A Poem About “Us”

Our Wedding Day

He came into my life one beautiful October,
We dated all through November,
We were a couple, who people would remember,
He was tall and Caucasian and I was short and Indian,
It was love at first sight and he asked me to marry him within a month in December,
Much to my delight and that kiss after he put that ring that to my finger did cling was an evening to remember.
It was now or never,
When we spoke our vows it was forever,
He turned out to be a caring husband and lover,
I turned out to be great cook and soon to be  mother,
We are both different yet similar,
Love crosses boundaries, races, discrimination and racism erases,
I love his spiky dark brown hair.
He has a flair in combing my long black tresses.
Our customs,  habits, and dresses different
Yet our difference the other pleases,
Integration into society of another culture is a process that needs a Moses.
With each one taking the hand of the other as we travel over land and water.
We have been and lived in each others lands as compatible as holding hands.
We may be complexion shades apart, but our love for the other will never depart.
As we made a covenant between each other in front of man and God,
We are a union and till our life ebbs away we will share sweet communion,
With God and man as husband and wife, till everlasting life.
Keeping away from all anger and strife
And darling thank you for making me your wife.

One thought on “A Poem About “Us”

  1. Hi Sangeetha Sweety,
    That is one of the sweetest things I’ve read !
    Ur hubby is lucky to have you and so are you !!!
    Made for eachother !!!

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