric and food bills have gone up. Gone are those days when we lived simple easy lives. But let me tell you life does not need to be a struggle. Life is to be enjoyed contentment is not easy these days. Oh yes ! we need that house like Mr and Mrs Jones, We need that car why can’t we just take early retirement once we have what we need to live comfortably and enjoy playing golf and looking after our grand kids.

Dearest munchkins let us make a positive change in our lives to spend quality time with our loved ones be it our children or our spouces. Take them out for a meal or bowling or golf just learn to cool down and enjoy this world that God has given us.

Love and be loved in return, lots of love from the Indian aunty

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