There Is Hope

UnknownAs I gaze into oblivion of hoplessness,

seeking a way out of destruction,

my Lord walks into my life to give me transformation Was it my fault for migration to seek the help of immigration

My hopes go under gravitation

Yet from the seed underground, Comes my new life He has formed I seek him,

His love , His hope

As I watch myself seeing myself in Kaleidoscope

As watching the world from a space station in a telescope

Lord God because of you I can cope

I relive the words in my heart you spoke Saying Believe

Believe yes I believe You saw me hopeless telling me to focus on your word

That rules the world

Yes I believe let me never you or your word leave

As my heart’s intentions are shaken on a sieve

I look at the sunset saying yes you will succeed

You will be blessed

You are my prodigy I give you hope

And yes your future has scope

Never waver faith and hope I love you

, I am in you and I am with you Lord please make me brand new

Lord all I am and have is because of you I love you all I can say with gratitude Is THANK YOU


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