My Battle With The bulge

I grew up skinny in fact I was just 47 kgs when I was in University but then life changed I left home went abroad then joined my parents in Egypt and when I reached the age of 25 my single life took the Bridget Jones Diary effect and as I was singing” All by Myself” out came chocolates, crisps and coke then by the time I was 26 I was 55 kgs as I was still single at 27 I became 65kgs still singing ” All By myself” Then I married a wonderful man at 28 I became 55 kgs for the wedding but I married a man who loves my cooking and I must admit I am a good cook and then I gave birth to this gorgeous baby girl now my weight is 75kgs. My goal weight is 47 kgs I may never be that weight but my hope is to try to be that weight so instead on rolling along with my pram I can walk and be that coveted yummy mummy that Gok has made so popular.So now I am singing” Ive got rhythm Ive got music Ive got my man I just want this weight of me” So this is my challenge within the next 4 months I hope to be 47 kgs will I achieve it I dont know but I will never know till I try. So counting points from weight watchers and exercising is my journey for this weight loss. Wish me luck

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