The Influence of the Developed World on the Third World

I am from a developing country but as many people in India I was fascinated by the developed world such America and the United Kingdom. Why because the developed world has an attraction of (WPI) Wealth, Power and Influence on the developing country such as India.

India is developing by leaps and bounds but the rich become richer and the poor become poorer due to the corruption and red tapism of the government and people of Influence.
Don’t get me wrong the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is a man of integrity. Yet the country needs help with it’s 1.2 billion population.

Education among middle class families and high class families plays a very important role and there is a brain drain as the smartest doctors, engineers and scientists move to the developed world. Why is this the case? It can be due to the lure of money, a comfortable life and in some cases sans corruption.

India needs to help the people living in the slums to get educated instead of pulling the country down to raise it up.

These are the steps I believe to empower our great country.

Education is the key to the developed country aim for 100% literacy.
Build government housing instead of slums,
Let the people pay taxes which should be used wisely instead of going into the pockets of the people of power and influence.
Encourage family planning.
Encourage National and Multi National Companies as they provide revenue and employment.
Try and stop religious fanaticism leading to terrorism. When our constitution was written one thing that stood out was that it was a democratic country where we are all brothers and sisters of one country. So we must learn to live in harmony.
Small businesses and cottage industries should be encouraged.

India has a lot of positives, it has brain power with colleges like MIT and IIT known around the world. Secondly it has man power with it’s 1.2 billion population and thirdly it has natural resources . It is time India rises up to be one day soon a developed country.
I am proud to be an Indian. Jai Hind !

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