Speak Lord Your Servant is listening

I was angry that I was not what you call “one of the most successful” people in the world.

I had not won a noble prize, I did not have tons of money, I was not one of the most bold and beautiful people in the world, I did not have very many friends and I well I was just me.

Me who was misunderstood, me with a history of depression and me trying my hardest to be loved and accepted by society.

So I went up to God in my prayer time and asked Him the Almighty why is it that I am misunderstood, why is it I do not have very many friends, why is it I have to strive so hard to let people love me? The Almighty answered when I was in the world dear one no one appreciated me, no one gave me a private jet to fly about and do miracles in. The teachers of the law wanted to have nothing to do with me, I was misunderstood I was beaten I was forsaken yet I did it for you so that one day you will understand what it is like to be my disciple.

Do not strive so hard to be accepted by society and let it not pressure you that people don’t understand you,Strive for my presence to shine in you and through you so that by your actions and your words you do not look for man’s glory but my glory manifested in you to bring many to my Kingdom.

Be a channel of peace, be an instrument of love, be an instrument of love and blessing to the people and the world around and daughter remember do not hold a grudge wear forgiveness like a garland around your neck then you will be all that I want you to be.

Speak Lord your servant is listening.

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