Unity In The Body Of Christ

As I watched the sunrise the other day and waved good bye to my husband at the door as he left for work. I was holding my coffee in my hands just amazed at the magnitude of the splendour and majesty of God. I just could not help praising God and wanting to remember this special scene I took a picture on my mobile phone.

This awesome awe inspiring God, creator of the universe, the world, peoples and nations. So vast is his creation yet He cares for a speck of sand like me if a satellite photo was taken of the earth I would be even smaller.

He cares about my dreams, ambitions, failures and successes, He has been with me through them all and has helped me come out the other side stronger as an individual and stronger in Him.

This world is going through birth pangs and so am I soon. As the world is waiting for the Son of God to be revealed, I am waiting for my baby to be born. Similar to the travail of a woman is this world pregnant with expectation for some explosive revival.

We have seen the revival days of Amy McPherson, Kathryn Khulman ,Oral Roberts and many more. There is a struggle between good and evil but I know and believe that good will prevail.

God’s word is light, this metamorphosis or pregnant period of the world is going to either make or break the Christian community. I pray it makes the Christian community stronger, firmer and more on fire for the Lord.

We know too much from the dark side and some like me have even participated in it but thank the Almighty God who forgives our sins if we confess and forsake them for good.

So instead of bickering about religious doctrine, Christian brother rising up against Christian brother on religious gossip and whose got the bigger house? Let us come together as one body in Christ crying out to Him for revival and a new oneness and unity in the body of Christ.

God says in His word those who are not against me and my teaching are for me. Let us come together as one not to save the environment  which the world is already doing but to save the world from darkness, filth and disunity in the body of Christ.

Let us be as innocent as doves to filth that pervades our televisions and movie houses but let us come closer to God and to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Instead of telling the government to check God’s people’s bank accounts, check your own life are you perfect as Jesus? Even Jesus in all his humility said no one is good except God.

So let us stop fighting and let us stand as one body, one bride in unity for her Heavenly  Bridegroom. The Spirit and the bride say come.

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