Anthropology from a religeous perspective

What is anthropology and what aspect of anthropology are we studying/

Anthropology is the study of mankind and in this particular context we are studying anthropology from the religious perspective.

According to Glazier and other evidence, we are in the golden age of anthropology of religion.  Karl Marx (1818-1883) was concerned for the “spiritual alienation arising from socio-economic deprivation and with the marking of economic inequality by religious activity”.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) articulated a full and intellectually inspiring reduction of religious experience to biological and social drives (taken from internet).  Luis Berkhof says that “the transition from theology to anthropology (that is from the study of God to the study of man) is a natural one.  Man is not only the crown of creation but also the object of God’s special care.

Darwin talks about the survival of the fittest, but when we speak of a fit person from the Christian view, I would say a person who is prosperous financially, spiritually, physically and mentally.

When God created man, God created a complex creature.  Physically man has a mind, a heart and a body.  Spiritually, man has a spirit and a soul.  Emotionally and mentally, man has a conscience and feelings.  When we put all this together we get a man.

Futility of mind and action.  J. Rodman William says that “the very coming together of man and woman as ‘one flesh’ is a kind of parallel to the spiritual relationship of man and his maker.  When that spiritual relationship is distorted, distortion may set in on the human level

We can clearly see, as men and women are torn between materialism, futility of their thinking and feeling, only Jesus can fulfil and fill that empty void.  As men and women deviate from each other to their other interests, their relationship is torn apart.

So what should our role be in this world?  The answer is simple evangelism and prayer.

discussion questions

  1. How would you describe a fit person in the spiritual sense?
  1. How do you think our mind and actions are co-related?
  1. How would you reach out to the world?


Williams, J. Rodman, Renewal Theology, Michigan, Zondervan, 1990

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