Circle Of Life

Have you ever wondered why you were walking in circles same job same car same mortgage same coffee in the morning and yes same husband or same wife, well my dear brothers and sisters we are not living a soap opera or Holly wood movie we are living life a reality.
It happened many years back when the children of Israel walked for 40 years in the desert they mumbled and complained just as we all do when we see the bills.But God through the  vision and direction of Joshua brought them home to their promised land.
Someone once asked me where and what is home to me I said it is a place of contentment, a place of peace, a place of refuge a place of love, a place where you are most comfortable and you are not looking for anything else or anyone else that place my dear friends is home.
You may be in America and are in the best place in the world to live in. I live in the United Kingdom in Northern Ireland and yes it is just as good  as America but I realised though I have all the basic luxuries in the world such as clean running water, micro wave, good food and a wonderful husband there was a feeling of dissatisfaction in my heart and I knew unless I do what He wants me to do that is to serve Him in spirit and in truth that feeling would never go away. I am 32 years old with my first baby in my arms she is such a blessing ,what could a stay at home mother and house wife do? I realised I could not do as much as I wanted but I could do what He wanted and that was to read the word, pray, sing to my baby and be a good wife to my husband I am not perfect but I could do my best.
Now coming back to walking in circles well life is a circle they say what goes around comes around, the song the circle of life in the lion king yes life is a circle but how you live in this circle is another thing you could either walk all your life in the wilderness mumbling and complaining or you could live in the promised land with milk and honey, You may say I am comfortable in my promised land but what are you doing for the one who has given you everything you have? , learn to be content and if you need to change then change for the better don’t just live life but make life worth living.
Remember you are someone special, God has chosen to do mighty things through you .Stop mumbling and complaining and doing the things the world does you are you.You are not someone else though we wish to be.You have to make an impact in this world so that others will know we are not just followers of him by word but by Action.So rise up let Jesus be your Joshua and lead you to your promised land instead of going round and round in circles read the word of God pray and seek Him.Watch him lead you to the promised land to the land flowing with milk , honey and contentment. Contentment in your life and with your life partner we are not as the famous soap opera goes the Bold and beautiful but we are the blessed and are a blessing to others through Him. Love overcomes all evil, all friction and all faults so let love prevail in this circle of life God has placed you and me in.

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