Who Am I


Who am I

That thought in my heart I ponder

What am I meant to be

Oh God, the future I just can’t foresee

Yet you care for me

You didn’t just let me be

You have a plan and a purpose

Thy word is the key

I came into the world a little seed

Curious about the world so mysterious

Bombarded with emotions hilarious

At times delirious, at other times furious

As I started to grow and mature to the tree I was meant to be

I faced the storms of life

Into temptations I was tossed

Yet through thy divine grace at Calvary

To temptations I was no longer held in slavery

You set me free, enabling me to grow in sanctity

Your word says, you shall bear fruit in season

Seasons have come and seasons have gone

Oh God I feel so alone, why was I ever born

Yet you on me never did frown

The veil to enter the holy of holies was torn

By thy divine blood on the cross which was no loss

At thy feet I place my supplication

Oh Christ, on me make a divine transformation

This season, let me see my life has a reason

Let me bear fruit at a dozen

Change my heart, my attitude

As I grow and mature in thy altitude

As I pray I feel thy presence come as a ray

I feel the power of thy awesome presence like rain on me does spray

Father when will you use me, is it today?

I feel the rain come on me washing all my doubts and fears without a trace

Speaking to me through a gentle breeze

Thy love for me will never cease

I hear thy voice saying my plans for you will be fulfilled come what may

All you have to do, daughter is to pray

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