Europa Hotel


The Europa Hotel


It is a warm spring evening around 7:30 pm. Some diners are already having their evening meal. Europa is known for its renowned chef and delicious food.

The diners include a couple of elderly women sitting at the table by the window, with white hair, pearls and large earrings they seem to be stuck in an era of their own generation. On the right includes a gentle man in a business suit with red tie reading a business magazine he seems to be waiting for somebody as he sips his wine. In the middle of the dining area is a family with two children under three years of age with the children taking turns in who makes the most amount of noise. While the mother and father try to talk over their children’s cries. Some other diners are sprinkled around the large dining area like wild flowers in a bed of grass.

1)   Till Ahem…. Mr Know it all and Mrs Agree to whatever he says enter the room. The Host seems to be missing so Mr Know it all claps his hands louds waiter, waiter he shouts so loud that the children stop crying and one of the old ladies who had  her earring aid turned way up spills the soup on her dress due to the shock of his shouting and clapping.

Till Mr Know it all spots a server and shouts “ Boy you there yes I am talking to you shouts Mr know it all as Mrs agree to whatever he says goes red in the face, The server is doing his job on clearing up the table and it is not his duty to be a host. Not knowing what to do he hesitates Mr Know it all shouts again he has been waiting 5 minutes Mr know it all shouts again “ I have been waiting for the past ½ hour and you don’t know what to do, do you know who I am “ Before the thin freckle faced boy could answer the host shows up and apologises profusely .

Mr know it all raises his hand in a dramatic fashion and is shown to his table followed by his sweet partner who is red at the face with blond hair put up in a bun, she is thin with glasses and she gives an apologetic smile to the freckle faced server.

2)   A young lady around 20ish, who has a business date with a leading fashion magazine she is hoping to be hired as editor in chief. All her life she had lived for books reading and rereading her books, she had read hundreds of mills and boon books. She was a hopeless romantic.

She was wearing heels and contacts for the first time. She had a pretty face her dark hair in a bun, her black tight skirt and white blouse buttoned all the way to the top. She was too shy when it came to men and never really had a proper boyfriend. She saw this dark haired man sitting at the table in front and knew who he was he was the man who was supposed to interview her. Her panic attacks started she did not see the flower pot in front of her which had a huge artificial tree and before she knew it she was holding the top half of the tree and her legs were around the trunk “help” excuse me she whispered as her eyes met the dark eyes of a stranger who was sipping wine. The host managed to help her up and in her enthusiasm not to show she was shy she put out her hand to shake her interviewer’s hand before he knew it the wine was all over his trousers she managed to  mumble an apology then she got a brilliant idea she took the hand towel and wanted to wipe the wine from his trousers which he said was alright but at her instance he wanted to hold her back at which the chair gave way and they both fell on the floor of the restaurant on each other.

Her hair had come lose and was around her face the business man who was brutal actually started laughing like a school boy so did the dark eyed, dark haired beauty Seana what this business man realised was this jinx of a lady was actually gorgeous.

3)Roberta and Robert both Italian in heritage but born and brought up in the Uk. Met on a cruise ship and realised they had more in common than uncommon. They had been inseparable since they met six months back and they had first laid their eyes on each other.

Today Robert planned a surprise for Roberta as they waited for the Host to show them to their seats the host gave Robert a wink and Robert gave a thumbs up sign and from nowhere three violinists and an opera singer emerged and as the opera singer sang Robert got on his knees and asked Roberta to marry him. Roberta let out a cry a squel and said the biggest “Si”ever heard.

The old ladies by the window wipped the tears from their eyes. The other diners clapped their hands. This was a rather romantic end to an eventful evening.


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