Summer Holidays

Hi there dear sweetypies, my cho cho chweet friends it is time for summer holidays. I always remember the holidays I had in India as a child I was born in Bangalore and we went to a neighbouring city called Mysore from there we went to Ooty a hill station we had fun times in those nostalgic carefree happy times as children.

Ooty called little England because of it’s cool climate was wonderful. The Ooty rose garden and the lake where we went rowing was so much fun. Times have changed, the quiet peaceful world where I grew up in Bangalore has changed to a cosmopolitan, busy business centre more like the Hongkong of China, like the London of UK.

Change for the positive as well as the negative. The simple Indian life of Dhoti and Juba ( that is traditional attire for men ) and the traditional Sari and Salwar ( traditional attire for women) has changed to Jeans designer t-shirts and short skirts, boots, short blouses how can an rural India change to such Urban life because the world is changing from cell phones, to television, to fashion, to movies we can not get the past back ,but those memories will always be in our hearts and minds.

Now it is time for me and my brood to go for holidays so you my dear munchkins will hear from me only the week after next but I want you all to know how much I appreciate your comments and likes and hope all of you have a happy week.

If change can make a person wiser, healthier and  nicer then that change must be sought after and that is the change I am seeking in these holidays. It is not wise to relive your childhood in adult stage but being like children in doing things like running on the beach with your loved ones, running in the rain or splashing around on the beach and having fun can do wonders for stress.

So fret not, worry not, stress not take a deep breathes clear your mind and think on happy thoughts and may you have a happier, healthier, fun filled week as well.

Lots of love, hugs, and happiness

The Indian aunty going on holidays

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